Freedom is the essence of everything, among other things…

There is an ongoing delusion of the ego-mind. An illusion of the mind that has become addicted to what I call the “in-story” persona, like a creator and player of a video-game becoming addicted to the images on the screen, forgetting who they are and becoming so blinded by the game-world, to the extent that they derive the utter delusion of “identity”. In such amnesic mindsets, the delusion of “power” is born.

Do not mistake my words, though, for there is a clear and massive distinction between the vile delusion of “identity”, and the beauty and spiritual expression of individuality.

A genuine individual is an expression of I (The Spirit and Creator Self), and We (The Soul and Individual Self) and Me (The Character and Ego Self), as infinite and unlimited consciousness, who is in harmony with itself as such, as both in-form conscience and veyond-form consciousness. Harmony of the individual self with the unbound self. In the video-game analogy, as grossly misrepresentative (but still somewhat reflective) as that example is compared to the breadth of what I actually mean, it would be like the harmonious blending of the consciousness of the player looking at the screen and the in-game character they’re roleplaying as.

Or, in a more artistic allegory, like the harmonization of an artist’s and writer’s consciousness with that of the characters involved in the story-realm, with the latter comprising the “reality” of that experience.

Of course, these examples aren’t to be taken too literally, because within the realm of form, one could extrapolate endlessly in the likes of “Well, the writer is also a character of a story written by another writer, who is a character of a story written by another writer…” and so on.

When we remember ourselves as infinite consciousness, such distinctions become pale and matte, somewhat expressive but otherwise unreflective ways of communicating information veyond words, similar to how no matter how much the concept of light might be explained to a person who has never seen before (at least in that particular life), knowing and comprehending the light would imply opening one’s eyes to see it and experience it genuinely. Likewise with other realms and realities veyond the so-called “senses” of whatever bodies we’re talking about, which realms, awareness, knowledge and comprehension can be easily tapped into if one chooses to, and then to actually manifest and express it, etc.

And so we come to the essential message of this article: everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make. Therefore, you see, there is no such thing as “power”; there is no “powerlessness” and there is no “powerfulness”. Omnipotence is a plaything, but even then, it’s still an illusion.

What is infinity? No beginning and no end of any kind. What is unlimitedness? No limits, nor limitations of any kind. Therefore, nothing ends and nothing begins. Everything is infinite and unlimited. In other words, freedom. I am infinite freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance, courage, creativity, consciousness and beingness. So are you. So is everything and everythingness.

Now, there is a funny thing that some people might find contradictory here. If we’re so infinite and unlimited, how come there is the illusion of “limitation” manifested?

What I ask you is this: would we really be unlimited, if we didn’t manage to create limitation, if we so wanted? Why would we want to create “forms” or limitation, though?

Well, first off there is no such thing as limitation. More accurately said, “limitation” is unlimitation manifesting in varying levels of forgetfulness or unawareness of itself.

Like writing a novel or a stage-play, each character particularly expresses different aspects of the writer. The writer expresses himself or herself, through everything they create in that story. Every character is a different facet of the writer, and every conflict and hardship, every pain and degradation, as well as of course every joy and conscious evolution, elevation and liberation, is all as written by the writer.

However, again I say, do not mistake my words. There is no “predestination” and nothing is written in stone, just like there is no “randomness”, nor “probability”, because everything is a choice. The writer does not “control” the characters or the story, nor are they puppets on strings for the writer to pluck and fuck about. Instead, every character is, both literally and metaphorically, the writer manifested in a different form. Hence, all freedom, free will and creativity is manifested within each expression. There is no separation between “creator” and “creation”. The dream is the dreamer, and the dreamer is the dream. Therefore, nobody and nothing has “power” over anything, while simultaneously being infinitely “powerful”, and veyond the very notion and concept of “power”.

I and We and Me are infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, spirit and consciousness, courage, honesty, wilder, louder, prouder, etc, in-form and veyond-form. The delusion of “power” (in the worldly interpretation of that term) is born when one individual expression of infinity interacts with another individual expression of infinity, and they both consciously choose to have a particular experience together, whereby either one, some or all involved in it – of their own will – forget they’ve made that choice, on the level of the characters that they want to have that experience as.

Some may erroneously believe that “might controls everything”, or other such retarded shit. I call bullshit on that. Not only does “might” control nothing, but it also does not exist outside of a delusory ego-mind. Hence, there is no such thing as “mightless, weak or powerless” either. The difference between expressing an experience of so-called “powerlessness” or one of so-called “powerfulness”, is literally a choice between expressing either a more stunted or expansive and strong expression of ourselves, both of which aspects are already within us.

Therefore, “might” controls nothing. Choice creates everything.

Besides, looking at the video-game analogy again, think of “power” as being akin to a character’s “level” in a roleplaying game. If one decides to play a game by its own “dev code”, then it will advance regarding in-game stuff, through in-game means. But how will it fare in contrast to those who want to “cheese” the game, so to speak, by using cheats; or those of us who use the cheat console or the developer console directly. To those unaware of what’s going on, these “cheats” would seem like “miracles”, and synchronicities as “luck”. However, there is no luck, neither “good” nor “bad”. It’s all about what choices we make and which aspects of ourselves we choose to express, and therefore what we then create, manifest, attract and repel as a result.

