Some of my current discernments about the scam-demic

So, it’s been a rather fucked up time for humanity, and it’ll probably continue for a while longer, with the changes for the better or worse for our world and society hinging on what we all do, both in these times, as well as in general. Both spiritually, non-physically and physically, as well as in every regard.

I’ve confronted house slaves (“cops”) who tried to threaten me with violence and kidnapping,  for walking outside in the park and for refusing to show them any papers or answer their questions. That’s a whole article in-and-of-itself, which you can find here.

Since then, I went outside whenever I felt like it without any ID on me, I took my camera and decided to film a hospital (but didn’t get inside, because my camera immediately raised suspicions), where the people that I questioned about how many covid-19 cases (well, two people) said they “don’t know” or they stood silent and turned the other way, actin’ like they didn’t see or hear me. What odd behaviour for someone who supposedly isn’t being deceitful, huh? Of course, they also didn’t answer any questions about how the tests are done, if they know whether or not they’re accurate and to what extent.

A few days later, my body woke up to some screams of pain, and in that brief daze, my brain was all like “what the fuck?”, before I rushed out to the window. A guy was screaming as three house slaves tried to forcibly get him in an ambulance, pushing him to the ground and twisting his arm behind his back. In that moment, I was like “nah, fuck this shit!” and immediately took my camera and rushed to the scene, looking to at least film the thing, question the psychopaths regardless of the so-called “risk”, and maybe put myself in front of the car, raise awareness of those around me or something of the sort.

However, I got there right as the house slaves and the ambulance were leaving. I still have the footage, but it’s not something particularly spectacular. A house slave car’s “licence” plate, the vehicles in question leaving and a brief “interview” with the onlookers.

What particularly disgusted me, aside from the event itself and the blatant, overt tyranny of it all, was how cowardly the onlookers in question just laughed about it, saying that the guy who basically let himself kidnapped “should’ve gone with them, because they said so”. At the same time, when I started questioning them about the actual event, they were like “nah, there’s nothin’ to see here” and shit like that. They were even falsely proud of themselves for basically being under house arrest, and laughing about a guy who did nothing wrong and resisting a kidnapping.

After telling them that they’re contributing to making the world a worse place, and that they should have some self-respect and self-love, and never accept any form of slavery, I went on my way.

Later that day, or night more rather (after the bullshit “curfew”), I saw another ambulance driving somewhere, and I waited to see if there are any house slave cars wandering about after it. I didn’t want to waste time, in case someone actually called an ambulance because they thought they were sick with something.

However, after a brief while, I decided I want to know what the actual case was, and although I didn’t find the ambulance in question (it was probably driving through the area or/and finished it’s stuff before I got there), and decided to walk around the area and see if there is anything that I would want to either film or/and intervene in some manner.

I did see another empty ambulance parked somewhere near a house, so I hung around the area for a bit, before pondering whether or not to go and ask the ambulance some questions, or/and whether they’re okay with being accomplices to kidnappings. However, I decided “pfft, fuck it” before going home, knowing (or at least assuming) what some of their most likely answers might be. Part of the reason why I didn’t do it was because having a compact, but decently sized camera (without an additional hidden one) would’ve raised suspicion.

Anyway, I then decided that I’m gonna walk through a “off-limits” area (a park), and so I did. I went there, made my way through a “barricade” (some easily removed metal grills) and found a nice spot to lay on grass and enjoy nature. Then, I decided that I’m gonna open one of the bigger gates of the park, both because we’re all and always free and freedom, and also because fuck slavery, as well as due to the plan-demic or fake-demic being pretty much a scam (maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, to whatever extent, but that’s my current discernment on the matter), for reasons I’ll get further into, in this article.

So, I whipped up my camera, gave a bit of a speech about freedom and consciousness, etcetera, then ripped apart a plastic “police line” and opened the gate wide, walking out right through it and then going about my day. I’d post the video, but although it’s philosophycally meaningful, the video itself isn’t as “epic” as I’d have wanted. Plus, the camera’s very shaky, since I don’t have a gimble for it.

