Dismantling more bullshit excuses for the scam-demic

Holy fuckin’ shit! Some people still want to believe the “official” narrative, either in part or in full, and when faced with the idea that it’s pretty much complete bullshit, instead of being curious as to why that is so and independently researching the matter from all angles and coming to their conclusions, what do the morons do? Oh, they just look at the fabricated “evidence” and false statistics that “government”, Rothchild, Rockefeller and Gates funded institutions like the World “Health” Organization, or whatever other “official” body of what’s practically deception, social engineering and mind-“control”, and refuse to look at anything that contradicts their zealously held belief system. All while excusing their own ignorance by trying to deceive themselves into erroneously believing that everyone who doesn’t blindly believe their narrative is ignorant, somehow.

“Ah, you don’t agree with me? You don’t know nuthin’. You’re stupid, ignorant, retarded.”

Oh, so you’re trying to make an assessment about someone’s cognitive ability, purely based on whether or not they agree with your beliefs, eh? Kinda shows that you’re most likely the moron in the room, since you don’t even seem to know what intelligence is, and then you make judge someone’s comprehensive prowess on what’s basically your personal taste of like and dislike.

See, stupid people judge things based more or less purely on what their ego likes and dislikes. “I don’t like this, so it must be bullshit. I don’t manage to perceive, conceive or explain a particular notion or concept? That just means it doesn’t exist.”

In comparison, genuinely spiritual, intuitive and intelligence people and entities, who are also honest with themselves and are interested in knowledge and comprehension for their own sake… we’re not attached to whether or not we like or dislike what we may find. We’re interested in knowing and comprehending without any bias. We face everything and overcome all obstacles, and that means that we’re not addicted to the mental cage of the “comfort zone” that an unfortunate majority of people are still desperately clinging to.

The latter of which, because they’re letting themselves blinded by the indoctrination system, have such cognitive dissonance that even when they acknowledge that something is most likely a scam and acknowledge that the “official” narrative is filled with half-“truths” at best, and more frequently heavily distorted and twisted, and even more often complete bullshit… they still gobble up the the trash and believe it.

I’ve heavily criticised and dismantled the excuses that people make for the no longer even covert, but blatantly in-your-face slavery that’s desperately trying to unfold in the wake of the fake-ass “pandemic”, and I’ve also spoken about why it’s a false narrative. In this particular one, I want to adress and dismantle the most common excuses I see people making for their cowardly and fear-driven behaviour, who still want to believe in the boogeyman of this so-called “virus”.

  • “Oh, b-b-but they wouldn’t lie that big. Do you think everyone has just gone mad all of a sudden?”

First off, yes they would. Not only would they, but they constantly do it. They’ve been deceitful and fake since the very start (the human and non-human parasites manipulators), occulting (hiding) and distorting information from the masses on levels far larger than a meager “virus” that most likely doesn’t exist, or even if it does it’s statistically trivial, even with the grossly bloated “official numbers”, which have been demonstrated time and again to be false.

History is manipulated, the mainstream “science” (or more rather “scientism”) and “academic” institutions are still addicted to the illusion that the world is “solid” and “material”, “government” and “religion” basically just slavery and mental cages by design, mass genocide is a fetish for the so-called “elite” trash that look to engage in blood rituals like war, and depopulation agendas through poisoned “food”, vaccines and a medical profession that is not only hell-bent on trying to keep the populaiton sick, but is constantly trying to suppress, censor and ridicule alternatives that actually help people heal themselves (like homeopathy, accupuncture, energy harmonization, etcetera).

Do you really think these “people” and institutions wouldn’t lie to you or try to deceive you? Especially when they can exploit a so-called “crisis” into desperately trying to propagate their global agenda of enslavement? It’s not so much that a majority of people have “suddenly gone mad”, but rather that they’ve been “mad” all along. “Mad” in the sense of being blinded by ego and cognitive dissonance.

  • “B-b-but, it’s scientifically proven that covid-19 exists! Look at these renouned, academia approved, industry-“leading” and “official” health experts, doctors and “scientists”. They have such glimmering titles, don’t they? They must be right, right?”

Wrong. You’re just believing a narrative, in a manner pretty much the same as how a religious person would gobble up everything their priest says, just on the face of them saying so.

How about using your own intuition and intelligence, questioning everything, doing your own meditation and research, and coming to your own discernments, not based on fear and faith, but rather on knowledge and comprehension. Of course, everyone can be wrong, and yes, on a personal level, I probably don’t know everything there is to know about any particular topic of discussion, including the one about the fake-demic.

