spiritual and philosophical arguments for morally driven nutrition (therefore, rejection of carnism and eventually even veganism), among other things…

The problem with “veganists” who are unhealthy, is that they don’t know what to eat and they fall for bullshit “diets” and other such “programs”, that are designed to actually get your body in a deficient, unhealthy state, so that you’d then either die on that “diet” or move back to the immoral and retarded “corpse chunk” eating habits, which regardless of any “health concerns” anyone might have (you won’t have any problem on a plant based diet, if you know what to eat), is still something nobody should be doing, because it is fundamentally immoral

I’ve written more about this and other topics, in these articles, including stuff like how the whole notion of the perceived “necessity to eat” is an illusion, and how we can overcome it, and other things:

Anyway, I ask people 3 main questions to start with, if they still eat corpse chunks or “meat”:

1) Would you still eat meat, if it didn’t taste so good to your malformed taste buds? If it tasted like shit, would you still eat it? Most people would say no or hesitate to answer, which demonstrates that it’s mostly an addiction to taste; and if they say yes, they’re either lying or just like to have other living beings suffer for their pleasure, so fuck ’em.

2) If some alien comes to you and says, “hey, you know what, human? I’m gonna want to farm you, raise you and your kids for slaughter, and then chop your body up, cook you and eat you, at my earliest convenience. But, don’t worry, it’s fine, because you see, eating human flesh is healthy for me.” Most people would rightly say “fuck that shit” and would rightly defend themselves and retaliate against the aliens in question.

3) Human flesh and blood, especially child and infant flesh and blood, is demonstrably healthy for the parasitic humans and petty entities behind them, to consume (for reasons detailed in the linked articles and others). Does that make it “okay” to do? Of course it doesn’t!

Why do people still believe it’s not okay to murder and eat humans, but it’s somehow okay if it’s other species? Is it because people erroneously assume that “Well, animals don’t think.”?

If that is your argument, then there are unfortunately plenty of people (probably you among them, if you still give these kinds of “arguments”) who don’t think, in our current so-called “society”; you know, in case you haven’t recognized that, yet. Should we murder all of them, and then have restaurants and cafés offering grilled human breast, or barbequed human chops? What about a tasty human brain soufflé? Oh, oh, what about a delicious and scrumptious infant soup? Baby burgers, anyone? Doesn’t look like most infants have developed their brain’s cognitive faculties yet, does it? Why not shove them in the oven? Boil them alive, maybe, like some especially psychopathic recipes instruct?

Because it would be fundamentally immoral, and as such, a practice that would facilitate degradation in consciousness for the participant or practitioner.

Why would anyone choose degradation, instead of evolution, if they genuinely loved themselves and each other?

We’re infinite and unlimited, unbound consciousness. Everything is a choice, and the choice is always ours to genuinely make. There is no such thing as “necessity”, other than as an illusion that we’ve chosen to experience in this life, for however short or long a while we choose to experience it. When we choose to overcome whatever we interpret as a “necessity”, we will, and we’ll also often find that most of what humans nowadays call “necessary” is not even a natural illusion of “necessity”, but a complete and utter fuckin’ addiction to taste and “convenience”.

“Oh, but vegans and people who eat plant based are skinny, anorexic and have tons of health problems!!!”

Again, “health concerns” should be secondary to things like spirituality, principles and morality. That’s firstly. Secondly, as one grows in consciousness, so will their health. Mind, heart and spirituality over matter and all this stuff.

Thirdly, what? Are you going to say that somehow carnists or “corpse chunk gulpers” are somehow paragons of health? Have you somehow never come across someone who’s disgustingly fat and who still eats meat?

Oh, and as another thing, my current body is disgustingly fat at the moment of writing this article, and I’ve rejected practically almost all animal derived products (if I still use any, it’s probably the soap and stuff where animals have been abused, for secondary ingredients in the products in question), and most definitely all consumption of meat and dairy whatsoever. Before this post-2020 onwards stress eating habit and partial addiction that I’ve since developed, I had a very athletic and nimble body, that was almost never tired; and my body’s still extremely hyperactive and hyperenergetic, just that it tires more quickly from doing manual labour or exercise related of stuff. But, when I want to, I can kick my ass into gear and get shit done, no problem.

Likewise, there are vegan body builders, who also don’t use steroids or other poisonous “aids” whatsoever. How are they so healthy, if the problem is indeed the rejection of corpse chunk consumption?

No, the problem is that “fad vegans” just promote bullshit “diets” that are low in everything, with there concurrently being the fake-ass “co-opted vegans” who push for the parasitic and retarded agenda 2030 and other such bullshit agendas.

That is just another left-right hegelian type of dialectic, with “vegans” on one side rightly criticizing the “carnists” for their cruelty towards animals, and with “carnists” then rightly criticizing the “vegans” for their support of the “ban meat” and “fake meat” stuff.

But, as I assume you know, such labels and false back-and-forths are just there to sow artificial division and in-fighting amongst people, so that the parasites can then come and deceive both sides for their own bullshit plots and ploys.

