expressing empathy and righteousness for everyone, including other species, among other things…

People have both good and evil within them, and the difference between how much good and bad stuff people do in the world, is a choice between which aspects of themselves they decide to actually manifest and express.

In that sense, if someone it unprincipled, they may very well express moral and upright attitudes towards those they deem close or familiar, while being utter fuck-ups when it comes to how they treat others, to whom they have little or no emotional attachment.

Principled beings, who thus have greater vision and awareness of things veyond the realms of the ego and their compulsions or addictions, apply their principles regardless of context, and thus exhibit the same kind of attitudes towards everyone, regardless of context, opinions, belief or popularity.

Towards the people who generally do more good than bad in the world, and who do actually treat their kin and kindred with some manner of love, respect and morality, but who unfortunately have that kind of attitude out of emotional attachment or familial bonding, instead of expressing those good traits on principle, while I can appreciate the good things that you’re doing, I also wanted to offer critique with regards to some things. As for the topic of this particular article, it is in relationship to criticism regarding the notion that, if you’re still eating corpse chunks or “meat”, then you’re still immoral sacks of shit, when it comes to how you treat living beings of differing species to your own.

Of course, anyone can elevate themselves when they so choose.

Likewise, here’s an article that goes into some different aspects of this topic and others, than I’ll elaborate upon in this one:

Regarding the “vegan” thing, I know well the agenda of the co-opted and corporatised “vegan” movement, as well as those that push it.

However, that is also part of a hegelian dialectic to try and artificially inflate more division between people, while also promoting statism in those that have greater empathy for animals (although, unfortunately, perhaps not so much for their fellow humans), and provide a straw man or false enemy for those who may have overcome their belief in the slavery system, but who still haven’t developed their empathy enough to care for entities and beings of species that are other than human.

Anyway, aside from the notion that humans are neither carnivores nor omnivores, but rather frugivores, a meat and animal derived diet is not only useless but detrimental to humans (although the effects are seen long-term, rather than immediately).

However, regardless of health related topics, the actual morality of the attitudes and actions in question is far more important, etc, among other things…

In response to this, or rather more accurately, in reaction to this affirmation, people who are still addicted to the taste of meat would say something like “b-b-but plants are alive too”, and would either put on a façade of pseudo-spirituality and say “oh, but it’s the cycle of life, oooh; we should meditate on that”, or alternatively, portray their psychopathic traits in this regards more openly, and would say stuff like “pff, life is unfair, dude; I’m suffering, so others should as well”.

Firstly, no, life is not “unfair”. We always create our own everything anyway, and everything is always a choice and the choice is always ours to genuinely make. Thus, we always create our own experiences and lives as well, and everything we go through is due to us having chosen to actually manifest it, regardless of whether or not the ego is aware of it yet.

Secondly, how traumatized and pathetic and apathetic does someone have to fuckin’ be, to deliberately either facilitate or condone evil?

It is the trait of greater people, individuals and beings to actually overcome their suffering and plights, and not only upkeep but elevate their empathy and love, toughening themselves and developing the will and desire to retaliate, but do it defiantly and righteously out of love of spirit, freedom and truth, love of principles, love of self and love of others, not hatred for the enemy.

Aside from that, as for the “cycle of life” and “nature” and such… again, humans bodies are frugivores, not carnivores or omnivores. When a new body or lifeform is born, it has all its instincts and other things there, even if not honed or super effective yet. Put the cub of a carnivorous entity, like a cat, lynx, wolf and so on, in front of a fruit and another body that has flesh, say a squirrel, and it’ll ignore or play with the fruit, and eat or attack the other.

Put a fuckin’ human infant or toddler in front of a fruit and a squirrel, and it’ll want to eat the fruit and play with the squirrel.

