Message to anyone who supports the draconian bullshit

This article is directly aimed at the people who support the blatantly tyrannical impositions that most countries are attempting to impose during this overhyped coronavirus scam-demic, as well as a means of trying to help people who are aware of what’s going on and standing up against it, in their attempt to try and explain some of the information to family members and friends, and have come across some of the excuses that I’ve seen people, including my own family, use to try and “justify” the draconian “measures”.

This is not an article that’s about whether or not the pandemic is actual or fabricated, nor is it about who did or who didn’t release it, if it was a bio-weapon and pre-planned event, nor anything with regards to the actual traits of the supposed virus itself.

In short, if there is a pandemic (though my current discernmetn is that there most likely isn’t, but if there was), measures should be taken, but not through initiating more violence, theft, coercion, manipulation and deceit; especially not upon innocent people. If you believe that the most violent, murderous, exploitative, genocidal and deceitful institution known to the general public (“government”), which engineered and manipulated by the most psychopathic “people” and entities in our world… if you believe that is ever interested in people’s well-being, you are at best uninformed or ignorant, or at worst a religious zealot at the cult of debt, death and so-called “authority”.

In this article, I’m going to break down and expose the blatant immorality and cognitive dissonance in some of the more frequent excuses that I’ve seen people come up with, even when they admit that they’re aware there’s an agenda of control behind it, as well as that the coronavirus isn’t that serious a disease, and even when they admit that the numbers are being faked.

  • “Oh, it’s not tyrannical. It’s to stop spread the disease and protect the population.”

In my country, there is a curfew in place and after 22:00; beside that, if the modern house-slaves (a.k.a. “police”) see you walking on the streets, they ask for your ID, some bullshit papers and a “declaration” as to what the purpose of your sojourn is. Because apparently the coronavirus likes to party from dusk ‘till dawn, and then goes to sleep during the day or some shit.

If that alone doesn’t seem tyrannical to people (aside from the idea that all governments are tyrannies by definition, just that they’re of different levels of severity), what the fuck would it take for someone to recognize an unfolding agenda of totalitarianism? Does it really have to be at a level where they literally try to force vaccinate people and drag them away, like they already do in China, before they realize what’s going on? Are they at least then going to say “fuck off, we’re not doing this shit” and retaliate if necessary?

Imagine being told by your own family, that they cheer on for more “government” imposition and in my case, that they even wanted more harsh impositions… right before following up with “oh, but don’t worry, there’s nothing tyrannical going on here”, while trying to get you to have some declaration papers with you, and that if you refuse, they’re okay with you being extorted out of your money, kidnapped and put in a cage.

Because daylight robbery and kidnapping works wonders for curing diseases and stopping the spread viruses, doesn’t it?

  • “Oh, but if people were asked nicely, they wouldn’t do it. So we should try and coerce or force them into doing it.”

What a fine example of hipocrisy, typically coming from people who generally claim they believe in humanity, but whenever “government” is involved, then they believe that everyone but those in “government” are somehow animals and violent beasts.

Also, the mentality of “These people who are going about their lives without deliberately harming anyone are such violent animals. Let’s show how kind we are by hiring mercenaries (“police” and “military”) to coerce them into doing what we like.”… sickening and utterly hipocritical.

Again, if people are so fucking untrustworthy and vile, why would having the most untrustworthy and vile among them (those in “government” and those behind them pulling the strings) exploit the rest somehow magically make things better? Spoilers: it doesn’t.

Also, is fear and imposition really the best “solution” you can come up with? Really? If so, then that says more about you, than about other people.

  • “Oh, but why should I be infected? Why should a carrier of the disease impose upon me and compromise my health?”

Oh, so you don’t like imposition after all, eh? Well, how come you associate someone walking past you or generally going about their lives and potentially carrying a disease, as imposition and are against it, yet when the “government” tries to directly impose draconian shit on everyone, including you, that’s somehow okay?

Even assuming that there are some people who deliberately want to spread the virus (and maybe there are), the mentality of trying to impose upon everyone just for that, is literally like trying to take everyone’s guns away, because of some occasional (often planned, fabricated or overhyped) shooting. Which, by the way, would be much more easily prevented and stopped, if everyone was armed and willing to use their weapon in self-defence and the defence of others.

  • “Oh, but golly gosh, our medical system is shit and we don’t want doctors to make the decision of choosing who lives or who dies, because there isn’t enough available staff or room in hospitals.”

