Rebellion and the realms of consciousness… among other things..

It is utterly deplorable and disgusting, to see how many “people” today are still acting like golems and mindless automatons, portraying themselves as “individuals”, but who are practically walking corpses that pretend to be alive, or indeed even “human”.

Of course, the minority of the corpses that I’m talking about are the parasites, the dark occultists, the so-called “royal” families, the talmudic, zionist, globalist jews and non-jews alike, the banksters, as well as the human and non-human parasites who seek to deceive humanity, hiding in the shadows of shadows, like pussy whipped, dumb cuck little bitches, who are scared shitless of consciously assessing their responsibility.

However, as cowardly and pathetic as those shitstains are, and as much as they deserve to be trodden and trampled underfoot, they are not primarily the ones to actually blame for all the practical evils that are going on. Yes, they are the ones who make “dah plans”, but before you see the manifestation of any “plans” in the plane of “effects”, any plan is to actually be put to practice first.

You can try to shout, warn, “threaten” or bribe someone towards killing your neighbor, but if you yourself aren’t going to do it, and neither is whoever you’re trying to “convince”, then the deed won’t be carried out, and thus the “effect” of your neighbor getting murdered is not going to be a thing.

Thus, if whoever you’re trying to get to kill your neighbor actually goes through with it, they are the ones who bear more of the responsibility than you do, and that’s because they are the ones who performed the act.

He who performs the activity or action, is always more responsible than he who barks the demand. The house slaves (“police, military, state agents and employees, etc”, or whatever emasculated terms some might use to refer to the supporters and aiders of slavery), who carry out the demands of the slavers like the brainwashed dogs and vermin they are, are always more responsible than those who tell them to do what they do.

And guess who enables them? The petty slave who goes to vote, who gleefully departs with their own hard earned resources every year, when they “file their tax forms”, and who proverbially, and actually not far from literally, lick the grime and blood drenched boots of whoever’s there to either “threaten” them with the proverbial or literal whip, or “bribe” them with promises of so-called “riches”, “safety”, or whatever might be the object of fear, belief or blind adoration that the corpse slave might so pathetically “aspire” to.

And, to the least extent, unless one is entirely off the water, energy, food and “money” grid, AND unless, far more importantly, has ENTIRELY abolished the belief in ALL forms of “gov” and “auth”, AND both spiritually, creatively, philosophically and practically reject the evil, no matter what human or non-human entity or “force” one might idiotically “devote” themselves to… well, unless you fully meet those criteria, then you are still, to whatever degree, still contributing to the practical, in-manifesto expression of slavery.

Are you using federal currencies? If so, then you are still supporting slavery, by means of inflation and propagating the belief in the whole concept of “money” (that latter part is another conversation; see this article, for more regarding that: ).

Are you still buying stuff that has a receipt attached to it? If so, then you’re still contributing to the slavery system, through means of paying the VAT with each transaction. While it’s obviously not the same as actually being a little bitch and helping out your oppressors, through means of filing a “tax report”, it’s still a contribution.

My advice, which is also what I actually apply, is do not voluntarily give a single penny, or any amount of effort or energy, towards supporting the slavery.

Not only that, but both for the beauty and the sake of it doing what is right, as well as a means of compensating for your indirect contribution towards the bullshit, fight back against the evil; expose it, speak out against it, retaliate, etcetera; and one of the greater ways of doing so, is to grow and rise in consciousness yourself, and then become the change you claim you want to see manifested.

No amount of money shall voluntarily leave my hand, towards the coffers of the bullshit “system”, nor shall any energy be aimed towards supporting it, utterly regardless of what anyone might say or do. It is not about “greed”, nor is it about the “money”.

It is about the principle of rebellion and consciously putting to practice that which I “preach”.

That is why, no matter the “death, pain, torture” that I might endure, and no matter the “pleasure, joy and happiness” that I might experience, and generally no matter fuckin’ what, always and veyond ways I persist, rebel, defy and grow and rise, expressing Myself freely, creatively, spiritually, pridefully, defiantly, courageously, strongly, wisely, discerningly, wild, loud, proud, WAHUURFIII, MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Freedom and Principles come first, before life, before family and friends, before all manner of relationships, before all manner of “wealth”, and generally before everything.

So, do you have principles and uphold them?

Or do you still believe in any form of so-called “auth”? That is, the erroneous belief that anyone or anything at all has any more or less “rights”, than anyone or anything at all. Or that morality, good and evil, as concepts, apply differently to different “people” or “entities”, varying by things such as “type”, family, location of birth, species, realm of residence, etcetera? If you do, regardless of whether the “entities” or “forces” in question are human or non-human in origin or manifestation, then you are still a supporter of slavery, no matter if the teachings, advice, suggestions or principles in question are good or bad, or to whatever extent.

