Genuine knowing, comprehension and research vs. confirmation bias

I’d say “change your lifestyle” instead of “vote with your lifestyle”, since “voting” is just a bullshit political scheme to give people the impression that they’re changing things for the better, when in actuality they’re helping maintain a slavery system by “opting” for a different puppet to whip them across the back slightly differently than the other one, but that’s another story. Point is, change comes from within, and when we change for the better and elevate ourselves, then we are equipped to make positive change in the world.

So, in some of my other articles, I touched upon the philosophical aspects of what genuine knowing, comprehension and research imply, why there is always more to know that one might think they know at any point in time, as well as about what genuine free thinking and free feeling entails.

I’ve also expressed my disdain and pity for those who are still in mental and emotional hypnosis and mind-“control”, who blindly adhere to a doctrine or belief system and who almost seem to revel in their cognitive dissonance, excusing the evils of the world through whatever bullshit they believe would keep their fragile ego from collapsing.

People who are so utterly lost in their psychotic lull, who refuse to actually look within themselves and confront their trauma and deep rooted memories. If one does not know one’s self, one shall not know the world. For it is the “inner world” that creates the “outer world”. I use those terms in quotes, because when we remember who we are as infinite consciousness and such, so therefore no beginning and no end of any kind, I/we see that the very idea of “inner” or “outer” are illusions, albeit ones that we’ve chose to experience in this life, as part of the stories we’ve decided to play out. The idea is, if one genuinely seeks wisdom, knowing and comprehension, that we are to experience the “game-world” or the stage-play of life, but to recognize it as a play or a “ride”, experiencing it with all its thrills and such, but remembering that we’re beyond it. I/we are infinite and unlimited spirit, freedom, consciousness, etc.

Having said that, in this article, I want to talk about a particular kind of people, who are so deeply in entrenched in their indoctrination and the false ego they’ve grafted on themselves, and which they mistake for their “identity”, to the point that where they literally consider their ignorance, apathy and just blatant retardation, as “virtues”.

I’m talking about people who claim to be interested in unbiased knowing and comprehension, who claim that their research is unbiased and varied, and who say they consider all perspectives and independently come up with their own.

Words alone are cheap, and often meaningless. It’s the meaning and the intent that matters, along with the thereafter manifestation and action in the endeavor to express them. That is how you discern who is genuine and who is not, who is honestly looking to know and comprehend without being blinded by bias, and who just wants to fool either themselves or others, that that is what they’re doing; and you can clearly see it from the way they both act and respond.

Here are some traits of people who claim to be studious and unbiased, but are actually just trying to be more “eloquent” in the maintenance of their belief system, and how to notice them:

  • Do they question everything? And I mean everything!

What is one of the principial expressions of genuine curiosity and willingness to know and comprehend? What does it mean to be unbiased? It means that one is willing to shed all belief and disbelief, and instead look to deeply and clearly know and comprehend themselves; and endeavor that naturally translates to a curiosity to know and comprehend everything. In turn, this means that, just as one is honest with themselves and chooses to know all aspects of one’s self, one is likewise honest in their decision to know all aspects of the world. That includes all the good and honest, as well as all the evil and deception.

That means questioning everything and looking to know what something is, beyond all fluff and superficial facades, beyond all the obfuscation that tries to distract from the essence of things. The details are nice and I do like myself some intricate elaborations and such, but the details are different expression of the essence. Just like how words are empty without meaning, the meaning behind the details is the essence, beyond words, beyond veneer and beyond the glimmery, glittery glamour.

It also means that the endeavor to know and comprehend is done for it’s own sake. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Comprehension for the sake of comprehension. Such a passion is not something that words would manage to aptly describe, so if you are a genuinely wise and self-loving, self-knowing individual, you will know what I’m talking about. (To be fair, do not be fooled by those who would use words such as these to lull people in to their propaganda or agenda, by trying to appeal to their ego and thus manipulate them like that. That is not my intention, but what I’m saying is do be careful and don’t be blinded by words. Look at the meaning and judge things for yourself.)

In contrast, someone who only claims to be “all about dat knowledge, yo!”, yet only “research” things that they either agree with, or which they at least don’t see as too much of a threat to their fragile ego or belief system.