So, what you’re saying, is that you would rather try and oppress millions and billions of innocent people, so that a handful of people by comparison (in this case, doctors) would retain their mental and emotional comfort? For decisions that most doctors are already prepared to make, as part of their very profession?

That’s literally saying “Well, let’s try and enslave everybody, so that some of us can have some temporary, mood-related comfort.”

If you don’t want to overload the ER or the hospitals, don’t fuckin’ phone in for every little cough or fever. Take care of yourself, have a conscious and responsible, healthy attitude and lifestyle, etcetera. Don’t try to impose upon others, because you or someone else is  making shit choices in life.

  • “Oh, it’s just gonna be temporary. All of these draconian stuff is gonna be gone, once the pandemic is over.”

Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. Regardless of that though, the globalist technocratic agenda is for that kind of shit to be long-term, so even in the seemingly unlikely event that none of the “measures” remain in effect after the pandemic is over, the point is that they try and socially engineer society into gradually accepting more and more imposition, and through the next “crisis” and then the next one and so on, normalizing the draconian bullshit until it becomes as easily accepted by the unthinking constituents of the masses, as the road robbery called “traffic tickets” is today.

  • “B-b-but, every news channel agrees on this. They wouldn’t lie about this, especially not with everyone having this level of consensus.”

If you believe that, you know practically nothing about how media manipulation and social engineering works. Even if you say you do, you’re still falling for it.

In short, pretty much all mainstream news outlets in every country all around the world, no matter how many they are, they’re all owned by the same 5-6 international companies, although it’s more like 2-3 in actuality. The very idea that there is such widespread consensus in the news should be a red flag. Or, if you have many “experts” having what seems to be a debate on TV, it’s usually just a limited debate where all the participants just judge around on the details, but still support at least some aspect of the slavery system.

Virtually everything you hear in the mainstream media is either completely fake, or manipulated in some fashion. Virtually all the news channels (and most other types of channels as well) are labels for the same product: propaganda and social engineering.

Of course, there’s also the censorship and ridicule. If you are confident that you know what you’re talking about, and are also questioning  everything, and thus also being open to acknowledging whether or not you might be wrong about something, why wouldn’t you invite honest and open conversation and debate? It’s an opportunity to both educate other people and yourself, with everyone involved learning more from and about themselves, as well as each other, along with the general idea of sharing and expanding knowledge, etcetera.

However, if you try to censor or silence those with whom you don’t agree, that shows that you either have little to no confidence in what you’re saying, but just want to maintain a belief system; or you know that what you’re saying is bullshit, but you don’t want others to find out.

Besides, consensus alone (which is just a fancy term for popularity) is never an indicator of validity or accuracy. No matter how many believe or disbelieve something, that something is as it is by virtue of itself. Right is right, even is nobody believes it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody believes it.

  • “B-but, doctors have studied this stuff for decades.”

Maybe some have. Have they studied all angles of it though? Have they questioned whether or not the information might be manipulated or not, or pondered what else there might be, beyond what they’ve come to believe through the state and corporate sponsored academic world? Again, some have. Most of those who are unbiased are questioning the “official” narrative and speaking out against it, if they discern there’s something off about it; but, for obvious reasons, you won’t hear about those people in the news. Not in a context where they aren’t ridiculed or condemned, I mean.

But many other doctors, even if they’re not bought and paid for by the big-pharma cartels or by “government”, if they never questioned what they learned in university and in their job, they’ll have a skewed perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that medical research and stuff isn’t worth doing, or that they’re “wrong about everything”. Quite on the contrary. However, what I am saying is that there is far more to health than what is currently being portrayed in all of academia. Aside from that, there are also tests that are fabricated and manipulated to suit an agenda’s bias, data and records being altered and sometimes even destroyed, etcetera. If you’re not sure what to make of the pandemic itself, or if you have actual unbiased expertise on the matter, that doesn’t change that there’s a parasitic agenda being promoted through means of hyping it all up, as they do with all “crises”.

Aside from that, why would anyone trust an industry (aleopathic “medicine” / pharmaceuticals) that has a vested interest in trying to keep the population chronically sick, in order to gain financial profit in the short term, and downgrade the human genome in the long term?

  • “Look, the hospitals are overrun. That’s why we the draconian measures have been taken.”

So, you have a system (and those who support it) that is responsible for shitty hospital management, who have also been aware of that and still refused to make new hospitals, except a few here and there as part of a publicity stunt for some (s)election campaign, and who have also, at times, attempted to prevent private companies from making their own hospitals. That is aside from the idea that the aleopathic “medical” industry (pharma and the like) are pretty much poison and a scheme to try and keep people in a constant state of chronic illness, for easier manipulation, financial profit and eventual degradation of the genome, but that’s another topic alltogether.