Anyway, on the face of it, the act itself is a guy opening a gate to a park, but in the context at hand, it’s a demonstration of defiance and liberty. It’s pretty fucked up to see that probably nobody in my area (that I’m currently aware of, at the time of writing this) got to doing this sort of thing and resisting. A majority of people are just scared shitless. Imagine if just about 10 people would’ve intervened when that guy was thrown in an ambulance and kidnapped. Imagine if those people were armed and willing to open fire, in defence of their fellow man, if the house slaves didn’t want to release him. Not saying bloodshed would’ve been the most preferable option, far from it, but it is a viable last resort.

Of course, there are also much more ample and complex things, such as synchronicities and how we weave our lives to experience everything we choose, as soul, spirit and in-story characters, but that’s another conversation.

Eventually, I think the martial bullshit is going to be withdrawn at some point (the more people stand up to it, the sooner), but with some of the bullshit remaining in place, as was the case with 9/11 and almost all other “crises” that the slavery system used as an excuse. Excuses that nobody should accept, both because it’s a scam, and much more so than that, because freedom is always the answer, and slavery is never a “solution” to anything.

As for why I think it’s a scam, here’s a summary of some of my current discernments on the matter, aside from the notion that the narrative comes from institutions (“government”) that have always sought to deceive and manipulate the population, so it seems very unlikely that those in so-called “government” suddenly turned over a new leaf and decided they give a shit about anything other than their own avarice and vanity. I mean, if they did, they wouldn’t be “government” anymore.

  • There is no specific test for “covid-19”

No attempts have been made to isolate a supposed “new” pathogen. The tests that are being conducted are PCR tests, which are not only known to be inaccurate in making diagnostics, but also test for all strains of coronavirus, which is apparently one of the most common family of viruses, that a majority of people already have in their body anyway.

  • PCR tests don’t work

The PCR tests are imprecise, because they function based on amplifying the genetic material found in the sample, until a either a virus or a DNA sequence resembling a virus is found. They say nothing about the viral load in a person’s body, which is to say that it doesn’t tell how much of a particular pathogen is or isn’t in the body. Most people have loads of viruses and other pathogens in their bodies, and carry them asymptomatically (which is to say that they don’t get sick from it, because they’re either immune to it or because their bodies aptly fight against it), because either their immune system is strong enough, or because there’s not enough virus to provoke an illness.

  • Deception in the “medical” industry

The PCR tests also don’t exclude bacterial infections, nor co-ifections with other viruses other than those in the coronavirus family. In spite of this, “covid-19” is written on the death certificate as the supposed “cause of death” or “cause of ilness”, with or without there being any “coronavirus” in their system, or bothering to see if there was enough of it to produce symptoms or death; and that’s aside from the idea that they often diagnose pacients simply on the symptoms they display. Symptoms which are shared by many other diseases and causes.

“Oh, you got a runny nose? Covid-19. You’re breathing heavily? Covid-19. Circulatory problems? Covid-19. You broke up with your spouse or with your entourage? Covid-19.”

Ironically, the last one might actually be the most accurate out of the list, since this particular “crises” has more or less shown who gives a shit about freedom, knowledge and comprehension, and who’s an ignorant, pansy ass bitch.

However, I do advise people to have patience with their loved ones though, as well as with people in general, especially if you see that they’re honestly interested in knowing more, but still have some cognitive dissonance to overcome. We don’t need even further artificial division in our lives. On the other hand, if you try to help someone and see that they’re just not interested in helping themselves, leave them be. There are better ways to spend our time.


  • Fake diagnostics and artificially bloated numbers

Notice that, even by their “official” numbers, the general number of people who die of “all causes” during this time of the year has not increased. If there was a supposed “new virus” or epidemic, shouldn’t that number rise because of the new pathogen? Instead, what they do, is they have people in hospitals for other ilnesses (pneumonia, intense flu, cancer and others) and have them take the PCR test. If they take the test and come out “positive”, which most people would because of how the PCR test functions, if they die of their ilness, “covid-19” is written as the “cause of death”.

If the pacients die because of poor hospital management, shitty hygiene conditions, lack of sanitation or staff numbers, just plain neglect, then “oh, it’s covid-19”. Also notice how the news typically mention it: “More pacients died after testing positive for coronavirus.”

They died after testing positive. They don’t say died of coronavirus. It’s misdirection, and also a way for them to say “well, we didn’t technically lie” if their deception is openly dismantled to the public.

