How to overcome cognitive dissonance.

Boy, there’s no shortage of cognitive dissonance goin’ around in the world nowadays, is there? Or, rather, I think it would be more accurate to say that it was already there, just that it’s now come to the surface in a more in-your-face sort of way.

Now, to those of you who are reading this and you don’t know what “cognitive dissonance” is, it’s basically the discomfort you might feel, when you are faced with information or/and circumstances where what you believed or assumed to be “true”, seems like it’s not holdin’ up, in light of the new knowledge.

Some say this is “normal” – and statistically it might be, in the world we live in – but having overcome it myself (to the extent that I’m personally aware, at least), while also generally finding fascination and utter joy in the premise of “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”, along with remembering many other lives and lifetimes where I was in far more advanced worlds and realms… anyway, I consider cognitive dissonance to be a crutch.

However, a hindrance as it may be, it is by far not as bad as the complacent and cowardly patterns of mentality, that a (fortunately decreasing) majority of people exhibit, when faced with it.

See, if or when you’re faced with discomfort upon finding out something that goes against your beliefs, your customs, patterns of familiarity, perceived identity or whatever else along those lines… you can either face that discomfort and ask yourself why you’re feeling it? Have I been wrong? Is everything I thought I knew a deception? Is it not? To what extent? Let’s find out! No matter if I like or dislike what I uncover, I want to know!

Or, as is the case with still a majority of people, they feel the discomfort, and in a reactionary, compulsive fit, they try to get back into a state of mental and emotional comfort. What’s the most immediately available and familiar way to do that, for them? Deceiving themselves into maintaining their belief systems and worldviews, by gobbling up any information that they believe “confirms” their biases, as well as dismissing any information that contradicts them; with little to no regard about whether or not any of the information is or isn’t accurate.

That approach can be seen all around the world, especially in terms of so-called “crises”, when there is the impression of an immediate “threat”, and even more so especially if you have a society that revolves around slavery, deceit and exploitation; like ours is.

I’ve seen people blindly cheering on (or making bullshit excuses for) the draconian “lockdowns”, the extortion racket they’ve been pulling off (“fining” people for leaving their houses or walking in the park, in a situation where their own “logic” about the so-called “pandemic” doesn’t hold up on its own terms and stated goals; that is, aside from not even holding a candle to all the information that you can find about why it’s a scam, if you were but to look), the literal imprisonment of people within their own homes; the economic collapse; far more people suffering and dying from the “measures” than a from a would-be “virus” that most likely doesn’t exist, or at least (if it does) isn’t much worse than a flu; and all that stuff…

Now, when the “new edicts” are being passed and (at least where I live) some businesses are being coerced to pay some extra fees to go back into doing what they were doing, or fulfilling some bullshit “extra conditions”… well, the people, when they feel the effect on their own skin, ooh, they don’t like that. I mean, of course they shouldn’t like it, because it’s slavery, but I want to point out a particular trait of the psychology that most “statists” display: so long as they think they are not at any risk, fuck everyone else. So long as they believe it doesn’t affect them directly, they don’t give a shit. The world being enslaved? Pfft! Who cares, so long as they think they’re okay?

Of course, they don’t outright think of it like that, and generally speaking they might even be decent people; but when it comes to their belief in their cult (statism), whatever semblance of morality, decency and compassion they might have, either shuts down or is twisted and inverted, and their indoctrinated, programmed persona comes to the surface. The world is literally in an “MK-Ultra lite” scenario. Trauma based mind-control and social engineering, albeit through means of psychological abuse (through the media, propaganda, “divide and conquer”, etc.); just with less physical abuse, like what’s going on behind the veil of public perception.

I have an acquaintance, who is a medical doctor. He owns a private medical business; something small and local. I have another acquaintance, who is also a medical doctor, who also has a local business. One of them is a full-on statist, while the other is a semi-statist (or at least is comparatively more interested in what’s going on behind the scenes). The latter is at least somewhat interested in conspiracy stuff, shares knowledge about it and to some extent tries to raise awareness about microchips, about global dictatorship, all that stuff. However, he is also pretty much a devout cult member of the manipulated religion of modern-day christianity.

