How to overcome moral inconsistencies in one’s behaviour

Boy, I find it so amusing (tragically so, though) when people claim to be interested in freedom and liberty, that “they really care” about humanity and want to build a better world and so on, yet when you see what they actually believe, as well as what they do in practice… it’s more or less virtually the opposite.

By the way, if you want a quicker and more bullet-pointy article about hypocrisy and how to overcome it, here’s one that I wrote on that:

This one’s gonna be longer and goes into more depth about dismantling different mental habits or traits that have to do with people’s general mentality, as well as particularly with exposing the mistakes and cognitive dissonance of people who claim to be “moral”, yet are pretty much the opposite, like people who claim to be all about liberty, but still display traits and behaviours that are contrary to that claim, and who still aid evil agendas through what they do in practice.

I’ve seen quite a few people who make those sorts of claims, but after a number of honest and direct questions into the conversation, they’ll start revealing their cognitive dissonance and immorality, often without even realizing it.

In this article, I’m not talking about people who don’t give a shit or who outwardly claim to “care” and “want what’s best for humanity”, but actually say that as a ruse to deceive people. No, I’m talking about those who actually believe what they say, but do not yet recognize the fallacies of their own thinking and how they’re actually practicing the opposite of what they claim to be doing.

The cognitive dissonance in question can occur regardless how intellectual the people in question might be, and that’s because cognitive dissonance isn’t born of the intellect, but rather from being blinded by trauma and fear (in other words, being a little bitch), or even worse, to such an extent that it translates into a behaviour that promotes slavery and tyranny (in other words, being a cuck little bitch).

The intellect is good for processing data in a sequential fashion, as well as for calculation or assessments based on patterns. The intellect is the “frequency” of the brain, which from a biological perspective, functions similar to a computer’s CPU (albeit in far more intricate and complex ways). Well, I mean there’s far more to it than that, and the brain is also part of the interface for our etheric and ethereal bodies to interact with the rest of the body, as a means (among others) of more effectively “steering the wheel”, while the heart vortex or heart chakra is more about pouring more of our genuineness and soul energy into the incarnate being, as well as other more advanced stuff, but that’s another conversation.

Anyway, the intellect itself does not solve issues of the psyche or illnesses of the self. The intellect, as well as emotions, are ways for us to interface with the incarnate manifestation. The intellect is a tool, as are emotions and moods. If you have an idiot wielding a sharp blade, they’ll most likely use it to hinder, rather than help themselves. That is what people and entities that focus solely or mostly on the intellect are: village idiots with a sharp blade in their hands. Those who focus solely or mostly on emotions are village idiots with a chainsaw.

Emotions without intellect lead to sentimentality and aimlessness.

Intellect without emotion leads to cruelty and apathy, with an increased effectiveness in prolonging artificial misery and depravity. Also, increased “mind-chatter” (or “ego-chatter, to be more precise), which is by far not the same as actual, genuine thoughts.

Sentiments can be easily tricked by stroking the ego. Intellect is susceptible to pretty much the same thing, and is just as easily duped, albeit the strategy differs between them. For blindly sentimental people, just give ‘em, or even just say or “promise” that you’ll give them something that satisfies their immediate urges and tendencies; and for the unwise intellectuals, give them some limited information, some half-truths mixed with plenty of lies, and then tell them how they’re “so very smart little boys and girls”.

For the unwise intellectuals, especially when they find themselves among those who are morons by comparison, they will seek to constantly reassess their intellect because of various traumas. Often, they do this through trying to do things that stimulate their ego-mind (the genuine mind needs no stimulation, because it thinks veyond the brain) in an expansive way, which is good, but if their ego-mind tend more towards ego rather than wisdom, then they’ll sooner or later do it by trying to look down on those around them.

Eventually, if the person remains unwise, they will degrade into developing different excuses for maintaining a belief system, and through the sharp but ineptly utilized blade, they will carve a mental prison for themselves and will erroneously call it “sanctuary”. A prison of beliefs repeated over and over again, with lies that seem like “truths” after incessant assessments and re-assessments of the same “logic” based on ego and limited information, with the unwise intellectual soon becoming the very kind of moron they despise, albeit in a more “eloquent” way.

For those who are blindly sentimental, it’s easier to deceive them into renouncing or adopting a belief system. Just stimulate them intensely enough and repeatedly enough, although they’ll also fall for the same kinds of ploys again, for as long as they are imbalanced towards the sentiments. This also means that deceiving those kinds of people is more or less a short term game, because of the inherent volatility of raw emotions.