Anyway, do you believe “government” gives a shit about people’s well-being? Of course it doesn’t. If it did, it wouldn’t exist. Because “government” relies on violence and coercion (more than that, on the ignorance and apathy of the masses), and the fuck-ups and morons who don’t see this even now… what the fuck will it take for them to see it?

Anyway, here’s an allegory to expose the stupidity of this excuse. Let’s say someone has a soothing balm shop. Their balm barely works, just temporarily soothes the itchiness, but does almost nothing to help the body cure the rash (indeed, it may even help keep the rash in place, so that people come and buy their balms more often). Most people assume that because the itchiness is gone, the disease is gone too, because they erroneously associate the cause of the disease with the symptoms.

Usually, the shop is typically semi-crowded to fully crowded, and the shop owner doesn’t care, because they want to keep all the profits for themselves. Well, this isn’t the most accurate example, because the shop owner here would at least be making profit off of a con, but without attempting to force anyone into buying the fake balm, while “government” literally exploits and extorts the population (“taxation”, which is both theft and slavery), by it’s very design, and who are desperately looking to push all the more totalitarianism, and see what they manage to get away with this time, but that’s not the point of the allegory. Moving on.

Then, one day, the shop is overcrowded because there is a wave of people coming in, who have either contracted or assume to have contracted whatever disease, of which the rash in question is a symptom. The shop is barely handling the influx of people, but instead of consciously assuming the responsibility for being ill prepared, the shop owner attempts to redirect the blame on someone else (as is the case with virtually every problem-reaction-“solution” scenario).

Then, their “solution” is to try and coerce everyone into disrupting their lives in a negative way, extorting money from them or trying to cage them, because their shop doesn’t manage to handle the extra people. Then, they try to say that those who rightly refuse their “solution” don’t care about the people who have the rash. It’s pathetic, blatantly deceitful and definitely not a “solution” to anything.

In other words, what the “government” does is it attempts to exploit you out of your money and other resources, then claims to offer something in return, and when their “product” is revealed to be shit, they try to oppress and blame everyone else for it (which, in a way, isn’t completely inaccurate, because if people didn’t let “government” have its way, and they stopped believing in slavery and so-called “authority”, it wouldn’t exist; but you get the point).

So, the point is, if the hospitals are overrun, indeed that’s a problem. However, begging the very people who are responsible for that problem, and who are even proffiting off of it, to “solve it” is oblivious at best, and retarded at worst.

There are better ways, some of which I’ve briefly mentioned in this and my other articles on the coronavirus matter.

  • “The cause of death doesn’t matter, because people are dying. We need to do something.”

Okay… take a deep breath… are you retarded?! What the fuck do you mean “the cause doesn’t matter”?!? The causal factors are far more important than the effects. Both philosophically, because of knowledge for knowledge’s sake and other such ideas that elevate conscience and consciousness, as well as for practical reasons.

How do you expect to effectively stop or prevent a problem, if you don’t know it’s causal factors? How do you expect to not be manipulated, if you don’t ponder the causes for why something is occuring? And since we’re talking about supposed pandemic or general health  problem, how the fuck do you expect to come up with moral and pertinent measures, if you don’t ponder the causes of the disease in the first place?

Nah, when people come up with shitty excuses of the magnitude and level of the one of this bullet point, either the person in question is generally an idiot, or if they’re not, then they’ve most likely shut down their mind temporarily and are reacting out of fear.

Look, I’m aware that people tend to call others “idiots” or other labels, purely based in bias on disagreement. Calling other people “morons” for those kinds of reasons, means the person shouting that label would also be moronic, themselves, on some level of another.

Whenever I call someone an idiot, I’m usually referring to a particular aspect of their psyche that is underdeveloped or shut down when in a state of fear, panic or some other ego-driven compulsion. Agreeing or disagreeing with the person in question has no bearing on my assessment of their mental faculties.

When someone says the “cause doesn’t matter”, and they let themselves blinded by fear, propaganda and repetition-induced mental programming, that aspect of their psyche is going to be held back, which is part of the reason why I call them idiots, at least with regards to that aspect of their personality and mentality.

  • “B-b-but, have some empathy, man! Think of all the doctors that have to make a decision about who lives and who dies! Think of all the people who are dying and suffering!”