  • Covid-19, even by “official” bullshit standards, isn’t considered a “severe risk factor”
  • Censorship in the mass media and online

First off, it’s the mass media and google we’re talking about. Ya know, two of the most deceptive and vile institutions in our current society? The guys that are bought and paid for by special interests, who use MK-Ultra brainwashing tactics on the masses, are pathlogical deceivers and who time and time again have been demonstrated wrong? Yup, that bunch. I mean, the source of the information is far less relevant than the actual information itself and its accuracy, but a person’s track record is one argument (among many others) to make a discernment about whether or not a someone is being honest, deceitful or if they actually mean what they say.

Anyway, independent reporters (meaning, they don’t work with the press) and other people who want to see what’s going on for themselves, are often kicked from hospitals or banned from entry, as soon as someone sees them with a camera.

Doctor and specialists that go against the “official” narrative are censored, ridiculed and rarely (if ever) get any airtime in the mainstream, without the interviews being edited or cut to misconstrue their statements and make them look bad.

Likewise, people who post online and talk about depopulation, who expose the 5G, globalisation and other parasitic agendas, often have their accounts muted, deleted or banned, or at least have their traffic artificially limited, get algorithmically shadow-banned, etcetera. I no longer have a working account on most of the sites where I looked to inform people about the scamdemic.

If there is censorship going on in any form, there’s most likely an agenda going on and people who want to cover its tracks.

If you’re someone who has confidence in what you’re saying and also open to the idea that you might be wrong, and if you are wrong you’re willing to know, so that you’d improve and expand your knowledge, awareness and all this… well, if you’re an honest, inquitive and so on kind of person, you wouldn’t want to censor anyone. Open discussion, healthy and uncensored debate and a free flow of information is part of what elevates everyone who has an honest interest in expanding awareness.

On the flip side, those who don’t want that kind of stuff going on (typically those who want to impose a particular belief or agenda, through means of violence or/and deception) are gonna try and censor. Generally speaking, those who want to censor either have little to no confidence what they say and just want to maintain a belief system, or they know they’re talkin’ shit, but don’t want others to find out. Those are the main two reasons why anyone would ever want to censor someone. Censorship is bullshit and stifles conversation.

When interviewed, most of the “official” news guests and (of course) the news anchors , they often dance around the topic, pump out more demands and try to get people in a state of fear or purely sentimental mood, for purposes of manipulation. Hospitals don’t offer specific details when asked in more depth about the pacients, the diagnostic, how the rests are made, if they can clearly distinguish a new pathogen and, if so, demonstrate it, etc. Often times, they speak about viruses in general and defer to previous epidemics and such, but (to the extent that I looked so far) don’t really offer anything specific about covid-19 and the current one, outside the (most likely) fabricated numbers, swiftly followed by more sentimental string pulling. Aside from the usual contradictions, sometimes in the same minute, where they say the PCR test is “successful” and “accurate”, but at the same time that hospitals are sending back test kits because they don’t work.

On that note, people who live near hospitals that are claimed in the media to be “overrun” have said that they’re practically empty, because of all the cancelled operations and treatments (I’m curious how many died or are more ill now because of that, but of course they’re most likely not going to release such a figure, or even do such a statistic in the mainstream). I’ve also went to a local hospital and asked about the a few people there if they know how many coronavirus or covid-19 cases have come in, and they were all like “I dunno”, while quickly telling the guard to escort me out of the area. Perhaps it would’ve been a better idea to have a hidden cam with me and enter the building more stealthily, but that’s probably some other time, if I decide to do it again.

  • In some places, nurses and doctors are incentivised or/and threatened to sign “confidentiality” contracts

I don’t currently discern if this is the case for every hospital (it probably isn’t), but I’ve seen reports, as well as supposed nurses and doctors claiming that there are paid or threatened into not telling anyone what goes inside the hospital, to deceive the public and that they shouldn’t try to resuscitate people who are having convulsions or crises, so that they can then have more people dead and slap on the “covid-19” cause of death on the paper.

Also, check this out. Aside from desperately hurrying up and cremating the bodies, along with banning autopsies that would show the actual cause of death, they’re reporting deaths causes based on “assumptions”.

  • It’s not about “caring for the sick and dying”. It’s about attempting to disrupt the economy, produce more poor people and make the wealthy wealthier, through the buying-out of small businesses and companies, as well as about attempting to exploit the public even more.