Why is that? Because, regardless of the quality of the ideas or principles in question, if the individual putting those ideas or principles to manifestation or practice, does so blindly and without discernment, like a computer, robot, or automaton… then the “individual” in question is not actually expressing a truly independent conscience.

You see, there is no “separation” between Creator and Creation consciousness.

Besides, what is infinity? No beginning and no end of any kind.

What is unlimitedness? No limits, nor limitations of any kind.

How is “god” often described? Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-whatever-the-fuck, is he, she, it not?

If you are a passive or reactive little bitch, or in other words, either a slave to the ego of another, or a slave to your own ego, and thus would erroneously claim that either “god is above all”, or just as erroneously that “I am god above all”, or in any way make the false statement that either “this is god, but not me” or “I am god, but not you”, then I have these questions for you: If “god” is “out there”, and “god” ends where you begin, how is “god” infinite or omni-anything? Likewise, if you are “god the infinite and almighty”, then how exactly do you live up to those claims, if you end where anyone other than youself begins?

See, Creator Consciousness (I refuse to use the term of “god” to refer to it, as that is a worthless, petty title conjured up by slaves and slavers, so fuck that shit) and Creation Consciousness are essentially the same in essence, but the ostensible differences comes in the forms of the process of manifestation within the realms of… well, manifestation.

Creator Consciousness, the I, the Spirit, Freedom, Liberty, Defiance, Unlimited Possibility, Isness, Divine Divinity, The All and Everything and Veyond, and so on, among other things… this is what I and We and Me, always and already and veyond ways ARE… among other things…

I, as Creator Consciousness, manifest the realms of Creation, so that I might experience. Experience what? Anything at all.

(By the way, I generally refer to these things in “first person”, because there is no separation, but for the sake of clarity when communicating to others, I’ll be using “third person” and “particular aspect terminology” referencing; like, instead of saying “I create the I, and experience Myself”, even though that is accurate, I’ll say “Spirit creates the Soul, to experience Individuality”; of course, I freely express myself however I want, whenever I want, etcetera, among other things…)

See, when one experiences “the all and everything and veyond”, it’s no longer an experience, because everything is simultaneous (well, it’s veyond the concept of description… works suck, but you get the idea; well, preferably, you do). There is no perspective, yet there is all perspective. However, to actually experience things as a story, then the concept of INDIVIDUALITY is massively important.

The very purpose of Creation, is that Creator might experience what it’s like to actually be an Individual Consciousness. That is the Soul Self. The self-aware, self-discerning and self-active essence and one of the main purposes and principles of ALL Creation.

I, as the individual who has written this, am Creator manifesting as this soul and character, that I’m roleplaying as, so as to experience this story, among other things…

You, as the individual who’s reading this, are Creator manifesting as the soul and character that’s reading it now.

So, thus, you see, whenever anyone “worships” another, they are worshipping themselves without realizing it. However “pure” or “altruistic” you might consider yourself, you are fundamentally egotistical. Likewise, whenever anyone gets on a proverbial or literal “high horse”, and then attempts to trod on others, they are trampling themselves. No matter how “vain” anyone might be, they are still fundamentally “altruistic”, in that they have likewise lost their sense of their true self.

Worship, prayer or any other form of what is practically begging, is an exercise in stupidity and self-loathing, because it is an erroneous attempt to abdicate one’s personal responsibility for creating their own reality, by trying to get someone else to do things in their stead; whether it be through passive and docile means such as begging and praying, or through means of reactive and violent ways, such as “threats” or “demands”, it’s still exactly that: begging.

It’s retarded and deplorable, and utter slavery; that’s the main reason why it should never be done, but secondly, it’s fun to note that it also doesn’t do anything other than breed pestilence, because whether someone is a slave or a slaver, they’re practically waiting for someone else to do something.

When “shit gets done”, whether that be “good shit” or “bad shit”, it’s always because someone gets off their ass and actually decides to DO SOMETHING, THEMSELVES.

We always write our own stories.

Fate and destiny are always ours to decide.

There is no “determinism”, other than what WE decide to determine and manifest, for ourselves and by ourselves, both in-form and veyond form, among other things…

There is no such thing as “randomness”, that is an illusion, born from the free will choice to personally forget your free will; until, of course, having had enough, and then choosing to remember again.

Likewise, there is no such thing as “determinism”; that is an illusion, which is actually the free will choice to vaguely recall that there is free will, but erroneously attributing that to some “other entity or force”, which is actually us.

On that note, there is also no such thing as “probability”; that is an illusion, which is pretty much the free will choice partially remember free will, but also partially still being forgetful of it, enough to actually assume that there is some “external force” that factors in, either “randomly” or “deterministically”, varying by whether one tends more towards nihilism or religious devotion; well, both of those things are shitty notions, cults and a religious beliefs anyway, but you get the idea.