Besides that, I challenge anyone who would erroneously claim that humans are carnivores or omnivores, to go and use their natural bodies (no additional tools, guns and traps, or protective clothing) and hunt any animal out in the woods; then, to actually take pleasure (which carnivores and omnivores would) in eating that animal’s carcass raw. That is to say, all of it; fur, bones, innards, muscles, tissues, secretions and all. No cooking, no seasoning, no preparation of the carcass. Sink your teeth in there and rip the flesh off the bone, then chew on the bone and eat it too, with all the fur and hair, blood and other secretions, intestines and skin and whatever else.

Doesn’t sound like too appealing of a meal, does it? Of course it doesn’t. Because, again, humans are not carnivores, but rather frugivores, meaning the natural diet is a plant and fruit based one.

Now, as for the “ooh, but plants are alive too, so you’re hurting them too when you kill plants”, here’s some of the counter arguments.

For one, plants are like a collective entity, where one soul that chooses to incarnate into the realm of plants, can “drive around” a swathe of plants, forests, and whatever else. Killing a plant is like trimming someone’s hair. Yes, you feel it, but it’s not pain. Plus, it regenerates, so there’s no long term harm being done. This is both on larger scales, and in terms of each particular plant.

Flesh bodies, particularly animals and current iteration terran humans, don’t seem to tap into hyper regenerative abilities as yet, and thus if one “kills” (no such thing as “death”, but you get the ideas, etc) an animal or a human body, they’ll be reincarnating in a different form if or when they decide to come back. Likewise, if you tear off the limb of an animal or human body, in their current iteration in this world, it very likely won’t regenerate. It’ll have an impediment for life. Unless, of course, the individual chooses to tap into hyper regenerative and other greater abilities, but if everyone did do that, we could easily be chopping off our own limbs and eat them, with others having regrown already, by the moment we’d have even finished cooking the chopped off one. In such a scenario, those of us who’d still like to engage in eating (‘cause, with that regeneration and other abilities, we’d no longer perceive the “necessity” to eat in the first place), could technically be cannibals, without any stain on their morality whatsoever, so long as the limb cutting is voluntary. In a situation such as the current one, where most animals and humans do not yet tap into such abilities, and where it’s also involuntary, it’s immoral.

Aside from that, whenever you eat plant stuff, it’s usually in the form of the things they naturally produce as part of their life cycle (fruits, seeds, etc). In such cases, you keep the perennial plant until it “dies” naturally. There is no artificial harm being done. In the case of annual plants, aside from the regeneration and “collective” thing, you’re harvesting the plant practically at the tail end of its life cycle, with it then continuing on in the form of seeds that you either collect to return to the earth and have the plant restart its lifecycle, or which naturally spread out on their own.

Do you see the difference between that, and murdering innocent beings that have done you no wrong? Do you see the difference, between torturing another living being, trying to prevent it from carrying out its natural desires and life, and then prematurely murdering it, because you just like the taste of its corpse chunks, specifically when altered in such fashions that they no longer resemble their natural state, texture or taste?

With plants, you foster nature and practically use plants’ natural development for your benefit, but without any artificial harm or pain caused to them or to the natural world. With animals, you’re initiating or condoning murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation. Those are the only 7 evils in existence, and it doesn’t matter towards whom or what you initiate or condone them, ‘cause it’s still evil, so fuck that shit.

Eating plants, in a context where you use permaculture and have nature do its thing, and you organize things in such way that you also reap the benefits, is a moral thing to do.

Of course, there are infinities of greater things and we can easily elevate and evolve ourselves veyond the realms of nature, and likewise forego and overcome the illusory impression that anyone “needs” or “requires” any consumption of anything at all, but that’s another conversation.

Anyway, the idea is, the greater one’s expression of morality, the greater one’s expression of their true and genuine self.

It’s really not hard at all. All one has to reject is the 7 evils: murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Both literally and metaphorically, everything else is a good, moral and righteous thing to do.

That’s it. Say no to bullshit, and retaliate against it, and do good instead of evil.

In other words, live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

 It’s never “hard” to do good. The difficulty comes in overcoming the addiction to doing bad stuff. Doing bad things increases artificial difficulty, through fostering ineptitude and relying on the weakness of others to “succeed”. If your “success” relies on the weakness of others, what does that say about you?