Relative to what I’ve seen of the matter so far, and also being more or less versed in philosophy and psychology, as well as about the nature of “reality” and beyond, plus how the “system” desperately tries to obfuscate that information from the masses for reasons of so-called “control” and manipulation, I can tell you that the “virus” most likely doesn’t exist, or if it does – like I said – the numbers are trivial, even with the completely fake and ass-pulled statistics.

Don’t just believe me because I say so, though. Question everything and make your own discernments.

  • “B-b-but, you’re not looking at the evidence! Look at all these “scientists” appearing on TV shows and all of these mainstream articles that “demonstrate” that the virus is real and the pandemic is deadly!”

Once again, this is just another example of cowards and morons attempting to excuse their own ignorance and vanity, by deceiving themselves into erroneously believing that everyone who disagrees with them is in the exact same way that the accusers themselves are.

Okay, let’s look at some elements with regards to the ass-pulled “evidence” and actual evidence of what’s going on. Here’s a some aspects to consider.

Why are those doctors and scientists who say that the virus doesn’t exist, or that the pandemic is connected to 5G, or who generally have a different enough view to the “official” narrative that it doesn’t support the globalist agenda, never invited to a mainstream talk show? Why is pretty much everyone who exposes the deceit of the “official narrative” censored, via means of demonetization, shadow-banning or outright deletion of their online accounts or channels?

I’ll tell ya why. Because they’re scared shitless of actual debate. People whose approach to information that they don’t like is to ridicule, mock and censor it and the person who claims it, mentions or delivers it, either have little to no confidence in what they’re saying or they know that what they’re saying is bullshit, but they don’t want anyone finding that out.

  • “B-b-but, they do invite people of differing opinions! Look at all the debates on TV.”

Most “debates” you see on TV, especially those that are concerned with “geo-political” matters, are either between people who still believe in the propagation of the slavery system of “government” (but have different views about how to manage the human farm), between people who may have differing views on the surface but which still fundamentally propagate the global agenda of so-called “control”, or between those who who seem to be in contradiction in public, but who shake hands when off-camera.

Show me one instance of someone who exposes the pedophilic cult and human trafficking done by the “government”, in mainstream TV. Show me one instance of someone aptly, directly and decisively presenting information about why the “pandemic” is fabricated, who openly says that “government” (as a concept, not just any one administration or type) is slavery by design, or someone who says school is an indoctrination system, exposing things such as the tavistock institute and how satanic cults are behind most behind the “schooling” and virtually every other aspect of the “official” arena”. I mean, without the footage being cut and edited to make him or her look like fool. Most likely, you’re not gonna find any, for obvious reasons.

Virtually all “debates” and “disputes” that you see in the mainstream are either fabricated and different only in façade or on the surface, but basically still contributing to the propagation of whatever agenda.

  • “B-b-but, I know people who work in the medical profession. They’re good people! They wouldn’t do this!”

I’m not saying that all doctors and scientists are evil and psychopathic. Most have no idea how they’re being deceived, and have just bought the lie because they’ve let themselves blinded by what’s effectively a trauma-based system of mind-“control” and social engineering. Also, the system works via heavy, heavy compartmentalisation, meaning that only those who are at the so-called “top” of the pyramid, either the inner-circle CEOs or those who are behind them, know the actual agenda, while the rest of the “rank and file” (like the doctors, nurses, “experts” and “scientists”) have no clue what’s going on. Their intentions may not be malicious, but they’re still aiding evil by believing what the system tells them.

Or, you may have those who are afraid to speak out because they’re scared shitless of losing their job and career, or because they’re cowards who have let themselves bought or threatened into going along with the agenda.

There are, on the other hand, many genuine scientists, doctors, experts and nurses who are conscious and brave enough to speak out against it. Guess what, though? You won’t see them on any late night show, news bulletin or televised debate. Unless it’s a hit piece meant to discredit them, instead of actually talking about the information they present. You also most likely won’t find them through google, yahoo, youtube, facebook and other mainstream corporate-owned media outlets. Not without at least some moderate digging and snooping around.

  • “Oh, yeah? Show me some proof that it’s not deadly or that it doesn’t exist.”

Okay, here’s some basic aspects, that you should of course investigate on your own.