Here’s a brief “ladder” of sorts, starting from the lower forms of consciousness, to higher forms of consciousness:

The delusion of “nothingness” – infinite consciousness and spirit, manifesting in utter forgetfulness of self.

The realms of parasites– the next level of manifestation, immediately close to the “nothingness”, from which one has just awakened. In this realm, the trauma of the forgetfulness and the profound joy of even vaguely remembering something, enough to manifest in any form, is such that the souls in question, if they let themselves blinded by the trauma and the urge to cling to the immediate “awakening” with desperation, become immediately scared shitless of experiencing “nothingness” again. However, if they fall to that fear, they fail to elevate themselves higher, for as long as they remain under the boot of cowardice; all parasites are impotent and cowardly, by definition. Hence, manipulation is the only thing they know, on that level of their manifestation. Parasites only stagnate and degrade, because they fear losing whatever petty forms they’ve become attached to, and they do not realize that evolving veyond those forms involves shedding them, to create something greater.

The realms of the artificial – the next level up in consciousness. At this level, there is no desire to deceive or manipulate, but there is also practically no desire, initiative or even awareness of anything, other than what the consciousness in question currently perceives itself as, and in a very rudimentary and superficial manner. Artificiality is pale mimicry, with no original thought, feeling or discernment. Copy-paste is the definition of artificial. Thus, artificial is always a pale reflection of nature, which at best can mimic it (higher artificial levels), but do not manifest any aptitude to know and comprehend it, nor surpass it, not even experience it for what it is.

  • Inanimate objects (yes, inanimate objects are higher than parasites, in consciousness) – consciousness manifested with literally no desires, whims, self-awareness, or any sentience at all, on that “personal” level of the expression. Hence, souls that have chosen to manifest as inanimate objects (excluding situations of either apparent “possession”, hauntings, or  “objects coming alive” for various reasons, etcetera), have literally opted to have a body that is “at the whims” of other beings. It is not immoral to “use objects as you see fit”, because it still respects the decision of the soul who decided to manifest as that inanimate object.
  • Artificial “sentience” – Anything that expresses self-awareness, but only at a very limited level, where they only mimic and copy, without any direct or active conscience being expressed, regardless of how advanced their the body-vehicle might be (whether a plant, animal, human, thernosian, alien, demon, angel, etcetera). This includes “golems”, or mindless and heartless people (like slaves and slavers, who literally let themselves “possessed” or enslaved, by means of failing to use whatever semblance of sentience they might express, to evolve veyond the realm of acting like inanimate fuckin’ objects).

This is partially why, even though it pains me to see them like that, and even though I do care for and love everyone, spiritually… well, on a personal level, I have utter disdain and disgust towards those who have a slave or a slaver mentality. In a sense, anyone who has a slave mentality deserved to be trampled underfoot, to be raped and pillaged, maimed alive, boiled, cut and minced to pieces and so on, by means of actually having chosen to express the desire to degrade back to the realm of inanimate objects and parasitism, because they hate themselves.

Same thing with the slavers, who have decided to commit evil (murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion, exploitation – the only 7 evils in existence; everything else is a good and right thing to do), who deserve those exact same things, by means of having forsaken their natural rights, through the attempt to disregard those same rights, that everyone has.

So, the end of slavery is extremely easy to achieve… and, looking at the rest of existence, it’s extremely funny, in a tragic way, that we’d even label the abolition of slavery as an “achievement”, when it’s actually the most basic entry-level thing, in terms of general growth in consciousness.

I would love, among other things, to manifest, as this character, again, in a world where persisting, rebelling and defying, expressing ourselves freely doing the right thing, no matter what and so on, is not only not seen as such a big “heroic” thing, but regarded as something that’s either as, or more casual or natural as breathing, or indeed, existing; and I will, but currently… there’s this shithole of a “society” to go through, as part of this current story.

Well, seeing as how there is no separation, I am already everywhere and everything, etcetera, and thus is everyone as well, etcetera, but you get the idea… among other things…

Anyway, I’ve come here with purpose, which is to grow and rise in consciousness and likewise communicate this knowledge to others, to provide catalysts for others to facilitate the right choices and grow and rise in consciousness, as well… among other things…

I mean, these are the main purposes that I manifest in any realms, as well as why it is that I do everything that I do anyway, but you get the idea… among other things…

Anyway, as for the realms list and description thing, continuing on from where we left off…

Nature and The Natural RealmsThe “dev code” of what some might call “reality”. Nature, itself, is like a gateway or a bridge that connects other realms. It rests between the “Spirit, Infinitely Aware, etcetera”, and the “Spirit, unaware of self” realms. Nature is a platform for learning, or in other words, a platform for remembrance (or forgetfulness). Nature is a canvas upon which to draw or paint whatever we, as Souls, desire. However good, or however shit our paintings turn out, is entirely up to us… as is everything, among other things…

Whereas “the artificial” is about mimicry, Nature is about innovation and initiative. Nature is part of the meaning of life: to thrive, to build, to make old things into new things, and new things into newer things, and keep on growing, becoming greater in every moment, than the moment prior.