Be that as it may, part of what he does in terms of exposing some of the evil is okay. At least he’s doing something, in that regard (albeit with slobbering over “Jeeeezaaaasss!!!” and all the bullshit surrounding what christianity has sorely become, nowadays; compared to what I assume is the original version, which still has its problems, but is far less retarded; read, “held back”).

Anyway, to my current discernment, neither of them (the acquaintances in question) have a holistic approach to the situation (gee, surprise, surprise…). The statist, even though they admit the system is shit, and that they are aware of the banker dynasties, the microchipping agenda and all that, they still support the system in both word and practice. The semi-statist person, although they’re still somewhat exposing it online, they ain’t doing shit in terms of practice, seemingly refusing to associate with those who aren’t as “devout” as they are. They say they’ll do something practically, like go off grid or whatever, when or if the microchipping begins.

I’m like: “How about you both set your differences aside and work together? This system is slavery, and we shouldn’t accept it. Exposing the bullshit online is good, as is doing something practically. How about we overcome this stuff together?”

The semi-statist: “Whaaat? You’re not slobbering away at this entity like I am. Pfft! Infidel!”

The statist: “Pfft! All that talk of conspiracies is bullshit. It’s all about da moneeeey! What ya put in your beeeelly!”

(Not their exact words 100%, but that’s the general gist of their current mentality, with regards to the things they let themselves blinded by.)

Yeah, try having a worthwhile conversation with them, on anything that even remotely disturbs their mental comfort; and especially for as long as they try to blame their own mistakes on others. I mean, it can be done, but it requires a lot of patience from everyone involved. Plus other things, more esoteric in nature, but that’s a wholly different conversation.

Anyway, this little rant was a way for me to vent some frustration, while also illustrating a point.

Now, another trait of those who don’t face their cognitive dissonance, who have thus let themselves indoctrinated to whatever extent, is that they typically (though not always) fall into a herd mentality. Whether it’s their country, their race, their religion or anything else that they think they are a part of. So, even if they’re well read and such, they see everything through the lens of what they’ve come to believe.

“It’s the russians! It’s the americans! It’s the chinese! It’s the [insert everyone I don’t like, or with whom I disagree]!”

The cult that operates behind the scenes, operates in all countries. America, Russia, China, Italy, Britain, Germany and a few others may be primary centers, but they operate globally. The whole “this country” versus “that country” is a farce, meant for two main things: (a) keep the façade of “divide and conquer” going, while manipulating all sides of the artificial conflict and (b) engage in massive blood rituals called “wars”.

It’s kinda like someone having two restaurants. Both restaurants have their separate name, brand and reputation. They’re on the same street, on opposing sides. They have virtually the same products, just with superficial differences on the surface (all “government” is slavery, by definition, no matter the fluff), along with their clientele.

In order to sell people on the idea that there is some “conflict”, psychologically manipulate them into getting involved in the drama and thus being more easily swayed, they tell the manager of each restaurant that their “opponent” or “enemy” is the other one, and that “fierce competition” is somehow “necessary” (it never is, and here’s how to overcome the addiction to it); or, if the managers are in the know, they just tell them to make it appear like there is some competition.

Some people cling to the notion that “restaurant 1” is “the real deal”, while others believe the same of “restaurant 2”. They get all invested in reading all the propaganda, or in some cases maybe even things that criticize their “team”, but in behaviour, they still fight tooth and nail for the belief that their “team” is “za besto”.

When someone tries to tell them how both restaurants are overpricing their stuff, deceiving the clientele as to the ingredients they’re using, what the agenda is, and so on, as well as how they’re operated by the same person or group of people, the “team players” lose their shit alltogether.

Far too addicted to the wayward pebbles on the street to see that they’re walking straight towards the slaughterhouse, just further down the road. Funnily enough, the closer they get to the slaughter house, some of the addicted would even more vehemently deny it, coming up with stuff like “oh, that conspiracy stuff is all bullshit” or “it’s far off in the future; we need something to fill our bellies now”, even though they’re practically smelling the blood.

“Oh, you’re just a rumour monger!”

Care to take a look at the information I’m presenting, cross-reference it with other data and make up your own mind about it?

“Bzzt, bzz – fuck you, you’re wrong!”