In contrast, doing good and greater things facilitates greater ease and effortlessness, through elevating ourselves and our abilities, our knowing and our comprehension, courage, valiance and defiance, honesty and truthfulness, etc, and thus our manifestation and righteous action, and so on and so forth.

Once you know the cause and essence of something, the right courses of action are revealed, and the solutions to all problems become clear.

Everyone can elevate themselves, when they so choose.

It’s so fuckin’ easy to do the actually moral and right things, when the addiction to trauma and suffering, as well as to the fake “pleasures” people desperately seek as a distraction from them, has been overcome.

It is sickening to see so many people pretending to actually be moral (and perhaps, to some extent, they do apply that towards other humans), while treating beings of other species in a manner that they, themselves, would rightly not want to actually be treated.

If you claim that you appreciate and express morality, yet you still make bullshit excuses for your addiction to exploiting and murdering other living beings (either by hunting or farming them yourself, or condoning such bullshit endeavors by buying the corpse chunks and animal derived products), and SENTIENT ones at that, because “daaam, son, dat meat sure tastes gud”, then on that level of your character… well, you may very well express actual good or decent qualities on other levels, but on that level of your character, you’re still a little fuckin’ bitch who’s blinded by your own trauma, enough to treat others species like shit. So, fuck you for that and fuck that shit.

Of course, anyone can elevate themselves when they so choose.

If you claim to want and appreciate true freedom, you would apply that desire to all living beings, not just to those who share the same species.

What you do towards other living beings, you invite and manifest towards yourself, and likewise, what you do with regards to yourself, you’ll express towards others, as well.

If you exploit other living beings, you are, esoterically, pretty much inviting others to exploit you in return. If you have an attitude of “let’s murder and exploit ‘dem animals” (whether it be in reference to the “animal trials” of particular experiments, eating or using their corpse chunks or secretions, etc), you are already expressing that level of self-loathing towards yourself, on some level or another.

Besides, what’s the behavioural difference between a murderous, cannibalistic and child raping psychopath and someone who may very well treat other fellow humans well, but who practices or condones the murder and exploitation of other species? Technically, they both have the same mentality (in relation to the things we’re talking about here), with the psychopath expressing it indiscriminately, while the person that most people in our current world wouldn’t consider as such, expresses the same behaviour, although not towards their own species.

Of course, there are many other differences and such, but you get the ideas, among other things…

There is more to talk about regarding this, and the issue is far more about morality and esoteric aspects, rather than “ooh, health” (although, greater consciousness does express greater health as well, among other things), but the general gist of it, among other things, is “what you do towards yourself, you will do towards others; and what you do towards others, you’re already doing towards yourself”.

Likewise, live and let live, do no harm, but take no shit. That applies to everyone, regardless of species.

More regarding that, as well as other things:

I’ve heard people who still eat corpse chunks, or even those who don’t, still say things like “ooh, but you shouldn’t judge”, and assuming that they’re referring to prejudice and not actual judgement in this case, then in a general sense, one would be right.

One should not have prejudice, for prejudice is compulsive and born of repetitive exposure to particular stimulus, and is thus mostly reflexive. Reflexes, or at least good ones that are honed consciously, are useful for carrying out bodily tasks more effectively without the perceived so-called “necessity” to cerebrally concentrate as much on them. However, when it comes to things like discernment, wisdom and conscious spirituality and such, then by definition, judgement and insight are to actually be applied instead of anything to do with reflex or compulsions.

Likewise, one should treat everyone and everything with love, kindness and compassion, and channel such energy in everything they do; whether it be in caressing or appreciating the good in one’s self and others, and likewise when it comes to overcoming one’s own bullshit and that of others, and as well when retaliating against evil and those who deliberately try to perpetrate it.