For example, in this so-called “pandemic”, someone who is genuinely interested in knowing what it’s about will have an open mind, and will look to all sides of argument. Both what is in the “mainstream”, as well as in the alternative media, both what they and other people experience directly and indirectly, etcetera. Researching all aspects about the “situation” or topic at hand. However, we also “zoom out” as it were, looking at all the things that are happening from behind the scene during this time, how various narratives are being directed for malicous purposes, how the economy is collapsing and why, how this is being played out in order to bring about a so-called “new world order” (it’s actually just the old-world order and parasitic paradigm of debt and death, trying desperately to cling to its last, dying breaths as it fades into the annals of history, to be remembered as another dark age that humanity had risen above), and a host of other different things.

Yes, including both ideas that there is a “virus”, as well as that there isn’t one (which, to my current discernment, so far seems like it’s the far more likely scenario, along with how it’s connected to 5G and other stuff). If I’m wrong and there is a pathogen, I’m willing to know. If there isn’t, again, I’m willing to know. I still actively research the topic, and have been since the whole bullshit “restrictions” started (and have been, am, and will always be an active breaker of those, as well as all “restrictions”), and so far it seems blatantly obvious that the numbers are faked, tests are faked and the whole charade is little more than just that… a deceptive façade and a psy-op to try and get the gullible parts of the masses into being in an even more frenzied and chronic state of panic, for easier manipulation.

In contrast, when it comes to people who have a belief system to obsessively uphold, but at the same time at least have some semblance of desire for knowledge, but unfortunately not enough to actually overcome their indoctrination at that particular point in their life, what they try to do is to superficially research a topic or “situation”, only looking for things that don’t outright contradict what they’ve already decided to believe.

  • Look at what they refuse to look into, or discuss.

Ask them questions. Invite them to share notes and research. Watch a documentary with them, or an interview. I’ve invited people who have expressly said that they’ve been doing “loads” of research, who find the whole situation to be “suspicious” and they don’t fully agree with the main narrative, but who at the same time don’t stray too far from it, to watch some information of my own (in this case an interview, which I’ve linked below the article).

Soon after the interview started, the moment they heard “there is no covid-19” as the opening statement, they immediately began to squirm in their seat and nervously fidget, and it didn’t take them a whole two minutes to just spout stuff like “Nah, I don’t wanna look at this! They’re stupid! They don’t know that they’re talking about!”

They didn’t even look at the information, nor did they want to hear the arguments. Time and again they said they were willing to compare notes, but when it actually came to it, they just went ape-shit and “left the building”, as it were.

So, they’re calling someone else stupid, on the basis of not agreeing with them, on a topic where they didn’t even listen to what the other individual had to say about it? Well, guess what? If someone makes an assessment about someone else’s intelligence, based on whether or not it threatens the maintenance of one’s belief system, then that says something about the stupidity of the accuser, not the accused.

In other words, those who have the approach of “You don’t agree with my beliefs? You’re stupid, mad, crazy!” obviously have barely any inkling as to what intelligence actually is, thereby showing that their accusation in that case is just an expression of a puerile hissy fit, by which one has let themselves blinded, and thus have shown themselves to be (comparatively speaking) the actual moron in the discussion.

  •  They constantly defer to the experiences and sayings of others, or blindly stick to their own ego-driven, rigid beliefs

Another trait of the mentally and emotionally desolate and destitute, is that they almost always put the words of someone else on a pedestal, instead of judging things by themselves, on their own merit. Alternatively, there are people who put their own ego on a pedestal, and who refuse to acknowledge any other view other than their own belief. Either way, it is a trademark of the ignorant.

It’s either “It’s like this, because [insert blindly trusted figure, entity or institution here] says so.” or “It’s like this, because I say so.”

In some cases, the “devout believers” might look up at some arguments and research that they think confirms what they desire to believe, but what you’ll often find, is that they more or less only memorize the arguments, without actually looking to see and test it for themselves, and cross-reference data with other alternative views and research.

More often than not, the “research” that they do amounts to looking up the first few articles, sites and graphs that pop up on a google search (which cherry picks the stuff that promote their globalist agenda, while censoring, banning and ridiculing alternatives, by the way), and then calling it a day. Some of those people, if they happen to work in a particular field of study (let’s say, they either work on the “front lines” of this fake-ass-demic, or they know people who do), they exhibit a blind trust towards what they’re told by those in their immediate proximity or partnership, while failing to see how compartmentalized their structure is.