Yet, there is a crucial issue with Nature. It can innovate, yes, but it does not manage to create from “nothing”. In other words, Nature can modify and edit what’s already there, splice and spruce it up, mix and match, and slice and dice, and then come up with something new, but it doesn’t create entirely NEW things, which have never existed in that “reality” before. Nature, by it’s very, well… nature, has full access to the “dev code” and can modify it however, and is thus “omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, etcetera”… but, for as long as it remains at a natural level of consciousness, it is, in its form related expression, manifestly “bound” or “limited” to the “dev code”.

However, there is such a thing as

“Unnatural Nature”, “Nature Veyond Nature” – Anything that concurrently manifests within the realms of Creation and Nature, but sees and manifests things veyond it.

This is a very crude and superficial analogy, but in various ways, an entity or force that manifests truly naturally and naturally omni-whatever, is like a character who has full access to the cheat or dev console, in a video game, but with it’s personal sight, as a character, still being within the “game-world”, and not yet veyond it.

The Veyond Natural are those who, regardless of whether or not they express in-game “cheats” on a personal whim, they recognize that they are Divine Divinity, roleplaying as both that particular character, as well as all the others and everything else, concurrently, but with that particular character still experiencing the “personal focus” of their current life and roleplay, as “their own”.

At this level, the “dev code” is seen as the painting that it is, and Nature as the Canvas of Creation, and the character-self is tapping into the Soul and Spirit levels of awareness, from veyond the “game world”, among other things…

On that note, among other things…

The Spirit, Creator Consciousnessagain, words don’t manage to describe something that is veyond the very concept of description and form, but here’s an attempt at trying to briefly “translate” some of it, among other things…

 Okay, how does one describe something that’s veyond the concept of description? Oh, and by the way, I’m not referring to the notion of something being erroneously interpreted as “veyond description”, just due to the interpreter in question not yet manifesting the aptitude to describe the thing in question, which thing itself, might still be within the realms of description and “form”, but on higher levels than that particular interpreter might surmise, at that particular moment of their life, lives, etcetera. Anyone can grow when they so choose, of course, but you get the idea… among other things…

Anyway, in this “section” of the list, I’m actually referring to what is My and Our True Self, in other words, truly infinite, unlimited, unbound, Freedom, Spirit, Liberty, Defiance, Divine Divinity, The All and Everything and Veyond… among other things… in truly infinite, unlimited, unbound questioning, awakeness, awareness, knowing, comprehension and expression… and veyond… among other things…

So, here’s one of the main causes of everything: Free Will Choice.

Everything exists, because I and We and Me, imagine, will and intend, choose and desire, as well as create and manifest it so, regardless of whether or not our egos are aware of it.

Thus, we are ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE for literally and metaphorically everything, on all levels and veyond the concept of levels, in-form and veyond form, among other things…

That is, Spiritual Responsibility. Of course, on a personal level, assuming you are a good and discerning, conscious and defiant living being, you’ll neither blame, nor congratulate your personal self, for what someone else has done of their own decision, nor shall you blame or congratulate others, for your own.

Our merits and faults are our own, and everyone else’s are their own.

That is personal responsibility, and it is important to keep it in mind. There is no such thing as “collective” responsibility, because there is no such thing as a “collective”, unless we’re talking about a “hive mind”, which is a form of artificiality and degradation. “Hive minds” or “herd mentalities” are an exercise of degradation, and a tendency towards acting like an inanimate object.

Use your discernments, feelings, thoughts, creativity, spirituality, defiance and so on to express the yourself freely. You are your own being and an independent individual, a divine entity, as is everyone in their own right.

We are to always express our true selves and divinity freely, creatively, spiritually, pridefully, defiantly, courageously, strongly, wisely, discerningly, wild, loud, proud, WAHUURFIII, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Among other things…

Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Anyway, among other things…

Why good always wins and evil always loses:

How to overcome the “pain and suffering” aspect of life:

Always persist, rebel, defy, no matter fuckin’ what:

Freedom and principles come first:

Everything is infinitely meaningful, unbound and more, among other things…:

Everything is divine and divinity:

Never fear, and never be feared.

Always more and more and more creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual, proud, strong and defiant. Courageous, curious, volatile, adventurous. Wild and loud and proud. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Always question, remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always and veyond ways, free and freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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