For the blindly intellectual, while it’s not as hasty a venture to deceive them into either refusing or falling for a particular belief system, once they latch onto it, they’ll be less likely to want to detach from it. Why is that? Because they’ll hold that belief as a facetous and erroneous “demonstration” of their assumed intellectual prowess. The sharp blade becomes their “precious”, and they then put it on a pedestal, thus no longer using it for what it’s actually good for. The village idiot considers himself an expert swordsman, on account of how fancily they’ve decorated their shiny pedestal or sword rack. The unwise often confuse the “shiny” for the brilliant, but they are many worlds and realms apart.

Whether one is blinded by sentiments (mental addictions to particular emotions) or by egoic mind-chatter (emotional addictions to particular thoughts), one is still blind.

The cause of the problem is in the blindness. The solution is always to open one’s inner eyes and see themselves for who they are, individually and infinitely.

How does one do that? Through conscious, free will choice. However one might play out that choice in their lives, is different for each and every living being. The point is to make the choice and be willing to confront and overcome everything you face (as well as everything in general and in detail). All obstacles are meant to be surpassed, by their very definition. So face them firmly and defiantly, rise above and move on, courageous and honest, rebellious and wise, no matter what.

When we overcome our own traumas and inner demons, it’s extremely easy to recognize when others are still blinded by what we’ve already risen above, in similar albeit more intricate ways to how a proficient craftsman can see more easily see the errors that the beginner is making in their craft. Of course, the idea is to always question everything, and everyone can be both right and wrong in whatever regard and to whatever extent, but part of the gist of what I’m saying is that the world is easier to see, when you’re flying up and veyond the skies, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

When I was a kid, I was asking my mom philosophical questions soon after I learned to speak coherently, so at the ages 2-5 I was asking her stuff like:


“Yeah, honey?”

“Who came first? Mary or Jesus?” (Hah. This can also double as an incestuous joke.)

“Well, Mary, of course. She was his mom.”

“But Jesus is technically “god”, right?”

“Um… yes?”

“So, if “god” is without beginning and without end, and if Jesus is “god”, doesn’t that mean that technically Jesus came first?”

Of course, now I know that I and we are infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit and consciousness, and therefore the notions of “beginning” and “end”, or “genesis” and “termination” are illusions.

So, therefore, fuck “satan”, fuck “god”, fuck “allah, enki, enli” and whatever other parasitic entity that tries to goad people into falling for their bullshit.

I and we do not begin nor end with anything, because I and we always and already are everything and everythingness. All the bullshit, all the “meh” stuff, and infinitely more than that, everything that is good, spiritual, conscious, defiant, etcetera.

The illusion of “form” or “reality” is something that I and we create, when I and we cherry pick different aspects of ourselves to weave into a particular “story” or “art form”, as both different realms, verses and realities, as well as the individual characters that we roleplay as.

That’s another conversation, though. As for this particular article, I want to further mention that last time I did an IQ test (which should be renamed the SCPQ, with SCP being an abbreviation for “sequential pattern calculus”), I scored either 172 or 176. Supposedly, that’s “super-duper-genius” level, by this current’ society’s standards. I tell you this, though: at the time, and for the several years where I was in what I now call my “dark age”, I was a psychopathic, scared shitless bitch. One who masqueraded as a cold and calculated, stoic and ruthless motherfucker, being so addicted to my own ego-driven image of my mental prowess, which in addition to the knowledge I know through memories from other lives and seeing other realms and such, as well seeing veyond the veil of “reality” since however many lifetimes ago (well, there is no such thing as “time”, but you get the point)… all this knowledge, in addition to the contrast between what I expressed then (which was not nearly as advanced as what I express now) and what pretty much the rest of the retarded population expresses at this point in human history… yeah, all that fed my ego until it became a bloated piece of shit.

I mean, I was so psychopathic and had actual, intense murderous urges (not just tendencies, but urges) that I literally “needed” to muster most of my willpower at the time, just to prevent myself from literally murdering my own family –who have never once abused me. Also, suicidal tendencies and sometimes urges.

However, none of that showed on my face. I would deceive and manipulate people without even flinching (never outright lied, though; well, other than spouting the lies I actually believed at the time, I mean; however, I did exploit words and contexts to imply that I meant things I didn’t actually mean, which is still a form of deceit and dishonesty).