  1. Research exosomes, which are basically secretions of poisoned cells, which is what they falsely claim to be the so-called “virus”. They have practically demonised a natural immune response of the body and labeled it a “disease”.
  2. They diagnose anyone who takes the PCR test with covid-19, and put that on the death certificate, no matter what you actually died of.
  3. In a majority of hospitals and nursing homes, doctors and nurses are coerced into signing non-resuscitation forms, which means that they don’t try to resuscitate patience. This, along with literally letting old people die in nursing homes, spike up the numbers considerably, along with the false diagnosis.
  4. 99.9% of the people who allegedly “died of covid-19” either already had one, two, three or more debilitating ilnesses beforehand, were very old or generally had compromised immune systems. Those are people who already took precautions against the casual “pandemics” of every year, such as the fucking flu (which, by the way, has a far higher death count than the so-called “covid-19”), and never felt the need to try and coerce healthy people to disrupt their lives, mandate “treatment” (which is what trying to force people into wearing masks actually is) or support a slavery system, like they do now.
  5. Even with the bloated “official” numbers, it’s a statistically trivial disease, which basically doesn’t impact anyone with is young and in good health, with a strong immune system. Being obsessively “cautious” (which basically being scared shitless, and not actual conscious caution) about this “disease”, especially if young and in good health, is like disrupting your life and refusing to get out of the house, because maybe a crocodile might get a jump on you. Is it possible? Yeah. Is it likely, though? Highly improbable. People who are obsessively taking “measures” in this case, and especially those who retardedly call for violent and coercive imposition on those who don’t take those same “measures”, are supporters of slavery. Whether they realize it or not, they are supporting slavery by playing into the very agenda that seeks to deceive them into behaving like that.
  6. The masks and “social distancing” not only doesn’t work in terms of the advertised effect, but are also a way to both mentally, emotionally and “physically” weaken people. You inhale plastic particles, while the masks themselves are not nearly dense enough to prevent viruses and pathogens from getting through them (as an analogy, it’s like trying to prevent a mosquito from entering your garden, by building a chainlink fence), you create a beneficial medium for bacteria on your face to multiply easily (varying by how long you actually wear the thing), before inhaling those bacteria and the stale air and recycled air that you breathe out. Also, most viruses and bacteria that travel airborne go for tens to hundreds of meters on the airwaves, some even kilometers. Do you think standing six feet apart is gonna make any difference in that regard? Aside from that, it’s even been said “officially” that the supposed “virus” doesn’t even travel through the air, so why even suggest “social distancing” in the first place (fear of other people is a far more appropriate term for it)?
  7. The PCR test is not meant to diagnose infectious diseases, because it does not tell how much of a virus, bacteria or pathogen you have in your body, which is what the inventor of the test (Kary Mullis) said himself. Now, of course the “but he said so” party line is never an argument for anything, in and of itself, but taking into consideration the idea that if you invented something, you probably know why you invented it and for what purpose, which means you also probably know what the thing is and isn’t supposed to do. Then again, “inventors” aren’t automatically immune to being deceitful just because they’re inventors, but in terms of what I researched so far on the matter, the PCR test is very much inaccurate and ill suited for diagnosing infectious diseases. Which the “experts” either know, but still use the test because of the potential to falsify records through manipulating the number of amplification cycles used in the test, or they don’t know, in which case why are they still labeled “experts”. Oh, right! Because the forward an agenda of slavery, either wittingly or unwittingly.
  8. Oh, and here’s an actual kicker; no “covid-19” pathogen has actually been isolated. In my research on the topic so far, I’ve found that at no point during this whole shebang have the Koch Postulates (which have been used for discovering whether or not a specific pathogen is the supposed cause of a disease or illness). What this procedure is about, is that you (a) isolate a fully fledged pathogen (not a viral-like DNA strand or a speck of what may look like a virus, but it actualy isn’t), (b) extract that fully fledged pathogen and inject it into a (preferably voluntary) host, (c) see if the disease or symptoms manifest in that person and then (d) extract the virus from that host organism and then inject it into another host of the same species, and see if it develops the same disease. At no point have ANY of these things been done. Oh, they’ll say they have, but upon deeper probing, you’ll get the typical ad-hominems, censorship, “oh, I’m busy right now”, along with the typical ridicule and dismissal that people resort to, when they have a belief or malicious agenda to uphold.
  • “Oh, b-but of course they have! They said so on the news and in talk shows.”

