Why ‘contracts’ are just another form of slavery, and how to overcome it, etc, among other things…

Boy, the amount of excuses the emasculated and anti-feminised, basically trauma entrenched, genderless ego comes up with to excuse and condone its own stupidity and enslavement is just… disgusting.

It is all just different facades, rhetoric and wording used in a desperate attempt to put a fake-ass smiling mask on a person that is so deep in sorrow, anguish and self-mutilation, that is believes it to be “natural”; no longer even recognizing that genuine joy and excitement are, and perhaps no longer even conceive of such notions.

I’m talking in this article, about the retarded concept of what is generally called “social contracts”, as another euphemism that “political theorists” (in actuality, slave farm would-be managers) and other devout cultists at the church of “government” and so-called “authority”. All of which are just fancy words that mean one thing: slavery.

Slavery, in essence, is the erroneous and retarded belief that any living being supposedly “owns” another living being. That is what a “contract” is. Both in terms of “legislation”, whereby the very idea that you have a birth certificate, ID or bullshit “licence” literally defines you, the so-called “citizen”, as an “asset” (!!!) of the state you’re in. The very reason why you go in court and why in “documents” your name’s pretty much always written in CAPITAL LETTERS, is because that is how they label corporations and business entities. If Your Name was written as such, only starting with capital letters, you would be considered an individual and not a corporate asset, and slightly varying by the “legislation” (plantation decrees) of whatever country we’re talking about, most often you won’t go through trials if you don’t have an ID.

Because, both by nature of everything being done through consent, knowingly or otherwise, and because in the way that the dark occultists try to erroneously abdicate their personal responsibility through the manipulation and fabrication of artificial consent (that is, deceiving the target towards enslaving themselves without realizing it), if you are not in a contract of any kind with them, they won’t put you through their system. I mean, they might try to kill you outright (in which case, righteously retaliate as everyone should), but they won’t “prosecute” you. That is because, without having signed anything, you are not part of their system and they know it.

I mean, you aren’t either way, and nobody is, because we’re all living beings, alive and conscious, and not “assets” or “property” of any kind.

  • Contracts are a form of slavery, and are therefore evil by design

I am not talking about voluntary, mutually agreed upon guidelines or general instructions about how to go about doing things in a mutually beneficial manner, while in a natural congregation or group of people.

People who still condone the slavery of “government” and “corporations” typically make the erroneous and entirely sentimental assumption that, somehow, if the slavery system wouldn’t exist, there would somehow be “mayhem”.

More regarding that in these articles: https://www.philoliasophos.com/dismantling-minarchy-constitutionalism-and-other-forms-of-slavery-lite/


Anyway, NO!!! The very idea of slavery is one of the utmost expressions of violence and mayhem. Slavery is the attempted abdication of one of the very prime things that make one alive: the expression of conscience.

Everything good that “government” falsely claims to be the cause of (like organization between people, etc), not only would exist in far more voluntary, conscious and advanced ways without the slavery, but are actually hindered in practice by the propagation of “government”.

Why? Both esoterically, because evil is always self-degrading, and also exoterically, because no slave plantation is ever going to want the slaves to reach past a certain point of cognition, knowledge, efficiency, conscience or any other positive trait, skill, etc. Because the more apt, awake, aware, intuitive, intelligent, creative and so on the individual becomes, the more likely they are to realize that they’re being treated like slaves, and thus would no longer accept the slavery, and would rightly retaliate against it.

So, not only does a slave plantation seek to delude those it erroneously views as their “slaves” towards keeping the shackles around their ankles, but it’s also going to hide and conceal knowledge, technology, magick and other things from the “slaves”.

In other words, “government” not only has NEVER done anything good for anything or anyone at all, but it is deliberately engaging in  murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation, violence, degradation, depravation and deceit in everything they do.

And, here’s another thing. In the “days of old”, slavery was occuring in a more brute fashion, as it still is in openly tyrannical dictatorships (as opposed to facetous and euphemised dictatorships, like so-called “democracies” which pretend they’re the opposite of what they actually are), which is not really all that refined, in the sense that the “slaves” had a clear enemy against whom to retaliate in case of rebellion and revolution.

Back then, it was through brute, acute fear and pure violence, which are easy for anyone to spot, with the anger having a clear funnel for its energy and the mind having a clear enemy to aim that funnel at. Even if the aggregate level of consciousness of a target population isn’t all that high, if that population recognizes they are being enslaved, sooner or later they’ll rebel against it. Often in bloody fashion.

This is a heavy, heavy hindrance for the parasites, and so they eventually came up with the idea of “democracy”, or other words like “democratic republics”, “politics” and “social contracts”. All of which are just euphemisms (or rather, emasculated terms) meant to dress up and obscure the notion that it’s still slavery.

