These are some of the sites and sources that, although I don’t agree with them on a number of things, I find them pertinent and valuable enough to share.

David Icke and his Bitchute channel (his youtube one was deleted, because of bullshit censorship).

Mark Passio and his website.

Michael Tsarion and his site.

Derrick Broze, The Conscious Resistance and Freedomcells. The latter is a site through which people can find each other and organize both locally and online.

Tom Montalk and his site. 

Cory Endrulat and his site.

James Corbett and his website.

Larken Rose, his site and his course on how to effectively talk to statists (a term that basically means “supporters of slavery”).

Michael Tellinger and his site.

Max Igan.

The Disclosure Hub.

Alosha and Zoya, Bioveda

Syllamo and his blog.

Camille and her site, exposing pharma, synthetic “biology” and transhumanism.

Among many others…