Stand up in freedom, and never accept any form of slavery

So, I wrote a few other articles on this whole plannedemic or fakedemic (in addition to the first one), exposing part of what I’ve come to discern are some of the implications and manipulations behind the whole thing. However, in this particular one, I want to recount an encounter I had with a bunch of house slaves (“police”, in this case) and to remind people to have self-love, self-respect and a fuckin’ backbone.

In my country, there’s currently a curfew going on, along with the bullshit lockdowns and the retarded “paper’s please” mentality. Some people might say “well, just show them your paper’s and they’ll let you go”. Over the course of discussions with people who have that view, it’s blatantly obvious that they either have a slave-like mentality and the belief in so-called “authority” (which is just a euphemism for slavery) or are just plain cowardly, at that particular point in their life. They don’t realize that (a) if you’ve not initiated any violence, theft, coercion, deceit or any other form of malice on anyone, then it’s nobody’s business who you are, what your name is, where you’re going, what your income is or any other details with regards to your personal information, especially if you don’t want to share it; (b) it’s just the start, and they’re testing to see how far they manage to push it before the population starts rejecting the fuckery to a significant enough extent; (c) it’s about the impression of so-called “control” and culling the population, as well as psychological warfare in an attempt to further try to deceive the masses into becoming mindless zombies that are easy to exploit. If you give a tyrannical system even the edge of your fingernail, they’ll keep trying to get more and more.

Rebellion is standing defiant against all forms of oppression, evil and slavery.

Always rebel and stand defiant, no matter what.

Why? Because, among other things, we are all both infinite and unlimited consciousness, as well as individual expressions of ourselves as such. In other words, my life is my own, your life is your own and everyone’s life is their own.

Living beings are not “property”. None of us “belong” to anyone or anything. Yet, the retarded belief in “government”, when you strip away all the bullshit and euphemisms, is literally the erroneous belief that people are the “property” of the “state”; when you are born and you get a birth certificate, that is literally a document that the “state” uses to make the bogus claim that the newborn is an “asset”. The IDs are little more than hyped up number tags, like they brand animals at farms with. In courts and other contexts, people are treated as “corporations” instead of living beings, which is why you’ll almost never see your name written in official documents Like This, and instead only LIKE THIS. They typically refuse to even process your documents, if you write your name As Usual. Do your research on that, but the point is that everything that has to do with “government” is just plain slavery. Our “society” is not a civilisation. It’s a plantation, at this point in time.

So, I tried explaining that to a bunch of house slaves I came across during my trip a couple days ago, when they came to me when I entered the park; parks apparently being listed as an “off-limits area”, because nothing says preventing supposed extinction level, zombie apocalypse viruses from spreading, like trying to limit people’s travel to smaller and smaller area, eh? Though, if some of my current discernments on the matter are accurate, if there is even any new virus or pathogen, it’s a slightly more intense flu at worst.

I have seen a few people building stuff in the park though, probably trying to stealthily implement biometric scanners and cameras, maybe 5G and other such stuff, which is probably part of the reason why they’re closing down the parks and trying to keep people out.

Anyway, I attempted to have a conversation with them, both about morality and that they’re supporting a system of slavery, as well as about the notion that this fakedemic is an attempt at psychological, eugenic and social engineering, while, of course, firmly refusing to show any ID, tell them where I was going or give off any specific information.

At first, there was one guy. Then, another guy came in and then another. There were now three. They tried to take me to a house slave pen (a.k.a. “police” station), but I refused, saying that I do not cooperate and that intimidation, threats and violence don’t work on me; and that if they want to try and use so-called “force”, then go ahead and try.

After a while of me continuing to refuse, during which they called two additional more units to the location. (“Calling for backup, calling for backup! There’s an unarmed guy here who doesn’t cooperate. Send the tanks! Request an air-strike!”)

Now, there were about 8-10 armed thugs (maybe 12, if we’re taking some of those in the background), four cars around the area (one of which was a slightly armored van). At this point, they did not “request” that I go to the station (not that they ever did, because if it was an actual request they would have accepted “no” for an answer without issue), and instead started barking at me to come to the car.

Calmly, I grinned in both amusement and pity towards them for their psychopathy and stupidity, and I once again said that I do not cooperate, and that they could go ahead and try to use force, because I not going to play along with their ploy.