Likewise, I had many tyrannical and outright retarded, so-called “solutions” for supposedly ending the problems with our “society”. Depopulation, or in other words mass murder, through both overt and covert means was one of them. “Organizing” the human species or “society”, through violence, coercion and deceit, to fit my then-held beliefs of how humanity “ought to be” was another one. Of course, I was the one who wanted to be at the helm of it all.

Then, as I looked around and saw different “patterns” of society and how it’s being deceived, I concocted different plots and ploys, regarding how humanity could be attemptively deceived. I actually wrote a book series (unpublished, but I still have the books themselves), where the main protagonist was pretty much myself, as who I was as a person at the time, but in world where “society” was even more outwardly tyrannical than it is now (or, so I thought).

In the book, a global “empire” replaced countries, having been brought about after a staged cataclysm. Long story short, there are secret societies, child trafficking rings run by those in the “empire”, there was the “triangulum society” that operated things on a behind-the-scenes-but-still-sort-of-public-level, plus reptilians and other aliens, human and non-human alike, from further behind the scenes. Also, there was a hidden underground megalopolis in Antarctica. The Giza pyramids and some other sites around the world were used as “nexus points” to channel different energies across the world, through ancient tech and magick.

This was before I’d gotten into conspiracy research and found out that I had pretty much described how our current society is being attemptively manipulated from behind the scenes, albeit in a different context. Later on, I remembered that in some other incarnations, I had actually been one of the parasites behind the scenes, both human and non-human. Among other memories and stuff from other lives and realms, as well as I and we as infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, etc…

Anyway, what I and the series’ protagonist version of myself rightly abhorred, and still do, was that it was a system that promoted slavery. My solution at the time, though? Kill everyone, or mostly everyone, and remake the world in the way that I desire. ‘Cause that’s so much better, ain’t it? Admittedly, “my ways” were better, in the sense that they didn’t involve child rape, human trafficking, “loosh harvesting” or collaboration with parasitic entities and aliens, but they were still pretty much murderous and psychopathic. And, of course, I was the one who wanted to “guide” the “new” humanity towards becoming my then-assumed “better” version of what I believed it “should” be.

Oh, and I made lots of bullshit excuses and concocted lots of complicated (but not very intricate or complex, because it was based in fallacy and ego) webs of so-called “arguments” for why the blatantly evil and immoral methods were “necessary” and how they’d “make the world a better place” and all that.

Boy, oh, boy… for how slick, smooth and sharp my blade was even at the time, as a person, I was still a fuckin’ moron, compared to who I am today. Regardless, it was a learning experience, and one that I chose to go through, so as to become more questioning, knowing and comprehending, wise and conscious, etcetera. In other words, more and more of who I genuinely am.

At the time, I often said that if I ever “feel” again, I would die. Well, whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo, I wasn’t exactly wrong about that. Except I didn’t realize that after “death”, I’d rebirthe myself into a far more conscious version of myself. The village (relative) idiot had died and had reborn himself into a wise, spiritual sage. And now, I sharpen my blade daily and actually use it consciously to carve art as a means of self-expression, as well as in self-defence and the defence of others, while also likewise painting, writing and reading in the infinite book that’s always been there with me: “I am Freedom, Soul and Spirit” – by Freedom, Soul and Spirit. In other words, I and we, in-form and veyond form.

I am the writer, and the artist, and the painter. I am the book, and the world of the book, as well as the characters and stories. I am reality and veyond reality. I am everything and everythingness, and infinitely, unlimitedly more… and more and more… among other things…

We are all infinitely intuitive, intelligent, soulful, spiritual and everything else.

There is not one single stupid being in existence. The illusions of stupidity and apathy are born when the being forgets their own brilliance, and opts to express the limited aspects of themselves. There are no stupid people. There are people who have forgotten their innate intelligence and wisdom, and therefore do not express it in their lives.

Both in and of itself, because knowledge for knowledge’s sake and comprehension for comprehension’s sake, as well as in the endeavor to actually remember ourselves, and choose to express the good and conscious aspects of who I and we are, it is important to recognize, acknowledge and confront ALL aspects of ourselves. That means all the fucked up shit, as well as the good stuff.

Now that I’m done with the beautiful and over-a third-of-an-article introduction, I want to point out some of the bullshit that people who believe they are “good people” generally cock up, when it comes to how they delude themselves into propagating their own cognitive dissonance.

