Freedom and principles come first

As for a comment in relation to the picture I used for this article, before I get to the article itself, there is no “time-space”, other than as an illusion, so the idea of “proportion” is also an illusion; besides that, love is one of the essences of the infinite and unlimited being and veingness that I and we always and already and veyond ways are, and so therefore it’s veyond the illusion of “time, space and proportion”.

Anyway, as for the essence of the idea, it is true that the more we express love, towards Myself and Ourselves, I and We and Me, ourselves and towards each other, as both in-form and veyond form, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



Anyway, the more true love, for the sake of it and for the sake of growing and rising in consciousness, etcetera, etcetera, among other things, the greater things I and we create and manifest, among other things…

The more we love ourselves and each other, the more we grow in consciousness, and one of the many and beautiful, natural and veyond natural “effects” of that is overcoming traumas, and likewise more consciously and effectively thwarting evil, through everything we feel, think, say, create, do, imagine, will and intend, choose and desire… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

All the death, pain and torture, and all the pleasure, joy and happiness, and likewise everything is self-facilitated, self-created and self-made, self-manifested, and so on and so forth, among other things…

Do you want to know why it is that majority of “people”, in our current and pathetic excuse for a so-called “society”, barely do anything worthwhile with their lives?

There are many reasons, many of them very detailed, but all of those contextual and situational facets derive from (one of) the main reason(s) that they have no principles in life. They do now know themselves, they do not know what they want, nor how to manifest what they want. They say they want this or that, that they’d wish the world was a better place, and sometimes even that they see how things are wrong… but when it comes to actually doing something about it, they roll over like a bunch of hapless dogs, still sucking on the teet of the very slavery system they claim to be against.

“Oh, we realize that the bullshit system is exactly that: bullshit.”

Okay, good. What are you doing to create something better?

“Oh, we vote, we protest to change this or that scribbling on a piece of paper…”

So, you’re still feeding the belief in the slavery system, and likewise are still gullible and irresponsible enough to try and get other people to “solve” your own problems. At least you’re not paying the extortion racket called, in such an emasculated fashion, “taxation”, right?

“Oh, b-b-but… we gotta contribute to the betterment of “society”… and, uhm…”

Oh, fuck you, you complacent, dumb cuck little bitch! You claim to see the bullshit that’s going on, yet when it comes to assuming the responsibility for your own contribution to propagating it and actually doing something to no longer contribute, you just come up with bullshit excuses. You’re part of the problem.

“Oh, b-b-but… if I don’t pay my taxes, they might come and do nasty stuff.”

So, suddenly it’s not about “society” anymore, and you’re just a pathetic, cowardly little bitch who’s scared of the delusions of so-called “death” and “pain”, or even just that your body might not experience all the “modern” luxuries you’ve become addicted to. You’re a coward and a “convenience” slut.

Of course, you could be more than that, or rather you already are way, way, way more than that, so it’s actually about tapping into your inner creativity, spirituality, defiance, creativity and so on, and actually expressing the good within you, rather than the bullshit.

“Fear of death, and even worse, fear of the impression of “inconvenience”, are the basis and beginning for all forms of slavery.”

Fear is the main, if not the only limiter of the mind, and in itself, all fear is a delusion born of unawareness of self. However, fear itself is one thing, as a sentiment born of the mental addiction to the compulsion of “survival”, but cowardice is even worse, since it is an addiction to the addiction of one of the more contextually defunct, and very ineptly utilized, instincts of the “vehicle” we use in this kind of world, if we desire to explore it in such a manner.

The instinct of “self-preservation”. Useful for the prolongued maintenance of the body, in situations of self-defence, defence of others, perceived “calamity” or “harm”, but it becomes a detriment, when that function of it is applied without discernment, to other faculties that are far more advanced than the prolonguing of what is pretty much, among other things, a temporary vestment or vestige.

If your clothes are dirty or torn off, you clean them and repair them (health) or you disrobe (what people erroneously call “death”; there is no “death”; there is infinite life and veyond) and create some new clothes for yourself, as well as infinities of other things…

Identification, in the sense of recognizing the different aspects of Myself and Ourselves, as infinite and unlimited consciousness manifesting in infinities of individual selves, forms and whatever else, is a good thing. Expressing “form” and individuality (the bridge between the form-self and the veyond-form self) is one of My and Our ways of “introspection”.