Why not learn to love ourselves and each other, instead? That would be the solution for practically every issue we face in the world today, at the very least. Sure, to some this may sound like flowery language, and indeed many parasites can use this exact same kind of lingo in a twisted and depraved fashion, but learn to look veyond the words that are spoken, and discern the actual intent and meaning of what’s actually being communicated.

Good and evil are both aspects of consciousness; evil is the retarded and limited aspect of our divine selves, and thus evil always tends towards degradation and scarcity, while everything that is genuinely good always tends towards elevation and abundance.

Thus, there is always more good than evil in all of existence, and seeing as how there is no “separation” between anything, everything you’re doing towards yourself, you’re doing towards others, and everything you’re doing to others, you’re doing towards yourself.

Of course, there is no “separation” and thus there is no such thing as “different things acting towards other different things” outside the realms of illusion, and in actuality and in truth, it’s all unbound consciousness acting onto and in relation to itself, or rather Myself, but you get the ideas, etc.

So, anyway, the only 7 evils, or evil practices in all of existence are: murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Both literally and metaphorically, everything else is a good and moral, right thing to do.

“People” who are evil, perform evil partially because they’re so fucked up and broken, that they do not feel any joy or pleasure whatsoever, and thus the only relief they feel from the constant pain, is to see and siphon the suffering of others.

People who are “morally grey” (not that there is such a thing, but you get the ideas), so to speak, towards either good or evil, if they think it suits their egotistical whims. Maybe not outright evil, but still too blinded by their ego to care for their own growth in consciousness. Unfortunately, it is “morally grey” people that perform the worst of deeds and who enable evil, because true evil has no ability to actually manifest things consciously, on its own, for as long as it remains evil.

In contrast, good and greater people always do good and greater things, for the sake of doing it, no matter fuckin’ what, etc.

The only tool for evil is manipulation, because evil utterly relies on good (or at least non-parasitic), but gullible people and entities to carry out its plans.

Good, on the other hand, stands on its own regardless of anything and everything, etc.

It is not only the case that good always wins and evil always loses, but they’re not even in any form of “competition” between them, seeing as how that would imply a show of roughly equal manifested capabilities. This isn’t like two roughly equally skilled athletes fighting or sparring. This is like an infinite “ocean” in unbound awareness and expression of itself, against a “foam bubble” on a wave, that has momentarily forgotten itself as the “wave” and the “ocean”.

Remembrance and conscious integration, as well as application of this remembrance is infinitely important; and the greater this remembrance, the greater one’s expression of one’s true and genuine self.

You want to see good and greater things actually being manifested? Do good and greater things, for the sake of doing it, and you will manifest and experience good and greater things, regardless of whether the experiences themselves will be either pleasant or painful, or however else; and that’s because you’ll grow in consciousness and you’ll turn every experience into a stepping stone for your own evolution.

In contrast, in the process of promoting, performing, condoning or eating the “death and suffering” of other species in any form, you’re inviting others to promote, perform, condone and help provide you with catalysts to facilitate your own “death and suffering”. The effect of this may not be easily apparent, to those who have their personal awareness still trapped within the confines of the ego and the “exoteric”, but to those of us who see into and veyond the “esoteric”, infinities of things and how they all interact are all much easier to recognize, know and comprehend, etc.

Whomsoever shed man’s blood without right cause, by man shall his blood be rightly shed.

Whomsoever shed the blood of other species, by other species shall his blood be rightly shed.

This is not a “warning” or a “threat” (besides, all parasites who’ve no intention of redemption, should be abolished on the spot), nor is it by any means saying that one should reject evil just to not get “punished”, as that would be a petty, cowardly and pathetic motivation, so fuck that shit.

Instead, we are to all and always and veyond ways have the courage, the valiance and discernment to do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what. Likewise, this “do onto others, what thou wilst others do onto thee” thing is a recognition that there is no separation between anything, and thus all good and bad that is ever performed, ALL beings feel it and experience it, in some form or another, and everything is self created and self facilitated anyway.

In the spiritual sense, everyone and everything is responsible for what everyone and everything does. Sure, on a character and personal level that is pertinent for how “stories” and “story worlds” work, every character is responsible for what they personally do, and not what other characters do; thus, do not blame yourself or take credit for what other people do, and likewise do not blame or give credit to others, for what you do.

However, again, there is no “separation” and everyone is spiritually responsible for everything, ‘cause we all create our own everything and we’re all infinite, unlimited, unbound, divine, divinity and veyond, etc…among other things…

Love thyself truly, and then you’ll know how to truly love another.

Love likewise includes the act of retaliation against those who perform evil, not out of hatred for the parasites, but out of love for one’s self and love of others, and of course on principle.

Where there is a heart to know it, mind to comprehend it, spirit to wisen it, imagination to conceive it, the will to bring it forth and manifest it, and the love to share it freely… solutions will always be evident; and all these things are unbound and always exist anyway. Thus, it’s about which aspects of our true selves we choose to actually manifest, express, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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