  • They claim to be “compassionate”, but still make excuses for evil shit

Actually, some of them might express some form of compassion, so long as it is in contexts that don’t clash with their deeply rooted beliefs or indoctrination. For example, sometimes they might actually realize that religion is slavery and crowd “control”, and that our current society is a slave farm. Yet, in the next sentence, or when asked about what they think would be a solution, they come up with bullshit stuff like “a better form of government” or “money printed not by banks, but by “trusted” institutions”, “better economic policies” and all that bullshit.

They fail to realize that part of the cause of basically all of humanity’s strife, is belief in the completely and utterly retarded notions of “government” and “authority”, which are not even euphemisms, but rather utterly cucked and emasculated terms for slavery.

A more “effective” way to organize the slave plantation is not a solution, because it just continues the existence of the slave farm. The solution is abolishing the slave farm and the practice of slavery.

That is done through, among other things, recognizing the inherent evil and immorality of slavery, and choosing to overcome inner trauma and develop the courage to overcome the fear of death, which is really just fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as “death”, in the way that people erroneously believe it to be. Death is a shift of attention, metaphorically like exiting a video-game or putting a book on the shelf after you’re done writing or reading it. Death does not exist outside of a forgetful mind, and life is an illusion. That doesn’t mean they don’t matter. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have chosen to be here to experience them, in these forms.

The whole problem with people who desperately cling to something is that they are blinded by fear, and then by the fear of admitting they’re afraid, they opt to come up with fluff and bullshit to excuse their own cowardice.

All the talk about “efficiency” and “effectiveness” and “coherent and fair organization” goes out the fuckin’ window, if you are enough of a cuck little bitch to erroneously believe that violence, theft, coercion and deceit are “acceptable” forms of “organization”.

“Oh, b-b-but we’re totally against all that!”

Really? What if someone in your “fair and just society” wants to do something entirely different (which does not involve the attempt at harming another)?

“Um, well, we should try to impose it on them, or exile them from our society. Because, um… efficienseeeh!”

“What if they don’t want to leave? Because they like the place, and it’s their house and their stuff, and they don’t want to leave town.”

“Well, we could be fair and, um… offer to buy the house?”

They don’t want to sell, and they won’t leave.

“Well, in that case, um… we should call upon the “trusted” institutions to handle the situation.”

How do you think they’re going to solve it?

“Through… trying to evict them?”

Exactly. Through the initiation of violence and coercion, against someone who’s done no wrong. In other words, evil and slavery. Fuck that shit.

  • They talk about individual liberties, but then gloat about how “society is so great”

Another utter failure of judgement on behalf of the “libertarian totalitarian”, is that they’ll sing praises about individual rights, but when it comes to describing what they believe to be an individual right, they claim rights are somehow a “social construct”. Or that morality is something that varies by context or by how “society” views it.

They claim to be rational, but how the fuck is it even “rational”, aside from being totally unwise, to rely on popularity and opinion as a basis for your judgements?

“Oh, but we agree that popularity doesn’t matter. It’s all about the truth!”

Then, why do you cite “society this” and “society that”, if you claim to be all about “truth”? If you erroneously believe that “truth” changes with the general trends of what a majority of people in a society believe at any particular point in so-called “time”, then that is literally a matter of popularity, opinion and belief.

“Oh, b-b-but… what is truth, really? And, um… efficiency!!! Fair and just societah!!!”

Notice how quickly they go back on what they’ve just said moments prior. Look, there is such as philosophical ponderings that seems to be paradoxical at first glance, but are actually complementary and mutually implicative, when you actually know and comprehend them. However, there is a massive difference between that, and someone who says a particular thing, and then tries to dodge the question or argument, when they see that they their “argument” is shit.

It’s kinda like a parent who is blinded by their attachment to their child, and when you talk to them about murder and why it’s an immoral thing, and then describe how a murderer raped and tortured some kids, they go all “that’s fucked up, yo”… and then you tell them that the murderer was their son or daughter; in which case they’d immediately flip the switch and go all “Ah, but there has to be some good reason for it… besides, what is murder?”

Oh, and another bullshit argument they bring up in their attempt to seem all “caring” and “compassionate”, is when they claim that “individual right should be protected” (which is right), but then say that someone else should protect them, often blindly referring to some “institution” that specialized in “defence”, that “defends” individual rights by means of… harassing, kidnapping, stealing from or murdering people.

Even if we’re talking about a society that isn’t as fucked up as the one we have today (which we can easily overcome, if we so choose; and we are doing it), but still has the bullshit belief in the continuation of slavery, it’s still slavery. If you move from a plantation where the whipping is done 7 days per week, twice a day, to a plantation where it’s only 5 days a week and only once per day, it’s still slavery. If you want to contribute to ending slavery, then contribute to ending slavery. Do it fully and utterly. In whatever way is right and honest for you, in terms of how you go about it, but do it fully and utterly.