Many more people are dying or/and suffering from cancelled operations and treatments, from lost jobs and other economical ramifications, than are dying from the supposed virus. The “government” is never interested in helping anyone. It just attempts to artificially interfere. It’s not about “helping people”, but rather about so-called “control”. People losing or selling their businesses, which are then bought up, while the currencies are being inflated with more worthless fiat money through the bullshit “stimulus packs”. It’s to brainwash people to erroneously believe that they “depend” on the state. That’s an illusion. Our lives are our own.

If the statistics that I looked at are accurate, then in 2017-2018, about 70 million people had the flu in US, with about 80.000 dead from it. Guess what? Nobody said anything. No “pandemic woo woo”, no lockdown, none of it. It was a casual flu season.

In Europe? About 60.000 dead last year (2019). No “global pandemic” was making headlines then, either. Just the usual seasonal one, which they wouldn’t manage to deceive people with, as easily as they would with a “new pathogen”, which has a lot of PR and marketing behind it, in addition to a fancy name that rolls easily on the tongue.

In 2019-2020, in England, there were about ~30.000 deaths, 36 milions cases and 18 million who needed medical attention (from “stayin’ at home until ya get better” up to, but without including hospitalization), along with 370.000 that went to the hospital.

By comparison, ever since covid-19 is said to have appear on the market (September-October 2019), even with the inaccurate and manipulated tests, only about 1.3 million cases and 75.000 deaths have been reported (at the time of writing – 8 April 2020). Here’s the thing, though: those are worldwide figures, most of whom already had existing ilnesses and compromised immune systems, or/and were over 70-80 years old. In 6 months’ time!

Even by their own statistics, the coronavirus (in general, excluding the covid-19 for which, to my current discernment, seems to be no actual test since a supposed “new” pathogen has not been isolated and identified) is much milder in terms of “deadliness” than the flu. Plus, most people who carry coronaviruses (which is a majority of people) are asymptomatic. Which means they’re either immune or resistant to the disease, or/and the ilness isn’t lethal.

If the “official” statistics, as bloated and fabricated as they are (the WHO is funded by Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, by the way), are so small, how much smaller are the actual numbers? If it was indeed a serious problem (fabricated or natural) and the parasites would’ve seen a way to profit off of it, they’d have recognized that falsifying data would put them at a higher risk of being called out and exposed. A risk they’d likely not have taken, unless the situation wasn’t as serious as they’d have desired, and they were getting desperate.

  • The general numbers of deaths isn’t particularly increasing

During the beginning of spring last year, about 11-12.000 hospitalized people died of “all causes” in England alone. This year, that number has been about the same, with no significant enough increase. This pattern repeats itself across most countries that I looked at. If there was a “pandemic” with a new pathogen, a larger number of deaths would’ve been observed, but that wasn’t the case.

  • Computer models are flawed and fabricated

Predictions such as “it’s gonna get worse” and “millions more are gonna die”, in this type of context, are based on computer simulations. Whoever introduces the data in the program, decides the result. Plus, even without deceit and malicious agendas, any computer simulation isn’t gonna be complex or intricate enough to account for all the variables and spontaneity that occur in nature. Aside from that, in Europe at least (and from there on towards the rest of the world), the simulations apparently come from someone called Neil Fergusson, of the “Imperial College of England”, who are connected to the parasitic “royal family” fuck-ups and other child and human trafficking morons and psychopaths. (Oh, some of the psychopaths may have something resembling cleverness, but since they don’t actually express genuine conscience and empathy, they don’t actually express genuine intelligence, for as long as they remain in the parasitic modality.)

Here’s some examples of examples of wrong computer simulation results, that are “supposed” to have happened by now: polar ice melting, New York being underwater because of rising sea levels, winter being a “thing of the past”, swine flu estimated deaths (65.000 estimated, only about 500 actually died; in that case, they did seem to have a specific test for the particular pathogen in question, compared to covid-19), along with others.

After 9/11, and after the population gradually began to realize that, whoop-tee-doo, the “official narrative” was pretty much completely false, the parasites assessed that they needed a more “obscure” and “vague” boogieman, than a “terrorist group”.

