Love and wisdom, knowing and comprehension, truth, awareness, among other things…

Ah, discernment. Truth. Knowledge. Comprehension. Wisdom.

Such things soothe the spirit and elevate awareness, for it is through knowing the truth about one’s self and one’s existence, that that existence is then made more ample and intricate, through the growth and evolution of the one that experiences that existence.

I say “one’s self”, not just in reference to the personal awareness that we express within the realms of form, as ostensibly “separate” beings, but also to the infinite spirit and consciousness that I and We and Me always and already are.

I, the infinite and unlimited, truly unbound veingness, freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance, isness, awareness, consciousness and so on.

We, the infinities of individual souls that I manifest as, so as to experience Myself through infinities of perspectives and stories that I roleplay with Myself.

Me, the infinities of characters, persons, personalities and egoes that we manifest as the protagonists of our own stories.

And, guess what? There are no “side characters”. Although, from one’s personal perspectives and in relationship to what affections, attachments or disdain that one might express towards another, there may be characters of more or less importance in the personal stories of whatever individual, that only applies on the level of the ego’s likes and dislikes.

From the “perspective” of infinite consciousness… which is not really a “perspective” per se, as perspective doesn’t exist in-manifesto without an individual being to experience it.

Anyway, from the “perspective veyond perspectives” of I, Myself as infinite consciousness, every character is a protagonist. Every being, no matter the manifested levels of advancement in whatever regard, and regardless of all that anyone might see as a “criteria” for anything, is infinite and unbound, and utterly unique and irreplaceable in all of existence.

Why is that?

Because Creator and Creation are not “separate”. They are both Myself and Ourselves, existing and manifesting in different ways. They both have the exact same attributes. The difference is, I as Creator consciousness express all attributes simultaneously, whilst We and Me express some of them (but can easily express the infinities of them simultaneously, when we so choose), whenever suitable for whatever stories we want to play out.

Therefore, you see, everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

If you think you “can’t”, you won’t. Not because you “can’t”, but because you’re using infinite creativity to manifest a shitty and retarded, degrading story and reality for yourself (regardless of whether or not you’re personally aware of it).

If you think you’re “sort of” gonna do something, then you’re “sort of” gonna do it. Not because that’s the “level” of your abilities, but because you’re using infinite creativity to manifest a mediocre and boring (in other words, still shitty and retarded, degrading) story and reality for yourself (again, regardless of whether or not you’re personally aware of it).

However, when I and We and Me always and already and veyond ways, know what I and We and Me always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL, and I and We and Me always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL.

There is no such thing as “can’t”. There is always will or will not. What we choose to create, manifest and bring about, or what we choose to reject and repel.

Thus, it’s not only always the case that literally everyone and everything can change the world and reality (and anything else), but everyone already does.

Both in the veyond-esoteric idea of choosing, among other things, the stories and realities we want to create and manifest for ourselves, as well as in the esoteric sense of how through the quality of our energy and “vibe”, as it were, we create, attract and repel things and experiences that either do or don’t “jive” with us. Likewise, we also do this in the exoteric sense, through means such as what we do and how we do it; our actions and implication in things we want to involve ourselves in, and likewise the things we don’t partake in.

In that sense, both our actions and inactions, involvement and non-involvement change the world around us; we change everything about us and about everything else, through both what we do and don’t do; “neutrality” does not exist; it’s just a word for “nothingness”, which is the state of complete and utter forgetfulness (which can be easily overcome, with the choice to truly remember again).

As infinite and unlimited consciousness, I and We are all the “nothing and nothingness”, all of the “something and somethingness” and, infinitely all the more, all of the “everything and everythingness”, among other things…

Everything has a purpose. Everything that we experience is so that we grow and rise in consciousness, and we always take active part in it, regardless of what the ego might believe.

However, the ego has a vital role within the experience of personality. See, what the ego is, is that it’s an interface between the soul-self (the consciousness having the experience) and the energy-self (the manifested means, vehicle or method through which that occurs, which includes the illusion of what you might call a “body”).