And you believe them based on their word, huh? Do your own fucking research; and no, research doesn’t mean watching the TV, nor just reading the first few articles that pop up on google, which by the way heavily censors information in favour of promoting an agenda of human enslavement.

It means looking at information from every angle and perspective, tackling the information itself, both in terms of the topics in question, as well as “zooming out” and looking at other related and seemingly unrelated information. Who funds who and why, what agendas do they have, what’s their track record, are they being open and honest or are they being deceitful? More than that, occult knowledge, symbolism, esoteric studies and magick, along with technology and the purposes for it’s usage, what “reality” actually is, and a host of other stuff.

  • “Look man, I agree that there is some agenda or conspiracy behind this stuff, but why don’t you agree that it’s not fake? I agree with you that the tests are inaccurate and that the diagnostics have been false, and that people died in hospital of something else but were wrongly labeled as a “covid-19 death” on their death certificate. But why do you say there is no pandemic?”

Wait, wait, wait… you’re saying you’re aware that they’re lying to you and that the numbers are highly bloated, right?


And… your next question is “Why don’t you trust them?”

“Um, yeah… well, why don’t you?”


I shit you not, this is actually the blatant level of contradiction that I’ve seen people literally fail to recognize. I’m not talking about what may appear to be philosophical paradoxes or contradictions which actually aren’t so, but rather about bullshit in the same vein as “Well, ingesting cyanide is obviously bad for you. Let’s drink some and get healthy!”

Also, the party line in this bullet point is typically given either by people who falsely “agree” with you in an attempt to garner some false sympathy, or by people who actually to realize that there is such a thing as conspiracies going on in our world and society, but at the same time are still stuck in cognitive dissonance and mind-“control”. In which case the party line in question just translates to: “Look man, I agree that these people are psychopaths and liars with an agenda of slavery , but why don’t you agree that they’re good and honest and want what’s best for humanity?”

I’m like, what?! How deeply entrenched in hypnosis does someone need to be, in order to not realize such a contradiction in both concept and context? Likewise, it’s just plain fallacious to agree or disagree with someone, just because they agree or disagree with you in return. If I see that someone has commited murder and then tell you the story, and you who haven’t seen it say it makes sense to an extent, but then refuse to ponder the likelihood that the person in question did commit the murder (perhaps because you have some attachment to them), I’m not going to agree with your belief that they haven’t done the act when in actuality they have, just because you agree with me on part of the story.

Likewise with some conspiracies. I’m not going to agree or disagree with anyone, based on whether or not they agree or disagree with me on what I say. Even if you agree with 99.999% of what I say, I’m still not gonna agree with you on that 0.001% of what you say just because you agree with me on everything else. Is that information accurate or not? That’s what matters. Not whether or not you or anyone else agrees with it.

Actually, I’d be far more keen to have a conversation with you if you didn’t blindly agree with me or with anyone else, and instead questioned everything and came to your own discernments. If I’m to have relationships with other people, I’d rather it be with those who also love freedom, knowledge and comprehension and (of course) themselves; who question everything and feel and think for themselves, coming to their own discernments no matter how popular or unpopular they are.

  • “B-b-but, if there’s even a 0.001% chance that the disease is real and it spreads, and I might get it, it’s better to be cautious and take preventative measures!”

So, you’re trying to “prevent” a risk that either does not exist or that is very unlikely to occur, and even if it does, it’s extremely trivial in terms of intensity that you probably wouldn’t even notice it, by blindly acquiescing to “measures” that not only are meant as a means to propagate a slavery system that’s even shittier than what we’ve got today, but which also lower your health and have a much higher chance of getting you sick in general (if you let it), albeit over time.

That’s like saying “Well, if I walk outside I may lightly trip on the sidewalk. What should I do to prevent that? Hm… I know! I’ll cut off my own legs. That way, I won’t trip on the sidewalk ever again. Brilliant!”

Think about it. People who bought the lie are trying to prevent a potential and highly unlikely, and even then trivial risk, by incurring certain illnesses and grievances on themselves, both short term and long term. It’s fucking retarded.

And then, let’s say with the masks and the “social distancing”, and all the illness and lowered immune systems that that’ll produce because of oxygen deprivation and breathing in your bacteria along with your exhaled carbon dioxide (which is good for plants and the environment, but not so good for being breathed in by humans in large enough amounts, as you would if you’re wearing a bullshit plastic muzzle on your face, like a fucking brainwashed dog), along with the fear, panic and unfounded distrust and division between people, while blindly trusting the very ones who are trying to get them to enslave themselves… you watch how they’re going to falsely attribute that to “covid-19” as being the cause of all those health issues. It’s a scam to both enslave people and to artificially bump up numbers even more.

