Discerning truth from lies; plus, some stuff about the scamdemic

So, in the aftermath of another attempt at conversing with another (partial) covid cultist, who still seem to have utter belief in the false “ooh, but viruses cause disease” narrative, I feel like writing an article to discuss, not particularly the scamdemic stuff (which I’ve written about in some of the articles on this site), but rather the general mental and sentimental fallacies that people with an ingrained belief generally tend to exhibit, often without even realizing it, and often while claiming that they are open to new information and changing their views.

I write this, because aside from the main reasons of “because I feel like it”, it’s also in the event that this list of behavioural tendencies or “patterns of programmed reactions” will be a catalyst for some of you to use in your discernment, regarding whether or not someone has a belief system to uphold, even if they claim and even if they vehemently claim that they are “unbiased” or “open minded” in their approach.

So, in no particular sequence of priority…

  1. Are they looking for the cause of something? Or are they just blinded by the effects that they witness?

Firstly with a motivation of knowing and comprehending for the sake of doing so, and then likewise if you want to treat an illness, solve a problem and generally overcome anything, discerning the cause of a particular effect is far more important than focusing on the effect itself.

A person can experience excruciating pain, for example, for many different causes. Is it a wound? Was the person poisoned? Is it an intense cramp? Did they bruise themselves? Did they break something? If so, was it a bone, a ligament or a muscle? Is it because of an immediate cause, like momentarily being inattentive where they were walking, and tripped something? Is it for more of a long-term cause, like maybe they are experiencing some unresolved trauma? Maybe they have negative entity attachment? Maybe this, maybe that, maybe that other thing, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The idea is, among other things, if you know the cause you’re also going to better know how to treat and overcome the problem.

For example, the bullshit party line of “b-b-but I see people in pain (allegedly) because of covid; covid is totally real, like, for realsies; it’s a pandemic, aaaah!!! People are dying! How can you say covid doesn’t exist?!”

You are mistaking my words. Yes, people are dying. Yes, people are suffering. Yes, an affliction in this context does seem to exist. What I’m saying, among other things, is that the alleged “virus theory” a lie, that the implicit bullshit “official measures” which are blatantly tyrannical and evil, in addition to being stupid and retarted in and of themselves as well, meant to produce much more “harm” than any measly “pandemic”; even if such a thing as “pandemics” even existed, which (to my current discernment) they don’t.

Anyway, then upon elaborating about exosomes, presenting lots of diverse arguments and independent studies (not funded by the slavery system, nor by big corporation – which are actually part of the same system) that show how not only has the “germ theory” never been demonstrated, but it’s been practically shown to be false, by countless studies both new and old, including Louis Pasteur, Koch and other contemporaries, whose own postulates have never been met in any of their studies.

Longer story. Here’s a few starter books in that regard, which also expose the evil and manipulation in the pharma industry, among other things…

The scamdemic is one of the biggest frauds in recent history: https://davidicke.com/?s=stefan%20lanka

“Viruses” have never been demonstrated to cause disease, but are actually helpful to the body: http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=EE71990BE6CADA5C954C5ED755CFD443


Vaccines are poisons, made as an attempt at mass murder and genocide: https://odysee.com/@BillySastard:8/YOU’LL-NEVER-GUESS-WHAT’S-IN-THE-TESTS:4

Of course, always question everything, etcetera, etcetera… among other things…

Oh, and here’s some other questions on the topic. If the injections are allegedly such a “cure” for illnesses, why is it that they have so many adverse effects, even admittedly so (they are written in the prescription of the thing, so they are basically telling you that they are not only not “effective” for their publicly claimed purpose, but that they are poisonous)? Why do healthy people who get the injections generally develop mild to severe “side-effects” (in quotes, because those are actually the intended effects, which is blatantly obvious if you know what’s going on behind the scenes of the pathetic, parasitic cult that propagates the pharma cartels), some acute and most long-term? Also, why do those injected with vaccines tend to be much more “susceptible” to the disease they’re allegedly trying to cure? (Well, actually, they’re not; the vaccine is what poisons them, and thus the immune systems retaliates and starts detoxifying itself, a process that most people still call an “illness” or “disease”, when the problem is not the response, but the poison).

Oh, and likewise, vaccines are “not recommended for those with severe cases”, right? Why is that? Why is an alleged “cure” not recommended when the person is at their sickest point?

Vitamin C, for example, and other natural things are better applied more feverishly, in proportion to the severity of the actual “disease”, to provide more of a catalyst for the person’s body to heal itself more effectively. This applies to pretty much everything that’s an actual catalyst for healing, which is what people would refer to as a “cure”.