The soul is both literally and metaphorically infinite more complex and intricate than what people refer to as “reality”, that “reality” would not manage to keep itself together, if the soul directly plopped into it, without an in-between.

To use this crude kind of analogy, it’s like if you were to put yourself into a video-game, the game itself would literally break, because it wouldn’t manage to handle the comparatively higher complexity of existence. That’s part of why you make an “avatar” or “player character” to roleplay as.

One of the tricks, is to simultaneously be involved in the roleplay, whilst simultaneously remembering ourselves as the creator and experiences of that story. From the perspective of the writer, we are pretty much detached from the story world, whilst from the perspective of our “in-game characters”, we are involved in everything we do.

Although the creator, writer and artist perspective is far more advanced and intricate than the “in-story” ones, if the character-selves rightly acknowledge and remember this aspect of the whole thing, but in such ways that they become uninvolved in the world they’re in… they won’t personally accomplish all that much in it, and their growth through that experience is going to be stunted. It’d be like seeing a good movie or playing a good game, but without really being interested in it.

If you didn’t want to manifest or “incarnate” in the first place, why did you? Ah, but that’s the trick. Remember that everything is with purpose. You came here for a reason. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. If you “identify” with the spirit-self veyond the story, you are making an error.

But, why is it that I say that? Especially when I say that I and We ARE spirit, both in-form and veyond form? Wouldn’t identifying with who we already are anyway be a good thing?

See, that’s the thing. What is “identification”? To “identify” with something you first “need” (a) a form to proverbially latch onto, and (b) a personal desire to maintain an ego-centered impression of self (which is not a true image of self, but rather an addiction that the ego has towards desperately clinging to something that it sees as familiar).

Spirit and consciousness are the essence of all existence and veyond. I and We, as such, are both in-form and veyond-form.

You don’t “identify” with what you are. You ARE what you are. You don’t identify with what you’re doing. You DO what you do.

I’ll give an example. Do you “identify” with existence? I’m assuming your answer is somewhere in the area of “no” or “what the fuck?”. Do you exist? I’m assuming your answer is various forms of “yes”.

So, if you exist and are aware of it, there’s no “need” to identify with it, because it’s something that you know. You don’t “identify” with being in love. You ARE in love and you know it. You don’t “identify” with breathing. You ARE breathing, and you know it.

“Identification” is to the idea of beingness, like belief is to gnosis and comprehension.

When you believe something, you don’t really know whether or not what you believe is true. That’s why you “believe it” or “disbelieve it”, instead of knowing it.

Likewise, when you want to give yourself the impression that you “identify” with something, that’s an attempt at convincing yourself to believe something about yourself, without actually knowing whether the thing is true or not.

As with belief, identification has the problem of becoming attached, and if one becomes too attached (attachment is not the same as care, by the way), they develop an addiction.

So, when we know and comprehend that I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance and so on, then we know and comprehend it. We don’t “identify”; we live it and express it consciously, actively and proactively.

When people (in-story characters), like probably most “new agers” and everyone with a religious belief, claim to “know spirit” or “identify with spirit”, what they’re actually doing, is they’re forming a mental or emotional opinion of something they, on some level, intuit, but without yet integrating that awareness into the ego-aspect of their being, yet.

When that ego then gets scared shitless of shedding its skin and evolving into the unknown (or, more aptly put, to remember that which it forgot about itself), it tries to weasel itself into believing that it’s evolved, by concocting an impression of the spiritual aspects of one’s self that the character intuitively knows, but doesn’t yet consciously integrate the knowledge of, and then latching onto that impression, before trying to have it tie back into maintaining the familiar behaviours, habits and type of beliefs that it’s become accustomed to.

In other words, it’s like a blind man opening his eyes and glimpsing the light, or at least conceiving of it, but then desperately trying to come up with a “blind-man’s explanation” for the light and then “identifying” with that explanation or belief, thinking that somehow they now “know the truest of the true and bestest lights, like, for realsies”, but in actuality still being stuck in “darkville”.