So, one of them took me by an arm, before being joined by another of the thugs, and we came in the proximity of one of the cars; specifically the dark van. At this point, about at least 8 of them were surrounding me, with another two or three wandering in the background, but I positioned myself between them and a row of short benches. Immediately behind that, was a forestial area of the park. I figured that if I felt like they were actually going to shoot or try to harm me in some fashion (well, my body anyway, which is the only part of my incarnate form that my persona has the impression that is susceptible to damage, at this point), one viable option (among many others) would be to vault over the bench and use the trees as cover in case of gunfire.

At this point, after I yet again calmly, but firmly refused to get in the car. Seeing my refusal and confident demeanor, they attempted to gang up on me, puffing up their posture and coming close to me. Some of them raised their arms like they were about to strike, but looking at them and seeing, among other things, what I assume is a person’s energy or aura, as well as examining their body language, it was evident that they were bluffing. Four of them were barking stuff like “we’re gonna fuck you up, boy” or “we’re gonna lock you up and send you to an asylum”, as well as similarly shouting petty stuff like “The fuck’s up with your clothes? Did you even look in the mirror? The fuck kinda haircut is that? You look like a deranged animal; you’re a fucking savage!” and other such pathetic attempts at intimidation. I laughed aloud at that last one, as the irony seemed to go completely over their head; as did their own hipocrisy.

After some more time passed, during which I explained some stuff about freedom, spirituality, intuition, intelligence and so on, while also asking them specific questions in an attempt to get them to see their own cognitive dissonance. Only one of them appeared to actually express some manner of reluct at this whole event while I was speaking, although he didn’t do anything about it; maybe a seed was planted, so to speak, and perhaps he’ll use it to help himself awaken at some point in his current life, or another.

Anyway, one of the more overtly brutish fuck-ups snatched my phone away. I had the camera on from the start, although without a working memory card, but I thought of using this as a way of seeing if they’d act differently, if they assumed I was filming them.

Oh, and when they approached me, only one of them put a mask on their face when I said I’d turn the camera on, with another two facetously putting them on afterwards, along with plastic gloves. The rest wore none of that, and also ganged up in a small area. So, as exaggerated a method as even that is, for such a “pandemic” with fake tests and manipulated results, they weren’t even applying their own “measures”. Even if one is to assume the “official” statistics are accurate, the reported number of deaths worldwide is currently far, far too neglijable compared to the usual seasonal flu and other such things; which aren’t as marketable as a “new pathogen” or an “invisible enemy” with a fancy name that rolls easily on the tongue.

Anyway, they attempted to push me on a bench and do a body search, but after straightening up my posture a number of times, I thought that if I put my hands on the bench, that’ll make it easier to vault over it more quickly, while they’re distracted with the search; maybe even kick off of the thug who was searching my pockets.

The search only lasted a few seconds though, and the thug only checked inside my shorts’ pockets with a finger, so even though what they did was still violent, it wasn’t in that overly aggressive fashion, in terms of the physical interaction itself. Still violent, evil and inexcusable, though.

Next, they tried to demand that I remove my backpack and open it for them. I once again refused, and they took it off themselves after some more empty threats and barking. After insisting that I open it up and show them what’s inside, of course with me refusing, they rummaged through it and found my ID (I was on my way to get a passport done, in the eventuality that I’d leave the country and help start an intentional community somewhere with some conscious activitsts and anarchists).

Bla, bla, bla, some more “why u no show ID?!” bullshit from them, with me one again explaining that we’re infinite and unlimited consciousness, and we’re the ones who decide our own lives and destinies, etcetera. They wrote a bullshit ticket of around 570$, along with a “verbal process” (as it’s called in my country) and then tried to demand that I sign it. However, I told them straight up that I won’t be paying any extortion fee (which is what “fines” are, when you strip away the euphemistic bullshit), nor signing any papers. Both because what they did was immoral, evil and wrong, and also because that would just give them more evidence that this exchange happened in the first place. Why make their “job” easier? In my country, the house slaves generally don’t seem to be wearing body cameras, although there may have been a recording done through their walkie-talkies, or other hidden devices they may have had on them. Anyway…

With a laugh and a grin on my face, I was like: “Nope.”

“Sign the thing!”


“Saighn da tingh!!”

“Do you like repeating yourself? I already said no.”