“Oh, but they wouldn’t want to kill off their own people!”

They don’t give a shit! They are psychopaths and they despise the population, because they have no empathy and also despise themselves, without realizing it. Most people barely even fathom the depths of evil, as pathetic as they are, that the dark occultists are not only interested in doing, but are doing all around the world. Our society being one of (currently still vaguely covert) slavery, and people having bought their bullshit, is one of the main examples of that.

This is not to hype up the parasites, for they are pathetic and completely reliant on the masses for creating the society and reality they desire –which, by the way, is why they’ve spent so many millenia to try and get to where we are now; and even now, as well as at any point whatsoever, if we choose to change it, we change it. Plus, parasites – by their very nature – don’t manage to do anything without a host. If the host dies, which is what they’re technically trying to bring about, then they die as well. All evil is self-destructive, while at the same time aiding the cause of good, because when those who are conscious see evil, they get more of an overt view of what evil looks like, and are thus more equipped with the knowledge to make the process of overcoming it, easier.

This fake “crisis”, however, at this current point in “time”, has shown that a majority of people still falter (firstly, and then secondly) far, far too easily. However, I have also seen more and more people, even those who may not have seen it before, waking up and saying “what the fuck is this shit!?”, and actually informing themselves and doing something about it.

One thing to note, among others, is that sometimes there may be the tendency to go out in the streets and protest. However, if those “protests” are among the sort that just beg the frontmen (politicians) to change some edict, but then still support the system if they say “nope”, then that is pointless. It is also infantile and puerile, because it still promotes the idea that “they” should even be there. It’s literally like slaves on a plantation, not liking the premise that their slaver whips them 7 days a week, so they organise a so-called protest “demanding” that they ease up on the lashes; but if the slaver says “nope, I’m still gonna whip you every day of the week”, the slaves just go back to work as usual. Whoop-de-doo, such progress…

I sometimes get flack for not going to whatever protest, let’s say about preventing corporations from deforesting too much and stealing our contry’s trees, basically (admittedly a good cause). However, what the “protests” in question implied was that they go out in public, before “parliament”, wave some banners around and basically begging the “politicians” to prevent the deforestation companies from stealing the wood… when said “politicians” (aside from being psychopaths and thieves, by definition) are in bed with those very same companies.

Then, those same “protesters” continue filing their taxes (making theft easier for the thief, basically), they continue supporting the “state” and basically doing more or less jack shit, when it comes to actually and effectively doing something to end the very thing they claim to be against. Yeah, through cognitive dissonance, people are blind to the very incongruences in their own mind; saying one thing, feeling something else, thinking another, then doing something completely different.

(Here are a few ways to disseminate between genuine alternatives and fake “solutions” to social problems.)

Instead of waving banners around, I propose that we get to know and comprehend, love and respect ourselves (as both individual beings and infinite, unlimited being), which will naturally translate into a similar behaviour towards others as well, since the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”. Get together with people who are also interested in freedom, liberty and whatever else that may interest us. Write, draw, paint, play music, teach or find whatever other means of doing what you want, what helps elevate you and grow as a person, as well as that through which you bring joy in life. Develop a skill, find work as a freelancer, etc. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way; and if there doesn’t seem to be any way at any point in time, we create the way. Many ways, endless, always. Where there’s a will, there are always infinite ways.

Also, how about refusing to work with the “state” at all? Refusing to play their game, no matter what. Stop filing your taxes. Preferably stop paying them alltogether (though there may be a transitionary period, before we reach a completely tax-less situation). Buy from local farmers’ markets more often, instead of solely from the supermarkets.

Also, look into getting off grid. Buy stuff without receipts. Work without a “legal contract” (or, in other words, without inviting a psychopathic third party into your voluntary affairs with other people); although, that would require working with people who are honest and not exploitative, but through imagination, will, intent, etc., we make life flow very synchronistically, and we’ll meet everyone we need to and we’ll be in all the relationships, bad or good, through which we can propel ourselves and each other to grow, and do whatever it may be that we came here to do in life.

(Here are few ways to do good for yourself, and also help the world become a better world.)

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives, than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest, is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make. – interview with David Icke about why “covid-19” (most likely) doesn’t exist.

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