Message to all cultists

To all cultists, religionists and zealots of all kinds, no matter the doctrine of belief system (whether “statism, constitutionalism, minarchism, secular religions, theism or atheism, scientism, new age, or any bullshit belief system), who keep condoning, supporting, excusing or performing the evil, slavery, tyranny, violence, theft, coercion and deceit in the world, as well as wherever else. Both those of you deliberately do what you are doing in full knowledge of what you are doing (the human and non-human parasites, psychopaths and dark occultists, in-the-know technocrats and so on), as well as those of you who fall for their propaganda and deceit, erroneously believing you are doing “good” or “helping some good cause” and are “against evil”, while doing the exact opposite.

Keep whimpering and cowering at the feet of your “god” or “gods”, your institutions, dictates and decrees, your “fancy” and pathetic scribbles on pieces of paper, the tennets that you slobber over and the objects of your addiction, while forwarding the very self-degrading and self-loathing mentality that spawned the “saviour” mentality in the first place, and all religion to begin with.

As a side note to “christians”, the very satanists and the satanic mindset that you claim to be against, are the source of all religion in the world and is the very mindset that you, yourselves have without realizing it. Study luciferianism, satanism and paganism, and sumerian, egyptian mythology and you’ll see the same stories (son of some entity bearing the meaningless, empty and retarded title of “god”, born of a virgin mother, etc.), happening in virtually the same fashion, just with different names and contexts that suited their specific times.

I’m not talking about gnostic knowledge, nor about the actual esoteric aspects of what may have occurred and likely still is. I’m talking about the mentality of “religion”, which is entirely reliant on ignorance and blind belief in something, along with (therefore) the blind disbelief and dismissal of all other alternatives. No matter what the claim is, if you “believe” something and refuse to question it, then you are a slave. A slave to the ego of another, or a slave to your own ego.

I’ll tell you what your actual religion is, when you strip away the rhetoric, fluff and glitter; your religion is money, fear and so-called “authority”, all of which are fundamental tenets and euphemisms, or rather, emasculated terms for slavery. The very creeds of tyrants and slaves.

You’re scared shitless of taking responsibility for your life, choices and actions, and you’re deluding yourself into believing that you “give a shit” about humanity, while actually propagating the very agenda of those you claim to be against. With your current mentality, you are slaves and that’s because you hate yourself, and you’ve let yourself indoctrinated, as well as blinded by trauma.

If you think a world without slavery is “utopic”, or if you think “reforming” the slavery system is somehow going to “solve” any problems (it won’t; it’ll just keep propagating the same bullshit, with a different coat of paint), then you are addicted to your chains and you’ll probably come up with some bullshit excuse for putting a microchip or taking the vaccine or injection (the “covid” one, or whatever other bullshit, poisonous “treatment” they’ll come up with to try and sedate, sterilize and have you turn into a literal golem). Because you’re scared shitless of freedom and that which is unknown to you.

Grow the fuck up and assume responsibility for yourselves and you actions, you dumb sacks of shit. Express the innate intuition and intelligence that everyone always has, and therefore which you also have. Choose to express it and become more of who you actually are, instead of being a mindless drone and programmed zombie.

Be who you are, not what anyone else wants you to be.

(As an aside, I don’t agree with Mark on a number of things, but I do consider him to be a good individual, and – contextually related, but conceptually separated to that – also find the information he’s put out so far, to generally be pertinent enough to share, as a whole. Of course, question everything, etc, etc.)

I tell you this: if you think you “can’t” do something, you won’t. If you think you’re “sort of “gonna do it, then you’re “sort of” gonna do it.

When we KNOW we always can and are and will, WE ALWAYS CAN AND ARE AND WILL.

There is no such thing as “can” and “can’t”. There is always will and will not. In other words, what we choose to bring or not bring in our reality.

Nothing is “impossible”, nor is anything ever “too good” (there is always room for greater and greater things, by the very nature of what good is) or “too bad” (to a point, because evil manifests itself as finite and limited, by its very nature of manifestation) to be true. There is always potential for worse (again, to a point), and there is obviously always potential for better and better, greater and greater things, for growth, evolution and so on. If you ignore something as “pfft, that bad thing ain’t gonna happen at all”, then you’re that much more susceptible to actually bringing it about. If you ignore something as “too good” to be true, then for as long as you have that erroneous belief, you’re never going to do anything to actually manifest it. Ignorance breeds pestilence, and along with cowardice, is always the very foundation of all evil.

You want to actually do good, within yourself and in the world? Get off your fucking ass crack, do the shadow work and know thyself, face your darkest, deepest fears with courage and fearlessnes, rising above and moving on.

Don’t be blinded by the darkness, nor the light, nor by anything else. Embrace it all, with all the good and the evil. Make it conscious, for it is all you. When we recognize that both are aspects of ourselves, then we’ll know both and thus we’ll be actually apt to make a conscious, knowing and comprehending assessment about what we’re actually doing. Then we are able to genuinely grasp the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, and thus aptly choose good over evil.

When we realize that I and We and Me, Myself and Ourselves are all and always and veyond ways truly infinite, unlimited and unbound beingness, veingness, consciousness and potential, we know that everything is always a choice, and that the choice is always ours to make; thus we know that bringing anything into manifestation is always our responsibility. Both individually and infinitely. Thus, we choose to know and comprehend everything, and thus are more apt to be more consciously selective about creating and manifesting good, elevating things. We are intimately familiar with evil, and thus we know what is genuinely good all the more. The notion of evil is very easy to define, since it tends towards the limited aspects of ourselves as consciousness, while good tends towards the infinite and unlimited aspects of ourselves as consciousness. As such, good is infinitely more vast than evil, and also well veyond the realms of definition. Therefore, it is easier to first define what evil is (the deliberate attempt to initiate murder, theft, assault, rape, lying,  coercion and exploitation), and then through apothesis refer to good as being everything other than evil (in other words, everything that does not initiate murder, theft, assault, rape, lying,  coercion and exploitation).