As for the attitude and behaviour of  “eating corpse chunks” or in other words the engagement in the religious practice of “carnism”, the actions of someone who eats meat imply that one initiates violence against living beings who’ve done them no wrong (1), that they view living beings of other species as “things” or “commodities” (2), and (3) that whatever moral tendencies they claim to have, only extend to things they have familiarity with, therefore demonstrating that they hold their morality not as a principle, but rather only as a tendency that they apply when it doesn’t conflict with their ego driven compulsions or addictions; And, yes, eating meat is solely an addiction to taste at this point, especially when plant foods are very easily available (fuck “fake meat” and gmo bullshit, as well as the agendas behind them and the psychopaths behind them, but that’s another topic).

So, this is not a “ooh, one size fits all” thing that I “demand” people do on account of “say so”, but rather advice on how to actually uphold the moral principles you claim to uphold, if any (and, I would assume that you’d at least have a tendency towards morality, if you’re on this site). If you’re not someone who tends towards morality, then you are by definition a supporter of evil, and deserve the exact same pain and suffering you provide a catalyst for towards others, and everyone who would initiate such catalysts towards you, would be in the right to do so (unless they do it for immoral reasons, which is their problem, but you’d still deserve that pain either way, out of fairness and justice, etc).

I ask everyone who eats meat, or corpse chunks to give it a far more accurate name: would you still eat it if it tasted like shit?

Most likely you would not, and if that is the case, then you’ve demonstrated to yourself that it is purely a reflex, program and addiction; for if you upheld eating meat as something “moral” (which it isn’t) or “principial” (it isn’t an actual principle, but it could be erroneously considered as such), you’d do it regardless of context and regardless of taste.

Consider that, in practice, someone who eats only animal meat, and a child abusing, child raping and child eating psychopath, practically have the exact same mentality and behaviour in that regard, just that the former doesn’t express them towards members of their own species, while the one that people would call a psychopath, does.

As for the “booh, don’t judge others”, that’s utter bullshit (and fuck you if you use that phrase and other like it, as an excuse for evil bullshit); part the very purpose of the mind is to judge (in other words, to express judgement and discernment; not prejudice, which means either without judgement or prior-to-judgement). Likewise, it is part of the purpose of the heart to actually tap into infinite divine knowledge and awareness, as well as veyond, and with this awareness, elevate the mind to expand its focus into infinity and veyond, and thus tap into true spiritual wisdom and so on, among other things…

Again, when I say “fuck you” and generally exhibit vitriol and rage in these kinds of situations, and likewise whenever I provide specific criticism or appreciation for something, it’s not an assessment about the whole of someone’s character, but rather specifically in relation to the particular aspects or elements of such that I specifically criticize or appreciate, in whatever context. Since you’re on this site, I would assume that you’re probably doing more good than bad in the world, but regardless of whatever level one is at in any, every and whatever regards, there is always room for growth and greater things, among  other things…

Hence, this message is meant primarily out of empathy and love, for both the people it is aimed at, as well as for the animals, and whatever the fuck else, among other things…

So, while I’d sooner make an ally of an anarchist carnist than a vegan statist, for indeed if humanity is to overcome its psychopathy towards other species, it is to first overcome its psychopathy towards itself first, that doesn’t actually mean we won’t be having serious discussions about their immoral habits. Likewise, if they were to actually hunt and murder animals, instead of just condoning it through buying meat, I would intervene and rescue the animals in whatever ways, etcetera. Unfortunately, I still care about humans in general, more than I do about most animals, but I have intervened and will intervene in any situation to thwart evil, and likewise am and will be doing good and conscious things, either way, and of course do what is right and conscious, active, proactive,spiritual, defiant, creative and elevating, no matter fuckin’ what.

So, one of the questions to ask yourself regarding morality in general: if you claim that you’re a spiritually and morally conscious and active being, who’s loving, kind, defiant, etc, are you treating other living beings in the ways that you’d like yourself and your loved ones to actually be treated? Or in the ways that are actually morally right and conscious? If not, then you’re not really moral at that point in your life, or at least not as moral as you’d claim or like to actually be.

Anyway, anyone can elevate themselves genuinely, when they so choose.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, courage, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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