Freedom, anarchy and the end of slavery

First and foremost, we are to question, remember, know and comprehend who I and we always and already are.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

When we genuinely know this and live it honestly, with every fiber of our being and beingness, everything becomes clear, including all the causes of problems, as well as the solutions through which to overcome them, rise above and move on, etcetera.

With regards to our current “society”, which is little more than a slave farm in both design and practice, we need to recognize the main tools through which people propagate it: money and religion; religion is simply blind belief, while money is the blind belief in a worthless proxy that has no value in nature, and is likewise a hindrance to people’s growth and evolution, if they actually have that belief.

Having an addiction is one thing. Having an addiction and letting it cloud your judgement is another. Even more retarded is having an addiction to such an extent, that you’re not even aware of it. Even worse, when you actually believe that your addiction is somehow natural or “that’s how the world works”.

Imagine an abusive alcoholic, who is also addicted to meth while smoking 20 cigarette packs per day. You tell them they’re an addict, and their immediate reaction is “Nah, I’m not a addict! Meth, liquor and cigs are how the world works! What would the world be like without meth, alcoholism and lung cancer?! I don’t consider myself an addict. I just want to know how the world works.” Except it’s far worse, in that the object of their addiction is the condition of slavery that they’re currently in, so fuck that shit.

Anyway, it’s bad enough when people have a belief about something and they don’t yet know any better, but it’s an entirely different level of bullshit, if people are so blinded by their beliefs, to such an extent that they confuse them with truth, or worse, fail to even conceive of anything outside of their impressions.

The greater our knowledge, comprehension, perception, awareness, conception and expression are, the greater things we will achieve and manifest.

As for the ignorant who are addicted to their beliefs, whether it’s unconscious or partially awake “entrepreneurs” and so-called “philanthropists”, or whether it’s people who are blinded by “jobs”, it’s just as retarded as when any other addict does it, when they say stuff like “Pfft, I don’t consider myself a financial person. I just want to know how the world works.” Or when someone is in such a delusion that they would say that “ooh, fuck yeah, I agree that interactions between people should be voluntary and mutually loving, appreciative, respecting, etc”, but then in practice or even in the next breath, they demonstrate the exact opposite of that by supporting the slavery system of “gov” or any other kind of so-called “auth”; all of which are emasculated terms for slavery, so fuck that shit.

First off, NO, that’s NOT how the world works. There is no money and no equivalent of money anywhere in nature. The fuckin’ sun doesn’t need a wage to keep beamin’ its light. The rivers ain’t lookin’ for meal tickets or coupons to flow across the land; and the wind doesn’t need a fuckin’ salary to keep blowin’.

  • Conscious organization, or in other words a focused expression of chaos, is an intrinsic element of both natural and greater things, which have chosen to express themselves as something in particular

By the very essence of the spiritual desire to express a story of self reflection, and experiencing our true selves from infinities of different perspectives, focus and thus organization, synchronicity and lucidity, as well as everything else through which we create and weave what I call the “story realms”, or what others call “creation”, everything within the realms of creation flows in ways that are harmonious, even when they’d seem outwardly turbulent.

Thus, there is no such thing as requiring some kind of bullshit “third party”, to organize one’s life and endeavors in their stead.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to genuinely make, and it is always our responsibility to do so, regardless of whether or not anyone’s ego is advanced enough to recognize this truth, at any moment of anyone’s life

  • ALL forms of social organization are infinitely more evolving and elevating, and likewise efficient and effective, when performed and practiced with spiritual, philosophical and moral principles

Besides, think about it. What does “the system” provide anyone with? That is, other than constant violence, murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

See, cultists who still cling to their addiction to their own enslavement, would often bring about the delusional hypothesis or theory, that somehow “there is no reason, outside the state”, or that somehow there would be “mayhem” without the state.

How much of a fuckin’ retard would someone have to be, to actually believe that there is nothing else, beside what’s proposed by the dogma with they’ve let themselves indoctrinated?