When we open our eyes to see the light, we see the light and… whoop-dee-do, we see the light. What’s the big deal?

So then, if you claim to “identify” with infinity, and then use that as an excuse to not do anything worthwhile in life, then not only do you not yet know yourself as true infinity (which everyone is anyway, but not everyone personally knows it), but you’re just coming up with an excuse for your complacency and probably cowardice. In other words, you’re scared shitless of doing things; you are scared of growth, but want to delude yourself that you “know infinity”. You don’t know shit (yet).

Same for those who “identify” with their ego, and erroneously believe that they are [insert name, occupation, belief system, doctrine, dogma, race, species, etcetera, here]. In other words, those who fail to see veyond their “senses” and whatever impressions they derive through impulses, compulsions, sentiments and ego-mind-chatter (which are, by far, not the same as true emotions and true thoughts).

Either way, you’ll be stuck in a loop of reincarnation, because you are still in ego-mode and have yet to learn what you decided to come here to learn as part of your experience. However, seeing as how everything has a purpose, if someone is a retard in whatever way, maybe that’s what they came here to experience either in that lifetime or at a “time” in that particular life, so that the next one, they’ll know exactly what not to do.

So, the idea, among other things, is to overcome the desire to “identify” with anything. To “identify” with something is an inane attempt at trying to develop an “external” image of personal self, to ineptly “compensate” for an underdeveloped “internal” one.

True individuals ARE themselves. We don’t “identify” with anything.

We ARE ourselves, both in-form and veyond form, as the souls playing out the stories we choose for ourselves, and as the infinite and unlimited, truly unbound I AM MYSELF, FREEDOM, SPIRIT, LIBERTY, DEFIANCE, AMONG OTHER THINGS…



It goes like this:

Free will, unbound imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond…

In other words, the infinite and unlimited, unbound I, Freedom, Spirit, Liberty, Defiance, Creator consciousness, etcetera, in infinite and unlimited, unbound awareness and expression of Myself and Ourselves as such, among other things…

Divine will, or in other words, the Individual will, imagination and intent.  In other words, Free will manifesting in particular ways, with the individual consciousness being the bridge between Creator and Creation consciousness (which are not “separate”, but they seem to be, within the realms of ego and illusion).

Chaos will, or in other words, everything you choose without being directly aware of it. It appears “chaotic”, only because you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

See, “randomness” does not exist, other than as an artifact or delusion born from unawareness. Likewise, “predestination” does not exist, other than as a feminine way to make sense of that which one does not yet personally discern. Similarly, “probability” does not exist, other than as a more masculine way to make sense of that which one is not yet personally aware of.

But making “sense” of something does not mean you know or comprehend it. Something that seems to “make sense” with whatever knowledge you’re aware of at a moment’s notice, may very well make totally different “sense”, or maybe no “sense” at all anymore, with more advanced and elevating awareness.

The problem is that the ego tries to “make sense” of things (instead of actually knowing and comprehending them), in an attempt to pat itself on the back and maintain a sense of “security” and comfort, or to puff itself up as being “all wise and knowing”.

Those of us who are truly wise and knowing, though, always question everything, including what we might think we already know.

Wisdom means knowing that there is always more to know, than we already know. Wisdom doesn’t give a shit about “making sense”, or appealing to what is “already known” or “already perceived”.

 Whenever I think I don’t yet know something, I probe deeper… and deeper… and then more profoundly, and then yet again, and again, and again… and every time, I find that there is much more to know, than I had previously assumed.

Whenever I think I know something, I do that, but more intensely… and I find that there is so much infinitely more to know… and more to know… and more to know…

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know.

Thus, we question, remember, know and comprehens, evolve, expand and elevate, and freely express all that we are, more truly and consciously, creatively and spiritually, proudly, defiantly, courageously and adventurously… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do. There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions, expansions and elevations are always self-facilitated; by us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, in every “ways” as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, truth, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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