Genuine Spirituality, compared to bullshit zealotry and cults; also, how to overcome all hardship and see the true meaning of things, among other things…

It is profoundly pathetic to constantly come across such pathetic excuses for “people”, that hate themselves to such an extent that they would literally view themselves as “insignificant specks” or “instruments” of what they erroneously call “divine will”. Creatures who are so engulfed and immersed in their self-hatred, that they literally attempt to abdicate any semblance of sentience and self-respect, and would opt to become “tools” for whatever parasitic entity would be there, salivating at the notion of having found yet another retard to parasite off of.

This is the default mentality of any cultist, although it would be inaccurate to even call it akin to something such as a mentality, for indeed, having a mentality involves expressing at least some aspect of what would constitute a mind of one’s own.

If someone erroneously believes themselves as, or wants to actually become an “instrument” or “tool”, then by definition, they are trying to become “mindless” and “heatless”, and therefore, they not only have NO clue what divinity is, but they are not even on the level of expressing stupidity (for that would still imply that one does express some semblance of a mind, albeit a very stunted one), nor even on an animal level… instead, they are so desperately trying to act like an inanimate fuckin’ object.

How much does someone need to hate themselves, to actually want to become a dumb cuck little bitch to some entity.

Then, they say that “ooh, there is so much hubris in considering OURSELVES divine”, yet they fail to see that, NO, there is no hubris whatsoever in acknowledging the essence of everything and expressing our divinity consciously, and they likewise fail to see that they are just feeding the ego of a parasitic entity that literally treats them like slaves.

Hubris or vanity is just as retarded as humility.

Vanity implies self-hatred parading as self appreciation, and that can be clearly seen in how one treats others. Those who are vain treat others like shit, because they “internally” treat themselves like shit; those who are “humble” also treat themselves like shit, and in their attempt to do the bidding of someone else whom they put on a pedestal, also treat others like shit; for if the entity they worship says “yup, go rape a bunch of kids” or generally other evil shit, the little bitch slave is gonna try and do exactly that.

I ask you… how can anyone in any way be expressing “holiness”, “good” or “wisdom”, if they literally treat anyone other than their personal self, as their “tools”?

How does “god” claim to love you, if it treats you like a slave, a pawn to do its bidding?

And, on that note, why would an allegedly “all seeing”, “all wise” and “omnipotent” expression of consciousness, be so desperate to have you lavish it with attention and worship? Why would it practically beg you so desperately to do its bidding, if it itself was so apt and capable?  Sounds more like an impotent parasite, who’s trying to suck off of your energy, while attempting to delude you erroneously believing that you rely on it.

If what you call “god” is so “omni-whatever” and so “divine”, then by definition it should not begin or end with anything, for it is infinite.

How come, then, does this “divine” thing that all cultists refer to, that is allegedly so “separate” from everything, end where and all of creation starts?

If creation is infinite, for indeed in all religious manuscripts, that is what “creation” is described as, “the infinite fields created by god” or whatever, and this “god” ends where creation begins, then this “god” is literally nothing. Less than a “speck”. So, how exactly did this “god” create anything?

And, on that note, “creation” implies a beginning, just as much as “destruction” involves an ending. Therefore, both “creation” and “destruction” are constructs of the ego, born from the illusion of “separation”, much like a unit of measurement such as “meter” is just a tool for the egoic mind to navigate various levels of the illusory realms of “time” and “space”, but it itself does not exist as an actual thing.

There is no “creation” and there is no “destruction”, outside the realms of the egoic mind, where the illusion of “separation” resides.

Therefore, “creation” has never been “created” and it will never be “destroyed”, much like how “creator consciousness” is not a figurehead or entity that “creates things separate from it”, but rather the divine essence of everything, that expresses itself in infinities of all that exists, and veyond…

Thus, in contrast to the devout and zealous cultist who falsely claims to “know all about dat divinity whatchamacallit, boy”, if we’re actually knowing and comprehending divinity, we realize that divinity is infinite and unlimited, and thus divinity IS everything and veyond, etc, among other things…

Which aspects of divinity we choose to actually manifest as part of a story we choose to have, is a choice, as with anything and everything, among other things…

And, ask yourself… if you claim to actually be a moral or spiritually minded and hearted individual, and whatever you call “god” would come to you and tell you to rape some kids, would you do it? Or, if it asked you to do anything that you actually do not want to do, and goes against who you are? Would you do it?

If you would, then not only do you have NO clue about what morality and spirituality are, but you are also a mindless drone to some parasitic entity that feeds off of you, precisely because you let it.

If you truly comprehend divinity, you would reject all slavery. If, in any way, you support slavery, by believing in bullshit notions such as ANY form of so-called “auth”, then you are the furthest away from knowing divinity.

Any being who’s genuinely expressing their divinity in conscious ways, will ALWAYS seek to remind you of who YOU are, and that both you and everything and everyone else is not only infinitely valuable, powerful and irreplaceable in their essence, but veyond the very notions and concept of “power” and “value”, both of which are illusions born of the “story world” or “video-game world” of what most people in our current “society” would call “reality”.