What better way to cause a sudden outburst of respiratory illnesses, which you’re then going to falsely label “covid-19”, than to get people to wear masks and breathe in their own bacteria and stale, oxygen deprived air day after day? I mean, there are more effective ways, but that’s part of what they’re currently doing.

I have not, am not and will not be wearing any mask, nor get a vaccine when or if they’ll start demanding it! Not even with the threat of death or torture! Because I love and respect, know and comprehend myself, as well as because I have fucking principles!

The only reason why I wore a mask in a couple instances during this time, was when I went about recording house slaves (“police”) during the “lockdowns” and “curfews” (during which I went outside quite a bit more often than usual, including in parks even after being attemptively roughed up by a literal gang of badged thugs, 10-12 in number, as well as threatened and extorted for money, via a 570$ “fine” which I haven’t and won’t pay), which was actually for reasons of maintaining anonimity and reducing the chances of them finding out who I was by having their car or personal cameras record my face, and not because the house slaves demanded it. Fuck ‘em. In actuality, if or when I’ll decide to go with a camera out again, I’ll most likely not wear a mask for that reason either.

Anyway, more about how that experience with the 10-12 house slaves went in this article.

  • “B-b-but, I’ve done medical research myself. I’m a doctor! I’ve studied viruses!”

This is most often given my doctors who blindly believe what they’ve been indoctrinated with by the system and the big pharma industry (which has no interest in helping people get healthy, both because they profit from sick people and for other, more ancient and so-called “control” related agendas that try to make humanity degrade its own genome and such), who will attempt deviate from discussing specifically about “covid-19” and how it is a fake, by saying that “viruses exist” and that “they’ve studied viruses, so this one must exist”.

This is the equivalent of someone telling you that Santa Claus killed a bunch of people and is a dangerous mass murderer, and you believing them based on acknowledging that murderers exist in the world, and then listing a bunch of known serial killers. Listing a bunch of known murderers more or less demonstrates that those specific murderers exist and commited those acts. It says fuck all about whether or not Santa Claus is the murderer in question.

Then, when they bring up the numbers of people murdered by a host of different serial killers and decide to obscure the notion that they were the many murderers that committed the act, they then present you with a farse or a boogeyman going by the name of Santa Claus, who they claim is the “new baddie” that “we must protect against”, by taking “measures” that not only do not prevent any murders from taking place, but actually endorse them and keep them going in greater numbers.

More or less the exact same thing is happening with the alleged “covid-19”, this Santa Claus that is allegedly spreading across the world so rapidly and is so-dangerous-and-we’re-allgonnadie – OMFGHNASUDOUIHNUNIUASDF-AAAAH!!!

Stop believing the bullshit. Better yet, stop believing and disbelieving.

Question everything. The more we question, the more we know; and the more we know, the more we question… thus, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, etc, we know and comprehend… among other things…

Oh, and here’s another thing: the more one questions everything and thus the more they know, aside from that being good, great and beautiful in it’s own right, it also has the natural effect of making one immune or at least less suceptible to being duped and deceived.

  • “B-b-but, you said that part of the ploy is to get people to distrust each other and fight amongst themselves. Why don’t we just stop arguing about this and just agree with each other? Let’s wear masks and forget about all this business.”

NO, you fucking moron! You’re just excusing your cowardice and advocating for people to be passive bitches who just gobble up whatever a proxy “mommy” or “daddy” figure says. Blind trust and agreeance is in the same vein of stupidity as blind distrust and “label wars”. Both lead to slavery and both are retarded by their very concept, since they rely on ignorance and fear.

Separation is an illusion when we realize that we’re infinite consciousness and such, but we’ve chosen to experience the illusion of separation for a reason. The point is to experience it for however long we feel is pertinent to do so, but without being blinded by it. If someone is just a gullible and puerile sack of shit who “believes everything” or a likewise retarded and obsessively skeptic person who “disbelieves everything” (which in turn means they do have a particular, rigid belief that they cling to, licking the shit stained walls of their proverbial bowels while their head is firmly kept tight up their arse, strangled by the sphincter of their vanity and ignorance, while erroneously believing the smell of their own shit to be ever so “lovely”, since they don’t remember to have known anything else), then it’s more or less the same condition of ego-driven behaviour, just manifested in different ways.

