Courage, Love and Spirituality are prime sources for Morality, etc, among other things…

It is rather profoundly disgusting to look around in our current and pathetic, so-called “society” and witness how, for all their talk and boasting that they are “good people”, most of “humanity” nowadays has barely any smidget of a semblance of an idea what true morality actually is.

Some would suggest, of course erroneously, that there either is no “morality” or that it is somehow relative and contextual, while others assume that what they’ve let themselves deceived and manipulated to pettily believe as “morality”, through constant repetition and propaganda, somehow holds water purely on account of “say so” or “because it is written” in this or that particular manuscript or set of scribbles on a piece of paper in a document somewhere.

Some would even suggest, erroneously, that somehow people could be spurred to act with moral intent, just through things like pavlovian indoctrination or “training”, through repetitious fear mongering and concurrent “rewards” in reaction to people doing things in specific ways.

However, much like how a dog could be brainwashed into acting in a particular way, in reflexive and ingrained reaction to a set of stimuli, “people” who have yet to break out of the vicious cycle of their bodies’ lower, animalic compulsions, can very easily be “trained” and persuaded to do good things over bad things, through what type of actions and behaviours are socially being rewarded and “punished”. However, like a machine that can be programmed to do specific tasks does not actually know what the fuck it’s actually doing, nor is it apt to even conceive of anything on its own, or like how a dog may reflexively perform an action in relation to its ingrained compulsions, but never actually comprehend what, how or why it’s doing it, through those primitive means, neither are people going to suddenly, nor even gradually become moral just because they’re doing what could technically be a “right thing” in itself.

Performing an action does not equate to actually knowing what the fuck you’re doing, why you’re doing it or how to do the right things with actual intention.

If someone who operates purely or mostly on their primitive compulsions would find themselves in a context where good things are rewarded and bad things are “punished”, they may very well do good. However, put that same someone in a context where the reverse is the case, in a society where bad things are “rewarded” and good things are “punished”, and they’ll just do bad things just as easily.

So, no. Morality is not just about the actions that one performs, but rather about deeper and more profound comprehension, brought about by the clarity and wisdom of the soul and spirit, the heart and mind harmonizing with one another and tapping into the true and defiant aspects of our higher conscience and consciousness.

A genuinely moral individual recognizes the difference between right and wrong, and thus defiantly chooses good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, no matter any so-called “consequences”, no matter what “death, pain and torture” one might endure, no matter what “pleasures, joys and happiness” they might experience, and no matter fuckin’ what.

Those of us who are genuinely moral and spiritually active and proactive, are not swayed by “bribes” or “threats”, and there is nothing that would ever manage to dissuade us from doing what is right, because we choose to all and always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, conscious, spiritual, defiant, creative, courageous, honest, genuine, wilder, louder, prouder and so on and so forth, no matter fuckin’ what.

It is the love of self, both as an individual and as infinite, unbound consciousness, and therefore also love of others, through which we strive to do what is moral, good and greater, for the sake itself of doing it, regardless of what experiences we might go through, regardless of “outcome” and regardless of anything at all, other than the free will choice to do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what.

Likewise, it’s extremely easy to recognize the difference between good and evil. See, evil is the retarded aspect of consciousness, while good is the infinite, unlimited and unbound aspect of consciousness; hence, evil is always self defeating and degrading, while good is always self elevating and unbound. Thus, evil always tends towards scarcity, and good always tends towards abundance, and as such, there is always infinitely more good than evil in anything and everything, not just in terms of how one would look at things and interpret them, but intrinsically in truth and essence as well.

Likewise, good always wins and evil always loses, but even that’s technically inaccurate to say, because that would imply some sort of competition, which would in turn imply a some manner of equals counteracting or fighting against each other, through their own strength; evil has no strength or power at all, and good is not only omnipotent, but veyond the very notion and concept of “power” to fuckin’ begin with; “power” is an illusory concept, as part of the “story worlds” or what people addictively call “reality”. There is no such thing as “powerlessness” and there is no such thing as “powerfulness”, outside the realms of illusion and delusion.

Everything is free will choice, and the impression of “power differentials” is derived from the spiritual consent of souls who have chosen to experience things that are either pleasant or unpleasant for their character’s stories on the stage of “life”.

Good is infinite, and thus it’s veyond the realm of “description” and “definition”. As an aside though, there is a massive difference between someone whom erroneously assumes that something is “indescribable”, just on account of not yet personally managing to comprehend it, and then something that genuinely is outside the realms of “definition” and “form”.

On the other hand, evil is very well within the realms of definition, and thus is very easy to define, and especially easy to recognize in practice. The only 7 evils, or evil acts, in existence are murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Both literally and metaphorically, everything else is a good and righteous, moral thing to do.

Rights and wrongs are directly related to that, but whereas good and evil are more like principles and are more akin to things like esoteric aspects and veyond, rights and wrongs have to do with practical application.

