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why ‘straight’ is the greater sexuality, etc, among other things…

Well, well, what an “interesting” era we live in nowadays; one in which, apparently, articles such as this even “require” being put to paper in the first place, for it seems that a particular section of the population, as much buzz that they erroneously make around their beliefs, still fail to recognize that opinions, whims […]

conscious relationships, and why marriage is bullshit; also, among other things…

Another title for this article could’ve been “why marriage is pointless and irrelevant”, but I felt that the current one is more appropriate, because something being pointless just means it has no weight in terms of changing things for better, nor worse. In other words, it’s irrelevant because it doesn’t actually produce any change. It’s […]

The Parable of Two Travelers, among other things…

There was once an old and wise adventurer, who gazed into the realms veyond, wondering and pondering infinities of things. “I feel as though I’ve done everything I wanted to do, in this world. Yet, how am I still here, if that is so?” “I dunno. How about we find out?” The voice of a […]

“What the fuck” versus “what the hell”; and the honesty of expression, among other things…

Intelligence has nothing to do with the words you use. It has to do with comprehending things veyond the lens of things like bias, opinion, belief, etc. Intelligence also has to do with, among other things, how well one discerns things about themselves, both in-form and veyond form, what they do and why they’re doing […]

The Utter Importance of Clarity and Honesty, as well as Depth and Profoundness… among other things…

It is profoundly sickening, infuriating to the so-called “high heavens” and disgusting to the “lowest of hells”, how shallow and superficial most people in this pathetic excuse for a so-called “society” are. How deeply addicted they are to their “comfort” and “convenience”, and how they shy away from anything to do with true and meaningful […]

Why politeness is bullshit; also, the utter importance of actually being honest with ourselves and each other, both in-form and veyond form, among other things…

As for a “commentary” on the featured picture of this article, what most people nowadays call “reality” is generally a “fantasy” that people often associate with, and what they call “fantasy” is often a “reality” that they don’t associate with. Either way, more apt words to use in that picture’s quote would be “sincere, honest, […]

Self love, rebellion, defiance and spiritual, conscious arrogance, versus vanity, narcissism and self-loathing

It is a rather infuriating thing that many people in this world haven’t even the slightest hint of self-love, and some even hate themselves, as is evident in their general behaviour and demeanor. Such “people”, whom I refer to as either “the dead” or “dying”, for indeed they merely exist – and in their attachment […]

Always being genuine and truthful; also, why “society” is a lie

Well, seeing how it’s always true that I and We always are, create and manifest everything and everythingness, and much, much, much more than that, we never “give our brush” to anyone anyway; the worst that happens is that we use it ineptly and unconsciously. However, when we choose to do it aptly and consciously, […]

Spirituality, discernment and recognizing congruence and incongruence Another video, with these being some of the links that I find pertinent, regarding exposing the scamdemic for what it is. Also, of course congruence and coherence are much more intricate things than what the picture itself implies, but that’s another conversation; see the video and some of my other articles, for more on […]

Discerning truth from lies; plus, some stuff about the scamdemic

So, in the aftermath of another attempt at conversing with another (partial) covid cultist, who still seem to have utter belief in the false “ooh, but viruses cause disease” narrative, I feel like writing an article to discuss, not particularly the scamdemic stuff (which I’ve written about in some of the articles on this site), […]

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