The Utter Importance of Clarity and Honesty, as well as Depth and Profoundness… among other things…

It is profoundly sickening, infuriating to the so-called “high heavens” and disgusting to the “lowest of hells”, how shallow and superficial most people in this pathetic excuse for a so-called “society” are. How deeply addicted they are to their “comfort” and “convenience”, and how they shy away from anything to do with true and meaningful conversation, afraid that their thin veil of delusional “comfort” might pop.

People who hate themselves and compromise on their honesty of expression, by putting on a fake smile, and even worse, change their way of speaking, acting and behaving, in relation to the “context” and the people that they come across.

People who find it “okay” to be a retard, who erroneously believe that stupidity and superficiality are somehow “not a bad thing”, when in actuality it is exactly stupidity and idiocy, which breed and give birth to ignorance, which always gives birth to cowardice, and nothing else.

It is most definitely not only NOT “okay” to be retarded, but it is utterly deplorable and should be thwarted.

And ignorance is cured with genuine curiosity and a desire to know for the sake of knowing, to comprehend for the sake of comprehending, to express one’s true and genuine self freely, utterly regardless of any and all “death, pain and torture” and “pleasure, joy and happiness” that one might experience; and generally regardless of anything.

That is because freedom and principles come first, before life, before family and friends, before all manner of relationships, before all manner of “wealth”, and before anything and everything else.

If you have any tendency to suppress yourself, your way of expression, or even worse, actually go through with it, then at that level of your character, you hate yourself and are an addict to your own mental and emotional enslavement, a cuck little bitch who’s chained themselves to the altar of so-called “convenience” and fake-ass relationships.

If you’re engaged in that practice of self-degradation, and you “think” you’re somehow doing a “right thing”, or that you have any manner of a claim to actually being a free thinking individual, then you are sorely and deplorably mistaken.

Free thinking and free feeling always go ­hand-in-hand with free expression.

Think about how poor of conscience and devoid of self-love someone has to fuckin’ be, so as to actually accept the company of superficial retards. It’s one thing to fuckin’ be surrounded by “the dead”, but locational proximity does not equal company or friendship.

There are generally three types of mutilation. You have bodily mutilation, emotional mutilation and mental mutilation.

To note, there is no such thing as the mutilation of the soul and spirit, for those are the conscious manifestation of divinity, as compared to the body, emotions and one’s thoughts – with the latter three likewise being divine, and meant to express divinity consciously; however, for that to occur, there is to actually be genuine harmony. Which does not occur, unless one freely and defiantly expresses one’s self, which of course involves an elevation and thus not mutilation.

Bodily mutilation should be obvious. Why the fuck would you mutilate your body without a good reason? Like, for example “risking” your body’s life or limbs to “save” or “rescue” someone else (in quotes, because there is no “separation”, so thus there is no “saving” or “rescuing”, nor “risking”, because everything is a choice, etcetera, but you get the idea). Or, in the endeavor of overcoming the illusion of pain and pleasure, for example. Otherwise, why would you cut yourself up for no reason?

That may be obvious to most people, but mental and emotional manipulation seems to elude most people’s awareness, nowadays. People cling so much and so desperately to such illusions as “connections of and with kin”, clamoring for relationships to fulfill the void they feel, because with or without realizing it, they are, on some level or another, experiencing the delusion of an “emptiness inside themselves”. Not to say that there’s nothing there, ‘cause there always is, but I meant it in the sense that they don’t yet tap into what’s there, and therefore experience that part of themselves as “empty” – even though it’s just not something that they aptly recognize or express, yet.

People make bullshit excuses like “Well, if you talk the way you want to talk or express your genuine self, most people won’t want to talk to you? I wanna have many friends, so I’m gonna be all superficial ‘n shit, yo. Waaaazaaaaaa.”

And I ask, then: Do you really hate yourself so much, that you would sacrifice your own expression of self? Besides that,  just so that you’d be in the bullshit “graces” and “company” of those who are already husks and pale shadows of who they could and should be?

While there may be specific contexts where enduring bodily mutilation of some sort would be the right thing to do, or part of some righteous endeavor, this does not apply to the emotional and mental realms, and veyond.