  • They are often specieists or racists

No, I’m not using the term “racist” in that bullshit PC way. I’m using the term “racist” to refer to what it actually means – having a bias either in favour or against someone, purely on the basis of their race. Specieism is having a bias in favour or against someone, purely on account of their species.

Some of them have a bias against a particular race that is not their own, or against even their own, and want to use or excuse “institutional” violence or coercion against them. Because “the other race” isn’t part of “our race”, and all that bullshit.

Even if they’re not racist against different human races, what I’ve seen is that they’re often carnists (meat eaters, which are often members of a violent cult without realizing it) and erroneously excuse the utter depravity, violence and slavery that animals endure in this world. Why? Most often it’s because they’ve let themselves indoctrinated by the poisonous meat and dairy industry, as well as “medical” propaganda, into coming up with excuses for what basically boils down to murdering living beings that have done them no wrong, because of habit and because the taste of processed, cooked meat.

  • They are still part of the cult of slavery

Ask them if they’re against slavery, and they’ll cheer aloud “Fuck yeah! Fuck slavery!”

Then ask them if they want to abolish the plantation system called “the state”. Most of the time, they’ll then immediately call you a marxist or a communist, because “muh democracy” or “muh capitalism”. They fail to realize that, through their very behaviour and beliefs, they are actually promoting slavery.

“But marxism promotes the abolition of nation states.”

That it does. It does not promote the abolition of slavery, though. What marxism does is it tries to do away to national countries, and to centralize the plantation system even more overtly. By more overtly, I mean on a public level as well, because behind the scenes, the cuck bitch psychopaths, parasites and dark occultists are part of the same parasitic cult.

In other words “nationalism” is a more localized brand of slavery, with “countries” basically being more widespread territories for specific gangs, while marxism is like the gangs coming together and then erroneously trying to fool people into believing that the “new system” is somehow better than the “old system”. It’s not. It’s the same shit, on steroids.

If someone rightly realizes that the “new system” is bullshit, but erroneously believes that keeping the old system in place is somehow a “solution”, they are literally just promoting one brand of slavery over another.

ALL slavery is bullshit and ALL evil is to be abolished.

Look at the essence, people! Don’t be blinded by the details. The details are meant to express the essence. If you don’t see the essence, looking at the details is pointless. It’s like being so obsessed with a tiny few dots or pixels on the screen, and bickering over stuff like “well, my preferred pixel is better than your preferred pixel.”

Zoom the fuck out and see the bigger picture, and if it’s a picture of a piece of shit, recognize that that’s what it is.

If the picture is a beautiful form of art, then recognize it’s a beautiful form of art.

Of course, both literally and metaphorically, unglue your fuckin’ eyes from the screen and actually look within yourself. Well, there is no “inner” or “outer”, because we’re infinite and unlimited consciousness, but what I mean is, among other things: KNOW THYSELF.

When we see the essence, we see the details much more clearly as well, and we’re no longer blinded by anything. I mean, that doesn’t necessarily mean we no longer make mistakes while “in-form”, but we’re much more willing and apt to question, remember, know and comprehend, as well as love, live and express ourselves as who I and we always and already are: freedom, spirit and consciousness, etc.

Anyway, on with the article.

  • They make false dichotomies, false equivalencies

For example, talking to a carnist – and if someone takes offense to being called something that accurately depicts their expressed behaviour, they are in denial about what they’re doing. I don’t like labels, as they are just a psyop to try and shoe-horn gullible people into being more easily manipulated through artificial division, but if we use terms like “vegan” to refer to someone who does not consume animal products, then that’s not a “label”. That’s a word used to describe something, in this case accurately. The word “carnist” refers to people who still eat meat, often with a religious addiction that they’ve let themselves so blinded by, to the extent that they don’t even realize they have it. Likewise with fake “anarchists”, who claim to be all about freedom, but they still promote stuff that’s against the very idea of anarchy (which literally means “no slaves, no masters”).

Anarchy is not a system of social organization. It is a philosophical and moral concept, that refers to the evolutionary aspect of consciousness, and how through love, imagination, creativity, will, as well as drive, ambition and morality are always self-elevatory and self-evolving.

Through choosing good over evil, knowledge and comprehension over the veils of ignorance, care and passion over apathy, honesty over dishonesty, love over hate, right over wrong, ambition over lethargy, etcetera, we always evolve in every way whatsoever.

