Consider supporting the site, if ya feel like it. If not, then don’t. Interactions are meant to be creative, spiritual, imaginative, philosophical, honest, proud, defiant, confident, wild, elevating, etc, among other things…

This also means voluntary and made in good will, and in addition to my utter disgust towards bullshit “marketing tactics”, and other psychological tricks made in an attempt to trick someone into developing an artificial compulsion towards “throwing resources” around, at endeavors they may realize they don’t actually jive with, this means that I prefer to have my online “tip jar”, as it were, and have people contribute when they actually feel like it.

No bullshit, no “advertising”; the type of promotions I prefer are word of mouth and honest description of whatever it is that one is creating, making, espousing, etcetera, etcetera, among other things…

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