Now, aside from all the veils of illusory separation, there is one actual separation between living beings; which, while illusory in the grand scheme of things, is still a pertinent thing to consider as part of the experience of “life”. That separation is the distinction between people who either wittingly or unwittingly condone slavery, and those of us who are against it and actually know what genuine freedom and liberty are.

All other separations are pretty much irelevant to the topic at hand. Race, religion, culture, sexuality, income bracket, human, alien, corporeal, non-corporeal and whatever else? Utterly irrelevant, when it comes to morality. In that sense, the separation is between those who are good and those who are evil. Again, wittingly or unwittingly.

That separation should be made. I’m not saying that someone who’s evil or ignorant at some point in their lives won’t ever become good. Quite on the contrary, as everything is a choice. However, if someone refuses knowledge and decides to favour ignorance, and if they refuse morality (which, in practice, basically boils down to “Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.” or “Do what you like, so long as you don’t impose it on anyone else.”) and instead support slavery and evil, then they should be called out. Both in the sense of exposing to them what they’re doing in-so-that they may make an informed decision about whether or not they want to become an actually good and conscious being, as well as to identify those who are blinded by psychopathic tendencies and trauma to such an extent that either just go along with whatever tyrannical bullshit, while either refusing to see that what they’re doing is wrong or knowingly doing it.

No, we shouldn’t blindly agree, nor disagree with each other just for the sake of doing so. We are to question everything and if we naturally trust or distrust one another for reasons of differing philosophies and discernments, while still of course respecting each other’s natural and unalienable right to live our lives as we see fit so long as we don’t impose it on anyone, then may it be so.

So long as we don’t impose our ways on anyone, thinking and feeling differently or similarly to each other should never be a barrier between us, nor a false bridge or persona-mask. Our similarities bring us together, while our differences help us expand and learn from each other.

When it comes to discernment, knowledge and comprehension, it doesn’t matter how few or how many, who does or who doesn’t, who says or who saysn’t, how popular or unpopular something is.

What matters is consciousness, imagination, creativity, free will, freedom, intuition, intelligence, morality and so on. Also, is it good or bad? Moral or immoral? Right or wrong? Accurate or inaccurate? To what extent and in what way? As well as other such questions, criteria and aspects that appertain to the quality of the information, which does not change based on opinion and belief. I mean, it changes through consciousness, but not opinion or belief.

The more you acquiesce to the bullshit and impositions, the more they’re going to keep pushing. You think it’s bad enough now? Wait ‘till you see what’s coming, if people keep bending over backwards out of cowardice and condone their own enslavement.

Wake the fuck up. When we say “fuck this shit” and refuse the slavery, we set ourselves free and they have no way of forwarding their agendas. Both exoterically because of there are (supposedly) about 8 billion people in the world, and only almost a literal handful of parasites by comparison (human and non-human alike) who operate behind the scene, as well as esoterically because, seeing as how we’re all infinite and unlimited consciousness, we always create our own realities through imagination and choice, and so therefore everything is manifested through consent. Whether that consent is known or unknown to the ego or persona level of our being, the consent is still there.

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make. If we say we want to bring about whatever change in the world, then it’s up to us to become the change we want to see happen in the world. Through every change we make in ourselves, we change the world as well, both for better and worse. The difference between what we actually manifest comes from whether we choose to manifest the good or the evil within us.

You want to build a world of love? Be loving.

You want to build a world of kindness? Be kind.

You want to build a world that loves freedom, knowledge and comprehension? Be courageous, or better yet fearless, and have the unquenchable thirst for freedom, knowledge and comprehension within you and express it unflinchingly, firmly and relentlessly.

Not for the sake of changing the world, though, but rather for the sake of becoming better in every moment than you were the moment before. We are to grow, evolve and be who we genuinely are, no matter what anyone else does or says.

  • “Pfft, I can’t talk with you. You always have a “but…” to every argument I bring.”

So, in other words, you have an aversion towards people who actually have pertinent information and arguments with which to challenge your beliefs. You’re not looking for conversation and knowledge. You’re just looking for confirmation bias.

There’s a fucking difference between knowledge and confirmation bias.

Aside from that, there are also many differences of both complexity and intricacy, between belief / faith, science and more advanced forms of knowing and comprehending.

