Seeing through the bullshit of those with cognitive dissonance – including those who still excuse the tyrannical bullshit

Although it’s pretty much expected of the general masses, especially in such situations where people let themselves blinded by fear and propaganda, I still shake my head and find it particularly impressive (in a negative sense) how people who are indoctrinated still maintain their cognitive dissonance and do or/and condone something that is completely against even what they outright proclaim.

Problem-reaction-“solution”, perhaps one of the oldest ways to fool the gullible, is apparently still effective even to this day. To give an allegory, think about someone who is sinking in a pool of quicksand. Let’s assume we’re not talking about utter morons, and the sinking person still has some semblance of wit; perhaps enough to realize that they are, indeed, sinking in a pool of quicksand, that it’s bad and that there are better ways to live your life than slowly waiting to die.

Imagine then, someone who comes along (with or without having been in the quicksand and having overcome it) and tells them that “hey, you’re sinkin’ in quicksand, mate”. They have a conversation about it, and they agree that sinking in quicksand is “a bad thing” or at least that “it’s not the best thing ever”, yet when the person outside the pool suggests an alternative and says “Hm, ya know, I think getting out of the quicksand is a good idea.”, the person sinking gets all sentimentally defensive, now saying that the person on the land is “mad, insane, stupid” and all manner of empty labels, on the basis of even suggesting that the sinking person do something to get out of the thing that they themselves consider bad.

It is literally talking to an addict, who says they acknowledge that having the addiction is bad and they want to overcome it, but when you tell them that their current behaviour of continuing to sniff the coke five times a day is counter-productive to that purpose, they go ape-shit and say “naah, you don’t know nuthin’, ‘bout anytang!”

More specifically, when talking to people who still support and still find excuses for the overtly tyrannical bullshit that’s going on in the world, with this most likely fake-ass “pandemic” (slavery is never a solution, even if it was an extinction level event), even when they outright claim that they’re against it in “principle”, but they still support it in practice (so, how is it a “principle” for ya, then?), it is literally talking to people who are part of a cult that they’ve let themselves indoctrinated by.

I’ve found that, in an unfortunate majority of cases, no amount of reason and logic will detract someone who has a rigid enough belief system, based on faith. Because logic and reason wasn’t the thing that formed their belief system, in the first place. That’s part of why, when talking to people who are indoctrinated, trying to explain their own cognitive dissonance to them or looking to have a conversation with them based on either higher knowing and comprehension, or even just unbiased information and research, they’re not gonna see it. Because they literally have a mental blockation on their belief.

They hold their belief on a pedestal, and anyone who questions it, and especially those who disagree with it, and even more so especially if they are actually pertinent enough in pointing out the flaws of their belief system in the form of debate or conversation (the very act of which is perceived by the “faithful” as an “attack”), the “devout” just blindly become nervous and anxious, often avoiding the topic or changing it, going off on the farthest tangents they can find because they don’t want to face their own mistakes and ignorance.

It’s not the type of righteous anger than one might experience when they see senseless violence, coercion and manipulation happening around them. It’s just petty rage, like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

That’s part of why there needs to be patience, if we want to help these people start thinking for themselves more prominently, instead of being blinded by fear and indoctrination.

Although I don’t agree with the man on a number of things, I recommend Larken Rose’s book “The most dangerous superstition”, which attempts to demonstrate that there is no such thing as “authority”, and that it’s just a fancy term that basically just means slavery. Also, I once more recommend his  “Candles in the Dark” seminar, which goes into more details about the psychology of people with cognitive dissonance, and how to talk to them in a way that doesn’t “trigger” their programmed, reactive response, and instead is a means of looking to have them see their own cognitive dissonance for themselves (sooner or later). It’s more specifically about how to help deprogram a “statist” (a supporter of slavery, basically), but the same negative psychological patterns apply in pretty much any case where someone has a belief system that they want to keep in place, refusing to consider anything outside of it.

It is important to note that people are diverse beings, so no matter how knowledgeable or “advanced” someone might be in any particular regard, they can still be retarded (read, “held back” or “holding themselves back’, which is what the word etimologically means) in other specific aspects of their psyche, if it’s something that they refuse to take off an ego-erected pedestal.