I think the “swine flu” was a test run to see how people would react to a “pandemic”, and what methodology would be more likely to work as a means of manipulating large numbers of people. The covid-19 scam-demic is probably either the next test run for a future one, or the actual one that was meant to be the supposed “game-changer”.

  • Predictive programming in the media

Predictive programming is basically the process of influencing cerebral patterns of association, through repetition and stimulation, similar to the pavlovian technique. Of course, as with all such methods, they don’t actually work when people are consciously aware of what’s going on, and are in touch or preferably in harmony with their “unconscious” mind, having made the unconscious conscious, and so on.

Until people reach and surpass that point though, and especially if they don’t ponder the depths and clarity of their own being, they’re susceptible to such methods of reflex-induction. As with anything though, it can be overcome with a soul and conscious choice to do so.

Anyway, predictive programming in the media works primarily through subtly (or not so subtly) showing symbols, hypnotic techniques (notice the spinning intros of most news channels, for example), hiding things in plain sight while a musical cue is played or a particular mood is conveyed, etcetera.

The 9/11 attacks were hinted at for decades, in magazines, in movies and shows and so on, so that when they actually occurred, the general population would’ve already become reflexively more susceptible to suggestibility and making prejudices, or reflexive associations, with the event and how it was presented in the media.

Even since the 1930s, there were symbols and pictures with 911 (which is a symbolic number in numerology and ritualism), with pictures of planes heading towards, crashing in or/and circling around the twin towers. I mean, movies and other artistic methods of conveying messages can and are used for good and for revealing information, but they’re also used for malicious purposes.

Similarly, with regards to the current “pandemic”, there have been lots of video games, movies and books about “deadly viruses that wiped out society and civilisation”, trying to seed into the minds of the masses the idea that the world would somehow be more fucked up, without the violence, theft, coercion and deceit that “governments” fundamentally rely on to even exist. I mean, take a look at the “zombie” genre of games, and ask gamers about whether or not the market is oversaturated with “zombie games” that have a viral cause for the zombification.

See, when people enter a state of panic or fear, especially if they let themselves overwhelmed by it, the brain typically tends to operate based on its reptilian and primal instincts of survival, instead of properly using the higher cortex and emotional centers. In other words, from a biological perspective, the brain glitches (in the negative sense) and unless one overcomes the “error” through will, they are susceptible to decreasing the clarity of their emotions and thinking, while in that state. That’s part of why most of the mainstream media focuses so much on fear porn and propaganda.

In their state of fear, panic and ignorance, (still) a majority of people have let themselves indoctrinated by the current system into becoming weak and irresponsible little bitches. By the way, by “responsibility” I don’t mean “social obligation”, which is nothing more than an irresponsible notion because it implies that one becomes a slave of the “collective”.

Fuck that shit! Responsibility, in the sense that I’m using the word, means acknowledging ourselves both in-character and beyond-reality, making our choices with clarity, wisdom and morality, etcetera.

Anyway, when irrespnsible people let themselves blinded by fear and panic, they desperately cling to whatever they believe might offer them the most immediate, puerile comfort, in draconic “measures” and their supposed “effectiveness”, because “ooh, millions of people are gonna die” and drink the 24/7 news cycle shit-juice.

By the way, in Mexico, there are about 128.5 million people. So far, about 2.500 cases have been reported, with about 130 dead. Draconic measures? Pfft. They don’t give a shit. Mexico, from the looks of it, is one of the most lax countries when it comes to “government”, because the people generally don’t care about what the “government” tells them, and the “state” institutions are poor and don’t have enough resources to attempt to impose any larger scale draconic shit. Oh, they might say that that they’re taking measures, and to an extent they probably are, but the “prime-minister” walks out in the park with his family during a supposed “lockdown”, as do many other people who are generally chill about it.

Guess what? They have nowhere near as many cases as other countries that have taken more “serious measures”, like the US where the “official” reports say there are ~365.000 “confirmed” cases, with about ~11.000 deaths.

  • The “our measures are working” bullshit

Aside from the whole thing being based on false tests and manipulated simulations, it’s mostly propaganda made to induce fear, claiming that there is a problem when there is non (or at least over-hyping an existing problem), then offering a “solution” that doesn’t work, before saying that the number of deaths have been reduced, when there most likely wouldn’t have been that many more in the first place.

