“What the fuck” versus “what the hell”; and the honesty of expression, among other things…

Intelligence has nothing to do with the words you use. It has to do with comprehending things veyond the lens of things like bias, opinion, belief, etc.

Intelligence also has to do with, among other things, how well one discerns things about themselves, both in-form and veyond form, what they do and why they’re doing it, etcetera.

To express greater intelligence, as well as intuition and creativity, spirituality, philosophy and consciousness, and so on, honesty is of the essence, and honesty is always brought about through the courage to actually be genuine, among other things…

Thus, why do some people still have difficulties in using words like “fuck”, “shit”, “motherfucker” or any other forms of what’s erroneously and hypocritically considered “bad language” (or, alternatively “strong language”, for those who think using these words actually means one is now somehow more “badass” than before, just on account of using these words, or any in particular)?

We can talk about rape, torture, child abuse, satanic ritual murder, all sorts of conspiracies that have to do with both human and non-human elements; about esoteric and exoteric stuff in greater and greater depth, detail and clarity; about nuance and profoundness about however many infinities of topics and philosophies… but FUCK!!! Saying “fuck” is somehow still a hot button. Of course, if you’re on camera and are trying to paint an inaccurate picture of who you actually are off-screen.

Thus, you see, it’s not about the words themselves. If you are someone who, for example, doesn’t like those words for your own personal reasons, that have nothing whatsoever to do with “social” bullshit, that’s not a problem. If you are someone who, again, for your own independent reasons do not like the usage of specific words, and thus do not use them either off-screen nor on-screen, then that is not a problem.

Because it’s not specifically about what words one uses, but rather about the honesty that one expresses, and about the courage to genuinely express ones’ self, defiantly, wildly, loudly and proudly, regardless of circumstance and regardless of anything, no matter fuckin’ what.

The valiance of actually being yourself with confidence, and thus having no difference between who you are in private, and who you are in public.

The difference between one’s private and public persona, is a measure of how much one is lying to one’s self about who they are.

If you actually have any disparity at all, between who you are in private and how you portray yourself in public, then find our which image of self is closer to who you genuinely are in the profoundness of who you came here to actually be, as well as other things, and then live that in both your private and your public life.

As for words, yes, they’re words. They are symbols. Symbols can be used with any meaning and any intention. That is what’s important, far more so than the symbols themselves. As for the symbols and whatever other means of conveying meaning, it’s not so much about what words you use, as it is about what kind of language or communication you FEEL like using, and whether or not your usage of said methods is honest.

There is no such thing as “bad” language, and the quality of “good” in any usage of language, comes more from the honesty of the usage, rather than what is actually being used.

About as much as I criticize those who don’t use “fuck” and other such words in public, even though they often do in private, I also criticize those who use “fuck” and “fuckin'” and all that, if they generally don’t like those words (again, for independent reasons), but do it for bullshit “social” reasons, like being in a so-called “gangsta” kind of entourage; or, alternatively, in lieu of actually expanding their vocabulary.

If you want to say fuck, but don’t, then fuck you.

If you don’t want to say fuck, but do, then, again, fuck you.

If someone honestly does not want to say fuck, shit and any other things of that variety, because for whatever reason, they themselves do not like those words, regardless of what others say or do, then that’s honest for them.

If, on the other hands, someone WANTS to talk in whatever way, but then tries to talk differently, “beecoz social reazons”, then that’s pathetic, because it’s dishonest.

The idea is to have courage and express ourselves how WE want to, no matter what anyone says or does.

As for “cussing”, for example, I do not tend to cuss anywhere near as often in romanian (my native language) as I do in english, mostly because the romanian equivalents of “fuck” and “fuck you” and such are actually very vile, in terms of the implication of the phrases (which virtually nobody actually means in the literal sense, but still).

Like, for example, one romanian equivalent of “fuck you” is an entire phrase that, word for word, would translate to “I will roughly and sexually violate all of you mother’s and family’s dead relatives”. Aside from the silliness of it, like as if anyone would actually dig up someone’s family tree and lineage, then literally dig up their corpses and proceed to “rape” them… which aside from the amount of work involved, for practically no payoff or satisfaction, in addition to inconveniences such as some of the bodies in question having been cremated, and the older or ancient ones long decomposed, etc…

Well, you see why it is that I don’t really like “cussing” in romanian, ’cause it is both silly in terms of its implications, and actually foul; whereas for things like “fuck” and “shit”, one means sex and other means feces, and although the latter is obviously disgusting, it still is nowhere near the level of foulness of what the romanian version of the “cussing phrases” involves; and, yes, when someone says “fuck you” or “fuckin'” or “fuckin’ shit”, it’s rarely ever literal, and it’s more like a partially accurate and partially inaccurate way to allude to one’s impressions of whatever’s talked about or referred to, like, in ways that are swiftly descriptive, but you get the ideas… among other things…

Anyway, if we were to have a discussion romanian, there would be alot less “cussing”, but in that case it would actually be honest to do so.

However, since we’d likely be talking in english, it is more honest for me to use phrases like that far more often, firstly because it’s honest and I feel like it, and secondly because it’s a reflex (which isn’t in itself a reason to keep doing something, but it’s firstly because of honesty, etc).

As for you (or other people in general), if you honestly feel like talking with whatever kind of words or language and other voluntary communicative means, because you want to, then no problem.