The false, religious, cult belief that “government” and “authority” ever do anything good, or even that such things even exist outside the realms of things like belief and delusion, is patently retarded. Besides, what a frail and fragile existence that is, to utterly rely on opinion and impressions. When “the state” claims that it’s done something good, like building something, or organizing some event, it’s always a false statement.

No, it’s not “the state” that did anything. It’s the people, the individuals who had the expertise, knowledge and interest to organize and build stuff, without whom the “government” would not have done anything. Which people would have a much easier time and no artificial hindrances in performing whatever it is that they want to do, if they weren’t letting themselves fooled by filing papers, signing this or these other things, or those and these and those other other things, waiting for however many weeks, months or more to get that other paper, speak to that one person in that institution, waiting several hours to get there, before then being pigeon holed towards visiting another institution and talking to this other person, etc, etc…

But aside from all of that deliberate incompetence and spectacularly ineffective and inefficient system, which is really just a distraction to keep people busy, busy, busy and stressed out, so that they then go back home and “tune out” to watch netflix and fill their brain with that programming and mind-“control” conditioning… but aside from all of that, it is slavery by design.

A “contract” is nothing more than a ploy to deceive the gullible into believing that scribbling their name or a signature on a piece of paper, somehow suddenly changes morality, and that it’s somehow “okay” to operate like a slave or a slaver to whatever entity or corporation you signed up for.

And people fall for it!

“Oh, but by being born in this country, I have signed a contract that I agree to the “rules” of this country.”

Yeah, you as a fuckin’ newborn had both the patience to read through a list of literally thousands, upon thousands of pages of “laws” (slave-farm decrees and arbitraty bullshit), which probably nobody has actually fully memorized or even gone through – and which also change with the whims of whatever slaver decides to change them. Then, still as a newborn, you also had the technical skill to wield a pen and write your name on that paper, before you even knew what your name even was, or what the objects in question are.

Alternatively, perhaps you were either among those of us who were born with clear memories and skills of other lives, but were somehow still gullible enough to sign such a retarded document, or you’re bullshitting yourself.

Either way, guess what? You actually being born on ANY plot of land, no matter where it is, DOES NOT MAKE YOU PROPERTY!!! You are a living being, with your own aspirations, dreams, desires, hopes, thoughts, emotions and so on! Stop mutilating yourself, you piece of shit!

“Oh, but if you come to a foreign country and want to live there, you are agreeing to a social contract that you’re going to apply its decrees.”

So, what if you come to my town and, for whatever reason, the people in my town say that every month you need to participate in a bisexual orgy, with lots of people you probably don’t even like? If you don’t, we’re going to try and coerce, extort, kidnap and cage you, and probably kill you.

“Oh, that’s too extreme!”

NO! That example is FAR LESS extreme than what those in “government” do on a daily basis.

The hypothetical town in the example: has that one kink, that they cultishly want to apply, and are retarded and evil enough to initiate violence against people who don’t join in, and they of course deserve to actually be trampled on, because of their evil bullshit. However, other than that, the people there don’t harass you for anything else. Yes, it’s still evil. No, that is not excusable. Yes, you have the natural and unalienable right to refuse, as well as retaliate against them, including lethally if there is equivalent provocation.

On the other hand, they don’t start wars, don’t commit genocide, don’t do human and child trafficking, don’t engage in the robbery and slavery extortion scheme called “taxation”, and generally don’t demand anything of you and aren’t really interested in what you do, so long as you just join an orgy every now and again.

Compared to what “government” does constantly, both out in the open and behind closed doors, both in concept and in practice, the town in question is virtually “saintly”, by comparison. I mean, again, it’s still evil and should be rejected and retaliated against, but compared to what “government” does (or, rather, what people do by still falling for the bullshit and propaganda, and thus propagating its agendas), it’s basically nothing.

The town just wants to harass you for one thing, which makes them a band of thugs and psychopaths, yeah, while “government” is utterly foaming at the mouth in their attempt to convince you to erroneously let them dictate every single aspect of your life. The former is a violent gang when it comes to trying to force their sexual preferences on others, but the latter is a fully fledged system of slavery.

Both are evil and should never be accepted, and should always fuckin’ be rejected and retaliated against. The only main difference between the two is in scope and scale. The thing is, people have let themselves indoctrinated to erroneously believe that somehow morality “doesn’t apply” to it.

Tell you what: imagine you and another person to be the only people in the world. If something is right or wrong to be done, as in moral and immoral (does it or does it not initiate harm upon the other, without equivalent provocation?), for either of you to do with regards to the other, then that right or wrong activity remains right or wrong, no matter the scale of the context or amount of people involved.

If either of us initiate violence, theft or coercion against each other, it’s wrong and immoral no matter if we’re the only two people in the world, or there are however many bajillions of us.

Likewise, if we do something that does not initiate such things, then that is what would be called a “natural right” – i.e. any action or activity that does not result in harming another living being that has either done no wrong, or may have done so prior, but has now genuinely redeemed themselves.