In this regard, I want to once again criticize or/and dismantle some of the cognitive dissonance patterns in additional excuses I’ve heard for the overt slavery that’s being attemptively put in place, with the excuse of this scam-demic.

  • “Oh, we know it’s not much worse than the flu, if even that. B-b-but, the flu is only transmittable for 2 days, and the “covid-19” is transmittable for two weeks!!!”

So, you’re someone who claims to care about people’s well-being, yes?

“Of course!!!”

Okay. You also admit it’s not a serious illness, and that only those who are already immune-compromised are at somewhat of a risk of dying, right? With the supposed virus being just the last snowflake that might make their body go into an avalanche, so to speak.

“Yes, b-b-but if they didn’t contract that virus, they would still be alive!”

Unless they would’ve died of their pre-existing ilnesses beforehand, yeah, fair enough.

“See! We need to cut off the chain of infection, to prevent unnecessary deaths!”

So, what is your suggestion for cutting off the chain of infection?

“Oh, everyone needs to be treated like a potential murderer, put under house arrest, extorted for money, kidnapped, put in a cage and even murdered if they refuse!”

So, aside from condoning and supporting slavery, theft and murder (and the evil and immorality that that alone implies), you also want to collapse the economy, have people starve, irradiate them with 5G, forcibly inject people with poison they don’t want put into their body, limit or/and erode their expressed ability to travel unmolested, their privacy and basically everything that has to do with a societal expression of individual liberties.

All because someone might have an non-serious illness, who might spread it to someone else, who might spread it to someone else and so on, who might die from it, if they already have a shit immune system or/and pre-existing morbitidies.

“B-b-but, it’s to save people!”

So, your idea of “saving people” involves (aside from what I just mentioned) trying to prevent the potential suffering or death of some of those who are already at risk due to shitty life choices or/and just plain biological weakness, by seeking to provoke the certain suffering and death of a far larger number of people, including those who are at risk.

You said you care about people’s well-being, yes? Well, your actions and what you support or condone, definitely don’t match your words.

That’s like saying that, if you have a group of 10 people, and one of them is biologically weak enough to die from a virus that any of the ten might contract “asymptomatically” (which just means the virus isn’t significant enough to cause an illness, compared to the health maintenance capabilities of the organism in question), a “solution” for preventing that potential outcome would be to… what? Force or coerce all 10 people to forsake their livelihood, their businesses, their relationships and everything that has to do with them going about their lives? Lives lived without directly harming or seeking to harm anyone?

Do you not think that it would be far better, to ask the already immune compromised person, if they want personal help with keeping themselves protected from the disease, and informing them about what you assume the risks are, if they don’t want to protect themselves?

That way, it’s both a morally and practically far wiser and effective solution. Both for preventing slavery and preventing the supposed disease. Moral because nobody attempts to force innocents to do anything against their expressed consent, and also effective in terms of combating the disease, because the sick person is assisted in protecting themselves. If someone decides they don’t want help, and they consciously assume responsibility for the likelihood that they might die, and let’s say they do die, they’ve died of their own conscious, informed choice. Nobody suffers artificially.

  • “Oh, b-b-but an infected person might come into contact with a person who is at risk, who might die! An isolated old person may still get visits from family members!”

Fair enough, that’s a risk. Likewise, that person may very well die from neglect and because of the isolation. That’s also a risk. Do you believe that a global dictatorship, mass surveillance, mass murder under the pretext of “health”, and generally a global police-state is a price worth that minor risk?

  • “Aah, why do you always need to go off on tangents and talk about conspiratorial stuff?!”

First off, it’s not a “tangent”. It’s directly related to the so-called “pandemic” at hand, because whether it’s “real”, a partial scam or a complete deception, it’s still being used as an excuse to get people in a state of panic, for easier implementation of an even more overt system of slavery.

  • “Aah, there’s no point talking to you, because you don’t agree that people are dying and that viruses are a thing.”

Now, at this point in the discussion, those with cognitive dissonance will go off on tangents, making bogus accusations or just plain asinine interpretations of what’s being said, talking about what they believe they already know (however accurate or inaccurate their beliefs might be), about pandemics and viruses in general (often specifically omitting any details about the current one), and generally everything they manage to come up with, so-as-to not face the blatant immorality, evil and slavery they’re making excuses for.