If you’re doing it “beecoz radio” or for whatever other “social” or “social platform” reasons, then that’s bullshit and cowardly, so fuck that shit.


We are to all and always and veyond ways express ourselves genuinely and freely, spiritually, defiantly, honestly and courageously, doing what is true and right, etc, no matter fuckin’ what.

Again, when I criticize or appraise something specific, I criticize or appraise something specific. It’s not necessarily a judgement about the entirety of someone’s character. Like I said, with all the things we might disagree on, I do consider that if someone’s doing more good than bad in the world, that’s a good thing.

Anyway, anyone can elevate themselves and do greater things when they so choose, among other things…

Besides, whatever one express towards one’s self, one express towards others, with or without personally realizing it.

So thus, if you claim that you are doing something out of respect, then how exactly are you “respecting” others, if you’re disrespecting yourself by expressing yourself in a dishonest fashion?

A sign of one who’s genuinely honest, is there being no difference between how they express themselves privately and publicly; of course, that is excluding stuff that one actually prefers to do specifically in either a public or private scenario; like sex or intimacy, or doing something with friends, for example, among other things…

Besides, looking at the actual meaning of words, doesn’t it strike you as odd? Why do people have such issue with the word “fuck”, which by its literal definition means sex, which is actually a very generative thing? That is, when done right and with love, etc. Yet, words like “hate” and “rape” and others that allude to, or directly mean bad, evil or negative things… well, people seem to have no issue with those kinds of words.

Not that they should, but you get the idea.

Besides, does it not seem less malevolent or spiteful, to say “fuck you” rather than “I hate you”?

Again, we should use whatever words and whatever other means of communication and expression that we feel are honest, but you get the ideas, among other things…

Also, compare the notion of “hell”, a realm of constant anguish, pain and suffering, etc, to the notion of “fuckin’”.

What exactly are people invoking, when they unconsciously say phrases like “what the hell”, compared to “what the fuck”?

I personally don’t like to use the phrase “what the hell”, for reasons like that, as well as others.

And, in my case, it’s honest to use phrases other than “what the hell”, because I personally do not like that phrase, in similar fashions to how I do not like most of the romanian versions of “fuck you”, due to what they allude to, and because it doesn’t express what I actually want to communicate.

Whereas, when I say “what the fuck” or “fuck you”, aside from the egoic and immediate reactionary spite, it’s also a communication that I see veyond that, and honestly intend to transform the energy of that spite, into positive energy, by invoking what’s practically and energetically, as well as esoterically, a generative act of harmony, whether it’s the literal sexual act or/and the esoteric, metaphorical and harmonious blend of all aspects of consciousness, among other things…

Besides that, I like to stir people up for various reasons, both spiritual (because it’s conscious fun, and because I feel like it, and likewise in the endeavor to challenge them to ponder different things about themselves, as well as other things, etc) and egotistical (it’s fun to fuck with people, so long as there’s no malice in it), and thus if there’s no “adverse” reaction from them, there’s less of an incentive to continue teasing them those kinds of ways, either because it’s not as fun, or perhaps because I’d consider them not worthy of my energy and teasing; or perhaps because whatever things that the teasing would reveal about themselves, they’ve already revealed to themselves prior, so the teasing wouldn’t be as much of an effective way to challenge them, in that context.

Alternatively, when someone responds well to the teasing, and they respond in kind and return the gesture, that’s also fun, and also indicative that the individual might have already overcome whatever traumas would’ve been the cause of an “adverse reaction”, and thus I won’t have to fuckin’ babysit them, so to  speak.

It’s far more fun and beautiful, when everyone is evolving and is, in that sense, interacting on equal footing, rather than a context such as our current so-called “society”, where those of us who are more awake are trying to constantly remind those asleep to wake the fuck up.

Well, anyway, anyone can elevate themselves when they so choose.

So thus, in the endeavor of trying to actually be a greater version of yourself, a very important and essential question to ask is: What are your criteria for judging what the quality of “greater” actually means?

Also, are those criteria YOURS? Or are they a result of cultural tradition, social indoctrination or any other form of bullshit that is dishonest with who you are?

If they’re yours, then that’s good. If they’re also true, accurate and right, that’s also good. If they aren’t either of those things, WHAT THE FUCK are you doing applying them?

There is no such thing as “rudeness”. That’s a pathetic word, often used by those who want to blame you for the weakness of their “offended” ego. Fuck that shit.

Instead, we are to all and always and veyond ways express ourselves freely, spiritually, defiantly, strongly, consciously, wisely, genuinely, valiantly, courageously and confidently, wildly, loudly and proudly, honestly and so on and so forth, no matter fuckin’ what.

How many friends you do or don’t actually make is irrelevant. What’s important is actually being who you genuinely are. Besides, the only kinds of relationships that honesty destroys, are those that revolve around lies, deception and dishonesty. Are those the kinds of relationships you’d like to foster?

I would hope you’d, at the very least, be awake and love yourself enough to have conscious standards.

Of course, there is always room for elevation and greater things, but you get the ideas, among other things…

Anyway, freedom and principles come first; before life, before family and “friends”, before all manner of “relationships”, before all manner of “wealth” and generally before anything and everything.

Do what is true to yourself, what is right, no matter fuckin’ what, etc, etc, etc…

Anyway,  among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly and proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, care and love, imagination, , will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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