Because the vaccines are poisons, and most of those who make them and commission them know it, of course it’ll be too obvious and suspicious if they add their alleged “cure” to the severely sick, and they start getting worse or dying en masse. I mean, it’s already obvious for those of us who actually discern things on our own, but you get the idea.

If something is truly a catalyst for healing, the more you apply it to someone, in proportion to how sick they actually are. If it’s the other way around, then the thing in question isn’t a “cure”.

As for those with a belief system to uphold, it’s tragically funny to witness how much they cling to their belief, when – in lack of any pertinent counter argument – they resort to bullshit excuses like “Aaah, b-b-but that’s “fake news”. The news said so. So did my personal friends and people who work in hospitals. They wouldn’t lie or go mad, all of a sudden, now wouldn’t they? I know X number of people who all agree with me.”

First off, truth doesn’t change with how few or how many believe something; belief and popularity are utterly irrelevant, when it comes to discerning the truthfulness of anything.

Secondly, why do you assume that just because they “work in hospitals” they’re somehow telling the truth? Unfortunately, aside from those who actually have a spine and self-respect and speak out against what’s going on in the industry, most of them either are too much of a spineless bitch or too much of an indoctrinated retard to actually admit or recognize the evils going on. Do you think those kinds of fuck-ups would tell you what’s really going on, just because you think they’re your “friend”?

Don’t cling to anyone’s words, nor to anything. If you want to judge someone aptly, do it not just by what they say, but what they do. Do they have a history of letting themselves bribed? Or being scared shitless?

Or do they have a history of standing up for themselves and what is right? Do they have a history or the general strength of character to do what is right, regardless of “outcome”? Are they truly spiritual and honest, defiant and creative and so on and so forth? ‘Cause that’s part of what is truly and essentially important, among other things…

Anyway, as for those with a belief to uphold, then you start probing them some more and tearing through more of the layers of bullshit they’d wrapped around their egos, they start saying stuff like…

 “Well, it doesn’t matter the cause! So what if you call it a virus? Or a protein, bacteria, exosome, radiation, 5G or whatever else? People are dying! Aaaah!”

I’m like: “Holy fuckin’ what? What do you mean the cause doesn’t matter? It’s one of the things that are essentially important! Both for the knowledge itself, and likewise… how the fuck do you expect to aptly treat a disease or overcome a problem, if you don’t know, or even worse, don’t even give a shit about the cause? Besides, by saying that you don’t give a shit about the cause, you demonstrate that you have no fuckin’ clue what’s actually going on, and you’re just in a fear-based mentality. Get the fuck over that shit and develop a fuckin’ spine and courage, among other things…”

  • Do they question things freely? Do they look at knowledge from many diverse sources, including stuff from those they disagree with? More importantly, do they have their own discernment?

If we want to have any manner of discernment, the idea is, among other things, to always question everything, including what we think we already know.

This means to always think and feel things freely, both as individual and infinite, unlimited consciousness and so on and so forth, among other things…

Likewise, it means looking at whatever it is that we’re looking at, from both the immediate context, as well as the larger contexts and veyond the concept of “context”… among other things…

Questions like: Who has what to gain from a mass of people believing this narrative? Are these views that are presented actual opposites, or oppo-sames (things that appear different, but are the same or imply the same things, in practice, albeit with a slightly different lick of paint)? Who funds who? For what purpose? Are they open to public, honest debate and conversation? What are the long term implications of whether or not this particular thing is applied? What other agendas come into play? How so? Why is it so? How true is it? Is it true? In what regard? To what extent and in what ways? Is this a moral thing to do? (Moral being anything that does not imply murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.)

I ask people: have you ever tested what’s in the injections or any other drugs? Have you taken a vaccine sample to see if it’s a saline mixture or the actual, nanobot, attemptively gene altering concoction? It’s a common practice with the rollout of new injections and other drugs, especially those known and often sought to induce the “side-effects” that are actually the main, intended effects, to first send over 80% of new public doses as saline solution or some other “non-insidious” concoction, so that the effects of the actual “vaccine” or drug are downplayed. “See? Most people don’t have any adverse effects.”

Yeah, because they’re given a placebo. Or, actually, regardless of what they actually injected or ingested, because they chose to write their stories in such that they’re immune to that effect, but that’s another conversation.

Then, those who have taken the shot and who also chose to let themselves affected, are treated as “oddities”, when in actuality they’re the only ones who’ve taken the actual poisonous concoction; most of “the public”, if still gullible, are gonna say that the “vaccine is effective” or at least “generally not a problem”.

