The greater the ambitions, the greater the achievements… among other things…

It is always true that the greater one’s dreams are, the greater things they manifest, both in-life and veyond life. One’s achievements are directly proportional to one’s ambitions, and likewise to how consciously they bring them about.

The more we seek to do, the more we actually do.

The problem that most people have in this regard, though, is that they become overly attached to their immediate, ego-centered goals and then confuse that with the actual purpose of their ambitions. The tool or vehicle (the goals), the ambition (the desire for a conceptual thing; your deeper motivation) and the true purpose (to grow and rise in consciousness, and express ourselves freely, etc, etc, among other things…) of everything we do, are different things that work seamlessly together to form a cohesive and conscious amalgamation of manifestation.

At this particularly annoying and infuriating period in the history of this iteration of humanity, people most often tend to become attached to the goal (like, a particular activity, outcome or desired result), to the point of not seeing the purpose of the ambition that gave birth to that desire anymore, and then become frustrated if things don’t go exactly as their ego was expecting.

Everything has a purpose. There are myriads of profound reasons for all experiences, and for everything. Everything you experience can be a catalyst for your growth and evolution, if you so choose to create and then experience your story and “reality”.

If you find that a particular activity, image of self, habit, person, location and whatever else is no longer suitable for you, then ask yourself if and why that is so, and truly seek to unravel the reasons behind both your frustrations and joys, your sorrows and rage, and your joy and happiness, etcetera.

However, as with the attachment to particular activities or goals, which are vehicles for the ambitions and purposes we’ve chosen to manifest, one can become attached to particular emotions, thoughts, temperaments and ego-centered images of self. The more the attachments linger, and the more intensely one lets it become ingrained, the more it turns into an addiction.

Ambitions are the drive to facilitate channel the energy of desire, towards manifesting what is desired. Ambitions are distinguished by wanting to do something, for the sake of doing it, and then, secondarily, in the endeavor to bring about a desired outcome. You want to do the thing, and you feel good doing it, because you wanna.

Obsessions are ambitions kicked into overdrive, having now become a double edge sword that can very easily turn into addiction, but which can be channeled very effectively, if one consciously drives the obsession and channels it rightly. Obsessions are distinguished by concurrently feeling good about doing the thing, and you want to keep doing it, but there is also a sense of apathy, sorrow or/and anger, unease and irritation when not performing the thing that you’re obsessed about.

Addictions, on the other hand, are characterized by a compulsion to do something, which the addict often even realizes that they don’t actually like or want to do, but there is a massively intense sense of sorrow, rage or irritation, restlessness and even outright pain and anguish, if one does not continuously, or at least upon coming across specific stimuli, do the thing they have a compulsion to do, almost always regardless of whether or not the thing in question is good or bad.

When, for example, one finds that one’s purpose is to grow and rise in consciousness and then communicate to others how to more consciously do so as well, but then becomes stuck on a particular methodology, activity or set of habits, it can seemingly become quite difficult to break the bond of that attachment and addiction (I would know), even if one mentally or emotionally realizes that they can do things in greater ways than they currently are.

We are to remind ourselves, however, that when I and We remember, know and comprehend that I and We always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and We always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL.

Because I and We imagine, will and intend, choose, desire and manifest it so.

Always expressing ourselves freely, and doing what is right, and always persisting, rebelling and defying, no matter what.

What is ambition, in that sense? It is defiance against lethargy.

Everything that is good is a form of defiance.

Everyone can grow and rise when they so choose, and everyone writes their own stories, creates their own realities, among other things….

There is a purpose for why we have come here to experience this particular world, at this particular moment in “history”. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have manifested these realms, nor would we have come here.

As for said world, do you know what one of the main problems in this current “society” is? Why it is so fucked up? Why do the majority of the mindless masses keep falling for evil ploys, such as the scamdemic shit going on, the tranny bullshit, and all the rest of it?

Because a majority of people are self-loathing, cowardly and pathetic retards.

As an expression of that, they are also lazy and unambitious idiots, who use excuses akin to “ooh, that’s too hard” or “ooh, that’s too big of a project” or “ooh, that way too ambitious for its own good”, or “ooh, that’s too good to be true”.

BULLSHIT!!! There is no such thing as “too much” of a genuinely good thing. And especially, there is no such thing as “too good for its own good”. What is truly good, is ALWAYS good for everyone, and what is truly greater is ALWAYS greater. More good is always greater.

If you express a particular context where, say, you do something good, and someone else tries to exploit, extort, deceive or initiate violence and coercion against you in some way, that’s NOT a problem with the good thing you’re doing, but rather with the stupid shit who tries to iniitate the evil bullshit, or with “society” that you’re in, or with the weak-ass fuckwits that are around you.

If you’re doing good things, and someone else attempts to do some bullshit in response, or comes up with excuses, then guess what? That’s their problem, not yours.

