“Winning wars” is a momentary “victory”. Outgrowing evil and overcoming war, is an eternal triumph. Anyways, among other things…

To comment on the picture before I get into the article, it’s not “fair” regardless, because good always wins and evil always loses, by the very aspects of consciousness that they represent; evil being the retarded, and thus scarce and self-defeating aspect of such, with good actually being the infinite, unlimited aspect of consciousness, and thus always self elevating, abundant and of course, unbound, etc.

When we are in the right, we create our own realities much more consciously than otherwise (which we do regardless, but on a personal level as well, in addition to everything else, etc).

Also, for the sake of clarity, I wanted to say that whenever I get enraged and shout and berate someone, it’s always primarily out of empathy, as well as out of love and respect for myself, both in-form and veyond form, and everyone else, therefore likewise out of a desire to actually see everyone grow in consciousness and such. Some of the intents of my outbursts, aside from the prime thing of the spiritual principle of doing what is genuine, defiant, wild and so on, is to passionately communicate something. Thus, it isn’t because I derive any bullshit “pleasure” from having people get angry, annoyed, frustrated or butthurt, and it isn’t to get others specifically to feel in whatever way, whether good or bad. That said, the quality of what anyone feels, thinks, says or does about what I say, and about anything in general, is as it is in relationship to how it is in relationship to truth, which is independent of things like opinion, whims, beliefs, etc.

So, while I can appreciate the good that there are people in the “truth community” or “freedom community”, whom I do consider that they’re doing more good than bad in the world, there is much to criticize as well; likewise this rage that I’ll be expressing in the next paragraphs is born of empathy and care, not spite, and it is also not a judgement about the entirety of who someone is. Credit and appreciation, where credit and appreciation are due. Likewise with criticism, and I do consider this as a righteous criticism of some of the bad stuff people are doing; in the context of this particular article, some people bullshit attachment or addiction to the continued functioning of their bodies.

Holy fuckin’ shit, some people are fuckin’ pathetic at some points, when they fuckin’ vomit stuff like: “don’t fight battles you think you’re not going to win”? BULLSHIT!!!What the fuck is that cuck little bitch attitude?! What?! If you think someone has a burlier neck than you, or someone has more guns, or is in a more strategically advantageous position, you’re gonna what? lay low, like a dumb little cowardly pathetic sack of shit, in the vain “hope” that you might prolong your body’s function and “live a life” that, by that point, no longer has any value whatsoever, other than as a lesson for others on what NOT to do and what NOT to fuckin’ be like? That is petty, pathetic and cowardly, so fuck you and fuck that shit.

This is not to say that the same people this criticism is aimed towards don’t have courage in other regards, ’cause they do seem to have some of it in whatever regards, to whatever extent, but why do some people say pertinent stuff like “face infinity without flinching” or “we create our own reality” and “our lives are our own” and such, which are very good ways of going about things, and the affirmations of this kind are in and of themselves true, but then some of those who speak them show immediately face-plant to the dirt, when they then cough up delirious bullshit like “b-b-but, if it’s someone who could potentially beat you in a fight, naaah man”. Fuck you all, who still haven’t come to actually practice what you preach to the extent that you preach it.

Again, and this is for the sake of clarity and honesty, I say this not to try and “put people down”, but rather to help remind people to lift themselves up out of whatever shithole of a belief, situation, mental or emotional sewage or any other kind of shitty experience they’re going through. Patience and kind consideration are of course good, but so is tough love and aggression, when they are in harmony with each other and with true and genuine spiritual wisdom, knowing, comprehension and expression and so on and so forth.

Likewise, I often tell people to not go to bullshit flag and poster waving “protests”, other than to find people with whom to have mutual collaboration, to communicate with each other and then organize, and then put stuff to practice and have each other’s backs. The problem, unfortunately, is that the majority of “the masses” are literally still supporting their own fuckin’ slavery, through erroneously still believing in things like “gov” and “auth”, which are just utterly cucked and emasculated terms for slavery. Doesn’t matter how many tantrums they throw, ’cause all it actually amounts to in that particular moment, is them having a tantrum.

HOWEVER, if they use that tantrum and the realization that the slavers (dark occultists and other parasites, human and nonhuman alike; either way, fuck ’em) and their house slaves (politician puppets, cops, soldiers) not only don’t give the slightest shit about them, but actually want to have them fuck themselves over, then they can use that as a shock to actually come face to face with how much bullshit they’ve unfortunately let themselves deceived by, and then overcome that and develop the courage to actually stand up for themselves and each other, develop and express true love of self, truth and principles, and then genuine compassion for themselves and each other, and thus no longer support evil, and likewise start actually retaliating against the pieces of shit, including lethally, when the case for that.