“Urgh, urgh… you piece of shit! Urgh, urgh… You’re keeping us here, when we could be “helping” other people, but you instead call us here for no reason and, and…” Grunted some of the pathetic creatures, in between yet more empty threats, in their hipocrisy and forgetfulness of who they are beyond their fragile, and even then artificial egos.

“Really? Was it not your collegues, or rather accomplices, that called you here? I have told you several times that I won’t cooperate, and that you’re wasting your time, when I can get on my way, and you on yours; and, as is the premise of your “job” as the thug of a slavery system, along with what you’ve demonstrated already through your behaviour in this situation, I highly doubt you give a shit about “helping” people.”

“Urgh, watch your language, boy! You’re using bad words.” Another one barked.

“Ooh, how egregious of me.” I snarkily reply, with a confident smirk. “First off, though, words are meaningless, on their own. It’s about the meaning behind them. Secondly, don’t be a hipocrite. All of you use those words, and you’ve already done so, several times throughout this encounter. Aside from the generally violent, exploitative, ignorant, inept and cowardly behaviour you’ve already displayed.”

“Urgh. You disrespect us!”

“First off, you’re the ones pathetically trying to intimidate and threaten someone who’s done you no wrong. Secondly, although this is the more relevant thing by comparison, you don’t seem to know what actual respect is, now do you?”

“Urgh, you fuckin’ savage animal…” I blurted out a laugh and shook my head once more, at the irony of his words. “Respect only comes through this!” Like a puerile, and quite likely retarded school bully, he brandished his fist and then punched his own palm a couple times, while I laughed even harder.

I mean, it wasn’t that good kind of laughter, where one appreciates the intricacies and beauty behind some philosophical idea or quote. Or the sort when one has a revelation, epiphany or other things much more advanced and complex than that. Nah, towards them? It was the sort of laugh you see when one honestly pities someone so deeply for their retardation, but at the same time experiences a bit of tragic amusement at fuck-ups way of living in mental and emotional self-mutilation.

Anyway, they continued: “You don’t respect the “laws”!”

“Of course I don’t.” I casually reply. “What’re those, but impositions and opinions backed up solely by the threat of violence, coercion, theft, manipulation and deceit?”

“Urgh, what? You wanna be the only exception, or what? You think you’re above the “law”, or something?”

“Oh, I know I am.” They snarled with petty anger in their eyes. “So are you. So is everyone. It’s got nothing to do with being an exception or not. Everyone is above the so-called “law”. In other words, as I’ve explained earlier: my life is my own, your life is your own, and everyone’s life is their own. Respecting that, would make for quite a more freedom-oriented, wise, peaceful and vigilant world. By the way, respect is something that never comes through so-called “force”. Respect means “to look again”, or in other words: loving, knowing and comprehending one’s self, and therefore naturally tending to express similar behaviours towards everyone and everything else.”

“Urgh, you’re a retard! We can see it on your face! You’re clearly mentally ill!”

“Heh…” I laugh once more, rolling my eyes at them, while they were shouting about. “Well, an ilness implies a dysfunction, does it not? Expressing higher and higher spirituality, intuition, intelligence,  awareness, conscience, knowledge, comprehension, love, discernment and all of this good and beautiful stuff, is elevatory. But, looking at you, I’m not surprised you have such erroneous impressions of me.”

“Urgh, it’s clear! You belong in an asylum, you piece of shit! Yo’ mama and daddy beat you up when you were a kid, huh? How’d that feel, boy? Ya been raped or some shit? You’re insane!”

“Hah. Well, in a society that revolves around idiocy and slavery, I am glad to be considered terminally ill and utterly diseased. Now, question for you. You all believe I’m mentally ill, yes?”

“Pfft, it’s obvious! Better lock ‘im up, boys! Ha, ha!” They started ridiculing amongst themselves.

“Well then, have you thought about you’ve been doing this past hour or so? You came here, ganged up and decided to ineptly attempt to intimidate, ridicule and harass someone who you, by your own admission, believe to be mentally ill. What does that say about you? What does that say, about you? I mean, the belief is erroneous and inaccurate, but you did claim that that’s what you believe.”

Only one of them seemed to have had some sort of a reaction that would imply at least a minimum of pondering, but the rest? They continued prattling. I was like: “You know what? A conversation is supposed to be a mutual venture, and you currently seem neither willing, nor able to have an honest and open discussion, so I won’t be answering any more of your questions.”