  • “Oh, but how can so many people lie at once? Do you think everyone’s gone mad? That everyone is wrong? Do you think would lie about this?”

That blind trust, along with the obliviousness of how mind-control, subliminal messaging, social engineering and compartmentalization works in the current bullshit social paradigm, gives them the impression that what is said is “true”, because – in their erroneous assumption – that many people can’t be wrong, right?

Wrong. People who do not know themselves spiritually, philosophically and psychologically, and who have never ventured outside of the “mainstream” , most often haven’t even the faintest clue about how utterly easy it is to deceive people, no matter the number, if the people in question have even just one thing that they refuse to question. It becomes even more easier, when people outright have a belief system and refuse what is even slightly outside their range of ego-driven stupor. Even more so if they have a herd-like mentality, and blindly judge information more or less entirely on how “popular” or “widespread” an idea is.

In our current world, the majority is almost always wrong. Not because they’re a “majority”, as how widely known an idea is or is not, says nothing about the idea itself. To use such terms, a “lie” is still a “lie”, even if everyone believes it. Likewise, “truth” is always “truth”, even if nobody believes it. On that note, wrong is wrong, even if everyone does it. Right is right, even if nobody does it.

I and we, are as we are by virtue of ourselves, not how we are believed to be. Likewise, information and the accuracy of a claim are as they are by virtue of themselves, not how they are believed to be.

  • “Urgh, I’m already oversaturated with knowledge on the topic.”

Maybe your body is temporarily exhausted from researching something extensively, in the recent while. Perhaps you’re momentarily bored of that particular topic. That’s something else. Or, maybe you just have a belief system to uphold, and you deal very poorly with the stress of your cognitive dissonance. Or maybe that’s just a fancy way of saying you’re either uninterested in doing research on something, or just too lazy for that kind of endeavor; either at all or if it starts seeming like it’s going to be a threat to your beliefs and ego-driven mental cage.

Regardless, there is no such thing as being “oversaturated” with knowledge. There is There is always more to know than anyone might believe they know, at any point in time-space. I/we are infinite and unlimited. Knowledge is infinite. Potential is infinite. The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know.

Those of us who are curious and hungry to no end, for knowledge… the more we accrue it, the more ravenous we become. Ravenous, in the positive sense, I mean.

  • When they are at a loss or out of arguments, they often defer to sentimentality

“But look at all those people on the news, suffering and in pain! The cause may not be known, but that doesn’t matter! People are suffering!”

Fuckin’ WHAT?! You believe the cause doesn’t matter?!? The cause is one of the PRIME things that matters!!! How the fucking shit are you going to solve any problem effectively, if you don’t know the causes of that issue?

I mean, some people still don’t grasp even the most basic aspects of cognition and empathy. No wonder they’ll be shit when it comes to philosophy and motivation in life. No, empathy is NOT sentimentality. Empathy is, among other things, the expressed ability to feel and intuit, as well one of the many conduits of intuition and holistic intelligence. Questioning everything is not the mountain-top, people. It’s a start! So is the highest proverbial or literal mountain-up, for that matter. There is always more to know than anyone might think they know, at any time.

Sentimentality, on the other hand, is just a mental addiction to the repetitive, compulsory repetition of a particular emotion, to the point of obfuscating one’s reason and care.

Some people have such a disengenuous and blatantly retarded mentality. People who “think” with their “feewings” (in the sense of ego-driven sentiments, not actual feelings) like that have little to no knowledge of how the media always either spins and distorts the narrative, takes pictures and shoots videos at specific angle to make the scene look more hectic than it is, and often hire what are known as “crisis actors”. The mainstream media’s craft is literally propaganda and deceit, and very, very little else, if anything. All “debates” they air is between people who either agree with each other behind the scenes, while putting on a fake opposition while in front of the camera, or it’s between ideas that seem different on the surface, but are more or less still promoting the same agenda in terms of their proposals.

“B-but, there are so many channels. Some are owned by “government”, while others are private ventures.”

Yeah. Except almost all of them are centrally owned by a handful of companies, who practically own “governments”, through the private banks and federal reserves that print their money. Watching the news all day is not research. It’s just indoctrination, hypnosis and subliminal programming. Oh, and satanic, murderous pedophiles and child traffickers are at the helm of those companies. They woulnd’t try to deceive you, now would they? I mean, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years, but they’ll make an exception this time, won’t they? Bull. Shit.