Keep doing good and greater things, no matter what anyone says or does. THAT shows TRUE STRENGTH of WILL, IMAGINATION and COURAGE, among other things…

And ya know what the truly GOOD and GREATER, and I’d say the ONLY type of CONSCIOUS response to evil and “threats”? DEFIANCE!!! The more someone tries to push us, the more we should PUSH BACK EVEN HARDER. That is called PERSISTENCE.

The more someone tries to demoralize you, because they (wittingly or unwittingly) would derive some sort of sick pleasure from seeing others wallowing in misery as much as they themselves are, the more you should tell them to fuck off, and CONTINUE doing what you desire to strive for. STRIVE and PERSIST, no matter what.

Besides, think about it.

What if cave-men, in the alleged stone-age that may or may not have actually been a thing, what if they said “ooh, the possibility of sheltering ourselves from the cold is too good to be true, ooh”? What if, before agriculture became a thing, they’d have said “ooh, being more independent of our environment, pfft, that’s too ambitious”. What if everyone said such bullshit, with regards to any kind of endeavor? Or when they were inept enough, such that they manifested some manner of difficulty or hurdle in doing something?

Guess what? There would be no human race. Period. Our species would’ve died long, long, long ago.

One of the main reasons why it hasn’t, aside from soul and spiritual choice and how thusly  I and We create our own stories, “realities”, experiences and so on and so forth, among other things, is that there were those of us who said “Nah, fuck their bullshit excuses. I’m gonna do what I want, no matter what. The bigger the challenge, the more motivated I am do actually overcome it. I know that I CAN, and I know that I AM, and I know that I WILL myself to do the things I truly want to do.”

Those of us who realize that there is no mountain too high, no ambition too big, and no obstacle too great. Besides, what’s the purpose of ALL obstacles, by definition? To be overcome. What’s the purpose of all pain and suffering? To act as a reminder for us to actually become more defiant, courageous, creative, imaginative, spiritual, prideful, resilient, strong, rebellious,  wild, loud and proud, and greater than we ever were before.

And by wild and loud and proud, I don’t just mean shouting a lot (although, if you honestly feel like doing that, go ahead and do that, no matter the context; if you feel like doing whatever else, do whatever else), but rather consciously sending out the intention and having both our words and our actions speak of our imagination, will, intent, choice, desire and drive to do what we want to do. No matter the context, and no matter what anyone says, thinks or does.

The mediocre masses fail to see veyond the length of their nose, or veyond the “parameters” of current times and current events.

Those of us who are always striving for excellence, evolution, growth and elevation in everything that we do, we evolve, expand and elevate ourselves in every way.

The mindless masses once repeated the bullshit mantra “What? People flying the skies? Pfft, that’s ridiculous!”

Then, some of us said “Well, fuck you. We’re gonna do it! Because we CAN, we ARE, we WILL.”

Poof, out came the airplane. Likewise with all breakthroughs in spirituality, philosophy, art, magick, science and generally in every regard.

The mindless masses are always addicted to comfort and familiarity, and when anything rocks that prison boat that they’re on, they showcase how meager and pathetic, cowardly mongrels they are, by running around in circles and hiding in a corner, whenever the slightest challenge knocks on their door. Why is that? Because they hate themselves, and are scared shitless of their own intrinsic beauty and abilities; and, of course, they fear their own responsibility.

As for the intrinsic beauty though, they could easily express it, if they choose to actually manifest the courage to express themselves freely and defiantly, etcetera. Until they do so, and for as long as they keep wallowing in depths of their own proverbial rot and feces, though… they’re not even worth wasting your saliva by spitting on them. They who let themselves trampled underfoot by those who are similarly retarded to them (the parasites, human and non-human alike), precisely because both of them are too scared shitless to do anything about their own ignorance and fear. And, because of that, they deserve every abuse they’re getting, because they actually let it happen, by either partaking, participating or condoning it, like the little shits they are, on whatever level that they express that bullshit.

However, the moment one steps into the spirituality and defiance, beauty and consciousness of one’s own genuine being, in-form and veyond form, and thus develops true and ever greater self-love, self-respect, knowledge, knowing and comprehension, and thus free and truly wild, rebellious and defiant expression of one’s true self, then evil instantly dissolves. Not just evil’s “influence”, but evil itself.

See, evil has no manifested “influence” or “power”, or anything of that sort, for as long as it remains evil; much like how a parasite doesn’t manage to do anything, without a host to supply it with all the objects of all its perceived “needs”. In other words, without good, or at least non-evil, but gullible beings falling for its ploys and manipulations, evil doesn’t exist in manifestation.

The more a host repels and rejects the parasite, the more the parasite loses its manifested form. That’s why it is such that all parasitically minded things are always begging for attention.

In contrast, those of us who are genuinely good and conscious don’t give a shit about anyone’s rejection, approval or any other of their impressions of us; in the sense that, we might very well be curious, but I mean that we are not affected by it, and we do our own things and plough through, as well as overcome all challenges, no matter what.

