Everything is free will and imagination; there is no such thing as “predestination”

Except the metaphorical paintbrush is never actually given or taken. The worst that ever happens is someone forgets they’re the one who always writes their own story and makes their own choices, and thus paints someone else’s desired picture. Instead of doing that, we are to remember who we are and that we are always the ones creating our own reality, no matter what and regardless of how whether or not our egos might be aware of it at any point in so-called time-space.

In this article, I will be talking about why the concept of “predestination”, as in the erroneous belief that your life is already written by either a sadistic entity or by your “genetic code”, is complete and utter bullshit. I will also be talking about the psychology of those who have this belief and why they do.

To start off, what does the belief itself deny, more than anything else? It denies the idea of free will, which is not only always done in ignorance of one’s self, but is also one of the more common ways in which cowards who like to fashion themselves as being “smart” or “eloquent” use to deceive themselves into believing they have “no choice”, and as such use the party line of “predestination” or “fate” as an excuse for either directly doing evil or condoning it and letting it run amock. This kind of behaviour lends itself to people who, when you remove all the layers of fluff and false eloquence, will reveal themselves to be scared shitless bitches who are afraid to assume presonal responsibility for either their decisions or their actions, and thus do not actually express any genuine intuition or holistic intelligence).

In other words, “predestination” is just another fancy word for “defeatism”, “nihilism” and “victim mentality”, or any other term or belief that betrays the profound impression of lack and self-loathing that someone needs to have in order to have such beliefs.

Seeing as how we’re infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential, and thus always create our own reality, if an aspect of ourselves (say, an individual character or entity within the realms of time-space) chooses to forget who they are as infinite consciousness and to experience the impression of finity and limitation to the extent of being thoroughly blinded by it… well, they’re going to have that experience; and they’ll derive all the erroneous beliefs that come with it, such as the belief that their lives are “pre-destined”. They, as souls, have chosen of their own free will to have that retarded experience. In a sense, it’s like someone has chosen to co-create a video game and then decided to play it, putting on their VR goggles and becoming so addicted to the experience, that they’ve forgotten who they are as a developer and player of that game.

Then, with their conscious perception still focused solely on the video-game, they might say things like “Oh, the game is real, man. This quest that I’m on, that’s fate. It’s all pre-destined by the video-game code.”

In believing that, they fail to realize three things. Well, more than just three things, but I mean three main things: (a) that the video-game dev-code of what they’re playing was written by them; (b) that they always choose what they experience; (c) that the game-code can be re-written and updated at a whim; and (d) that they can just take the bloody VR set off and go do somethin’ else than just being a fucking addict. Okay, four main things.

Some of them, like those who are obsessed with so-called “mortality” and desperately look to prolongue their life out of fear of death (which is just fear of the unknown), or even attain “immortality”, are akin to those players who are so entrenched in the virtual world that they’re scared shitless of even contemplating the notion that there is more to existence than just the video-game, and would thus vehemently try to prolongue their game-time, all to avoid what they’ve forgotten about themselves.

Sometimes, they might even be okay with “murdering” or being aggressive towards those who are playing the game, but remember who they are as the creators and players of it, when they try to remind the addicts of that very idea. This is one of the very reasons why evil exists in manifestation – an addiction to illusion and an aversion towards remembrance.

Onto another psychological aspect of those who believe in predestination, you’ll also note that it’s always the result of an imbalanced mind, either towards the feminine or the masculine sides of the psyche or individual energy.

Those with a more negative feminine bent, develop “slave-think” and derive the passive version of their belief in “pre-determination”, where they literally let themselves enslaved by whatever entity, figure or so-called “force” which they basically hail as a proxy “mommy” or “daddy” figure.

Those with a more negative masculine bent, develop “slaver-think” and thus derive the more reactive and aggressive version of “pre-determination”, where they try to enslave others (because they themselves are slaves to their own egos, ignorance and fear) and be the proxy “mommy” and “daddy” for whoever would be just as retarded as they are, and enough to fall for their bullshit.

Both of them then excuse the sheer evil and stupidity of their actions, by calling it “fate” or “oh, it was destiny” and all that shit. Bullshit!

There is no destiny aside from what we, of our free will, choose to experience.

“If an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside of you as fate.” – Carl Jung

Destiny is never set in stone. Even if it was, break that shit and turn it to dust, scatter it to the wind and write something new. Both literally and metaphorically. How can a “machinistic” system where everything is “pre-determined” have things such as art? Why is there conflict of any kind, both positive and negative? Why is there such a thing as mistakes and opportunities to learn from them and grow? Why is there growth and evolution of any kind? Why do we feel and think? How can we think about thinking and feel about feeling? How come we can feel about thinking and think about feeling? Why do synchronicities and lucid reality creation exist? Why is it that we can go “outside” of our personal image of self and look onto and into ourselves, as if we were both the experiencer and observer? Hint: it’s because we are both, and so much more.

