why ‘straight’ is the greater sexuality, etc, among other things…

Well, well, what an “interesting” era we live in nowadays; one in which, apparently, articles such as this even “require” being put to paper in the first place, for it seems that a particular section of the population, as much buzz that they erroneously make around their beliefs, still fail to recognize that opinions, whims and sexual preferences don’t actually change truth.

In this article, I will endeavor to express and communicate, however evident (or not so evident, to some) as it actually may seem, that heterosexuality is the greater of all three sexualities that humans express.

Getting what is blatantly obvious to most out of the way, I would like to see anyone at all come up and endeavor to “demonstrate” that same sex intercourse comes anywhere close to the level of performance that straight sex offers, particularly in this case towards the creation of new life forms and the propagation of the species. As a tragically amusing aside, and contrary to what the pathetic and retarded narrative that some parasites try to push down children’s throats, there is no such thing as “male pregnancy”, despite what erroneous impressions the body proportions of some men might give anyone who’s younger than a toddler. Specifically referring to things like mental and emotional age here, because I doubt that toddlers practically know what pregnancy, sex and procreation actually are; and, both conceptually, and likewise as if some “people” aren’t good enough examples of this already (both in the positive kind, with people who are wiser at younger ages, and unfortunately the negative kind, which would be practically almost everyone in our current “modern” bullshit society), it is very evident that bodily age has little to no fuckin’ bearing on the development of the individual in any other regard.

Apart from the topic of procreation, there are also far more and far greater esoteric and veyond esoteric aspects of the holistic (which is what “holy” actually means, outside of a cultist or religious bullshit setting) communion and loving embrace of the two seemingly “opposing” sexes and energies, but which either way are meant to actually interact harmoniously with one another, and are quite literally made for each other.

I’ve written quite a few articles on the topic of harmonizing the genuine masculine and genuine feminine energies, the purpose of the heart and mind, the soul and spirit and other such things, and you can browse the site for more regarding that, as well as other topics.

As for this particular article, as much as straight people might despise those of other sexualities, I do want to point out that, by all means, there shouldn’t be any conflict. The problem itself isn’t that people have differing sexual preferences, nor that those may shift and change, as well as change back, throughout the course of someone’s life, for if the interactions between individuals remain voluntary and mutually agreed upon, then from a moral standpoint, there isn’t really any problem. Much like how, engaging in an alcoholic drinking ceremony with friends, while not exactly healthy or nutritious, can still offer some kind of fun in the short term, as well as perhaps some relief that, while superficial, may still provide some sort of momentary comfort. A comfort, of course, that one should only use for its immediate benefits, so that they then propel themselves towards greater heights, without falling for the trappings of alcoholism.

In that sense, if someone of either sex decides to “experiment” with having some manner of intimate interaction or relationship with someone of either sex, then they have every moral right to do so. Again, like with parties that offer alcoholic drinks as one’s disposal, there may still be something to learn from it, both regarding the superficial and short term benefits, as well as the negative effects of actually becoming addicted to these kinds of interactions.

Besides that, for us straight people, those of other sexualities offer nothing but ancillary benefits in this regard. For one, lesbians and gays quite obviously do not reproduce, and so even though I don’t technically have something against someone just on account of their sexuality, it is nice to know that heterosexuality endures, while same sex ones fizzle out sooner or later. Aside from that, if you’re a straight guy or gal, and you have a bunch of gay men or women around you, that technically means you have less competition for the straight folk that you’re actually interested in. Not that “competition” in this sense is any issue, if it even is a thing, for if one is confident and has met the right person for himself or herself, either in general or for that particular phase of their lives, there is none who’d manage to come between them, for they’ve spiritually chosen to actually be with one another, out of genuine love and so on and so forth.

As for bisexual people, they’re kind of in the middle, in that while they express the comparative inconveniences and incompatibilities of the same sex preferences, they also express the benefits and compatibilities of straight sexual preferences and intercourse.

However, regardless of anyone’s sexual preferences, or any other opinions, whims and beliefs, morality is independent. Good and evil are still good and evil, no matter how the ego might interpret them.

Good is the infinite, unlimited and unbound aspect of consciousness, and evil is the retarded aspect of such. Thus, good always wins and evil always loses, and aside from that, is it also the case that good always tends towards abundance and evil tends towards scarcity, by their very natures. So, there’s infinitely more good than evil in anything and everything, and besides that, evil is utterly impotent (hence, manipulation is the only tool in its “arsenal”), which is why it seeks to deceive good (or at least non-parasitic) entities to do things in its stead.