Also, here’s

  • “Nah, man. You’re just stuck in your own view of things and you refuse to acknowledge any alternative. You won’t convince me to believe what I don’t want to believe.”

So, I question everything and am aware that neither I nor anyone else, on a personal or ego level at least, “know it all” and may very well be wrong on a number of things. What I’m looking to do is have an open conversation and debate, letting information flow freely and being open to both the notion that I’m both right about some things and wrong about some other things. By having the information and conversation flow freely without any restraing whatsoever, including being faced with information that is different from what I may think I know at any point, if I’m right about something I’ll have more reasons to discern why that is so; likewise, if I’m wrong about something I’m open to knowing if I am, so that I might actually correct my mistakes and improve my knowledge.

Like I said, so far in terms of what I’ve come to discern, look at, study and so on, both in-life and beyond life… the point is, so far, it seems most likely that the so-called “covid-19” pathogen does not exist and that the pandemic is completely false, or the second most likely scenario after that is that it’s an artificial one that is pretty much statistically trivial (even with the bloated and fake statistics). Either way, the impression of the fake-demic is used as a psyop to get people into even more constant panic and stress, for easier social programming and mind-“control”, as well as an agenda.

It is not something I “believe”. It is something experienced both through first hand… well, experience, in this life and others, as well as through second hand experience via the works, studies and research of other people who spent more time that I currently have on compiling this type of information. I’m talking both about the scam-demic and in general. Could I be wrong about various aspects that I claim to know, at any point? Obviously. If I am, I’d like to know, for reasons I’ve already mentioned. Go ahead and show me something that I haven’t come across before and I’ll look at it and see what I make of it.

I also look at information from people with whom I generally or partially disagree with, and even some people whom I actually detest on a personal level, because the point is to look at the information and judge it on its own merit, not whether or not I like or dislike the person in question or whether they have different views than I do, on whatever topic.

That is genuine open-mindedness. Not the bullshit “I agree with everything” mentality, which is just blatant gullibility, or the overly skeptical approach that is basically just blind dismissal of the unknown. Which in turn means you kinda need to have an already existing belief to zealously put on a pedestal, because otherwise you wouldn’t come into the discussion with a mentality of “Pfft, you ain’t gonna convince me that I’m wrong, no matter what you say.”

If you have that mentality and then accuse someone else of “closed-mindedness”, that means that not only are you the closed minded person in the discussion, but also that you’re a fuckin’ hippocrit, who’s looking to ignore your own fallacies and retardation (which means “held back”, by the way) by deceiving yourself into erroneously believing that everyone who disagrees with you “must” be in the same way that you actually are.

In other words, people who psychologically let themselves blinded by the compulsion to blame others for their own mistakes and fallacies, because on some level they realize they’re wrong, but they’re still in an egoic mindset and thus refuse to acknowledge what they are already aware of, albeit not wittingly so at that time in their lives.

Anyway, blah blah, see you in the next article.

Also, remember…

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

Never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in.

And it all boils down to: never fear and never be feared.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

155 thoughts on “Dismantling more bullshit excuses for the scam-demic

  1. wow! What a great write up and logically assessing the brainwashed zombies I’ve been witnessing. There are soooo many of them. I hope they are able to wake themselves up soon. You just profoundly put into words all the thoughts and contradictions I’ve witnessed. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I feel less alone now.

    1. Well, you’re not alone. That’s just what the media is trying to directly or indirectly tell people, so that they lose hope and thus the motivation to organize or do something about the bullshit.

      But, even if any one of us actually was alone, that wouldn’t matter. Right is right even if nobody does or believes it. Wrong is wrong even if everyone does or believes it.

      Talk to people on the streets. Ask them their thoughts about the bullshit agenda and fakedemic. What I do, is when I walk across people who are not wearing masks in an area where most are, I openly give them a thumbs up and congratulate them for (presumably) not being scared shitless like the others around them. Most of the time, they smile and laugh, nodding or giving a thumbs up in return, while other times we have a conversation about it.

      Sometimes, like when I see parents out in the open with masks and basically making their kids wear it, I’m like: “Did you look into the negative effects of wearing masks so excessively, and also that the notion that they don’t work?”
      In most of those kinds of cases, you can see the fear in their eyes and they either just look at you like you tried to kidnap their kids, or they just plain ignore you like you’re not even there.

      Regardless, doing what is right is to be done for it’s own sake.

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