After that, some of them continued to scream and shout some more, while others just sort of tried to stand there acting “tough”, at which I smirked and shook my head, occasionally asking them how much more time they’re interested in wasting. Funnily enough, they said that they weren’t going to have a conversation either, before immediately continuing to waste words, and me mentioning that to them.

After a brief while, we went on our way, with some of the house slaves either demanding that I return home. I told them that I’ll be going wherever it is that I was already on my way towards, and then some of them saying stuff like “You’re lucky we didn’t see you comin’ around here at night!”

“Oh? What would you have tried to do if that were the case?” I wanted to talk to them about synchronicities and how there is no such thing as “luck” of “coincidence”, but seeing them as they were, I casually turned to look at them over my shoulder, before asking that question as I turned to face them once again.

“We’d have fucked you up and showed ya some “parental love”, boy! We’d have gang raped you, you piece of shit savage! Spank that ass up until it was blood red!”

Once again, I shook my head and rolled my eyes, laughing probably even louder than before. “Heh. Well, you’re free to believe whatever you want. Have fun with that. Ciao.”

With that, I went on my way, pondering about how this was yet another synchronistic event, that I created in my life experience, so as to test myself and learn more about being conscious and alive, etcetera.

At another entrance to the park, I leapt over a barricade and walked part of the way towards where I was going, through it. There was also a handful people here and there, albeit unfortunately far fewer than usual. Afterwards, I went on with my day.

Now, part of the the point of this particular tale is, among other things, to remind people to love and respect themselves and each other, and to never concede. Give a tyrant even a single chip of your toe nail, and they’ll try to deceive you into giving them everything you got. Don’t fall for it.

The world is this way not primarily because of the psychopaths and parasites, who – by their very definition – utterly depend on a host, without which they don’t manage to do anything. This society is currently a system of slavery because, among other things, people have let themselves duped into forgetting who they are, and then use their own power against themselves.

If someone crafts a baseball bat, and then starts whacking themselves across the head with it, while at the same time claiming that the guy who told them to do so is responsible, then you’d rightly point out that it’s not the case.

Analogically speaking, that’s almost exactly the aggregate condition of (still) a majority of people in the world today (2020, gregorian calendar), albeit a declining one. I say “almost”, because the parasites do have their share of the responsibility, since they’re deliberately trying to deceive humanity and all that – and of course they should be held accountable for that – but the bulk of the responsibility rests with those who actually perform the act of, in their cowardice and retardation (a state of “holding themselves back”), either trying to propagate the slavery or standing aside and turning a blind eye.

People don’t realize that each and every one of us not only CAN change the world, but we already DO change the world. Through, among other things, what, how and why we think, feel, act, etcetera. We all change and shape the world and reality through all of these things, as well as both our actions and inactions. That is, aside from all of the more esoteric, reality creating and warping stuff that I’ve talked about in other articles, and will in future ones as well. Synchronicities, lucid manifestation and creation, among other things…

If you want a world of love, be loving. You want a world of kindness? Be kind. You want vigilance? Be vigilant. This applies to every aspect of everything. If change is to be manifested in the world, it needs to come from within first. We are to become the change we want to see in the world, but not just for the sake of the world itself. Rather, we are to love, respect, know and comprehend ourselves, and everythingness, for the sake of doing so.

“If you want to know the secrets of life while living it, you need to die before you die.”

Deciding to be born with that remembrance is also another option (which is part of what I did; hurr, durr, I have big spiritual dick), among many others, but the point is that when one’s physical incarnation dies, then no matter what they’ve done in that life, they’ll remember more of who they are beyond the flesh and the material illusion.

Part of what “dying before you die” means in this context, is experiencing the death of the false-ego (the “mask” that conceals one from one’s self) and either ressurecting the natural ego (the unique and unfiltered personality of each individual; I mean, there are many more sides and aspects of the individual than just the ego, but that’s another topic), or preferably going beyond the very idea of ego and illusion alltogether.

When we do that genuinely, we remember, know and comprehend… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. Both as infinite self and individual self, etc.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped. Never submit, never dominate.

Never a slave, never a master. Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, and never be feared.


Question everything. The more we question, the more we know; and the more we know, the more we question. Thus, through spirit, intuition, intelligence, etcetera, we know and comprehend… among other things…

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know. Things we already know and comprehend anyway as infinite consciousness, with our individual selves experiencing the stories of remembering this, more and more clearly, deeply and profoundly.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

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