Then, during the next rollout and then the next batches after that, more and more of the actual poisonous injection is delivered, and more people develop illnesses or “die” in relation to it, which is then played off as “aaah, it’s the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, whatever-eth wave, aaah!”, which is then used as a bullshit excuse for more injections, which further exascerbate the problem… you get the point. “Scapegoat” is the name of the game they’re playing. Also known as “spineless misdirection”, also known as “cowardice” and “evil”; “politics” and “modern industry” are also common terms for it. Oh, and “slavery” is another accurate term for it, so fuck that shit.

Anyway, literally every time I’ve asked someone stuff like “Have you tested what’s in the injection? Have you asked for a sample of the alleged, super-duper-we’ve-really-really-isolated-and-purified it-like-for-realsies-trust-us “virus”? Which is allegedly so widespread and “contagious”, that you have to obsessively test for it, with a test – the PCR – that wasn’t meant to test for “viral infections”, to find a “virus” that nobody has purified, and which nobody manages to provide an actual sample of, for study, even though it’s claimed to be so wide-spread; oh, and so “deadly” that virtually everyone who’s gone through the allegedly “new disease” has survived it.

Anyway, after hypothetically having gotten a sample of this alleged “new virus” that doesn’t seem to exist, have you then verified that this is actually a new thing, and not some already existing thing that’s being rebranded? Have you tested to see whether or not it, in itself, produces the effects it is blamed for? Have you personally done all these different varieties of tests and experimentations, to see whether or not your claims are closer to truth or away from it?”, and other such questions…

Literally every time, the response was either a direct “no”, or a pettily angry reaction of a “pfft, we don’t know how to do those kinds of tests”, before almost invariably delegating that task and the trust in its veracity, to some alleged “experts” they’ve never met, who (in the case of the cult believers) are always funded by the slavery system.

Okay, maybe you have other interests in life and you don’t want to start a laboratory or specialize in this kind of field. Fair enough. Do what you like. However, unless you are directly involved in the area of study and research, with regards to which you are making your claims, you are literally basing your decisions and attempts at discernment on “trust” in someone else’s word, instead of knowledge; which approach is a fallacy in and of itself, even if the person is talking truth, but it’s even worse when the ones you “trust” are either deliberately lying and have done so since their very inception, or who at least are manipulated without realizing it.

Besides, think of how retarded it is for someone to claim that “they know their shit” about something, but when faced with the implications of what “knowing your shit” actually means, in terms of involvement in the endeavor of actually knowing and comprehending things without bias, they immediately falter when faced with the premise of getting into it any deeper than reading the headlines of a few articles, or some brief media piece about something that they view as “confirming” their bias. So, fuck that shit.

To truly know and comprehend things, the idea, among other things, is to express more and more and more, and more constant and growing vigilance and research, and likewise creativity, intuition and intelligent, philosophy, soulfulness and spirituality, pride, strength, defiance, courage, volatility and adventurousness, etcetera, etcetera, among other things…

It’s about looking things from all angles, and then from all other angles, and when all “angles” have seemingly been exhausted, then have the attitude of “Well, now it’s time to get started.” and look veyond the concepts of angles and perspectives.

Angles and perspectives are contextual. Truth is conceptual (genuine truth, not contextual or ostensible “truths” that apply in some cases, but not always; true truth, so to speak, applies always, regardless of context).

If you have a belief in “statistics”, and then assume that “statistics don’t lie, because numbers don’t lie”, well keep in mind that the numbers, parameters and reference points for any statistic can and are often manipulated or misinterpreted, either deliberately or undiscerningly, by what the agenda is, through bias or through inattention, etcetera.

“Aaaah, but this year 30-35% more people died, aaaah! Aaaah, look, 100 more people died this week, aaah!”

Here’s some good advice, regarding how to view statistics: if emphasis is put on percentages, look at the figures; if emphasis is put on figures, look at percentages.

“Aaaah, some people (allegedly) died of covid.”

First off, no they didn’t. They “died”… well, no such thing as “death”; it’s a shift of personal attention from one form life to another, among other things… anyway, they quote-on-quote “died” of either a rebranded disease or an already existing set of morbidities, poor health, and the whole fuck-load of extra negative energy coming to the surface since 2020. What else is new this year, compared to last year? Well, the injections being rolled out is one thing. More 5G is another. The economy going to shit (it was going to anyway, because of the delusion that fiat is, but that’s another conversation), people dying of hunger, stress, suicide, not being treated because of retardedly cancelled operations, increased violence, house-slave brutality, draconian bullshit and other stuff that they’ve let affect their lives.