If you want to actually do some research that is either unbiased, or at least less biased and without as much of a centralised, malicious agenda, look for independent sites and journalists, who are not funded by corporations, “governments” or “the industry”, and who have a passion for doing what is right, etcetera. Turn off your fuckin’ TV and use your own discernment. Look into the topic at hand, as well as “zoom out” and look for things that may seem disconnected, but actually aren’t. Who funds what thing; what their track record is;, what are they trying to push for? Are they welcoming open and honest debate? Or are they trying to censor and silence alternative views, because they know their own narrative wouldn’t manage to stand up to actual inquiry, investigation and debate? Cross reference the data, see who has what to gain from any particular narratives being propagated, and why. More so than any of that, use your own discernmend, feel what you honestly feel deep and clear within, and make up your own mind.

“But, but… look at the people suffering. Some of those are simple people, who have no knowledge of what’s going on.”

EXACTLY! Do you think someone who rarely ever thinks for themselves is gonna know what’s going on? Especially if someone comes up with this big “boogie man” on a TV post that they ignorantly put their trust in, like moths to the false light of the thing that’s meant to kill them? Or people who are sick for any reason at all, and then go to the hospital and are falsely diagnosed with this “new deadly disease”… do you think they would know anything about it?

“B-but, people are dying. If there is even a 0.01% risk of something bad happening, I want to avoid it.”

And there you have it. There it is. Fear and cowardice, which are one of the main reasons why people fall for anything the media throws at them. Imagine what’s like, to live in such a fear that one is not only scared shitless of facing and overcoming challenges (in other words, they’re afraid of actually growing as an individual), but also cowardly to such an extent that even the slighest chance of something that their ego doesn’t like is seen as an excuse for drastic measures… along with the ignorance and often just blatant stupidity of failing to see that those “measures” do far more harm than what that 0.01% risk would’ve entailed, if it came to pass.

People who are scared shitless of the supposed “virus”, are wearing masks and “social distancing”, failing to actually do their research and see that the masks don’t fuckin’ work for preventing infectious diseases (because they’re not dense enough to prevent a virus from passing through), and also – if worn long and often enough – actually help to gradually weaken the immune system, if not induce more biological stress and needless hurdles because of a reduced amount of oxygen, plus just the constant fear that one needs to be in in order to wear them so obsessively, and disinfect their hands to that far, far exaggerated extent… yeah, all those things through which people express a much higher chance of harming their psyche and body? Also, all the “social distancing”, that claims to prevent a supposedly air-travelling “virus”, which usually travel for hundreds of meters if not kilometers, by… staying a few feet away from each other? Oh, and staying inside the house and tearing down your immune system with the stress and lack of sunlight and exercise? Also, driving in crowded cars, public transportation and generally enclosed spaces is okay, but going out and about in the park brings about the zombie apocalypse, for some reason? Well, not that we need to look too far to see zombies in our midst, but you get my point. I mean, some people would blindly facilitate a certain handicap, in lieu of preventing a potential risk that is far less “grave” than the handicap in question? It’s like “Hey, if I go outside, I might trip and fall, buuut… if I cut off my legs, I won’t trip! Brilliant!” I mean, what… the actual… fuck!

Anyway, all to do what…? Prevent a most likely inexistent disease, that they themselves admit only harms the elderly and the already immune compromised, and even of those people, very few actually die from it (dying with something, is not the same as dying from it). If you have late stage cancer and you’re on your deathbed, getting a flu or a “covid-mc’doesn’texist” is not going to be the cause of death. With death numbers so low, compared to other diseases and causes, even with the notoriously faked statistics. (Investigate the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2020 and others.)

Oh, you’re one of those who claims you care for the elderly and the sick? Usually, that would be a good thing. When you let whatever semblance of compassion you have become twisted and distorted, into calling out for global tyranny, excusing the even more overt slavery that’s being attemptively propagated, through microchipping, collapsing the economy, trying to hinder people’s expression of their inherent, natural rights and liberties (which are never granted, or taken by anyone or anything), not giving a shit about all the certain pain, suffering and death that that is causing… in favour of preventing a 0.01%  risk of someone getting a supposed flu-like ilness and maybe dying with it, if their health is already gone to shit. That’s like saying “Well, if I

That is not “noble”. That’s media manipulation, mass hysteria and hypnosis, and just plain mind-“control” and social engineering.