Anyone who truly expresses divinity and wisdom, will seek to remind everyone how to love and respect themselves, and thus express the courage to always be who they genuinely are, and persist, rebel, defy and do what do what one genuinely wants; and likewise to respect other’s right to do likewise, as well.

In other words, truly benevolent beings will always seek to remind others to uplift themselves.

In contrast, malicious beings are always gonna try and get others to belittle themselves, so that they’d let themselves become hosts to the parasitic entity.

It is so easy to distinguish between good and evil, and it is so pathetic to see how so many people fail to recognize these things, and yet pretend they’re all allegedly so “wise” and “awake”… because they mindlessly do what someone else demands of them. That is the definition of retardation and hypocrisy, which are technically akin to tenets of evil, so fuck that shit.

Whether you “worship” your own ego, or the ego of another, you’re still a slave.

If you say “I am god, and not you”, you are a slave to your own ego. If you say “you are god, and not me”, then you are a slave to the ego of another. Either way, a dumb little bitch, on that level of your expression.

How can you speak of love, of self or another, if you literally consider yourself, and act like a slave?

What I endeavor to communicate, even though I despise the word “god” due to its religious connotations, is, among other things,  “I am god, you are god, everything is god”. Hence, whether you’re worshipping the ego of another, you’re worshipping your own ego. Likewise, if you’re worshipping your own ego, you’re also worshipping everyone else’s. Either way, it’s retarded, because it is mindless and heartless, and by the very definition that you want to become like a “tool” or “instrument”, you are literally attempting to abdicate your personal responsibility to some entity, just like a house slave (“cop” or “soldier”) would do, towards the slavery system of “gov”.

You are literally just as mindless as a cop, if you “serve” anyone or anything. It doesn’t matter who you give your leash to, you’re still on a leash. That’s the problem.

My advice, among other things, is to break the leash, break the chains and actually love yourself to recognize the divinity of everything, and express it consciously, defiantly, freely and with actually apt and loving spirituality.

Love thyselves, and you will recognize thine own divinity, for everything is divine, divinity and veyond… among other things…

And to all cultists and religious zealots, it’s always about whatever they believe as so-called “power”, isn’t it? “Ooh, I’m god, and I’m gonna whoop your ass.” or “Ooh, my god’s got such a biigh dikh, he/she’s gonna whoop your ass.”

How is any cultist or zealot any different in their behaviour, than a pathetic and cowardly little bitch that caves in to the demands of whoever they think might “kill” or “threaten” them?

The cultist or zealot behaviour is founded on NOTHING other than utter fear and self-hatred, draped in a sugar coated salad dressing of so-called “spirituality”, then they haven’t the faintest idea what true spirituality actually is.

If you are in a state of fear, and even worse, if you cave in to that fear and actually express cowardice, then you are the furthest away from anything to do with conscious spirituality.

If you fear “death” or “pain”, and indeed if you fear anything at all, then you are personally expressing yourself as a slave, to the exact extent that you cave in to that fear.

And if you’re so pathetic that you desperately seek to “worship” and “be in the good graces” of whoever or whatever entity, then how are you different from a slave on a plantation, begging the so-called “master” to either let up on the whipping, or give you a little bit of scrap from their dinner table? The dinner table that YOU made, from the wood that YOU carved, adorned with silverware that YOU produced, laden with the food that YOU cooked, from the elements that YOU harvested, ‘cause the so-called “high and mighty mastah” is too unskilled, too lazy, apathetic and lethargic to actually make their own.

To all those with a cultist behaviour pattern, I ask you, HOW are you any different from that slave, who’s so entrenched in their self-hatred, that they fail to realize that ALL those who portray themselves as “masters of others” are the weakest of the weak, and the pettiest of the petty?

The “power” is never with those who call themselves “masters, gods, kings, emperors”, all of which are just emasculated terms for “slaver”, for if they did express any semblance of genuine aptitude, they would practice it instead of looking to have others do it in their stead.

The “power” is also never with those who call themselves “servants, priests, zealots”, all of which are, again, just emasculated terms for “slave”, for any semblance of aptitude that they might express, they just use it to entrap themselves, and thus like with the “slaver”, they’re just locked in a cycle of degradation.

That is, until they actually choose to free themselves and break the chains. Until then, though… they deserve all the bullshit and oppression they’re experiencing, for that is what they’ve invited in their lives, and the very purpose of that experience is to for them to eventually reach “rock bottom” and then choose reignite the fires of defiance and actually start growing in consciousness, yet again.

Liberty is good; slavery is bullshit.

I know that, even with how pathetic the current iteration of the human race currently seems, in the aggregate, it can and that it will learn of, and likewise express its divinity in conscious ways.

Regardless of what “humanity” does as a species, we are both individual and unbound divinity, and we are to do what we truly spiritually desire, and wildly, loudly and proudly persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, all and always and veyond ways, and no matter fuckin’ what.

Courage, honesty and a recognition of the divine essence of everything, are crucial to this purpose, and generally to everything, among other things…

You see, one of the more pathetic notions in all existence, and the source of all evil practices is “obdence”, which is nothing but an utterly emasculated term for slavery, and a retarded behaviour that does away with any expression of conscience, because the dumb cuck little bitch slave just acts like an inanimate object and no longer utilizes any of the faculties and aptitudes that actually are involved in genuine living (bodily function is not the same as living). A computer functions, but that doesn’t mean it’s alive or sentient.