Oh, and here’s another one for ya: what “determines” ANYTHING, if not a WILL that does the determining? In order for anything to be determined, there needs to be a will that creates the thing. That is why “destiny” or “fate”, on every level whatsoever, is always a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m not saying there is no such thing as genetics or that there isn’t a machinistic element to the uni-multi-hyper-omni- verse. Similar (though not literally the same) in principle, but vastly more complex in scope and complexity, the machinistic element of “reality” and its “natural principles” (be it morally or in terms of how it functions as an existential construct or manifestational canvas, so to speak) are like the developer code of a video-game. As per our choice when we created the video-game of “reality”, the principles or “dev code” do influence various elements of the experience that we’ve chosen to have in life. Things like what our bodies look like, their innate or initial tendencies at birth, various energetical and biological strengths or shortcomings, the type of auras we express, how we personally resonate with other living beings who’ve also chosen to play the game of life with us, etcetera.

However, similar to how video-games do not influence your decision to play them or not, nor how or why you do (or don’t), nor how you decide to go about playing it, “reality” doesn’t do those things either. You create and play your character how you like. Likewise with “life” and who you are. Maybe you want to play knowing nothing about it and going in blind. That’s akin to incarnating without awareness beyond the senses and without remembrance of past, concurrent and future lives, or beyond life and “death”.

Perhaps you decide to play the game while reading up about it or checking a wiki beforehand (or you already know the game, because you helped develop it); still progressing your character through in-game means (in addition to other things), but while being more “in-the-know” about it. That’s like choosing to incarnate with heightened perception beyond the “default” senses, or with awareness beyond the very concept of sense. Your character is more intuitive and intelligent, most likely with a genuinely spiritual lean (emphasis on genuine spirituality; not just some pseudo-spirituality like new age bullshit and other religions).

Likewise, maybe we want to have some casual fun and activate the cheat console or developer kit, adding some extra levels or instantly mending the wounds of our character when they’re low on health, buff some stats or whatever. This is akin to spontaneous healing and curing of disease, the placebo effect (which is basically scientific proof that mind influences “matter” and “genetics” and not the other way around) and other such things on the lower end, and other more “mystical” or “magickal” endeavors and aptitudes on medium levels of the spectrum, as well as synchronicities and reality warping and shifting on higher ones.

Or, ya know what? Why don’t we go to the drawing board, come up with new concept art, write some new stories, create new characters and weave them all together? Then, add that to the existing game as an update, expansion pack or DLC.  Likewise, and of course, creating new realities, stories, games, etcetera. Oh, wait! We already do that. Constantly. Through every feeling we feel, every thought we think… every gesture, every sigh, every smile and every laugh, every creation we make and every action we take. Each and every aspect of our very being. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is lost. The worst that ever happens is some of us forget, at times. The choice is to remember.

And when we do, everything has meaning. Those who want to excuse their ignorance and remain blind to who and what they are, may develop whatever limiting beliefs and handicaps they wish for themselves. It won’t change the notion that they’re blaming someone else for the shackles they themselves placed around their ankles. It also doesn’t change the idea that, if they so choose, they can easily free themselves.

You see, “nihilism” is like an illiterate person picking up a book and then saying “pfft, it’s so meaningless”, just because they don’t know how to read or based on their expressed inability to grasp the information therein. The same applies to every other self-limiting beliefs, especially those that revolve around erroneously trying to abdicate personal responsibility, most if not all of which result from unresolved trauma (from one’s current life or previous ones), as well as a combination of genetic engineering (ancient and modern, relative to one’s perceived “present”), deceit, social engineering and other forms of mind-“control”, along with wittingly or unwittingly letting parasitic entities or thought-forms into your life.

Before all of that though, it comes through free will choice. The essential and boundless reason why we experience anything, is because we imagine it and choose to experience it. That includes whether or not our in-life characters, egos or personas are aware of it.

When we choose to remember and consciously assume the responsibility that we always have anyway, then I and we (as characters) remember who I and we (as soul, spirit and consciousness) always and already are, and thus the experiences become much more synchronistic, beautiful and intense. Some hardships may still be fucked up (to the impression of our “in-story” selves or “in-game” characters), but we’ll recognize them as obstacles that we’ve put up in our own path, so that we overcome them and grow as a result, standing taller than we’ve ever stood before, and flying higher than we’ve ever flown before.

Mistakes are no longer “failures”, but opportunities for growth and learning. Victories are no longer about “beating” or outdoing others, and instead become genuine victories, celebrations of our growth and evolution, as well as the endeavor of helping others help themselves, looking to remind them to remind themselves of who they genuinely are. After all, the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

 We always create our own realities, write our own stories and create change, both for better and worse. All of it through our IMAGINATION and FREE WILL CHOICE. Which are never lost, nor gained through any means. It is who and what I and we always ARE.

So, not only do we now pick up the book and appreciate the meaningfulness of the philosophy, the story, the intricacy of it all, but we also create our own art, write our own stories and compose our own music.

Everything has meaning, when there are eyes to see it, a heart to know it, a mind to comprehend it… a soul to live it and a spirit to defiantly and genuinely be it.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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