In that notion, rights are practically every action or activity that does not imply the initiation of “harm” against another living being that has done you no wrong, while wrongs are practically every action or activity that does.

Notice that the actual emphasis is on the initiation part. If, for example, someone punches you in the face without you having done so towards them in the first place, then you have every moral right to retaliate in kind.

The use of things like “force” is always wrong to use in the endeavor of “harming” the innocent (who’ve done no wrong) or the redeemed (who’ve done wrong, but are now doing more right than wrong), but it is always right to use in retaliation against those who do.

Of course, there are many nuances and situations where someone may be technically doing wrong, but perhaps without realizing it, or maybe on the impression that a wrong has already been committed, in which case they might be practically or discerningly wrong, but motivationally right. Like, if someone was deceived into assuming that you’ve kidnapped their child, and then they righteously retaliate against you, but without you having actually done anything of that sort; in which case, of course you have every right to lethally retaliate against them, ‘cause you’re technically the one in the right in the immediate context, although greater wisdom would mean that you are ready and willing to retaliate, but concurrently ready and willing to recognize the deeper aspects of what’s going on as well, and then to act with genuine clarity, active passion and proactive discernment, etc.

So, the specific integration and implementation of morality and principles may be different in veneer and nuance, in its practice, but the principles and truths themselves are as they are, by virtue of themselves, regardless of context, belief, opinion, popularity, etc.

Like, it’s definitely right to retaliate against a thief, but there’s a massive difference between killing a thief who barged into your house, and whom you know or about whom you would aptly assume might try to kill you, and then killing a child who may have stolen some pocket change from you, out of starvation.

Sure, both thieves are in the wrong, and retaliating against both is still technically moral, but greater wisdom would recognize that the child’s shitty life thus far is a far bigger injustice, than them trying to steal your wallet. Thus, the greater thing to do would be to try and help the child, not with the stealing, but in the endeavor of improving their life and morals, both for the love and sake of it and doing what is right no matter fuckin’ what, and likewise so that they won’t feel a compulsion to steal again.

I could go on and on with specific examples, and heaps and piles of advice about how to actually make the world better and how humanity can overcome its current plight, and likewise provide my own solutions for how I think people could organize themselves effectively as a society, and what they should do in life, but all of those “functional” or “practical” details are only important when the PRINCIPLES are actually fuckin’ integrated and implemented.

There are many philosophical, soulful and spiritual principles to talk about, which I’ve written and talked about, and about which I’ll likewise continue to explore and espouse and such; as for the practice of said principles, at least when it comes to how to treat others, there is only one thing that people are to agree upon and consciously apply, for there to actually be peaceful coexistence in the world.

Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

In other words, non-violence and self-defense. Aggression can still be used consciously, of course, but violence is the initiation of “force” with harmful intent against those who haven’t initiated any such thing against you. Thus, “force” and whatever other means can and should be used righteously and vengefully, against those who have initiated it against you without equivalent provocation.

You know how kids defend their use of force after a fight, saying “Well, he started it!”

That’s actually the right argument, for whether someone is in the wrong or right, regarding their use of “force” against someone else.

As such, it is always right to retaliate against the plantation of “gov” and anyone at all who claims that they’ve “auth” of any kind. If a house slave (“cop, soldier”) comes and initiates violence or extortion against you, you have every right to reject them, retaliate against them and kill them in self defense and defense of another, like you would any other thug or psychopathic piece of shit.

Your life is your own and your own choices are your own responsibility, always.

Nobody and nothing whatsoever has any more rights to anyone’s lives, other than whoever’s living those lives.

Nobody and nothing whatsoever has any more or less anything at all, than anyone or anything else at all.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

Freedom is everything, all the things and veyond all the things.

Spirit (Creator Consciousness) is Freedom in infinite, unlimited and unbound awareness and expression of Self.

Soul is the bridge between Creator Consciousness and Creation Consciousness.

Creation Consciousness is the canvas of experience and “form”.

The Character Selves are the personifications of the Soul and Spirit Selves, that play, live and paint onto the canvas of Creation, etc, among other things…

Anarchy and Liberty are the conscious application of Soulful and Spiritual wisdom, as well as moral principles, in ways that facilitates effective rejection of evil, and effective facilitation of good and greater things, etc, among other things…

Creativity and Imagination, Care and Love, Defiance and Courage are some of the prime aspects and principles through which good and greater things are manifested, etc, etc, etc, among other things…

Love thyself, to care to know and comprehend thyself, and likewise to freely, spiritually and defiantly choose to express thyselves, with courage, honour and compassion, active and proactive, resolute determination.

We are to all and always and veyond ways express ourselves and be greater and greater, and greater in every moment, than all moments prior.

In other words, we are to all and always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, conscious, spiritual, defiant, creative, courageous, genuine and honest, wilder, louder, prouder, no matter fuckin’ what, etc.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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