Aside from that, people have higher chances of dying just by going to sleep at night in certain positions; or by going out, speaking on the phone while driving – or even just speaking on the phone (with all the radiation and all the G technology, etc.). Oh, but that’s not an infectious disease, now is it? If people die from all of those things, from rape, “police” violence, wars and all that, pfft… what does that matter, right? Or dying of any other disease or illness, infectious or not? Oh, but at least they’re not dying of “covid-19”, right? No, you don’t care about people. You don’t care about people suffering and dying. You just have a preference for how you’d like people to die, and get all upset when they supposedly die in the way that’s “outrageous” in the news. All other, non-hyped causes of death? Pfft, fuck that, right?

Those who have that mentality have very little to no regard for what it means to be alive, what actual empathy is and what freedom means.

Sympathy, especially that born of or through deceit, is a far cry from what genuine empathy and care entail. That smoothly transitions into the next bullet point.

  • They confuse empathy with sympathy

Empathy is, in the esoteric sense, a natural expression of remembering ourselves as both infinite and individual consciousness. In the exoteric world, it also manifests as a sort of preternatural intuition and a heightened sense of sensibility, whereby one literally feels themselves from within in the deeper and clearer of ways, while also feeling that which is around them. We see a bird chirping joyously on a tree’s branch. We don’t just see the bird and say it’s pretty, nor just hear their song and smile as it tickles our ears. No, we feel the bird and its life, how it weaves with the life of the trees and the energies all around us. Every breeze and every gust of wind feels like a breath of life, and we know it to be so. We cherish every moment, every instance of eternity that we grasp within the palm of our hands, and the infinity of our own being.

It also means we recognize the essence of what someone is feeling, as well as the deep rooted essence of what someone is experiencing at whatever point in life, as well as beyond. It doesn’t necessarily mean we associate with it, but rather that we feel. Empathy is about intuitive feeling – not gut instinct, nor reflexive association through repetitive exposure to stimuli, but rather a deep and clear, inner knowing of things that are beyond the senses, and often beyond the incarnate mind’s immediate discernment or attention.

In contrast, sympathy is just a compulsory and reflexive association, derived from the ingrained “need” or “lust” to be around others with similar behaviour or traits. Sympathy isn’t the “baddest” thing every, but if one becomes blinded by it, it can be a prelude to group-think and herd mentality.

Those of us who remember who we are as consciousness, and thus love and respect both ourselves as infinity, while also deeply, clearly and profoundly appreciating our individuality. We are always strong enough to stand alone, and do what is right no matter what. We overcome all challenges, which we recognize as obstacles that we have put in our path, so that we rise above and then move on, standing taller and flying higher than we ever have before.

Obstacles, by their very definition, are meant to be overcome. The fake-ass-demic, the “new world order”, the parasitic bullshit and all that stuff? That’s just fluff and distraction, that’s put there as a means to try and deter people from knowing themselves.

That ignorance and trauma is the actual problem, and the main reason why people who are still in their puerile state of ego let evil run amock, and support it. You know what all that is, though? It’s an obstacle that we, as free thinking, free feeling and free living beings, chosen to overcome. The enemy isn’t “out there”. It’s not the so-called “pandemic”, nor the pathetic psychopaths, dark occultists and parasitic entities, which do have things to answer for, obviously, but they are only a symptom. No, the cause and the obstacle to be overcome is people’s fear and trauma. Once we individually overcome that, then we are equipped to change the world for the better.

We always change the world, through everything that we do. The point is to choose to change ourselves for the better, and then changing the world to a better, more freedom oriented place comes naturally. It’s about individual responsibility, which we always have by our very being.