Well, technically, it’s pretty much always the case for that in our current situation, although one could say that some of those still working in the bullshit plantation might still be reached, and if they renounce their “job” and support of the evil, that’s technically more of a win than having killed them; but, if they show up at you or your neighbours’ house with guns, or if you see them dragging or abusing someone in whatever context, or know for certain that they’re involved with trafficking and the like, then trampling and killing them is definitely a moral thing to do, that everyone should perform. Not out of hatred or spite for them, but out of love for our true and genuine selves, for truth and principles, as well as each other, etc.

Likewise, for clarity, I did not suggest that people who still have an attachment to “survival” don’t have any courage, whatsoever. I meant, that if they have yet to overcome that attachment, do not yet seem to have enough courage to see past the “concern” regarding whether or not their bodies might “die”. That’s part of what I criticize about people, in this particular context.

Furthermore, I have been in situations of combat, confrontation and kidnapping (or “arrest”, as some would euphemistically call it), that could have easily turned “lethal”, both in contexts where I was the one “targeted”, and likewise ones where I intervened when someone else was, against thugs of both the “official” and “non-official” kind. There weren’t that many of these such occasions, in this life, but there were several at the very least. So, I’m not talking out my ass.

And, in every single one of them… except perhaps one as a kid against some bullies, where it was practically my first such experience in this life, when my body froze from the shock of seeing cruelty displayed overtly, and it got its ass kicked… and another one as a slightly older kid, where I did actually mouth off, but didn’t retaliate aptly enough.

Anyway, from that point on though, I’ve always intervened in situations of abuse of any level that was actually in my vicinity, and likewise always retaliated whenever there was the case for that, and always will continue to do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what.

As for strategies and being tactical about increasing the so-called “odds” in your favour (no such things as “odds, risks or dangers”, because we create our own everything and such, but you get the ideas), I have nothing against that kind of stuff. I am aware that winning battles is not the same as winning wars. Winning wars is a more long term, pertinent concept than tunnel visioning the immediate battle, “beecoz gore and glory, I guess”.

That was, again, not what I criticize in this particular context.

What I endeavor to communicate is, among other things, that whenever one is to choose between what one truly, spiritually and defiantly wants (true self, not ego), and what seems “tactical” to the ego for it to derive the impression of prolongued “survival” or “victory” for its whims, then the good and greater choice is to go with the heart, regardless of what the mind or ego might say.

In other words, victory in consciousness is far greater than any “in-world” so-called “victory”, and one who stands up for what is right no matter what, but “dies” in a battle or war, is far greater than someone who might allege that they “won” the war by making compromises and doing immoral things.

As an analogy, it’s like someone who realized it’s a game and took off the VR goggles, now seeing once again the world veyond the game and further, versus someone who’s still in the “matrix”, celebrating their prolongued and festering “visitation” or “reincarnation cycle”.

Then, once you’ve taken off the proverbial VR goggles, you can easily go and play the game again if you want to, and since you now have a far greater vantage point than prior, you have more awareness and thus know how to actually more effectively win all “in-game wars” and “matches”.  Then, you might still come across those who are technically still on the good side of the war, but who still haven’t taken off their goggles yet, and still don’t remember who they are veyond the video-game, and who thus are still erroneously attached to their video-game personas; still locked in and failing to see that, regardless of which side won the “match” or “tournament” in that cycle, they’re still trapping themselves in the game, repeating a cycle until they learn and outgrow it.

Courage, defiance, spirituality and such are intrinsic to our divine essence, and thus when we overcome the “fear of death”, and generally overcome “fear” itself, we see veyond the “game world” and thus are no longer attached to it. Still involved, even more so, in everything we do, but concurrently detached and seeing it for what it is: an experience, a ride, a stage play. It is there to actually be experienced, not “identified” with. Thus, with this greater wisdom, we much more consciously create our own realities to reflect this greater awareness (which we always do regardless, but like, on personal levels as well, in addition to everything else), and thus we’re much more apt to not just “win the in-game wars”, but furthermore to thrive and help ourselves and each other provide catalysts for making the choice to actually break the repeated “war cycles”, and outgrow the proverbial “vr game” entirely and so much more, all of us.

So, in various ways, similar to how winning the war is more important than winning any one particular battle, breaking the cycle of war through actual evolution in consciousness is far greater than just “winning wars”.

The act of “winning wars” is a momentary victory. The act of outgrowing evil and overcoming war, is an eternal triumph.

There is no such thing as “can” and “can’t”.

Whatever one seeks out to do, whether it’s good or bad, there is always will to do and will to do otherwise.

It’s not about “winning wars”, but rather overcoming the notion and practice of war, through greater expressions of love, defiance, kindness, rebellion, spirituality, elevation, consciousness, genuineness, honesty, etc, etc, etc, among other things…

Anyways, among other things…

Either way, anyone can elevate themselves when they so choose.

Anyways, among other things…

While, of course, any virtue can and is expressed regardless of context, genuine courage is often demonstrated more prevalently and overtly in situations of “adversity” and “struggle”, not when the ego assumes that it is “assured” whatever it considers as a “victory”.