Empathy? You want to oppress an entire population, just because a comparative handful of people are suffering, or just might-maybe-perhaps-probably be suffering if whatever situation is made to occur? Or just so that some doctors may keep their emotional and mental comfort? Some of whom are outright psychopaths, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry (although obviously not all)? Virtually all of whom, by the way, already knew that they’re gonna witness deaths as part of their profession? Or just to keep your own ego-based comfort, because you’re easily impressionable and oblivious to how this society is manipulated? Don’t talk to me about empathy, because you clearly have no idea what that is.

Empathy, in the genuine sense, is, among other things, loving ourselves and each other, along with the ability to feel what someone else is feeling. Empathy does not cloud judgement. Empathy is more attuned to see the causal factors, from both esoteric and exoteric perspectives. It also enhances and harmonizes the heart and mind.

Sympathy, on the other hand, is being blinded by the sentiments and reactions one might have towards the effect or assumed effects of seeing someone else suffering (or the impression of such), and letting those compulsions cloud one’s judgement.

Empathy is an expression, recognition and application of genuine consciousness, conscience and morality. Sympathy is an egoic attachment. The former is a way to be immune, or at least resistant to manipulation. The latter can easily be used and exploited for deception.

Empathy is good. Sympathy is bad.

To give an example to illustrate this, and as an allegory for the problem-reaction-“solution” methodology, think of what tactics poachers typically like to use in order to capture a larger number of animals in one swing. They injure one or a few animals, which then shriek in pain and anguish, which attracts the attention of their family, flock or herd. The latter then rush towards the wounded in an attempt to help (which, in and of itself is obviously a good thing), but they don’t realize they’re walking into a trap.

Likewise with people who let themselves blinded by fear, grief or sympathy. In such mental and emotional states, the ego-psyche is much more susceptible to throwing higher cognitive and emotional processes out the window, therefore being far too attached to the perceived immediate circumstance to feel any actual empathy or reason.

Even those who are somewhat aware that there are hidden agendas and such, but still fall for them, it’s like being more or less aware of the trap itself, but instead of looking to circumvent it, attack the poachers or retaliate in some fashion, they still go right into it. Blind sympathy does that.

Through empathy we recognize what’s going on and don’t fall for it, and instead find ways of actually helping ourselves and each other overcome all challenges and grow.

So, empathy is, among other things, the manifested ability to feel one’s self and that of another, the inner world and outer world. It heightens, enhances and elevates awareness, knowing and comprehension. On the other hand, sympathy is being blinded by reactionary impulses to stimuli and compulsions induced through repetition.

  •  “B-b-but there are no better solutions.”

There are plenty. You just don’t want to acknowledge that there are, because you’re scared shitless of imposition, or you’ve bought their deceit.

Here’s one solution, among many others. Most people’s immune system is already strong enough to repel the supposed “virus” without much issue. What if it mutates and become more aggressive, you say? Fair point. However, healthy bodies and healthy people naturally change to handle it and overcome it, as well. That’s called natural immunization. Interfering with that, in the ways that our society currently does, prevents or hinders that process. In most cases, virtually no other publicly known species in this world gets sick without first experiencing some form of injury or some other trauma, as often as humans do. Part of the reason is the very (and very deliberate) intoxication of our current society.

Viruses aren’t static, yes. Neither is the human body, nor virtually anything else. That’s part of what growth implies. We see a challenge or any other kind of experience, we  overcome it, rise above and move on, standing taller and flying higher than we’ve ever had before.

Those  at risk are those with an already compromised immune system, be it because of shitty lifestyles and habits, because they’re elderly or because they already have existing health problems. Why not ask them if they want help to remain isolated until the virus is naturally done away with through natural immunity? If they don’t accept, remind them that they’re probably risking their health on their own responsibility, and them leave them be. If they accept, help them with kindness and compassion.

Trying to persecute and isolate everyone, just because a minority of people are at risk is not only far more ineffective in terms of disease prevention, compared to the solution above, but it’s also just an excuse to impose more tyranny, and therefore is completely immoral and evil.

Among other things, imagine we have ten people in a room and someone has the flu. 9 out of 10 people have strong immune systems, and one of them is probably going to die of it, for reasons I mentioned above. Is it fair or effective in any way, to try and lock all of them in their homes, rob them and kidnap them if they refuse, or drag them to a concentration camp or prison? Why not ask the person with the weak immune system if they want to stay inside, offer them help and supplies, while the other 9 carry on with their lives? That would be a far better option, both morally and practically. But, this so-called “crisis” is just another excuse to impose more global tyranny, so of course they’re not interested in either of those things.