There is always infinitely more to know and comprehend and express, than anyone does at any moment of their lives.

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is to know.

Likewise, truth is still truth and it stands on its own by virtue of itself, utterly independent of things like belief, opinion and popularity.

Right is still right, and wrong is still wrong, no matter who, how few or how many recognize them as such.

As for the other delusion of statists or cultists in general, which is that somehow “there would be mayhem” without the continued propagation or practice of their beliefs, again I ask, what does ANY cult whatsoever ever provide its cultists?

Well, firstly, no matter what it would provide even if it did, it would still be immoral and retarded, and thus to actually be rejected, no matter fuckin’ what.

Secondly, it never actually provides anyone with anything, but rather tries to artificially and pathetically get between people and what they naturally desire, by “providing” a framework of sabotage and utterly artificial hurdles or “hoops” to go through (euphemistically called “beaurocracy”), to perform even the most basic of things.

Likewise, it tries to impede people from doing what they have every natural and greater right to do, through means of trying to initiating violence, theft, assault, coercion, rape, exploitation, lying and murder against who rightly want to stand up against it and do things differently; of course, in addition to the principial thing always persisting, rebelling and defying for the sake of doing so, no matter fuckin’ what, the violence that they try to enact should be an additional reason and motivation to CONTINUE doing  what is right, conscious, loving and defiant, creative and spiritual, etc.

Additionally, do you think it is in any way, shape or form wise, to ask the most violent, thieving and murderous, to… “protect” you from violence, theft and murder?

Do you think it is, in any way, shape or form, apt or pertinent, to give anyone at all a monopoly on knowledge, magick, weapons, food, water, supplies and shelter, while practically disabling and making yourself ineffective and inept in those regards?

Likewise, do you think it is, again, in any way shape or form, to address questions about how to more wisely live and conduct your own life, to someone who’s very obviously and very easily demonstrably a psychopath, rapist and child abuser (or an accomplice of such)?

Questions like these may seem very rudimentary and with a clear NO as a rightful and righteous answer, but somehow this extremely basic wisdom somehow eludes people who are still in the delusion mentality of statism, or any other cultist harboring any other beliefs that they addictively and desperately cling to.

If the belief in “gov” and “auth” did not exist, aside from there being no slavery whatsoever, there would likewise be a massive social boon and boom of unimpeded access to things like knowledge, comprehension, magick, tech, food, water, resources in general, and practically everything.

Well, spiritually and esoterically speaking (which practically includes and is everything), everyone can do anything and everything when they so choose, and likewise express and have access to whatever they want by virtue of having chosen that, regardless of what anyone or anything says or does, but I also meant that if people genuinely love themselves and each other, they would never even consider doing anything evil, and would always choose good and greater things, no matter what.

For reference, there are only 7 evil practices in existence: murder (do not confuse it with killing in self defense, or the defense of others, which everyone has every moral right to perform; murder is the initiation of “lethal” force, against someone who’s not initiated such; well, there is no such thing as “death”, but you get the ideas, among other things…), theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Both literally and metaphorically, everything else other than those 7 things is a good, moral and greater thing to do.

Morality is the same for everyone, and like with truth, it does not change with opinion, belief or popularity.

Choosing good and greater things is always easier, by virtue of expressing greater and elevating things, and thus integrating greater awareness, knowing, comprehension and expression into every aspects of what we do.

The difficulty comes not from having free hands, nor from untying them, but rather from the tendency to still cling to the chains and ropes.

In other words, the difficulty comes not from choosing what is right, nor in the endeavor to overcome evil, but rather from one’s remaining addiction in tending towards what is evil.

When we consciously assume our divine essence and veyond, and integrate and express it on personal levels as well (we already express it consciously on every other levels and veyond levels, among other things…), it is then that we actually are genuinely conscious and evolving, elevating characters, in addition to every other aspects of our true and genuine selves, where we’re all and always and already and veyond ways infinitely infinite, unlimited, unbound anyways… among other things…

Well, everything and everyone is divine, divinity and veyond… it is only on a character or ego level that there is such a thing as the momentary forgetfulness of that.