It’s kinda like you’re in a park, and you see someone smacking trees around with a baseball bat, saying that it’s a “measure” to stop crocodiles from entering the park and eating everyone up. When you tell them that there are no crocodiles in the area anyway, they say “See? See?! It does work!”

  • Some people are taken forcibly taken off the streets and from homes, before being said to have died of “covid-19”

In some cases (I don’t currently discern how often this occurs, but seeing how shady and malicious “government” is, I’m not surprised this stuff is a thing), I’ve seen people literally kidnapped off the street and sometimes from their homes by house slaves. Minutes after that, people dressed in hazmat suits come to the apartment suite and spread notices saying that “someone in this building has died of coronavirus”. When asked, they say that they received a “report” that the person who just went away a few minutes ago, supposedly died 2-3 hours before they got there.

  • The age-old problem-reaction-“solution” method and the attempt to normalize overt slavery

Long term, part of the agenda is to try and normalize such methods, so that during the next supposed “crisis”, the indoctrinated parts of the masses would be more susceptible to blindly accepting more and more overt of slavery. In some countries, specifically the US, England and probably others, there are “snitching phone lines” opening up, so that neighbours literally spy on each other and tell the slave plantation that “oh, he’s gone out twice today, ooh”.

This is exactly what all tyrannical regimes do: trying to artificially pit the population against itself, so that they’d be too distracted to see that they’re being manipulated.

Aside from that, the whole “social distancing” thing is also meant to psychologically exploit the weak-minded into becoming more and more isolated and addicted to their “smart”-phones, gadgets, computer games, VR and AR, and whatever else keeps them distracted, in place and ignorant of who they are.

  • More statistics

In Italy, about 99% of those that supposedly died of “covid-19” were either old or/and already had 1-2-3 or more existing health problems, including pneumonia, intense flu, terminal cancer and so on. Literally, if someone had cancer and they did the PCR test, and then they died of cancer in the hospital, “covid-19” was listed as the cause of death.

Also in italy, since October 2019, ~3 million or more cases of flu have been reported. In Lombardi, one of the most polluted cities in Europe by the way, almost 100.000 deaths from “all causes” have been recorded. In Latzia, around 57.000. Again, no “crisis” there. Ooh, but when a new virus comes along, with a marketable name and PR behind it, when that supposedly kills around 18.000 people in the same time period, “Aaah, global pandemic, aaaah!”

  • Putting things into perspective

So, about 1.4 million cases of “coronavirus” or “covid-19” are said to be confirmed, at the time of writing this article, with about 80.000 deaths worldwide. With or without any falsifications and deceit going on, the number is pretty much neglijable, compared to seasonal ilnesses, as well as other general causes of disease and death.

Also, in order to assess a death rate, you need two main variables: the number of people tested, and the number of deaths. Now, the more people you test, the more the death rate plummets (unless the number of deaths goes up in proportion to the amount of people you test, but in a natural context, that number and its rate are going to remain constant by themselves, regardless of how few or how many are tested). The less people you test, the more the death rate increases. Point it, you can manipulate the death rate by how how few or how many people you test.

  • “Big pharma” and “government” don’t give a shit about people’s well being

Do you think a system that utterly depends on the ignorance of the masses, along with violence, theft, coercion, manipulation and deceit to even exist would ever give the slightest shit about anything other than it’s own parasitic agendas?

A society or organization that cared about people’s health, would pride itself on the notion that there are few or no people who are sick. In contrast, our aleopathic “medical” system takes pride in how many people they’re treating, or in other words, they boast about the notion that they are treating more and more people. One question, among many others, immediately comes to mind: Why are so many people ill?

The pharmaceutical industry profits off of sick people, by slowly poisoning the population and providing “medicine” that produces chemical addiction or/and, in the off-chance that they actually help heal some issues, they also help induce, maintain or amplify some other health problem. Then, they say you need another drug, which does the same thing, and then another and another, and so on. Plus, they try to censor and ridicule genuine alternatives that have virtually no negative effects, like naturopathic medicine and the like. More on that in this article (link), but the point is they don’t give a shit about your people’s well-being.

Do you think they suddenly care, now with this new “crisis”? Of course they don’t.

The point is to say NO and NEVER ACCEPT ANY FORM OF SLAVERY.