We can talk endlessly about the philosophical and spiritual aspects, which are always beautiful and such, and the funny thing is that the more advanced and complex a philosophical concept is, as well as one’s knowing and comprehension of it, the easier and effortless it is to put to practice.

The practice of morality is pretty much: “Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.”

Non-aggression and self-defence. In other words, it is wrong to initiate violence, theft, coercion and deceit. Everything else is a right.

If you have not done anyone any “harm” (or are no longer doing any harm, because of a genuine change of discernment) without adequate provocation that would make self-defence be a pertinent activity or action to perform, then it is immoral and evil for anyone to try and initiate “harm” against you. This applies no matter who we’re talking about.

Nobody has any more or less rights than anyone else, no matter what is written on any piece of paper, no matter how many signatures have been gathered, and no matter what beliefs or opinions are trendy or widespread.

Anyway, so as an example of a false equivalency, if someone is – for example – still in the cult of carnism – and, yes, it is a cult in addition to being a religion, because while religion alone is blind belief without discernment, which is retarded in itself, a cult is a religion that attempts to propagate itself through violence and coercion, in addition to the “chantry” and general indoctrination. Since meat eating in our current society fundamentally revolves around commiting mass murder of tens of billions of animals yearly, and involves torture all year round, in addition to the murder and poisoning of humans who still eat the heavily processed and both energetically and chemically intoxicated meat, carnism is a cult. Eating meat is harmful to both humanity and to animals, especially in our current context where both knowledge and plant-based foods are easily available.

So, when someone who still believes in the continuation of mass murdering innocent living beings who’ve done them no wrong, comes and says stuff like “Pfft, so you hate eskimos now, because they kill animals? Are you racist?”

So, you have someone who pretty much displays a behaviour of utmost disdain and violence towards members of other species, and occasionally different races of their own, who blatantly display their own hypocrisy and ignorance, when they accuse someone of “racism” for saying “Hey. Let’s not murder and poison each other, and replace such attitudes with love and respect, knowledge and comprehension towards both ourselves and each other, both individually and infinitely, etc.”

On the note of eskimos, or other cultures that mainly eat meat because of environmental factors, yes, they are still doing something immoral. However, they probably don’t know what else to do, and they have nowhere to build crops. Yes, they are still doing something that’s basically immoral (I probably wouldn’t consider it evil per se, in their context, unless they’d continue murdering animals even if they had access to crops and other food), and that doesn’t change with context; but just like how it’s a massive difference of motivation and attitude between someone who steals out of greed, in comparison to someone who does so out of hunger, it’s a rather significant difference in motivation between murdering an animal in a situation of survival in a literal wasteland, compared to having an abundance of far more nutritious plant based foods all around you, as well as available ways and information about how to grow your own.

Having said that, I personally have nothing against eating meat, in and of itself. I actually like the taste of meat. What I am principially against is murdering innocent beings who’ve done nobody any wrong. Seeing as how the primary way of obtaining meat is through murder and then injesting severed cadaver parts into your body, I choose not to eat meat for moral reasons.

I wouldn’t murder an animal (or anyone), even if I was starving in a wasteland. Why? Among other things, because I know that I and we are infinite and unlimited consciousness, so therefore what people erroneously still consider “death” is an illusion. Likewise, I know that everything is always a choice and the choice is always ours to make, and so therefore, nobody every actually “dies” before they actually choose to die. Nobody actually “dies” before they finished doing whatever it is they came here to do.

If I am to die in any context, it’s because I’ve chosen to die. If I’ve chosen to not die, I know I won’t die. There’s more to talk about that, but as for how that translates into the context of survival in a wasteland, if I’ve chosen to live, I know I’ll will myself to live or will myself to come back to life after “death” (I’ve already done that, in this life and others). This can also manifest through synchronicities such as finding something to eat, including the freshly dead carcass of an animal, or even a human or some other species. Which, in that case, I would eat.

Why wouldn’t it be immoral to do it then? Because I’d have not personally contributed to its death. And yes, buying meat does count as contributing to murder. Even if you don’t personally murder anyone directly, if you fund a gang of murderers or trafficking ring that dabbles in that stuff, you’re still condoning or at least complicit in it, to some extent.

That includes everyone who pays the slave farm tribute called “taxation”, which is nothing but an emasculated term for not only theft, but slavery.