Besides, think about how ineffective a diagnosis system is, if it relies on symptoms alone. Symptoms that are shared by many other diseases, by the way. Aside from that, there’s also the PCR test that doesn’t work most of the time, fabricated numbers and so on (more on that in my previous articles on the topic, and the links below them).

Besides that, there’s also the esoteric stuff such as the notion that your thoughts and emotions (along with other things) literally create or/and attract the circumstances and situations that resonate with them. So, if you’re in a state of panic and artificial stress, shitting your pants about getting whatever disease and whatnot, you’re much more likely to get sick.

Likewise, if someone is conscious and has clarity, looking at all the negative and the positive aspects, as well as everything else, and using their discernments to make good decisions in life, they are much less likely to get sick of anything; and if they do get sick, they overcome the sickness much more easily.

Aside from spontaneous healing and a myriad of other stuff, I almost never get sick of anything. For the most part, I have gone against doctors’ advice (mainstream doctors anyway); I take cold or ice-cold showers pretty much every time I bathe, including during the winter; have interrupted medical treatments suddenly and I basically never take pharmaceutical drugs at all, etcetera. Guess what? Like I said, I rarely if ever get sick, and when I do, I easily overcome the disease, often without doing anything in particular towards that goal, in terms of “treatments”.

Beside that, people can and do heal themselves of cancer and all other diseases through placebo effects (look it up and do your own research on that), which is actually one’s mind affecting their physiology and genetics.

Anyway, as for the future of our society, I don’t currently discern exactly what we’re going to manifest in the aggregate as a species and as a society. Admittedly, even though “legislation” has been passed and “martial law” has been declared (in other words, meaningless words on paper have been written), in my area I have yet to witness, read or hear about any actual arrests (kidnappings) being made in this regard or any mandatory vaccinations and such, nor do I know of anyone being dragged into “wellness isolation centers” (concentration camps, basically).

On the other hand, there have been robberies (“fines”) and the bullshit “papers please” thing is, well… a thing; and then there’s the propaganda being pumped out through speakers in atop patrolling cars and in supermarkets, etc. I have personally witnessed a guy being taken to the ground and basically kidnapped by house-slaves and put in an ambulance, but by the time I got there with my camera to at least film the thing and put it online, the cars were already leaving.

Regardless, I won’t get any shot, I won’t make any declarations of where I’m going, nor gonna carry any “papers” on me. I’ll continue refusing give my name or any details, I won’t pay any fines and I’ll definitely walk outside if or when I feel like it, and I’ll also physically retaliate if I deem it appropriate.

The point is though, regardless of how “lax” it might be in your area at this time, don’t confuse what’s currently going on, with what’s planned to come. Facial recognition, promoting the “smart grid” agenda, surveillance, microchipping, 5G and 6G, social engineering with all this artificially divisive “social distancing” bullshit, a one-world currency, etc. The globalist agenda is unfolding, but here’s the thing: we’re the ones who decide how far it does or doesn’t get. Nobody rules, if nobody obeys.

Both esoterically and exoterically, parasites need a host, without which they don’t manage to sustain themselves in manifestation. Precisely because of that weakness, along with the forgetfulness of their own selves and conscience, they only fathom to exploit others into coming to a level of ignorance and depravation that is either at, or below the parasites’ own. Thus, both they and everyone who falls for their bullshit perceptively lose the very “juice” that they’re supposedly after in the first place. The “juice” in question being the manifested ability to create thriving realities of evolution for one’s self and the world.

It’s kinda like seeing a pie maker, they wanna get some of that pie, but instead of asking for some of it or trying to learn or discovering how to make their own, they try to manipulate the pie maker into forgetting how to bake pie, while also looking to deceive ‘em into erroneously believing that they somehow rely on the parasites, in order to make pie. Because the more aware the baker is of pie making, the more likely they are to actually reclaim their bakery and kick the  parasites out; but if the baker forgets how to make pie, then both of them starve.

You see, every parasitic agenda is self destructive by its very design. Manipulation is not a “skill” and it definitely isn’t a sign of genuine intelligence. Some form of relatively superficial cleverness perhaps, but if a so-called “skill” fundamentally relies on someone else having a weakness, then it’s not a skill. A genuine, self-sufficient and self-improving, evolving ability is something that can grow no matter the scarcity or the abundance.