When we choose to remember and express ourselves freely, spiritually, defiantly, creatively, honestly, genuinely, courageously and so on and so forth… well, we do it and we do it consciously, among other things…

Also, among other things…

  • Money is completely and utterly worthless, both in concept and in practice

Some people argue that money is a tool that has somehow evolved from barter and trade, and that it’s so good because we’d not have nearly as much technological advancement today, if not for money.


Here’s a list of things that only manifest in a situation where the cult of money is present, or are heavily accentuated by it: slavery, planned obsolescence, “waste culture” (buy more shitty stuff, and replace it tomorrow with a slightly tweaked version of the same thing, that you neither need nor want), dishonesty and deceit, manipulation, irresponsibility, wasted talent, greed, extremes of depression and anxiety, artificial scarcity; stagnation of magickal and technological application (trying to prevent the development or release of magickal knowledge or technology, because it would eliminate profits by destroying the “debt and death” paradigm), the meat and dairy industry (slavery and abuse of animals), the slavery system of “gov”, the slavery systems of all religions and cults in general, the pharmaceutical industry/cartel (poisoning people and posing themselves as “promoting health”), human trafficking, poverty and a whole host of other stuff.

Money does not have any inherent value. Neither the paper, nor the digital numbers on a screen that erroneously claim to represent “value”, nor the belief in such things.

An apple is an apple, regardless of how little or how much it costs on the market. It’s gonna have the same nutrients (or pesticide and gmo poisons), regardless of its price tag. Even if you would use something with intrinsic value, like say an apple, as “currency”, the value itself is not derived from its label of “currency”, but rather from the actual intrinsic value of the thing itself, either contextual, conceptual or conscious, among other things…

Our skills, knowledge, experience, expertise and everything else is completely and utterly independent of whether or not their application “sells” in any particular context.

More on that in my other article about how to overcome the cult of money (, but the point is that money is worthless and has no intrinsic value, outside the belief in it. The difference between “real money” and “monopoly money” is that one is erroneously believed to have value, while the other is not.

Intrinsic value doesn’t change with contextual convenience or usefulness.

If I am an artist and you are a carpenter, and I don’t need nor want any carpenting done, and you’re not interested in having something drawn by me, our qualities as individuals and consciousness, as well as our skills and manifested abilities are wholly independent of whether or not we’re interested in collaborating in whatever way.

The intrinsic value of our skills doesn’t change in relationship to whether we want each other’s help or not. Speaking of which…

  • Money and coercion are a hindrance to actual collaboration

Yes, you read that right. Money and coercion do not make anyone more interested in collaborating or interacting with one another. In actuality, they have the exact opposite effect, because when people are blinded by greed or exhausted from doing activities they abhor (most “jobs”, for example), they tend to develop apathy. After prolongued exposure to the perceived catalyst for their grief, they want to unwind and relax, which in the context in question means creating distance from themselves and their “work collegues” or other people around them (unless they became actual friends with them).

Likewise, if someone is motivated by money or egotistical interests, which is the very opposite of spiritual self interest, which is born of love of self and love of others, both in-gorm and veyond form, etc, but that’s another conversation… anyway, if someone’s motivated by shitty desires, and the more that motivation is calcified in the person, the less that person is gonna be inclined to help someone out of kindness or compassion. So, any venture or cooperation that would be beautiful and genuine, they’ll just dismiss with a retarded attitude of “Fuck you. Pay me.”