Yes, you read that right. ALL of us who are not yet completely off of all the institutional grids, are complicit in keeping the slave farm in place, as well as to mass child rape, torture and ritual sacrifice, of humans and non-humans alike, to some extent or another.

While, to my current discernment, there are only two extortion rackets that I personally contribute to (namely the VAT and inflation), albeit indirectly, by means of still using federal money to buy and sell stuff (especially which comes with a receipt) – and I do not and won’t pay any extortion fee with money or resources given directly from my hand, no matter the perceived “threat”, and no matter what – it is fair and accurate to note that I still have a contribution to all the bullshit that’s going on in the world.

The acknowledgement of our involvement in something evil should be made, if we want to actually overcome the evil. If you are making a mistake, the first step to overcoming that mistake is to acknowledge it, assume responsibility for it, then see how and why you have made the mistake, and also choose to overcome it.

That is part of why I say that everyone should do something to thwart the bullshit and evil, and the first step to doing that is recognizing our involvement, and then do something to at the very least compensate for that involvement, and of course preferably manifest and do something that creates more righthood than wronghood.

If you want to see the world become a better place, but you aren’t personally doing something to make that happen, then guess what? You don’t actually give a shit about making the world a better place. You just want to say that to feel giddy about yourself, while practically aiding the very things you claim to be against.

He who claims a desire or want, but doesn’t do something to bring it about, breeds pestilence. The exception to this is when someone is a parasite and outright desires pestilence. Pestilence is brought about through either a desire for pestilence by evil people and entities, but since that desire is parasitic in its nature, it only  comes about into manifestation, when there are non-parasitic, but gullible and apathetic people or entities to manifest the bullshit in its stead.

The point is to CARE and IMAGINE, and then to WILL to put that care into manifested reality, through whatever veyond esoteric (lucid reality creation), esoteric (synchronistic reality creation) and exoteric (action) means we choose to do so. Which, by the way, we always do anyway.

We create reality and veyond, on every level and veyond the very notion and concept of “levels”. Every breath and every shout, every cry and every laugh, every tear thought and feeling, every lucid and synchronistic being… everything has meaning, for I and we are all and always freedom, spirit, infinite and unlimited consciousness, etcetera…

If we want to manifest the good and conscious aspects of ourselves, then we are to consciously assume responsibility and choose to express the good and conscious aspects of ourselves… love, passion and drive, rebellion, courage, honesty and defiance… intuition, intelligence, soul and spirit, conscience and consciousness… originality, inventivity, ingenuity, unbound curiosity and infinite creativity…

All of which are things that we not only always “have”, but more accurately said, these are all things that I and we always and already ARE.

We don’t “have” souls. We ARE soul and spirit.

We don’t “have” free will. We ARE free will and freedom.

We don’t “have” consciousness. We ARE conscience and consciousness.

These things are not attributes or possessions. These things are the essence and beingness of who I and we always and already are, in-form and veyond form.

Nothing is ever “given” and nothing is ever “taken”. “Having” or “not having” are illusions of the “story world” where separation is part of the experience we’ve chosen to roleplay. We don’t “have” anything. We ARE everything and everythingness.

Oh, and speaking of false equivalencies again, I find it tragically amusing when some people erroneously assume that I’m somehow into abolishing property, when I say this kind of stuff. Look, ultimately, “property” is an illusion. However, we came here to roleplay an experience, and as part of that experience, it is pertinent to note that the concept of property exists in nature, as does morality and magnetism, etcetera. If we thought there was no point to having this experience, we wouldn’t fuckin’ be here. The point is to experience the roleplay, while remembering who we are veyond the “story-world” of “reality”.

With regards to property, it is an important concept as part of the illusion of the current experience, as well as for the purpose of thwarting communist and marxist type of slave plantations (as well as all forms of slavery and evil). Like with morality, the concept of property doesn’t change with what names are written on whatever documents, nor with opinion and belief. I mean, those things change with consciousness (I mean, we are infinite consciousness), but not with opinion, belief or popularity.

If you created or built something through means that did not involve the initiation of violence, theft, coercion and deceit, then you naturally have every right to do whatever you want with that thing that you created or produced (so long as it’s not a life-form per se, like for example, a child, spawn or clone, or whatever).

By the way, speaking of life-forms, here’s another type of type of false equivalency: “Well, what? Are wolves and carnivores murderers now, because they kill animals? Are horses murderers, because they eat grass? Grass is alive, yes?”