Anyway… so, what I’m saying is not that people aren’t dying or that viruses don’t exist. What I’m saying is, among other things, that people dying is an effect, for which the cause is being deliberately miscontrued, misinterpreted or/and obstructed from the masses.

  • “Oh, b-b-but, do you think that every doctor and expert would’ve agreed on the matter, if it wasn’t the case? Do you think they’ve all gone suddenly mad?”

First off, “consensus science” is a popularity contest. How widely believed or agreed upon something is or is not, that alone says nothing about the validity or accuracy of a claim. Everything is at it is by virtue of itself, and the qualities of something don’t change in relation to belief or opinion. They change with conscience and how we, as soul and spirit decide to create our reality and whatever other esoteric things, but not through opinion or belief.

Genuine science is about questioning everything and not being blinded by bias. Therefore, someone who has any semblance of a scientific or higher mentality or approach, would realize that there is always more to know than we might think or believe we know, at any point in time.

Secondly, in our world (at least in recorded, “modern” human history – sumerians onward) virtually all evolution and progress in philosophy, science, technology, magick and anything that has to do with elevating humanity, has always been brought forth by those of us who were against the status quo of their time, and even more so by those of us who are against the very idea of a status quo. In other words, by those of us who look to question everything and do what is right, no matter what the rest of humanity does.

Thirdly, “all” scientists and experts? Perhaps all of those you saw invited to mainstream news and talk shows. A media which, by the way, censors, ridicules and erroneously discredits people who disagree with the “official narrative”, most of the time on that premise alone (or accepted “spin-off” narratives, that still support the agenda of enslavement; which are fake opposing views, similar to how the “left” and the “right” in “politics” are virtually the same, in both the notion that they’re methods of slavery, just with different coats of paint on them, as well as in the sense that they’re both centrally controlled by the same hidden hand).

The very notion that “everyone” in any particular field or area of life agrees or disagrees on any particular topic or stance, is most often going to be inaccurate. Even if everyone in existence agreed on something, just the notion alone that they agree on something, says nothing about the accuracy of their claim, nor the quality of their approach.

As much as I dislike the word “truth”, because it’s often used to confuse the limitations of one’s mentality or belief, with the breadth what is, and of infinite potential… “truth” is still “truth”, even if nobody believes it; and deception (or a “lie’) is still a deception, even if everyone believes it.

So, both because of knowledge for knowledge’s sake(firstly), and (secondly) because our current society, at large, still revolves around deceit and manipulation, it’s always good to question everything. You have a mind and a heart of your own, which none have given you, and none can take from you. The worst that ever happens is that you might forget how to use them. Remember your own, natural, unalienable freedom to be yourself no matter what, and respect everyone else’s freedom to be themselves, as well. If most people had that self-love and self-respect, and therefore a natural a tendency to treat others in kind, all of the world’s artificial problems would vanish over night.

A self-love and self-respect that would naturally make for conscious, responsible individuals who cherish freedom, spirituality, intuition, intelligence, etcetera.

Which reminds me…

  • People who still believe in any so-called “authority”, are scared shitless of consciously assuming responsibility for their own actions. They are blinded by trauma and indoctrination (“social engineering” and “mind control”), and with or without recognizing it, they have apathy towards themselves, or at worse, they hate themselves.

Even if they say otherwise, look at their behaviour. Behaviour says far more about who someone is, than any amount of words they’d gush out of their mouths. The words are meaningless, without a meaning behind them.

The so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”. This applies both esoterically and exoterically. What we feel and think about ourselves influences both the reality we experience, as well as our behaviour towards others.

It is not those who march on about how “good they are” and how “look, look, I’m helping all these people, I’m such a helper, woo!” who are the most compassionate, but those who seek to help for the sake of helping, without asking and especially not demanding anything in return. Of course, helping someone with the motive of getting a voluntarily agreed upon benefit in return is obviously not evil by any means, but helping for the sake of helping is the sign of compassion. Just like how an artist doing what he does for its own sake, and more so for expressing him or herself honestly, passionately and so on, is the sign of a genuine artist. If personal gain (in the sense of accruing worldly stuff) is to be a thing, it’s supposed to be a side-interest, and never a purpose.