People who condone evil, out of cowardice or just sheer ignorance, may not necessarily be fully evil themselves, but are still bad people because they propagate evil. That’s why most religionists (especially zealous ones) of ALL kinds are very much BAD PEOPLE. Whether your religion is christianity, islam, budhism, statism, atheism, scientism, new age or whatever else, if you are addicted to a doctrine and excuse its evil actions or the behaviours of those who are part of your cult, YOU ARE A BAD AND IMMORAL PERSON; an enabler of psychopathy and slavery.

Or, if you are of the sort who claims that you “love freedom”, but at the same time claim that “your rights” are allegedly “given” by any entity, institution or constitution, then you have no fuckin’ clue who you truly are, nor what a right is.

A true or natural RIGHT is an attribute inherent to all beings, and is NEVER given and it is NEVER taken. In terms of actions and behaviours, a RIGHT is any action or behaviour that does not initiate murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion or exploitation on another living being.

You can do wrongs without being aware of it. That means you’re personally unaware of the wrongs you’re doing, either through nescience or ignorance (the former is bullshit and fucked up, and both should be overcome, but ignorance is inexcusable).

Being evil means you are deliberately committing wrongs.

Likewise, you can do good stuff without being aware of it, but that alone does not make you a good person.

A good person does good things, for the sake of doing good things; and also, a good or right thing is literally anything other than those 7 evils, which are the only 7 in existence,

Ask yourselves this: has “religion” ever done anything good for the world? No. It has always conducted the most vile of acts. Genocide, murder, rape, maiming and pillaging, wars and mass murder, blood rituals, the most cruel and vile of deceptions and so on, which are all carried out and condoned, almost always on religious premises.

Guess who and what actually made, is making and will always be making the world a better place. Those of us who say “I know I can, I know I will, I know I am”. Those of us who improve and evolve ourselves, and thus become the change we want to see, ourselves.

Those of us who said “fuck the status quo”, “fuck the cults”, “fuck religion”, “fuck slavery”, fuck “authority” and fuck “government”, or any other manner of “fuck the system”.

It’s about imagination, will and intent, choice and desire, etc. Creativity, ingenuity, originality, innovation, inventivity, kindness, compassion, empathy, love, joy and so on.

And, guess what, motherfucker? You CAN choose to love and respect yourself, and thus free yourself whenever you want. It’s all a choice. No matter what anyone does or believes, whether they realize it or not, everyone is constantly changing both themselves, the world and “reality”, for better or worse, relative to the quality of their choices and expressed conscience, awareness, etc. Each and every single one of us, on every levels and veyond the very idea of levels.

Every feeling, every thought, every action (and inaction). Every breath, every smile, every gesture. Every song and every art-piece, every glance and every giggle. Every kiss or ass wiggle. Everything forever is relevant. Everything matters. Everything is. Isness and beingness.

While there may be many types of people, entities and so on, and more than that, every individual is a unique and irreplaceable expression of who and what I and We and Me, Myself and Ourselves, as infinite and unlimited, truly unbound freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance, courage, consciousness, etcetera… among other things…

That said, and yes there are many more types of people than the example I’m going to give in this “proverb”, but the gist of it, among other things, is that, when it comes to the idea of creating change for the better, there are two main types of people: those who make excuses, and those of us who make progress.

I know that I choose to always and veyond ways love and respect, remember, know and comprehend, as well as freely, spiritually, creatively, defiantly express myself, as both individual being and infinite, unlimited, truly unbound freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance… among other things…

Thus, I naturally tend to exhibit such behaviours towards others as well. When we genuinely love and respect ourselves with all our fuckin’ being and veingness, then we know how to actually love and respect another. For the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer-world”. We always create our own reality and everything else.

If we say we want to see “change” in the world, then it’s up to us to become the change. Not for the sake of the world, but for the sake of being better and better, greater and greater in every moment, than we were the moment prior. Overcoming all obstacles, rising above and moving on, standing taller than we’ve ever stood before and flying higher than we’ve ever flown before.

Therefore, fuck “satan”, fuck “god”, fuck “allah”, fuck “enki, enli” and whatever other parasites and parasitic figures.

Why “gov” and “auth” are just emasculated terms for slavery, and why everyone and all forms of “society” are always better without bullshit:

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

And it all boils down to: never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in. Never fear, never be feared.

Instead, always and veyond ways more and more and more creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual, proud, strong and defiant. Courageous, curious, volatile, adventurous. Wild and loud and proud. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Bravery means refusing to let fear influence our decisions and actions.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

Genuine defiance is always good, because it is rebellion against all evil, slavery and oppression.

Everything that is good is a form of defiance, because defiance means choosing good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, etc.

Defiance, along with genuine spirituality, creativity, intuition, intelligence, philosophy, soul and spirit, care and love, wisdom, honesty, active and proactice passion, drive, will, desire, etc, are some of the of the many hallmarks of a genuine being that’s actually alive, in every sense of the word and veyond “sense” (regardless of what the “body” goes through)

Those of us who realize that, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always and veyond ways, free and freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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