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Do your kids have “ADHD”? NO, they don’t! They are brimming with creativity, joy and excitement.

So, you think your kids have that “drastic” and “ooh, much bad, such nasty”, deceptively labeled as “disease” thing called “ADHD”? Guess what? NO, THEY DON’T HAVE AN “ILLNESS”!!! No such thing as “ADHD”. That’s just another bullshit excuse to poison kids and pump them full of addictive, synthetic and pretty much heroin based drugs, […]

Cognitive dissonance: still believing someone who is trying to deceive you, even though you realize that’s what they’re doing.

Oh, boy. Isn’t it particularly fucked up to see loved ones and other generally “decent”, and who may sometimes be even informed to an extent and do at least mentally acknowledge and realize what’s going on with regards to the more and more blatant slavery that’s being attemptively rolled out, yet still somehow fall for […]

How to overcome “competition”

“Overcoming competition”. At first glance, the title may give off the impression that this article’s gonna be about one-upping your “competitors”, or getting a leg up on that project and how to “git gud-er” than whoever it is that might be tryin’ to steal the spotlight from you, this very moment! Fuck that. This article […]

The tale of three siblings (an allegory for life and after-life)

Once upon a time, within a mother’s womb, there were three babies. Of them, two were constantly at odds with each other. The calmer, yet also wilder one, inquired of the others: “I’m curious. Do you either of you feel or think there is life beyond Birth?” One of them replied: “Why, of course. There […]

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