On that note, people who are actually good people and want to do things for the sake of doing so, they’re not gonna put a priority on “getting rich” and will instead choose to do what their actual passion is (if we get rich as a natural result of doing what we do, and likewise using out wealth and other things morally and such, then that’s “okay”, but the “wealth” is never the point or purpose; it’s more of a contextually convenient side-effect). In a context such as ours, if that passion doesn’t “sell” because it’s not profitable or doesn’t have “mass appeal”, then the person (if they are weak willed at that point in their life) might forego the practice of their passion in exchange for a paycheck, which again produces apathy as a result of fuckin’ being dishonest. To clarify, I’m not talking about people who put a bit more of their efforts towards “making money” if they are poor or starving, or if they want to do something on the side that’d increase their financial gains, so long as they’re not doing or condoning evil shit, and likewise if they realize that money is bullshit. In this paragraph I was referring to those who let themselves blinded by money and coercive, evil shit. Fuck that shit.

Those of us who are more and more genuine, honest, spiritual, intuitive, intelligent, creative, courageous, defiant and do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what, and thus never make compromises, we do what is right and always have principles, never accepting any bullshit from anyone. Besides, when we do things honestly and genuinely, with every fiber of our being, we naturally and veyond naturally create our reality in more active and proactive ways, and so therefore all experiences that we go through, no matter how joyous or fucked up they might be, we realize that they’re our own creations, as well as a means of learning to express more and more of our true and genuine selves: freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance,  consciousness, divine, divinity and veyond… among other things…

Besides, think about it? Who do you feel a closer connection to? A salesman, even if they’re not a manipulative one, or anyone in general with whom you have a “professional” relationship? Or that guy or girl who does what they do earnestly, without putting anything behind a “paywall” and without asking for anything in return (except maybe a donation, but only while we’re in this fucked’ up “society”, and with the purpose of not going hungry, so that we’ll be more apt in the endeavor and adventure of evolving and improving ourselves, as well as making the world a better place, and helping our species overcome their addictions and traumas – the belief in “money” and slavery being two of the results of those traumas and unresolved inner conflicts).

Imagine a world or context where the notion of money doesn’t factor in at all. I could go on about other more advanced worlds and civilizations I remember from this and other lives, and other things, but that’s another conversation. Read more from this site and others, if you want to know more about that, as well as other things, among other things…

Anyway, consider the plethora and abundance of good things world, as well. There is far more beauty than ugliness, and far more good than evil in everything, because good is the elevating aspect of consciousness, and evil is the retarded one. This have many implications, including that evil always tends towards scarcity and good always tends towards abundance, and besides that, evil is utterly impotent (why do you think it seeks to deceive and manipulate, instead of doing anything on its own?), while good is not only omnipotent, but veyond the very notion and concept of “power” or “form”, and likewise veyond the very notion and concept of all notions and concepts.

As for the abundance of the anarchic and self elevating things, here are a few of the infinities of things: A mother’s love for her child. A loving family doing something together. An artist doing their thing because they love to express themselves. Helping people and other living beings out of kindness, without asking or even desiring anything in return. Likewise, being able to discern between good and evil, and choosing what is right over what is wrong. Children and genuinely mature people doing pretty much everything they do. With genuine maturity being the growth of the inner child and heartfulness, intuition and so on, and then adding mindfulness and discernment, thus integrating true intelligence, creativity, imagination, will, intent, intuition and wisdom and so on, among other things… thus, through the heart and mind coming together in harmony, we manifest more wisdom and remembrance of who we are as soul and spirit, etcetera.

When people will love themselves honestly with every fiber of their being, and therefore will consciously decide to express such behaviour towards others as well, we’ll see a much, much more beautiful and abundant place. Regardless though, I all and always and veyond ways love, respect, know and comprehend myself, and likewise spiritually, freely, defiantly, courageously, creatively, honestly and genuinely, wildly, loudly and proudly choose to express myself, and persist, rebel, defy and do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what, and thus and always grow as a natural result of that.

I don’t do anything for “money”. Period. The end. Rather than be a slave, slaver or moron; or any kind of a pathetic, cowardly, heartless, mindless, mediocre, degrading and depraved, self-loathing, self-hating, parasitic, evil piece of shit… urgh…

I’d rather die and even endure all forms of pain and torture in existence.