Everything is always a choice. There are more and more people who are gradually waking up and smelling the bullshit, as well as the beautiful fragrance that lies beyond the waste pond. Whether we remain in the grimy waters, or rise above and move beyond, it’s always a choice.

I always choose freedom, no matter what. Expressing the good and conscious aspects of ourselves as infinite and unlimited spirit, consciousness, etcetera.

So, my advice is, among other things, to not fall for the bullshit; question everything and so on. If you do have some infectious or contageous disease, or know yourself to have a weak immune system, do go ahead and temporarily isolate yourself or whatever, as you probably would in case of any other epidemic, hyped or not hyped in the media. Eat healthy, live healthy and generally be conscious about what you’re doing, how and why. However, healthy or not, do whatever ya want, so long as you don’t try to impose on anyone.

As for rejecting the slavery and “imposition”, if you come across some house-slaves who ask for your ID, either refuse to answer any of their queries and go with a “I don’t answer questions” type of approach, or try to have an honest conversation with them and get them to open their eyes to see what they’re actually doing and promoting, and of course retaliate (including lethally if appropriate), albeit as a last resort if they try to physically be violent towards you, your loved ones and your neighbours.

Personally, I’ve intervened in a number of “police” attempts to harass people, honestly trying to have a conversation, while at the same time firmly saying that I’m not giving them my name, and telling the harrassed persons to not give them their name or ID either, and since my intent on trying to communicate with them on a soul level was genuine, I have yet to have cops actually attempt to initiate violence, even though I openly criticised them bluntly and honestly, intervened in their so-called “investigations”, refused to identify and all that.

But either way, I don’t care if I go to “prison”, I don’t care about what methods they might try to use in order to “intimidate” me. Doing what’s right is to be done for it’s own sake, no matter what.

Part of what I’m saying is that if you fear death, then you’re already leaving yourself open to becoming a slave (or a slaver). It’s better to die on our feet, tall and proud, than “live” on our knees and in chains. I mean, life and death in the “traditional” worldly interpretations are illusions anyway, but you get the point.

So, question everything. The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know. Never be afraid. That also includes not being afraid to be afraid. If you have fears, acknowledge them, face them and surpass them. We are the ones who create our own realities and write our own destinies.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped.

Never submit, never dominate. Never a slave, never a master.

Never give up, never give in. Never fear and never be feared.

Instead, always proud strong and defiant. Playful teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choie; and the choice is always ours to make.

1,442 thoughts on “Message to anyone who supports the draconian bullshit

    1. What is worship? Worship is basically grovelling at the impression of something one puts on a pedestal. It’s an addiction to the ego of another. Serving is basically bellittling yourself, and once again, doing what someone else demands of you, just because they say so or out of cowardice. The belief in “authority” of any kind, human or non-human, is just a euphemism for mental and emotional slavery. A dystopia typically refers to a world where slavery is the norm of society, whether it be overt of covert. We’re already in a dystopia.

      If we want to overcome it and live in a more freedom-oriented world, then that one belief needs to be done away with, individually and en-masse. Atheism, where “scientism” (not actual science) is the “authority”, is bullshit. So is every religion that puts any presumed force, figure or entity on a pedestal, because it foregoes both morality and reason, in favour of a doctrine. Fuck that.

      What I’m suggesting is, among other things, that people love themselves and each other, and stop looking to start artificial conflicts because they don’t want to acknowledge that people have the natural right to think, feel and live their lives differently.

      Meditation, self-knowing, self-love and self-respect, which naturally express themselves as an outward behaviour towards others as well, is what I’m suggesting is a far better way to live, because it elevates one’s self and help elevate others, as well.

      1. Let’s say someone from our world goes to an alternate one where most people are blind. There might be “atheists” there, who say that “light” doesn’t exist. Then, where might be those who have religion based around what they assume or believe to be “light”, but without having actually experienced it, and instead form a doctrine around an impression, and most likely an erroneous one at that.

        To most people in our world though, we see light all around us and all that, and when you ask us what we think of “light”, we’re like “Well, here it is (waving all around). What of it?” Of course we can get into more details about how and what light is and such, but in terms of our general behaviour and approach towards it, we’re like “Yeah, light. What about it?” Casualness born of knowledge, comprehension and experience.

        Likewise with other realms and realities, and beyond realities, that are different or/and more advanced and intricate than some incarnate beings would manage to perceive or recognize, at particular points in the illusion of “time”.

        Here’s a parable that symbolically illustrates my point:

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