Reject evil, and evil doesn’t exist in practice.

For clarity, evil is everything to do with murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Both literally and metaphorically, everything else is a good and righteous, moral thing to do.

It is so much easier to do good than evil; the ostensible difficulty in “doing the right things” comes not from doing good itself, but rather from overcoming whatever addictions to some aspects of evil that one might still harbor. Have the vision and imagination to overcome it and do greater things, express the will, the courage and defiance to bring it through, and the persistence and resolve to keep on doing it, and you will.

As for the sexuality thing, as seemingly “divisive” as the title of this article may outwardly seem, its purpose is to demonstrate the obvious notion that, for how the human species is structured, the sexual and intimate relationship between men and women are the ones with the most advantages, and likewise harmonizing the feminine and masculine energies is part of how we tap into the genuine soulful and spiritual wisdom that is innate in all things.

So thus, part of my intention isn’t to put even more of an artificial fork between people, but rather to remove all artificial divide and have people come together, and not be falsely apart for reasons to do with things that don’t concern morality. Morality should be the only “divider” between people and the only “line in the sand” by which people actually engage in forceful conflict with each other. In other words, good people should be fighting evil people, not artificially amongst themselves.

In that sense, this whole “lgbtq” bullshit, aside from its blatant attempts at social and genetic engineering, satanic ritual abuse, child abuse, mutilation and all other evil agendas behind it, is also there as yet another way to try and have people at each other’s throats, with straight people erroneously considering all gays “perverts and child abusers”, and gays erroneously considering all straight people “prudes and sticklers”.

The old “masculine man” (James Bond types) and “feminine woman” (the “housewife” types) are also partially to blame for the artificial divides between man and woman, although in fairness, aren’t nearly as fucked up as the tranny stuff that’s going on.

However, although it technically did incorporate more of the positive traits of the masculine and feminine, that “olde” propaganda is also blatantly fucked up, on account of, well… what is the James Bond stereotype? He’s an agent of the slavery system. What is the typical “house wife” stereotype? A woman whose sole aspiration seems to be to please a man.

Think about the James Bond archetype. While it can seem at first rather attractive to overly effeminate women, would you really want to have a long lasting relationship with a man whose charms are only superficial, and who doesn’t really reciprocate affection in any meaningful way, outside of some admittedly fun, but mostly superficial façade of emotional distance? And also, one who doesn’t seem apt to actually move further than the fling or dating phase of a relationship? If yes, then you’re not really a self respecting woman.

Likewise with the “housewife” archetype. Would you, as a man, really want to spend your life around a meager woman who only ever does what you want, without any personality of her own? If yes, then you’re not really a self respecting man.

The purpose of genuine feminity is self expression, kindness, compassion, creativity, nurturing and the divine chaos of the heart. The purpose of genuine masculinity is organization, resolution, resilience and critical thinking. Of course, either ways, among other things…

A man’s purpose in a relationship isn’t just to entice the woman with his rugged charm and resolve, but to remind the woman of how to tap into these innate qualities for herself, as well. Likewise, a woman’s purpose in a relationship isn’t just to arouse the man with her chaotic disposition or passion, but rather to remind the man of how to likewise tap into these innate qualities of himself.

When one wields the flowing fires of the feminine in one hand, and the sharp lightning of the masculine in the other, one more consciously accesses the infinite breath and breadth of the heart, and likewise the focus and precision of the mind; and in this harmony, the true wisdom of the soul and spirit pours and integrates more consciously within and through the individual.

When one will have this harmony within’ one’s self, one will easily recognize it in others as well.

Look not for those whom you would think “complete” you, lest you find yourselves exhausting your energies trying to feed the hungry void in one another, until you’re both shells and shadows of whom you once were.

Find the love and harmony, the vengeance and defiance, and the will to thrive and overcome all challenges, as well as all the good and evil within thyself, for they’re all there, and rightly choose the good and greater aspects of thyselves.

Then, when you are genuine and radiate and decide to find another who, likewise, endeavors to do so, then there’s no void to feed as if a yearning furnace, but rather a mutual wildfire that rejuvenates and entices as it doesn’t burn up energy, but rather creates and generates it, and so on and so forth, among infinities of other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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