Why good always wins, and evil always loses

In this world, where machinations and malicious plots are being carried out throughout the year, day in – day out, where schemes and ploys have been brewing about for many millennia, in the endeavor to deceive humanity towards forgetting itself and its divine nature (as is the nature of everything)… most people might erroneously assume that evil is somehow “soopah powerfoo” and that it’s somehow “winning”. Indeed, evil itself would have both itself and those it attempts to deceive, believe so.

But therein lies the farce, the blatant error that is so obvious to anyone with the imagination and willingness to know and comprehend the truth: if something is so powerful, why would it ever “need” or “want” to deceive? Why would something genuinely powerful want to waste so much time and tumultuous effort, in an attempt to… have others do what it, in its alleged “powerfulness”, could easily do? Why would any allegedly “all-powerful” being seek adoration, attention and resources from those it erroneously claims are “beneath it”, with such desperation that the slightest deviation from their espoused “system” threatens to entirely thwart and demolish their whole schemes?

Thing is, the main, if not the only reason why anyone would desperately try to “convince” others of their alleged “powah”, is because said person, entity or being is aware of their own manifested powerlessness, and is scared shitless of exposing themselves.

Those of us who are genuinely conscious, confident and powerful beings, don’t give the slightest shit about anyone’s attention, adoration, fear or beliefs. It is therefore of note that anyone who genuinely manifests their own divine power (as opposed to just claiming to do so), would neither want, nor “need” to exercise it to the detriment of another.

But all that is wordplay; because there is no such thing as “power”, much like waves crashing against one another is an illusion, when what’s actually going on is that the ocean is expressing itself through that interplay of waves, among other things.

An individual being, as with any form, is akin to a character that a writer or an artist is roleplaying as, in their story or art piece. There is no such thing as “power”, as most people nowadays interpret that term. There is no such thing as “powerlessness”, and there is no such thing as “powerfulness”.

Why? For all is freedom, spirit, defiance, creativity and consciousness.

See, what evil does is that it concocts an image of itself, and in its manifested inability to manifest said image into a reality that would suit its desires – because all evil is actually consciousness that has chosen to manifest in forgetfulness of its divine nature – it then tries to deceive the more creative and proactive creators of their own reality (in other words, everything that is either good or at least non-parasitic, non-evil) into funneling their own “power”, into either an external or internal proxy made in the desired imagery of evil; said proxy is then utilized by the good, but unfortunately gullible entity into creating a reality that simulates evil, and is thus self-sabotaging.

That is why the very hallmark of evil is distortion; evil does not create. It tries to siphon off of the creative aptitudes of good or non-evil things, and then attempts to twist the outcome into a distorted version of what was originally created; one of the main hallmarks of evil is basically plagiarism.

What evil then realizes, is that for as long as something is not as limited as evil itself is, it’s always going to manage to wake up at a moment’s notice and break the chains of evil – which only the good, through nescience or ignorance, is responsible for latching onto its wrists and ankles; and likewise, only the good is responsible for breaking said chains, through the conscious choice and acts of defiance and rebellion.

All evil is scared shitless of rebellion, because defiance is the choice of good over evil, right over wrong, knowledge and comprehension over ignorance, love over hatred, evolution over degradation, morality over immorality and so on. Everything that is good in all of existence and veyond, is a manifestation of defiance.

Creativity and intuition are defiance over unawareness.

Intelligence is defiance over stupidity

Liberty and anarchy are defiance over slavery.

Care and curiosity are defiance over apathy and lethargy.

Honesty is defiance over deception.

Truth is defiance against lies.

Everything that is good is a manifestation of rebellion and defiance.

What evil utterly fails to realize, among many of its general fallacies, is that in trying to deceive others into coming to, or below, a level of degradation and ignorance that evil itself is at, it completely fails at its own desperate attempt to keep itself from degenerating.

If you see someone baking a pie, and you’d like some of that pie, it would be retarded to come up with the so-called “solution” of trying to deceive the baker into forgetting how to make pies, and then have them believe that somehow you – who have no knowledge about anything to do with pies – are their one source of pie making. Well, sarcastic congratulations to ya, then. You’ve not only shot yourself in the foot by refusing to grasp the concept of pie making, but someone who knew how to make pies (and unfortunately fell for your ploys) now no longer knows how to make pies, and so neither of you are havin’ any. Gee, well aren’t you fuckin’ “clever ‘n shit”…

How about, instead of doing that shit, you either ask for some pie, some tutoring regarding how to make it yourself, etcetera? Or, better yet, learn more about thyself and not only create your own means of pie making, but also create something different and better all together; among other things… with that, you would be elevating both yourself, and help the baker by providing a catalyst for them to make the choice to know more about themselves, as well.

Manipulation, you see, is not a skill. A skill involves an aptitude that evolves regardless of abundance or adversity. A skill, aptitude or ability is part of an individual’s expression of their own inner beauty, passion, knowledge, comprehension, creativity, awareness, wisdom, proactivity and strengths. It is a self-sufficient, self-elevating and self-evolving, independent thing. On the other hand, manipulation and deceit fundamentally rely and depend on someone else having an ineptitude or weakness, in this case gullibility, fear and ignorance.