That’s part of the reason why people are dying and getting sick, not because of some particle that’s never been isolated and purified, or a bunch of computer code or partial DNA sequences they claim to be “sars-cov-2”. Nor by a disease that, even with the fake-ass “official statistics”, has a survival rate of 99.96% or so. Emphasis is put, in the “news”, on “ooh, look, these people died”, but deliberately don’t mention that pretty much everyone who goes through the illness comes out unscathed (assuming they didn’t go to the hospital, or didn’t have a completely shit immune system, and other criteria and stuff to take into consideration)

It’s funny to note how people with a belief system often try to “research” something, by starting out with the motivation of “I’m gonna “prove” that what I believe is right!”

That’s not the point of research, or any endeavor of knowledge.

Gnosis is about realizing what is true, no matter what it is, and no matter if it conflicts with the person’s desired preferences for what they’d like to believe.

If someone you trust is a mass murderer, they’re a mass murderer regardless how much you or anyone else would rather it be otherwise.

Likewise, if someone is a good and conscious being, they’re a good and conscious being, no matter what you or anyone else would want to believe about them.

If you trust someone based on “ooh, look, this guy has a bunch of titles before or after their name”, or distrust someone based on “pfft, this is some guy on the internet”, or generally speaking, attempt to make an assessment regarding the quality of the information presented, on your sentimental attraction or repulsion to the presenter of that knowledge, their way of presentation or style of speech, how they look and so on, then you’re not actually interested in the truth, but rather in retardedly maintaining a belief system. So, fuck that shit.

Truth is truth and lies are lies, no matter what anyone believes, or how many believe it.

Truth is truth, even if nobody believes it; lies are lies, even if everybody believes  them.

  • What is their approach to those who challenge their affirmations? Do they accept, or even invite those who challenge their affirmations, to do so? Do they welcome challenges to their claims?

It is always the case that you can tell various aspects of the essential nature of someone, by, among other things, how they treat the premise of having their claims challenges, and likewise how they treat the people and entities challenging them.

If someone’s response to challenging questions, new information and knowledge, as well as arguments that are against what they claim to be true, is that of an urge to shun, dismiss, censor, mock, ridicule, or initiate or condone violence, coercion and aggression against the ones posing the challenge, then the person who has that reaction either (a) has no fuckin’ clue what they’re talking about, (b) they’re addicted to a belief or (c) they know they’re talkin’ shit, but would rather it not be found out.

The only people who reject challenges to their affirmations, are those who are afraid to admit that either their affirmations are shit and they know it, on some level, or who (regardless of the quality of the affirmations themselves) don’t actually know if their affirmations are true or not.

In contrast, those of us who want to grow and rise, excel, evolve, expand and elevate ourselves and our awareness, we not only accept, but welcome all challenges, and likewise challenge ourselves and our own affirmations constantly. Both because we love ourselves, and therefore we love others and respect our own and everyone’s volition and natural, unalienable rights to freedom of expression, and others, and likewise because we realize that there is everything to learn from everything and everyone.

Besides, whether we realize that we’re right or that we’re wrong about something, either way, it’s a good thing. Because, if we challenge ourselves and realize we’ve been wrong in whatever regard, well, we now have more discernment and thus are more inclined towards seeking truth more, well, truthfully. Likewise, if we challenge ourselves and realize we’ve been right in whatever regard, we now have more discernment with regards to what we are doing right, and are now more ready to more rightly discern things, than prior.

If you realize you’re right, good. You now have more knowledge about how to do things rightly.

If you realize you’re wrong, again, good. You now have more knowledge about what mistakes you’ve been making, and thus again, more knowledge about how to do thing more rightly. Why would anyone not want to realize that they’re wrong, if they are?

The main, if not the only reason why people are scared shitless of admitting their wrongs (aside from evil and other such pathetic motives), is because they are afraid of admitting to themselves that they are not (yet) as good as they claim to be.

But to become greater and greater, one is to admit and accept one’s flaws, and actively plough through and overcome them, and express the infinite goodness and beauty that’s already, always and veyond ways within us (well, there is no “inner” or “outer”, but you get the idea).

The first step to truly being good and conscious, is to admit and accept one’s evil, and then actively and proactively overcome it, and choose what is good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, etc.

In other words, to always persist, rebel, defy, no matter fuckin’ what.

Never fear, and never be feared.

Always more and more and more creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual, proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Always question, remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always and veyond ways, free and freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love… imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…








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