It’s particularly amusing (in a tragic way) how people who claim to have studied history and admit that all tyrannies have been sold to the public on the premise of “good intentions”, when you tell demonstrate to them, or even suggest, that this time (with the scam-demic) it’s exactly the same pattern, they claim that “oh, it’s magically gonna be different this time around”.

They point to nazi, communist, stalinist, maoist, fascist regimes and criticize them (rightly so), yet when their own contemporary “idols” and slavers employ virtually the same patterns and methods, their cognitive dissonance is such that they think it’s somehow different, in anything other than veneer or façade. It’s no different to someone of a particular religion criticizing all the other religions, while claiming that theirs (which is virtually the same in practice, just with different names and layers of fluff) is somehow different and “za only wae”.

Or, more to the point, it’s exactly like how someone has a particular addiction, and they criticize every other addict that they disagree with (or others who aren’t addicts at all, but just aren’t in agreement with them), but would fail to recognize, or even ponder the possibility that they, themselves, might also be addicted.

  • “But, they were asked to self-isolate. Nicely. B-b-but, not everyone accepted, so the impositions are “moral”.”

Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying that you believe being “moral” just means asking “nicely”, before initiating violence if someone refuses your proposal?

“Oh, of course not. That’d be silly. Initiating violence upon the innocent is obviously wrong!”

I know. Yet, you believe extorting harassing, stealing from and murdering people is okay?

“Of course not! What the fuck, man?!”

Then, how do you not see that “government”, both in general and especially in what they’re doing now, is vile?”

“Oh, that’s different! They’re “government” and, like I said, they asked nicely. Only when someone refused, was viole-err, I mean, intervention used.”

It’s a bunch of thugs and psychopaths dressed in holloween costumes and overly expensive suits! Does a bunch of words on paper, fancy clothes and group rituals magically make someone exempt from morality?! Besides, you just said admitted you agree that trying to force an innocent (someone who’s done no deliberate harm to anyone) to do something against their expressed consent is wrong!

“Yes, b-b-but… aaah, the roads. There’s no talking to you, because you always have an argument for what I say, aaaah! The virus is so deadly, aah!”

You’re currently moron, on those aspects of your persona. Maybe we’ll talk again, when you’ll have overcome that obstacle in your life, along the fear that you’ve let yourself blinded by. See ya.

“Fear of death is the beginning of slavery.”

Fear of death, or more accurately said, fear of the unknown, is a common element that all those who believe in “authority” share. Not only that, but it is the basis for their belief. If someone let’s themselves influenced by their fears, then that is cowardice. Everyone who makes excuses for slavery, is a coward. It’s one of the few blanket statements that is actually accurate.

If you put anything over freedom in terms of your priorities, then you are a slave. I’m not talking about stuff like “live to fight another day”, in which case one seeks to avoid unnecessary hurdles, because they want to more effectively combat or/and replace an evil system with something freedom-oriented. I’m talking about the fuck-ups who would support their own enslavement, and the enslavement of others, so long as they have some material “comfort” or “benefit” from it.

If you don’t stand up for freedom, for yourself and for what is right, then you are a slave and a sellout to whomever promises you the most juicy carrot on the shortest of sticks.

Even if this supposed “pandemic” was an extinction level event, slavery would still not be a “solution”. Neither morally, nor even practically, for reasons I outlined in this article.

Freedom, then life. That’s the priority that we are to have in our own motivation and mentality, if we want to accurately claim that we want to live in anything resembling a freedom-oriented society. Why? Because if you don’t value freedom more than you value your life, then you’ll immediately fall over and falter, as soon as a “crisis” or perceived “threat” occurs. A life in bondage and slavery, is not a life worth living.

Cowardice is letting fear influence your decisions.

Bravery is refusing to let fear influence your decisions.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

I would rather die and even endure all forms of pain, if it meant I stood up consciusly and expressing freedom, compared to living the most physically comfortable life, but being mentaly and emotionally enslaved.

(Of course, you don’t know that about me, since you’re not reading my mind or whatever, so I’m not asking you to believe me.)

By the way, guess what? If someone let’s themselves enslaved, they only ever get the “security” for as long as those by whom they’ve let themselves leashed would say so. Like a dog who only ever learned how to perform “tricks” and got his treats only when he “jumped through the hoops” at the demand of their slaver. If the slaver said they’re bored of the dog, and would no longer feed it, where’s the dog’s fuckin’ security then?