  • Incentives and threats to deceive

To be honest, I haven’t researched this particular aspect of the story in-depth so far, at least with regards to specifics about the current plan-demic situation, but generally speaking, doctors and especially prominent ones are sometimes approached with incentives or/and threats, to try and goad them into pushing particular drugs or deceiving the public and their pacients.

In our current situation, I’ve seen videos and audio files of (supposed) nurses and doctors blowing the whistle and saying that they’re presented with “non-disclosure” . Meanwhile, autopsies are being banned and corpses are put to the crematory furnace, which makes it suspiciously convenient for anyone who wants to hide the actual cause of death.

  • A cover-up and scapegoat for the economic collapse

In the debt, death and worthless fiat money scheme our current society has going on, it’s no surprise that economic collapses are not only going to happen, but are literally scheduled to do so. Without an alleged “crisis” of some sort, most people would realize that the banks and “governments” are the ones helping produce the problem, so they come up with one as a means of distraction and shifting the blame.

The economic collapse, along with the automatization of work with robots and AI, has the desired outcome of getting people to blindly accept “universal income” from the “state”, which is going to have lots of conditions and stipulations, such as being vaccinated, reporting where you’ve been, having more intrusive tracking “smart” devices in your home, etcetera.

However long or short the “lockdowns” are going to be, and how much of the “measures” are eliminated in the coming while, is going to be directly proportional to how much and how long people are going to tolerate them (among other things). More and more people are gradually seeing through the bullshit and refusing to put up with it.

In terms of their agenda, the draconic “measures” are desired to be kept in place indefinitely, with a vaccine or another fake “solution” would be attemptively impose. Solutions that are going to be another part of the mass genocide / depopulation agenda, through sexual sterilization and eugenics, poisoning and inducing brain damage, neurological diseases, implanting micro and nano-chips, degrading the human genome for easier manipulation in future generations, etcetera.

In the US, China and England, drones are following people going outside, filming them and scanning them biometrically, making noise with their sirens and “warning” you. In some places, there are also checkpoints between towns and cities, almost like at the borders.

Along with other completely immoral and useless shit based off of false and inflated narratives and statistics. I can go on and on, but this article is already long enough as it is. Besides, think about another thing (among others). If they want to commit genocide and a supposed deadly virus is going around, why would they tell people about it?

I am open to admitting that I might be wrong, and if I am I want to know, but so far my current discernment is that it’s all a scam, with the two most likely scenarios being that it’s either a completely fake epidemic (plus the relationship to 5G, but that’s a whole other laundry list of information, books and works that I won’t go into in this article) or that if there is a new pathogen, it’s likely not the one circling the news.

Regardness, freedom is always the answer! Slavery is never a “solution” for anything, as it is evil incarnate and an utter crock of shit.

See, evil always tends towards limitation. That’s why it has no power on its own, and entirely relies on someone or something good (but undiserning) to bring it into manifestation. A parasite completely depends on the “host”. If the host dies, the parasite dies. If the host repels it, the parasite won’t manage to do shit.

Good, on the other hand, always tends towards unlimitation, towards the more infinite and unlimited aspects of ourselves as spirit, freedom, consciousness, potential, etcetera. Both good and evil are parts of us, with the latter (since it is limited) being the most easily defined. In essence, evil is the attempt to impose upon the informed consent of someone else (except in cases of self-defence and retaliation against someone who has initiated such violence and coercion).

Good is much more complex and intricate, so its easier to discern what it is through the process of apothesis or apotheosis (meaning the process of defining something by first defining something else, and then saying that it’s “everything else other than this thing”).

So, in that sense, good is everything that does not imply evil; in other words, everything that does not imply the initiation of violence, theft, coercion, manipulation and deceit on another living being.

By its very nature of tending towards limitation, evil always loses.

Likewise, again by its nature of tending towards unlimitation, good always wins and is always more abundant than evil.

So, stand up strong and proud (but not vainly). We are to face every hurdle, learn from it and remind ourselves of who we are, persist and rise above, standing stronger than we ever have before, and flaying higher than we’ve ever flown before.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to  our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimtiedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

More data that showcases that the “pandemic” is most likely fake:

196 thoughts on “Some of my current discernments about the scam-demic

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