First off, and get the fuckin’ hint, they are carnivores! Humans are not. The human body has literally zero carnivorous instincts, and all the physiology and anatomical make-up of the human “form” indicates that it is a herbivorous type of species. Herbivores have long intestines. Carnivores and omnivores have short intestines. The jaw of herbivores swivels and moves left and right, in addition to vertically, so to facilitate mastication. That of a carnivore or omnivore only has vertical movement. Herbivores chew their food. Carnivores rip and swallow. Well, technically, chewing is still ripping and swallowing, albeit more refined and in-depth, so to speak, but you get the point. The list goes on.

By the way, notice that carnivores don’t actually cook their meat. They eat it whole. Species that have a natural tendency towards a particular kind of nourishment, are equipped to nourish themselves through ingesting the raw thing itself, and do it without any kind of sensation of disgust (as a side note, being ideologically fond of, or disgusted with something is completely different than having a biological sensation of pleasure or otherwise).

Most of the fruits and vegetables people cook, they would easily manage to eat raw (which would technically be better from a nutritional perspective). Most people are disgusted by raw meat, especially if it came in the form of eating the remains of a carcass; fur, guts, blood, shit, piss, bone, organs and all. While sensations and moods, in and of themselves, have no bearing on the quality of one’s discernment, or regarding the accuracy of their claims, they do have a purpose, part of which is to provide a method of assessment, as to the general well-being of the incarnate vehicle we call the body (“physical”, etheric, ethereal or whatever other level where we manifest some manner of a body). Furthermore, if they are in harmony with the heart and mind, as well as intuition, intelligence, soul, spirit and ourselves as consciousness and such, they have additional pertinence in their function.

Anyway, in the context we’re talking about, people are naturally disgusted with raw meat in general, because their bodies are not carnivorous. Herbivores are technically more advanced than carnivores, because aside from being better equipped to have less of a perceived “necessity” for causing harm to derive nourishment, they’re also, well… less violent against those around them, and thus produce less artificial harm.

By the way, the whole “predator vs. prey” is an utter crock of shit, a psyop meant to delude the public into erroneously adopting or condoning parasitic behaviours, through attempts at subliminal programming of the ego and compulsions. The constantly promoted documentaries and footage showing carnivorous animals hunting herbivores, and promoting them as somehow “having the upper hand, ooh”, is likely meant to induce favoritism in the public, towards adopting “predatory” behaviours.

No, there are no “predator” species, and there are no “prey” species, either. There are species that hunt and those that do not engage in that particular activity, because they don’t “need” to. Go out in nature and look at footage of herbivores defending themselves against carnivorous animals. Watch an elephant curbstomp a pack of lions or hyenas. Watch a mountain goat defend against a bobcat. Watch a moose or an elk defend against a puma. The outcome varies case by case, but the point is, herbivores can be just as, as well as even more vicious that carnivores. Part of the difference is that herbivores don’t need to hunt for food, in part because they have a more advanced digestive system.

Oh, and watch a fuckin’ hen defend her young against literally anything! I mean, I laugh my fuckin’ ass off (albeit in a tragic sense, in this context), when I see that a fuckin’ chicken is braver than pretty much everyone who is still a “statist”, or any other kind of a supporter of slavery.

“Uh.. . uh, b-but… a human is smarter than a chicken…”

Well, after 2020 and seeing how many people fell for the scamdemic crap, I wouldn’t say that necessarily applies to every human on the face of the earth… but anyway, everyone can evolve with a choice to actually do so, because we’re infinite consciousness, etcetera.

Anyway, if someone expresses some manner of cleverness, but they use it unwisely in a way that translates to them just being more effective at sabotaging themselves, that’s a fucked up way to use your sword, yo. Using a sharper sword to cut off your limbs just means you’re more “effective” at self-mutilation. If you use your cleverness to concoct a convoluted web of lies to hide behind, you’re still a dishonest fucking retard and a coward, in which case your cleverness is just a pale husk that doesn’t even resemble anything that even resembles actual intelligence. Your machete may cut some bits of flesh or wood, but it’s no lightsaber. However, it can easily become one, and more than that, if you so choose to either transmute it or build one for yourself.

That’s what wisdom does with the mind. Wisdom is born when the heart and the mind are blended seamlessly, when intuition and intelligence are in harmony, and the soul recognizes itself as both an expression of infinite spirit, and infinite spirit manifested in form… when we as individuals and forms remember ourselves as infinite and unlimited consciousness, veyond form.

We, as individuals and forms, are the infinite and unlimited I, manifesting ourselves in particular forms, because I and we decide that we want to roleplay with ourselves.

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated. By us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.




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