However, when an expression of Myself and Ourselves (like, say, an individual character, person, entity, whatever) no longer identifies the essence and the nature of what it truly is (Myself and Ourselves, manifesting in that form), and instead “identifies with” the form itself, then it degrades into the main, if not the only actual delusion (an illusion within an illusion), which is self-forgetfulness.

Without manifesting awareness and self-awareness of the infinity and unlimitedness that I and We always and already, and veyond ways are, the individual form starts to panic, because it erroneously assumes “look at all these different things, and I’m this little thing over here”, when that is the very opposite of the infinity of everyone’s true nature and veingness.

There is no such thing as a “little me”. The “little me” delusion is exactly that; a delusion born of the forgetfulness of who you truly are, in both essence and detail. So, someone trapped in the spell of that delusion, desperately tries to seek some impression of relief from the constant pain and anguish of their suffering, and in their fear and cowardice (which, aside from being retarded in themselves, also give birth to idiotic and degrading decisions), they make compromises which they erroneously believe might provide that relief, when in actuality they just degrade in consciousness, and thus fuel their artificial suffering all the more… even worse, sometimes to such extents that they’re not even aware of their own suffering, and thus are even less motivated to do something about it.

Thus, they make a purpose of moods, opinions, beliefs and impressions, and they identify with those things, and whenever someone comes with different moods, impressions and such, all interest with regards to the accuracy and truthfulness behind those impressions, and indeed the reasons behind said impressions and truthfulness, goes out the fuckin’ window, almost always because “Aaaah, you’re attackin’ my beliefs! I am my beliefs, so you’re attackin’ me, aaaah!”

No, you are not just your fuckin’ opinions, moods, beliefs or impressions. You are all of those things, and infinitely more than that. You are the creator and experiencer of those things; you are the creator and experiencer of your reality, you are the writer of your own story and the artist of your own life, all your lives and many, many, many more things.

Likewise, all beings and all forms are I, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, liberty and defiance, creativity, consciousness, veingness and so on and so forth, and We, infinities of individual souls, defiance and characters, entities and such and such… and this harmony between the form-self, or Creation, the individual, or the Soul Self, and the infinite, unlimited self, the I AM, or Creator consciousness…

What I’m saying, among other things, is that there is no separation between Creator and Creation. Those are different words that we use to describe different expressions of Myself and Ourselves. Creator and Creation, being infinite consciousness manifesting differently, have all the same attributes.

Therefore, there is no character, individual, entity, creature, grain of sand or omniverse, or whatever else, that is in any way “lesser” or “higher” than anything else, nor “equal”, either.

The illusion of comparison is one born of the erroneous impression of “separation”. To be fair, that illusion is one that we’ve come here to experience, so in that sense it has its purpose and there is, indeed, something to be learned from it… and on that level it’s good to make comparisons and discern the differences and diversity of all of these infinities of forms and veyond, among other things…

However, seeing as how there is essentially no separation, nobody has any more or less rights than anyone else.

And, as an aside, yes, I am aware that the “there is no separation” shtick can be distorted and used maliciously to promote stuff like socialism (democracy is just another form of socialism, by the way, and all forms of “gov” and the retarded belief in “auth” of any kind, are just emasculated words for slavery, so fuck that shit), “hive-minds” or the idiocy of the “herd mentality” or “popular opinion”, or “new agey” types of pretend-“spirituality”.

However, one is to discern between the proverbially gangrenous and the healthy aspects of  one’s being, of various ideas and whatever else, and not erroneously assume that “it’s all bad” or “it’s all good”, just because you’re temporarily focusing on or experiencing either aspect of the thing, in the immediate experience.

There are, however, some things that are, both conceptually and in practice, entirely good and entirely bad.

Freedom, liberty and defiance are always good.

Everything that is good is a form of defiance, because defiance means the choice of good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, and pretty much everything that is creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual,  courageous, volatile and spontaneous, adventurous and brilliant, proud, strong and defiant, playful, teasing and mysterious, conscious, confident and fearless… again, everything that is good and elevating, over everything that is fucked up and degrading, evil and retarded.