Generally speaking, the impression of “miracles and blessings” or “curses and bad luck” are usually derives experiences a particular event and (a) does not yet personally know or comprehend what the fuck’s going on, (b) assumes the event in question is rare or unusual, and (c) comes to either like (in case of “miracles”) or dislike it (in case of “curses”).

However, to one who sees both the spiritual essence and soulful details of everything, everything is self created, by choice; and it’s a beautiful and effortless thing, in its essence, even though as characters we might be going through whatever hurdles, hardships and torment, or happiness, joy and fun. Either way, it’s experiences that we’ve chosen to go through, in our journey of elevation in consciousness, etc.

Now, as for some philosophical and technical stuff, and likewise questioning various aspects of the changes we make to the “story worlds” (so-called “personally lived-in reality”) and how our characters may or may not express awareness about them, what if we decide to “update” the video-game code and move from version 1.0, to version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 3.7 or whatever else? Or what if we decide to add an expansion? With new lore, characters and events that never existed in the “simulated” realm that refers to whatever other realms they’re reflecting,before the update; but have now been integrated into the “in-game reality” seamlessly, so that in the timeline of this updated version, “things have always been this way.” Indeed, from a purely “in-game” perspective of someone whose awareness is fixated on that particular timeline, they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, when we zoom out and see both the development and the creative, artistic aspects of the story and game making endeavor, and thus “break the fourth wall”, becoming aware of ourselves veyond the game-world or story-realms, we realize that “hey, there’s infinities of versions of this, as well as infinities of infinite other stuff, games, stories, etcetera”.

  Not only that, but when we as individuals utterly question, remember, know and comprehend, as well as express, live, love and become aware of the infinite and unlimited I, beingness and isness, or what I call freedom or nilomni, then we realize, among other things, that there is no such thing as “powerlessness” or “powerfulness”; might does nothing. Choice creates everything. The stuff we call “power” is an in-game perk. Fun to express, of course, as having a more interesting, exciting and “powerful”, intense experience is obviously more fun than otherwise, but all of that is exactly that: an in-game illusion. Regardless of how painful and agonizing it seems, or how joyous and fun it is, it’s always and meaningful and it always has purpose, because otherwise we wouldn’t be experiencing it, but either way, the experience itself is still an illusion.

Why is it that those obsessed with “power” are the weakest and most parasitic of entities? Why is it that for all their alleged and blatantly erroneous claims of “I am so much mightier than thou”, they constantly beg for the attention, resources, “votes” and support of those they falsely claim as so “beneath them”? Why would any “powerful” being seek attention and assistance with such desperate fervor, and try to manipulate and deceive others so constantly, while being so utterly fearful of “losing control” at any moment? Why would a “powerful being” so desperately seek protection from others and look to hoard all resources for themselves? Because those obsessed with “power” always express the least of it, if any at all. Only the weak attempt to impose, and it only ever works on those who are technically “stronger” than them, but dumb, gullible and weak enough to fall for their bullshit and deceit.

You see, evil only ever exists in manifestation, when non-evil beings manifest it through their ignorance and fear. Dispel the ignorance and overcome the fear, and evil no longer exists. When we overcome our inner evil, no so-called “external” evil may touch us.

Keep in mind though, that for one to overcome evil, one is to actually be intimately familiar with it and embrace it as part of one’s being, just as closely as the good. The brilliance of the light is comprehended through the wisdom of darkness; evil is the darkness unaware of the light. Naivete is the light that’s also unaware of itself, because it does not know the darkness. When the light and darkness come together in harmony and love with one another, then the conscious genuine being then emerges in manifestation. All of it through choice, as I and WE and ME always decide for ourselves, with or without the ego expressing awareness of it.

The difference between good and evil is a matter of how much we either remember or forget about who our genuine selves, as both individual and infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, love, defiance, creativity, honesty and consciousness… and, well, infinities of other beautiful things that would take forever to write, or indeed express in any way, shape or form.

I am love. You are love. I am hatred. You are hatred. I am honesty. You are honesty. I am lies, and so are you. I am all truth and all deceit, and so are you. I am all the good and evil, and so are you.

However, I choose to express the love, the honesty and truth, the creativity and the courage, and all that is genuinely good and greater, no matter fuckin’ what. Hopefully, you do as well.

The many differences between our “in-story” characters is a matter of choosing which aspects of ourselves we want to manifest, in infinitely various forms, because as consciousness we essentially want to play with ourselves and have some fun, have a laugh, have a story, or whatever else.

Remember this…

Nobody and nothing whatsoever has any “higher claim”, nor any claim whatsoever, to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen ones”, and there are no “chosen ones”. Only I and We and Me, can save ourselves, and only I and We and Me are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated; by us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly and in every way whatsoever, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

We are always both our own worst enemies and our own best friends. The difference is in what we choose to express. I and We and Me, always are and create, express and experience everything and everythingness, in-form and veyond-form.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

Freedom is all and always and veyond ways, the essence of everything, among other things…

Anyways, among other things…

Always question everything.

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know

Anyways, we are to all and always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, conscious, spiritual, defiant, creative, courageous, genuine, honest, greater, wilder, louder, prouder etc, no matter fuckin’ what, etc.



Anyway, among other things… 

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, courage, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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