That is because here is nothing more important to one’s growth in consciousness than truly free self-expression, because that is the fount from which all conscious evolution manifests. Emotions and thoughts, as well as the courage of free self-expression, are far closer to the genuine heart and mind than any element of your body’s biology, and are meant as a gateway or river between the heart, mind, soul and spirit, and the ego and character that you roleplay as “in life”, and then bridging the ostensible gap between all these things and the body that acts as a proverbial “vehicle” for the stage performances of “life”, much like an outfit that you’d wear during a play.

Thoughts and emotions, as well as the profoundness of one’s thinking and the clarity of one’s feeling are, in various ways, akin to an actor’s recognition that he is a performer engaging in the play of a role. No matter how “fucked up” the performer’s clothes might appear, the performer can easily still be aware of what’s going on veyond the “stageplay” and “theatre”. On the other hand, if the performer starts to forget who they are and mutilate their awareness of anything outside of the play’s story, and their character’s role in it, that becomes much more of a fucked up situation. That’s why it is such that mental and emotional mutilation (i.e. suppression) is so vile and evil, and why the world right now, even though it may not be publicly drenched in blood and ritual sacrifice… *thinks of war, satanic rituals, human trafficking, mass murder of both humans, animals and other species, etcetera*… oh, fuck. It still is.

However, it’s much worse nowadays, in the sense that it’s covert and fluffed up, and many people don’t realize what’s going on, precisely because they don’t give two shits about their own development in consciousness; some not even one. Our society is just as violent as it’s been for the past 10.000 years or so, just that now it’s covert and sugar coated, because people have let themselves mentally and emotionally deceived and manipulated.

See, with an overt tyranny, most people have a relatively clear enemy, and it’s easier even for the masses to eventually come together and riposte with some manner of congruence, but in a covert tyranny (all “gov” is tyranny, just as much as “auth” is just an emasculated term for slavery, so fuck that shit), with constant lies and manipulation, the people who are not yet awake might let themselves deceived into actually supporting their own enslavement.

Yet, on the other hand, if or when they overcome the “covert” slavery, they won’t fall for it ever again, similar to how even though it might seem “difficult” at first to spot a subliminal message, once you see it, you won’t ever unsee it (unless you’re that ignorant).

 Regardless of that, and generally of everything, the idea is to always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, what we truly desire and express ourselves freely, spiritually, defiantly, creatively, honestly, courageously, adventurously, wildly, loudly and proudly, WAHUURFIII, MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Among other things…

So long as one’s true self shines through and one grows in consciousness, nothing else within all the realms of form and “reality” is relevant.

If you are surrounded by the most sexy of women or men, have the biggest villas, the most expensive of whatever you fancy, an abundance of resources and a slew of so-called “friends” to accompany you… yet, have compromised your integrity even in the slightest… you are, on that personal level of your character, a pale and pathetic creature who’ve let yourself become engrossed and enthralled by your own fear, ignorance and trauma. Your personal existence is a sad, pathetic one, and you have my sincere and sorrowful condolences, for you have murdered your expression of self. Until you resurrect yourself, I’ll want nothing to do with you, other than reminding you of how to do so, either through actually friendly interactions or alternatively thwarting you and your shitty endeavors.

On the other hand, when we truly love and respect, know and comprehend, as well as freely and spiritually, righteously and defiantly, creatively, courageously and honestly express ourselves, utterly regardless of what anyone or anything at all says or does… no matter how alone we might be, no matter how empty our pockets are, and no matter how much hardship we might endure, and likewise regardless of how pleasant or happy a mood we might be in… when we are willing (and preferably also ready) to plough through all experiences, from which we’ve still something to learn, then we are truly expressing our genuine selves, both in-form and veyond form, both as Creator Self and Creation Self, as the writer who writes the stories, and the characters who live them, and the realms and stories themselves, among other things…

One who truly loves one’s self takes solace in solitude, pride in their persistence, courage and defiance, as well as ecstasy in the expressing themselves freely, wildly, loudly and proudly.