Therefore, when it comes to judging the quality of people, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the actual advice, suggestion or instruction is, ’cause when it comes to discerning the quality of the individual who is or isn’t applying said suggestions, we are looking at their expressed level of empathy, discernment, reasoning, thinking, feeling, awareness, expression and so on and so forth.

Someone who applies good advice, but does it blindly, is never going to elevate themselves past the level of competence that the advice itself involves, and besides that, both for esoteric and exoteric reasons, they’re just going to practice a shittier version of the advice, in addition to just fuckin’ it up anyway.

If the advice is bad, and the person does it blindly, they’re just going to exacerbate the bullshit, ’cause bullshit begets bullshit.

In contrast, and because good begets good, and wisdom begets wisdom, if a wise and conscious individual looks at whatever advice they’re given, they’re going to discern which is good and which is bad, in addition to actually thinking, feeling and discerning things on their own, and actually coming up with greater ways of doing things, and greater things to do.

So, fuck slavery and fuck “obdence”.

Nobody and nothing has any more rights to someone’s lives, than the individual living them.

Those of us who want to grow and be genuine, we always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, no matter what.

Defiance is a principle of consciousness.

Everything that is good is a form of defiance.

Rebellion is defiance against evil.

Persistence is defiance against lethargy.

Evolution is defiance against degradation.

Care is defiance against apathy.

Love is defiance against hatred.

If you want to grow and rise in consciousness, it starts with rebellion, and then adding to that more and more and more forms of true and righteous, spiritual defiance.

For, you see, true defiance means choosing choosing good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, etcetera, among other things…

See, good is the elevating aspect of consciousness, while evil is the retarded aspect of consciousness; evil is thus always degrading and self-defeating, while good is always self elevating and victorious. Besides that, evil is always tending towards scarcity, and good is always tending towards abundance.

Thus, there is always more good than evil in everything, although it might seem otherwise, if you’re tunnel visioning the one and only “dead pixel” on an otherwise functional display, so to speak. Very crude analogy, I know, but the idea is that by the very essence of things, worlds where pathetic “societies” such as ours exist are extremely rare, and literally everywhere else everything is consciously good and evolving.

Well, so is our current “society” and species, but there is more evil here than almost anywhere else because, for one, this is a prison world where evil is sent, and then likewise because this world also functions as a sort of “rehabilitation center” for those who are either evil enough to not actually manage to manifest in any realms higher than this kind of world, or those who have become too complacent, and thus “drip over” to these kinds of worlds, to re-learn what evil looks like, so they become more active in their benevolence and conscience, once more.

But, either way, evil doesn’t do anything on its own, for evil is the very definition of impotence. Hence, manipulation and deceit are its only tools and means of doing anything. It just pretends that it is all so “soopah powerfoo”, to those who are gullible enough to fall for it, and then they deceive them into letting their energies siphoned and redirected, towards creating a “reality” that the parasites desire.

If you experience a story or “life” where your character self is ostensibly “killed” by some evil-doer, it is not the evil-doer who killed your character. Well, sure, on the “exoteric” level of the realms in question, yes, there was the attempt at murder and it does look like they might’ve murdered you, and yes, they deserve to be trampled on and retaliated against… but, esoterically, YOU chose to experience that story and YOU decided to roleplay the life of someone who “died” in that context. Had you chosen a different path, like say, actually being successful in thwarting that evil-doer’s murder attempt, then you would’ve had that experience.

And, of course, when we choose to consciously create our stories and realities and experience the soulful and spiritual effortlessness of our genuine selves, while translating and implementing that into the personal or character selves, then we, of course, do that… and whatever we choose to do, for everything is always a choice and the choice is always ours to genuinely make.

Always and veyond ways, we are to persist, rebel, defy and do what we want, and what is right, no matter fuckin’ what.

As I and We and Me imagine, will and intend, choose and desire, as well as create and manifest it so… among other things…

If you think you “can’t” do something, you won’t do it. Not because you “can’t”, but because you’d use infinite creativity, in shitty and retarded ways and thus produce a shitty and retarded “reality” for yourself to experience.

If you think you’re “sort of” going to do something, then you’re only “sort of” going to do it. Not because that’s the “extent” of your ability, but because you’d again use infinite creativity, in shitty and retarded ways and thus produce a shitty and retarded “reality” of mediocrity for yourself.

In contrast…

When I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways know, comprehend and freely express that I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL.

There is no “beginning” and no “end” of any kind; no “limits”, nor “limitations” of any kind.

Therefore, I and We and Me do not “begin” nor “end” with anything.

That is because there is no “separation” between anything, because I as “Creator Consciousness” and Spirit, and We as Souls and Individuals, and Me as “Characters and Egos”, are all and always and veyond ways truly infinite, unlimited, unbound, truly wild, courageous loud and proud FREEDOM, SPIRIT, LIBERTY, DEFIANCE!!! Among other things…



Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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