All acts of geniusness, genuineness, mysticism and greatness are made on the same premise: do not be constrained by your present reality, nor by anything.

Do what thou imagine, will and intend, and do it honestly and earnestly, and persist, rebel, defy and do what is right without falling or faltering.

And if you do make some mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over ‘em. Criticize yourself and look to see why you made them, but have the tenacity and the ambition to get the fuck up, and continue soaring to ever higher heights.

And every step you make, you’ll learn that there is infinitely more room for growth and evolution. That’s the beauty of it.

No such thing as “unreachable”, “unattainable” or “impossible”. Those are utter delusions, born of self-hatred and stupidity.

There may be things that one has yet to reach, attain or achieve, because they’re personally at a level that does not aptly facilitate whatever aptitudes the endeavor and ambitions in question involve, but that level should be seen and used as what it actually is: a stepping stone towards greater and greater heights. When we will ourselves to actually be greater, we are and will be greater.

An inept man can trip on a stone, fall flat on their face, and blame the stone and dirt for having been there in his way.

A wise man, tripping on that same stone and eating just as much dirt in as spectacular a fashion, will get up and laugh, make note of the location and what is around him, and likewise everything else in general, and more, and likewise then to take the stone and dirt with him, showing gratitude for them having been there on his way, for now he has more things with which to build what he desires.

Those of us who love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves, both in-form and veyond form, always and veyond ways… CAN, ARE and WILL to do and manifest, whatever it is that we imagine, will, intend, choose, desire and strive to do, no matter what.

“Everything seems impossible (to the mindless), until someone does it.”

“Those who erroneously believe that something “can’t be done”, should never interrupt those of us who are actually doing it.”

And those of us who do the thing, never considered it such, to begin with.

Besides, look at the word “impossible”. What does it actually say? I’M POSSIBLE!!!

I and We and Me, as both in-form and veyond form, truly infinite and unlimited, unbound being and beingness, freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance and so on and so forth, know and comprehend and express, among other things, that everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

If you think you “can’t”, you won’t. Not because you “can’t” or “couldn’t”, but because you use infinite creativity, albeit in a retarded fashion, and thus create a reality of shit for yourself.

If you think you’re only “sort of” gonna do something, you’re only “sort of” gonna do it. Not because that’s the extent of your ability, but because that’s the extent of how much of infinite potential you choose to manifest for your life, at that moment; and if you choose mediocrity, that’s what you’ll manifest for yourself.

Infinitely all the truly greater and evermore, when I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways KNOW and COMPREHEND, that I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL do anything and everything, I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL do everything we imagine, will, intend, choose, desire and manifest… among other things…

There is both good and evil, within us. Good is all the defiance, rebellion, creativity, intuition, intelligence, philosophy, soulfulness and spirituality, persistence, love and care within ourselves as unbound soul and spirit, while evil is all that is fucked up, stupid and retarded and pathetic about us.

Whichever aspects of yourself you nurture, you express.

Feed your demons and your fears, and you’ll deserve all the suffering you go through. That pain won’t come from the demons, though, but by your cowardice and submission, both in general and in relation to your own self-loathing.

When we utterly REJECT all forms of slavery, and utterly REFUSE and RETALIATE against all forms of evil, and thus NEVER submit, and NEVER dominate, and instead choose to express the courage to stand up and shout, cry and smile in joy and pride…






It is then that we realize that, among other things, there is no such thing as “powerlessness”, and likewise no such thing as “powerfulness”, either.

Those are illusions of the game-world. When you play a video-game, you are not bound by the game’s dev-code.

Similarly, albeit infinitely more intricately, profoundly and clearly, we as souls, as individual manifestations or Myself as I, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance and so on, choose to manifest whatever realities and roleplay as whatever characters, and we’re utterly independent of everything, including everything that we actually manifest in the game-world.

All reality is a story that I and We write and create. All the world’s a stage.

Play the game, but don’t be blinded by it.

We are to change the game and make it better, by choosing to actually become greater, ourselves.


Reject all compromise. Reject all slavery. Reject all evil and reject all limitation.

In other words, NEVER “conform” and NEVER “comply”.


Everything that is good is a form of defiance.

Why is that? Because true defiance is choosing good over evil, right over wrong, knowledge and comprehension over ignorance and stupidity, as well as love over hatred, and generally everything that expresses more and more of the actual good, conscious and elevating aspects of who and what I and We and Me, all and always and already and veyond ways are, as both in-form and veyond form, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance, consciousness, creativity, intuition, intelligence, philosophy, soul, spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, choice and desire… among other things…

Who am I?

I am freedom. I am spirit. I am liberty. I am defiance.

I am soul and spirit, care and love.

I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways free and freedom, imagination, will and intent, ambition, drive and courage… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it, and that is all… in-form and veyond form, always and veyond ways… infinitely, unlimitedly, unbound all the more…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and we are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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