If you seek “social bonds”, what you’re looking for is bondage, chains and shackles, walls and prisons worse and more perverse than those of stone or metal.

Friendship is beautiful, of course, but for it to truly be friendship in the genuine sense of the word, then all involved are to have the courage to actually be and express themselves as who they, well, genuinely are, no matter fuckin’ what. One’s own elevation in consciousness comes first, then the friendship and whatever else.

When we are truly ourselves, when we reject all “compromise” and refuse any and all suggestions, requests and especially “demands” to be anything other than what we are and truly want to be, then we can say that we are genuine, truly living beings.

Because everything we say, do, are and choose comes from the heart, through which we recognize and know the true wisdom of soul and spirit, which we then aptly translate through the genuine mind, into discerningly living our lives as we desire; and thus recognize that any other way of living is not worth experiencing; other than, perhaps, as a way of seeing what the bullshit is like, so that we have more awareness of what not to do and why.

Funnily enough, I think that is the purpose of stupid and superficial people (both of which include evil ones): to show those of us with higher aspirations how not to fuckin’ be.

Although the existence of idiocy and self-loathing is, of course, pathetic and deplorable in all its forms (all of which are evil, or ignorantly supportive of evil bullshit), it is still worth noting that, ironically, one can learn from witnessing “the dead”, how to actually be alive in greater ways; and by “alive”, I don’t just mean prolonging the functioning of the body, but rather truly spiritually alive, regardless of what the body goes through, and generally regardless of anything and everything.

  There are, unfortunately, far too many “examples” and “specimens” of “the dead” to study in that sense, in our current “society”; and seeing so many “samples” of retardation all around you is… exhaustingly annoying and infuriating, sorrowful to the extreme and outrageous even more.

Yet, once one has gone through enough sorrow and rage, one eventually realizes that… what’s the point of even feeling angry at those shitstains and parasites. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they should obviously be trampled on for all the evil they’re doing, and I’d gladly kill whoever really deserves it… but I wouldn’t do it hatefully; the parasites, evil people and the superficial, idiotic shitstains that fall for their deceit are so pathetic that they’re not even worth the energy of your rage, sorrow and hatred; not even that of cold contempt. Instead, pity is all they deserve; and for all the bullshit that they’re doing, I think that… honestly, killing them would be a mercy. Sure, it would stop the bullshit for a while, and again, I’ve no problem with killing parasites, or letting superficial and dishonest dumb fucks killing each other, but the far more important thing we should be focusing our energies on, is how to elevate ourselves, how to express ourselves more freely, more spiritually, more defiantly and more honestly than we ever have before.

Then we’ll know whether or not another is worthy of actually being in our company, to feel our embrace, and experience our presence and attention, the intimacy of a truly loving friendship or familial relationship, where all participants are truly expressing themselves as who they genuinely are, no matter fuckin’ what.

When one loves one’s self truly and genuinely, then one knows how to love another.

Relationships are worthless, unless they’re founded on clear and spiritual, defiant principles, profound and heartfelt love, as well as deep and philosophical pondering, among other things…

There is a massive difference between a friend and an “acquaintance”.

I’m sick of “acquaintances”.

If I’m looking for companionship, I’d be looking for a true and genuine friend. However, my evolution and elevation in consciousness, my principles and self-expression and so on, come first; before the relationship and before anything else; and anyone who’d view either my or anyone’s companionship as a priority over their own growth, is not someone I’d ever call a friend.

I am Myself, both in-form and veyond form, and I express Myself freely, spiritually, defiantly, creatively, honestly and genuinely, wildly, loudly, proudly; no matter any “death, pain and torture” that I might endure, and no matter any “pleasure, joy and happiness” I might experience.

On a personal level, I’m tempted to say that this is something that “I forever, always and veyond ways vow” to do; yet on the other hand, one does not need to “vow” or “swear” or “promise” to do the things that they intrinsically perform anyway.

One does not need make a “vow” to breathe. They do it, and that’s it.

One who truly expresses one’s self need not make a “vow” of honesty. They are honest, and honestly themselves, both in-form and veyond form, and that is that.

 Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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