In contrast, a wild animal knows how to take care of itself and its kin, without needing anyone to spoon feed it. A wild animal is always experiencing  more liberty than a domesticated one, is always stronger and more versatile, and far less susceptible to would-be “imposed control”.

Of course, the “wild” aspect that I’m referring to in the context of beings with conscience more advanced than just instinct, has nothing to do with being a “cave-man”, although being strong and resourceful enough to withstanad the elements from a physiological perspective is also an obvious asset.

But what I’m referring to as “wild” in this case, is expressing one’s self so freely that one’s very existence becomes an act of defiance; and what is defiance, if not standing up in rebellion against evil and oppression? In other words, defiance is the masculine self-defence principle, utilized against those who seek to initiate violence, theft, coercion and deceit. In other words, conscious rebellion is an act of love. Love is the feminine principle of non-aggression. They go hand in hand. Genuine love naturally implies defiance, and vice-versa.

To summarize, being “wild” in the genuine, spiritual and philosophical senses, means “Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.”… among other things…

In other words, something that most people (with the exceptions of psychopaths) naturally apply in their daily life anyway, except when it comes to their indoctrinated belief systems, that artificially pit them against themselves and each other, for easier control and manipulation.

What I’m saying, among other things, is that we’re all creating our own reality, and we’re all changing both ourselves and the world through everything we think, feel, say and do. Whether we do that for better or worse, that’s our responsibility. Everyone already has goodness in them, and part of the point is to remind ourselves and each other of our own power, and beyond the very concept of “power”.

Nobody rules, if nobody obeys.

The slaves are always more responsible for their own enslavement, than the slaver (although, of course, they also have their share of it). Why? Ask yourself who is more responsible for bringing something into manifestation? Someone who barks a demand, but is unwilling to do the deed himself, with his own hands? Or someone who blindly does what they’re told, without discernment?

A “slave” attempts to abdicate the personal responsibility for their decisions, and blindly looks to do the bidding of others, while a “slaver” attempts to abdicate their personal responsibility for their actions, by trying to deceive others into doing their bidding.

What would the slaver do, if those he wanted to enslave said “nope; ain’t doin’ it”? Nothing. There would be no slavery. Again, nobody rules, if nobody obeys. A parasite, by the very nature of what it manifests while in that retarded state, fundamentally depends on a host. As an allegory, what the parasites of our society (the dark occultists and their puppers, along with the masses that blindly gobble up their bullshit) do, is like a parasite trying to deceive its host into believing that its existence relies on the parasite being there. In actuality, it’s exactly the other way around. Inversion. Falling for the parasite’s ploy, means both the host and the parasite perish. What parasitic people and entities fail to realize is that their very modus operandi is self-degrading, self-deprecating and self-destructive, in the most retarded of senses.

What non-parasitic beings do, if they fall for the parasites’ trap, is they literally let themselves fooled into forgetting their own power, and then forming “external” (idolizing others) or/and “internal” (idolizing their own ego) proxies, through which they channel their own power into what basically amounts to whacking themselves across the head with it. Eventually, if they don’t remember themselves as consciousness, they become parasites as well.

However, that is only for as long as they, as souls, choose to have that experience. The moment we, as soul and spirit, choose a different experience and change our reality, poof, we do that. Okay, there may be challenges and hurdles to overcome, but that’s an illusion of the in-story world.

One of the reasons for which there is the impression of “hardship”, or in other words “lag” between our presumably discerned intentions and their manifestation, is because we’ve decided to have the experience of “time” and “space”. If we choose to remember that it is so, and instead of just mentally pondering it, actually integrating it into our expressed individual conscience, then we much more readily express the imagination, will, intent and strength to overcome all hurdles.

When we remember that genuinely, we realize that, among other things… (by the way, this is not in any way a “demand” for anyone. This is my own discernment and what I apply, and something I suggest that people should do, but would never seek to force or coerce anyone to do so. Question everything, including what I and anyone else says. Think and feel freely, independently, etcetera.)

Nobody and nothing has any higher claim over our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”; only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped.

Never submit, never dominate. Never a slave, never a master.

Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, never be feared.


Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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