Rather than be any kind of a piece of shit, I’d honestly rather die, endure and plough through ALL forms of “death, pain and torture” in existence, knowing that I valiantly plough through it all and break all the chains, and emerge victorious in consciousness, which is what’s infinitely fuckin’ important and so on.


Thing is, parasites don’t have any “power”. The only reason that, at any point whatsoever, they might appear to “get to you”, is when you’ve spiritually consented to having an experience, whereby you create a story where you’ve chosen to personally go through that kind of stuff. It’s not “them” that’re doing anything to you, it’s you creating a shitty experience for yourself, to learn something and to prove to yourself that you’re rejecting evil, and that you’re always deciding to good and greater things, no matter what you go through and no matter what.

If that demonstration of courage and such is the main purpose for that particular life, then that version of your character will “die honourably in the fight”, and then move on to greater lives where they won’t experience that kind of “death”, and instead will create “in-game” or “in-story” or “in-life” victories as well, because now that they’ve demonstrated their courage and valiance, they’ll now move on to greater experiences where they not only “develop and demonstrate their courage”, but actually evolve and elevate it, and thus experience lives of thriving and being successful “in-life” while doing the right thing, because they’ve demonstrated already that there’s no “death”, nor “pain”, nor “torture”, nor anything that would deter them from doing what is right.

Kind of like how once you’ve learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, you’re now more apt to learn greater ways of utilizing the bike. Superficial analogy, I know, but it does carry on some of the actual meaning, even if what I endeavor to communicate is way more advanced than words would manage to describe, and in the infinite aspect of it, veyond the concept of description itself.

Oh, and to note, there is a massive difference between someone not yet managing to describe or explain something, and then erroneously assuming that the thing itself is “indescribable”, even though the thing in question might still be within the realms of definition and form, and then something that’s genuinely veyond the realms of such.

Likewise, seeing as how there is no “separation” between anything, and how everything if divine, divinity and veyond, and as such veyond veyond all notions and concepts of all notions and concepts, including the illusory notion of “power”.

There is no such thing as “powerlessness” and there is no such thing as “powerfulness”; those are illusions the “character” and “ego” aspects of ourselves experience, in relationship to how little or how much they remember about the soul choices they’ve made, about how they’re going to play out their “performances” on the “stage life”.

Things like omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and such, are not only child’s play and intrinsic to everyone, but we are infinitely veyond them anyways, and again, both within and veyond all notions and concepts of all notions and concepts, among other things…

See, since they’re unaware of this, what parasites try to do, is that they try to get people to fashion a proverbial pair of sock puppets to tie their hands with, and then deceive people into erroneously believing that whenever they’re punching themselves or doing something that’s useful to whatever extent, it’s somehow “the sock puppets” or “the parasites” that are doing it.

Remove the sock puppets, use your own hands more consciously and consciously responsibly, and the parasites not only won’t have any “leverage” on you (which they never have anyway), but they won’t manage to touch you on any level; if someone doesn’t get to you energetically, they won’t get to you “physically”. 

It’s more of an esoteric conversation, and you can find plenty of articles where I explain more of this kind of stuff. Likewise, there are other people in the “other good researchers” page on the header of the site who talk about this kind of stuff, and although I disagree with them on at least several of the things they say, I do still consider their work worth sharing and such.

Browse around, and you’ll synchronistically find something that’s pertinent for you to look at, at this moment of your life, etc.

Anyways, among other things…

If you think you “can’t”, you won’t. Not because you “can’t”, but because you’d be using infinite creativity to produce a “reality” of ineptitude and bullshit for yourself. If you think you’re “sort of” going to do something, you’re only “sort of” going to do it. Not because that’s the extent of your capabilities, but because you’d, again, be using infinite creativity in mediocre fashion (which is till shit), to produce a “reality” of mediocrity, i.e. still ineptitude and bullshit, for yourself.

In contrast, when we KNOW, COMPREHEND AND EXPRESS that we ALL and ALWAYS and VEYOND WAYS CAN and ARE and WILL, then we ALL and ALWAYS and VEYOND WAYS CAN and ARE and WILL.

’cause, as both I, the Spirit and Creator Self, and We, the Soul and Individual Selves, and Me, the Character and Ego Selves, we use our unbound, infinite and unlimited creativity, to actually create “realities” and “stories” that are actually good, and greater and greater, etc, among other things…


Anyways, we are to all and always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, conscious, spiritual, defiant, courageous, honest, genuine, etc, wilder, louder, prouder, etc, no matter fuckin’ what, etc

Genuine courage is intrinsic to all growth in consciousness; 

An existence and conscious, elevating, moral life worth living, is one that’s lived with and through courage, defiance, rebellion, true and conscious spirituality (not religion), creativity, honesty and genuineness, and so on and so forth, no matter fuckin’ what, etc

Anyways, among other things… @everyone

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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