To be more specific with regards to defining what evil is, it’s actually infinite consciousness manifesting in more or less utter forgetfulness of self.

Good, on the other hand, is infinite and unlimited consciousness manifesting in, well… more infinite and unlimited awareness and conscious expression of self.

Thus, good always wins and evil always loses, but even that is inaccurate to say, because there’s no competition to begin with, because evil itself is so inept and pathetic, that it doesn’t manage to even create anything on its own, on the level that is manifests itself as evil. That’s why the go-to method for evil is always manipulation and deceit, and basically nothing else.

It’s those that are good, but who have fallen for said deceit, that let themselves duped into creating a shitty reality for themselves, while erroneously assuming that “they” (the parasites) are doing it.

NO! We are the ones doing it; all “death, pain and torture” are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions, expansions and elevations are always self-facilitated.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Even if you’re not personally aware of your own choices, it is of your own choice that you’re experiencing everything that you’re experiencing and creating. You can change it towards something greater at any time. The less fear you have, the smoother the transition will be.

On the other hand, the more fear and trauma you have to overcome, the harder it will appear to be (to the ego), because you’ll have more chains to break and more threads to unravel; but that should be all the more motivation to break and unravel them. That is, aside from the main reason, which should be the love of growth and evolution for its own sake, but you get the idea.

The more someone tries to push, the more we push back.

There are many ways to push back, but if you’re still scared shitless, they won’t nearly as apparent and obvious, as they are when we approach things from a more confident and easy going perspective.

Rage, fury and anger still have their purpose, of course, and they can be channeled towards actually constructive things.

See, there are many ways to fight and to retaliate, all of which are destructive to evil, and creative to good and elevation, growing and rising in consciousness, etc, etc.

If one is constantly in “destruction” mode, so to speak, one is apt to recognize and retaliate against evil and injustice, and that is indeed one among many ways to thwart bullshit, but it alone is a response. A good response, to be sure, but it’s a response to something. In other words, it is facilitated in relationship to something else.

If someone is only in “fight, fight, fight” mode all the “time”, when there’s nothing to fight for whatever reason, one either becomes the “villain”, or if they have the discernment to not fall for evil, they become extremely stressed, because without an antagonist or something to “fight, fight, fight”, the “full-time fighter”, as it were, is left without an immediately apparent purpose, and thus is constantly stressed and angry, and likewise frustrated without a venue to aptly relieve that pain and rage.

Thus, I say it’s good to be not just responsive and responsible, but also creative and initiating of change towards greater evolution in consciousness and… well, I was about to “whatever else”, but all of that “whatever else” is consciousness anyway, but you get the idea.

In that sense, fight when it’s good to fight, get angry when it’s good to get angry, while at the same time, be creative and constructive. Use that rage, as well as everything else, to improve, create, evolve and elevate yourself, both for the sake and beauty of it, as well as to evolve your aptitude to respond and more consciously retaliate against that which deserves retaliation.

We are, simultaneously, the ever burning flames and raging fires that create the light and bring the darkness into consciousness and knowing, and likewise the ever flowing waters that soothe and caress, nurturing the growth and rise in consciousness, and that tease and motivate the flames to burn ever brighter and brighter and brighter… among other things…

  Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

If you think you “can’t”, you won’t, because you’ve chosen not to (and you’re also just making excuses).

If you think you’re “sort of” gonna do it, you’re “sort of” gonna do it, because you’ve chosen to do it in a mediocre fashion.

So, fuck that shit. The idea, among other things, is to always evolve, expand, elevate and excel, for the sake of doing so.

And when I and We always and already know that I and We always and already CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and We always and already CAN and ARE and WILL.

Bravery is the refusal to have fear influence our decisions.

Courage is the process and endeavor of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above all fear, through having overcome all challenges posed by it.

Never fear, and never be feared.

Always creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual, proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Freedom and principles come before life, before family and friends, before all manner of “relationships”, before all manner of “wealth”, and generally before everything.

Always question, remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always and veyond ways, free and freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy!!!

Always and veyond ways…

I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things… and infinitely, unbound all the more…



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