Most people, excluding psychopaths, generally agree that things like murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation are wrong. This is not a matter of popularity. Judging the quality or veracity of the information and such, based on popularity or belief is a fallacy. What I want to communicate is, among other things, that most people are more or less able to recognize a right and a wrong for themselves, with or without cognitive attention or awareness of it. Beings with even the tiniest smidget of expressed conscience and sentience  tend to resonate with other conscious entities and beings. Living beings generally tend to not want to harm other living beings. Not for the sake of pleasure or for the hell of it, at least.

The more profoundly the conscience grows and evolves, and the more the individual remembers who they are as both individual and infinite consciousness and potential, the more they manifest active and proactive spirituality, creativity, intuition, intelligence, defiance, honesty and therefore empathy within their being. Or, rather, they tap more readily into more and more of what’s always and already there.

However, when people let themselves blinded to who they are, they develop religious and cult belief systems, like the cult of slavery that is “government” and “authority” of any type, which is in no way any less vile, if you say so on a piece of paper and sign a fuckin’ “contract”.

“B-b-but, there need to be rules!”

BULLSHIT!!! A “rule” or a “law” is nothing other than an opinion, imposition or whim, backed up solely by the threat of violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit.

Voluntarily agreed upon guidelines, agreements or instructions, as well as relationships that are built around honesty, integrity and vigilant trust, without any manner of threat or coercion involved or implied, that’s something completely different. That would be an actually conscious and much more moral and efficient way of social organisation, than slavery – which is anti-civilisation, as well as evil by its very design.

Besides, think about it. What do you think is better and more condusive to both individual and aggregate growth? Remember that a civilisation is as strong or as weak as the sum of the individuals that comprise it. If you have a “society” of mostly weak-ass, pansy bitches, the society in the aggregate will reflect that, and you get a weak society. If the society is filled with brutish, feral monsters and cowardly accomplices (akin to the house slaves euphemistically called “police” and “soldiers”), that’s also going to be a weak and barbaric society.

If you have a civilisation that is made of free thinking, free feeling, responsible individuals who genuinely love, respect, know and comprehend themselves and each other, and thus express themselves freely, spiritually, defiantly and so on and so forth, and are all thus willing and ready to retaliate against evil and those who peddle it, then you have a civilisation that is a genuinely good, strong and conscious one, which is always going to actually be a freedom-oriented society.

So, what do you think is a better way of organization? Both morally and in terms of “efficiency” (the former should always come before the latter, and additionally, actually elevates the latter in the “grander schemes” of things)? One that revolves around arbitrary whims and edicts, backed up solely by violence and threats of such, which are designed to be condusive for that society’s or group’s degradation? Or, one that revolves around voluntary, mutually beneficial interactions and guidelines that stand on their own right by being actually good and worthwhile, while likewise being easily changeable without any artificial fuss, if someone actually comes up with better ideas and demonstrates them to actually be so? Also, without anyone being coerced into doing anything against their expressed consent, or not doing something that is a natural right?

I’d say it should be pretty clear to anyone that the latter is the obviously greater world to live in. Where there is liberty, there is no artificial hurdle. In liberty, there may be challenges and problems, including violence and small scale, local slavery in some cases, but not only are they much less prominent than in a situation where there is the belief in “government” and “authority”, but if or when those problems do arise, they are much more readily thwarted; in part because thugs, murderers, thieves and psychopaths are recognized as such and more actively retaliated against, regardless of what costumes they wear or what they do. Likewise, because individuals consciously assume the responsibility for their own choices, lives and behaviours; which we always have anyway, regardless of what beliefs anyone may try to delude themselves with.

So, in a context of liberty, violence may still be a thing. Freedom is, among other things, infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential, which includes the possibility of violence. Much more so, it also includes everything that is good, right, conscious, wild, defiant, spiritually active and proactive, honest, creative and courageous, genuine, beautiful and so on and so forth.

In a context of liberty, violence is a small scalepossibility, which is easily thwarted because it’s readily recognized and treated as the violence that it is. In a situation of slavery, violence is a large scale certainty, even more so when it is stupidly regarded as the opposite of what it actually is.

No scribbles on any piece of paper changes right or wrong. Morality doesn’t change with belief, opinion or popularity. Doesn’t matter what rituals you do, how you word it, who does the scribbling, nor how few or how many believe it.

A “lie” is still a “lie”, even if everyone believes it.

“Truth” is still “truth”, even if nobody believes it.

Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing is.

Right is right, even if nobody is doing it.

When enough people in our world will actually comprehend that, and also develop the self-love, self-respect and honesty to do so, and apply it in their lives, then our species is going to evolve like it never has before (at least in publicly recorded human history).

No matter what though, it starts and grows from each and every single one of us. It is our responsibility to change ourselves for the better, and become more and more of who we genuinely are, for the sake of doing so, no matter what. Then, the world will naturally change for the better as a result.

Anyway, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

 “Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to genuinely make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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