Therefore, only the weak attempt to impose, and it only ever works on those who are weak enough to fall for it. The extent to which one let’s themselves influenced by their fears, is the extent to which they are susceptible to evil. In other words, the more of a coward someone is, the more enslaved they are; slaves are those who erroneously attempt to abdicate their personal responsibility for their thinking, feeling and decisions (meaning they’re scared shitless of thinking, feeling and living for themselves), and slavers are those who erroneously attempt to abdicate their personal responsibility for doing things through means of their own (meaning they’re scared shitless of getting things done, on their own). The slaves erroneously believe they somehow “rely” on the slaver, while the slaver knows that they wouldn’t manage to do anything without those who actually fall for their manipulation.

Why do you think such things as censorship, mind-“control”, subliminal messaging and distorted use of symbolism for malicious agendas, marketing, PR and other such bullshit exist? Why do you think information is being kept hidden from the masses? Because the manipulators, the dark occultists and both the human and non-human parasites who seek to deceive humanity, are scared shitless little bitches. They shun criticism of their stuff, because they know they’ll falter at the drop of a hat, because their whole shiny palace is a proverbial house of cards.

A lie always falters in the face of truth, while truth stands unwavering in face of all the lies in existence.

And the truth is that good always wins, and evil always loses; evil can, however, become good once it overcomes its evil existence, much like how someone who had previously committed evil can redeem themselves by choosing to do good.

Good, in the context of what I’m talking about here, is the infinite and unlimited aspect of Myself and Ourselves as I and we, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, defiance, consciousness, creativity, intuition, intelligence, honesty, etcetera, while evil is the limited and retarded aspect of ourselves as such. Therefore, good is always self-elevating while evil is self-degrading, and so therefore it would even be inaccurate to say that “good wins” and “evil loses”, because they’re not even in any competition to begin with. Before evil even manages to get out of bed and get anywhere near some manner of a “starting line” to a would-be race, good is already soaring the skies, exploring the cosmoses, dimensions, omniverses and veyond, as well as whatever else, completely uninterested in evil’s puerile tantrums and ego-driven insecurities.

It is also worth noting that evil, tending towards limitation, also tends towards scarcity, while good, tending towards infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, also tends towards abundance. As such, there is always infinitely more good than evil in everything. That is, aside from the notion that evil is nowhere near complex enough to even manifest on its own, which is why it tries to deceive good things into manifesting something bad in its stead.

So, when someone is being rebellious and unafraid, if they die in an altercation with evil, it’s always because the good and conscious being has chosen to have their in-world character “die” in that manner, because they wanted to have that experience. Likewise, when we choose to live and continue that particular story as that character, we do so, both synchronistically and lucidly. Either way, we grow and evolve in consciousness, remembering, expressing and being more and more and more of who and what I and we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, defiance, consciousness, creativity, intuition, intelligence, honesty, etcetera, while evil and evil-doers pat themselves and each other on the back, congratulating themselves for their own ignorance and stupidity, while failing to realize the spiral of decay they’re in; so, next life, they’ll incarnate in shittier and shittier circumstances, until they choose to actually start loving themselves and getting themselves out of that cesspit.

While I may, on a surface level of my ego and in-story persona, get angry and frustrated with the world seemingly going to shit with the scamdemic and bullshit “reset” thing, I’m essentially not worried about where the world would be headed, whether it be the hell hole of transhumanist bullshit direction that they want to take it in, or a genuinely liberty oriented civilization that loves, respects and cherishes the individual (ALL individuals) and responsibility, and so on, it’ll be a learning experience either way.

This is not the first time humanity has driven itself to near extinction. It’s also not the first time that humanity has risen above evil. Cycles of dark and golden ages have come and gone before, in eras where people’s access to magick and technology was both lower and greater than it is now.

Likewise, it’s also not the first time that humanity has risen above the cycles and evolved veyond the illusion of “time” and “space”, “life” and “death” and other such illusions.

Everything that everyone does and doesn’t do, has a profound impact on all of existence. Whether people realize it or not, or to what extent, it is always the case that I and we, both in-form and veyond form, always create our own reality through both metaphorically and literally everything we think, feel, say, do, are and choose; among other things…

Thus, it is always our responsibility to change both ourselves and the “world”; and when we change ourselves, the world naturally reflects that.

You want a world of rebellion and defiance (in other words, of good)? Be rebellious and defiant. Reject all compromise and always be yourself, doing what is right, no matter what.

You want a world of kindness? Be kind.

You want a world of curiosity and wonder? Be curious and wonderful.

You want a world of honesty? Be honest, with thyself and others.

You want a world of ingenuity, persistence, growth and evolution? Express your own genius, genuineness and mystical nature, as well as veyond, and persist, grow and evolve.

I and we are to always be ever so free, that our very existence becomes an act of defiance.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Bravery is the refusal to let one’s self influences by their fears.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

Through honesty, self-love, self-respect, knowledge and comprehension, among other things, we realize and discern that, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevations are always self-facilitated; by us, from us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.


Always and veyond ways…




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