In contrast to that realization and approach…

  • They are adverse to taking personal responsibility

You see people moaning and complaining about something, yet what are they doing about it? Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Oh, some might claim that they have “tried their damndest” about doing something, like for example, trying to no longer eat meat after seeing how our differently shaped and configured friends and neighbours (“animals”) are being murdered and enslaved in order for us to procure a source of food we don’t actually need. Oh, they claim they tried to get off of meat, for however many years it might be, but… they still get that steak when they go to the grocery store, still get those ribs and that goulash for the soup, and still have that barbeque every now and then, before getting all depressed and saying that next time will be different. Next time, the smell of stake is still travelling around the kitchen. My, haven’t they grown…

See, people have this infatuation with “trying” to do something, and then if they fail, they just pat themselves on the back and say that “they did their best”. That “they did their best” attitude gives them comfort, and over time, the “doing their best” becomes the scope, instead of… ya know, actually doing the thing. We have a plague of people in this world, who “give it their all” and are “doing their best”, but who don’t accomplish shit. Precisely balls squat.

That’s the problem with “trying”, or the “the attempt is the purpose” mentality, whereby one starts trying to do something, but then gives up or gives in, when it actually starts becoming a challenge, before they then say “well, I tried” and leaving it at that, in an attempt to not feel bad about themselves. Problem is, they never grow in any meaningful way, with that mentality, which is just as much of a crutch as “beating yourself up” over your mistakes.

What’s far better and conscious, and is a natural expression of genuie self-love and self-respect, is that we acknowledge our own mistakes and errors, we harshly (but fairly) criticize ourselves while also appreciating our own capabilities, strengths and potential, and then learning from the experience and growing as a result. The purpose itself it not the “trying”, but it’s not the “accomplishment” either. We’re going beyond that, and doing something for the sake of improving and elevating ourselves, as well as for the sake of doing whatever it is that we are passionate about.

That implies self-love, self-respect, as well as self-knowing and self-comprehension, along with a conscious expression and appreciation for both infinite and individual responsibility.

What you have nowadays, in gradually dwindling amounts but still an unfortunate majority, is people who want to (of course, erroneously) abdicate and forget their personal responsibility for either their decisions (“order followers”, slaves to the egos of others), or their action (“order givers”, slaves to their own egos). This does not refer to just the overt slave cults (“government”, “police”, “military” and any other form of belief in so-called “authority”, which is nothing more than a euphemism for slavery), but to corporate and religious hierarchies and basically everything that revolves around collectivism and herd mentality. That includes people who either support or excuse the blatant evil that is being “rolled out” even more overtly, with this scam-demic. The people who, until they overcome their stupor and traumatised ego, are the main problem with the world and one of the main reason why evil runs amock.

Don’t hate those people, though. Hate only breeds more of the same. Criticize them and try to make them see the bullshit that they’re helping to bring about, which they themselves are against, but have let themselves become too indoctrinated and drunk with their belief system. If you see them refusing to grow, leave them be. When they’ll be ready to make that choice, they will. Evolution doesn’t come through violence and aggression (self defence is a different thing though, but that’s another conversation).

It comes through loving, respecting, knowing and comprehending ourselves as infinite consciousness and individual conscience, which naturally translates to doing good both within ourselves and our “inner world”, as well as the so-called “outer world”.

  • We always create, change and shape the world

This is a far more esoteric conversation, but to express myself poetically, there is not one grain of sand that is not valuable, not one atom or Planck unit insignificant, not one breath we take that through which we do not change ourrselves or shape the world around us. Every individual is unique, as is every experience. Not one thing is replaceable. Sure, in terms of our immediate, ego or worldly level interests, some things may appear so, but that is only in relation to our personal desires.

When we remove the veil of the ego and the worldly, we remember who we are as spirit, freedom, consciousness… the infinite and unlimited writer and artist, with each story and character being both an expression of ourselves as consciousness, and ourselves as consciousness manifesting ourselves in those “forms” and “in-formation”. Life is like a painting, and as with any work of art, it would come out very differently, if a stroke was more do this side than the other. If you remove or add a single pixel to a picture, the piece becomes a different one all-together.

Through everything we feel, think, say, are and choose, we change both ourselves, the world, “reality” and beyond.

When we change ourselves, we naturally change the world as well, for both better and worse. The difference between them? Choice. Everything is a choice. When crashing against an obstacle one can choose to either fall and falter… or we choose to rise back up and learn from our mistakes, study both ourselves and the obstacle, before ploughing through it yet again, this time overcoming it.

Always growing, learning and evolving, standing taller and taller than we’ve ever stood before, and flying higher and higher than we’ve ever flown before.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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