Of course, knowing that life and death are illusions, as are pain and pleasure, and likewise also remembering and knowing that I always rise above and move on, always standing stronger, taller, prouder and wiser, flying higher and higher and always expressing greater and greater and greater

I don’t even do it for “the world” or “to make it a better place”. The latter is obviously a desired outcome and something that, well, I’m quite keen to make a manifested reality, but that’s not the reason why it is that I do things.

I do things because I choose to, for the sake of my choice and for the sake of doing so.

Because I imagine, will and intend, choose, desire and thus manifest everything such that I do the things I truly want, and so therefore I do.

  • The belief in “money”, and all applications of slavery, always hinder progress

A slavery system is always a parasitic endeavor, and therefore it is always self-sabotaging, self-degrading and self-defeating, by its very nature.

A genuinely freedom and liberty oriented individual, as well as civilization, always grow and evolve without any artificial hindrance. All obstacles are overcome much more swiftly, because evolution and elevation are the intended purposes. Conversation and information are abundant and free flowing, freedom of expression and individual liberties are recognized and celebrated, and so therefore there is abundance of everything that is good. Organization is also much more smooth, because people coming together through actually being wildly passionate about what they do, caring about themselves and each other, being fully honest and so on, and then finding other people who share those interests and who are also interested in learning from their differences… yeah, the expressed wisdom, conscience and abundance manifested in such civilizations – while casual and natural relative to how things are meant to actually be in any society that claims to genuinely be liberty oriented, moral and just – is rather spectacular, compared to our world today.

We’re getting there though, both as individuals and as a species. Trials and tribulations are tests that we conduct with ourselves, to test out mettle and use as a means of growth. Well, that applies to all experiences, but anyway…

Esoterically and veyond esoterically, good is the elevating aspect of ourselves as consciousness that tends towards infinity and unlimitedness, while evil is the retarded aspect that tends towards limitation and degradation.

In terms of the latter, exoterically, all slavery systems rely on deceit, manipulation and sabotage. If someone is a slaver, they’re not gonna want to reveal knowledge, magick and technology to those whom they pathetically and erroneously believe to be “cattle”, because then they wouldn’t manage continue their exploits. Of course, they don’t anyway, without someone actually consenting to having the experience of what that exploitation is about; with the purpose of all shitty experiences (and all experiences in general) being for the experiencer to become more rebellious, wiser, wilder, louder, prouder and stronger in every ways, etcetera.

The whole purpose of evil is to aid the good in being better, by providing an example of how not to fuckin’ be, and of what needs to actually be eradicated from manifestation.

Anyway, in a context of slavery, the plantation-funded and operated “academia” and other “business branches”, as it were, are gonna be influenced towards pathways that aid the plantation’s agenda, which is always to centralize the illusion of “control” and make the erroneously dubbed “slave class” falsely interpret that as being “progress”; while concurrently trying to keep from them, information and other stuff that’d help the individual learn how to actually be independent in greater ways.

Money, coercion and deceit are some of such tools, and they were designed specifically as an attempt to blind people from recognizing the intrinsic value in themselves and in everything.

  • Money and other bullshit beliefs (including “belief” itself, which is a tendency based on ignorance) have always been used as tools of slavery and deceit

So, let’s say there’s a slave plantation, which used to go about its parasitic ploys in the “old-fashioned” way of fuckin’ being in-your-face about their cruelty. In other words, they paint themselves as being what they actually are: psychopathic, retarded pieces of shit. They are making themselves a target, and uprisings are formed easier, because there is a clear enemy to rightly retaliate against – and in this case, the target is either a perpetrator themselves or someone connected to them directly.

So, some slightly more clever (but nowhere near actually intelligent) psychopaths came along, and decided to try a more devious approach, that is either just as, or even more evil than the former one.

See, providing the exploited with food and shelter, constantly exhausting themselves to try and act tough and do the charade by themselves, was rather tiresome and came with many risks.

What the psychopathic bitches found out, is how the cerebral patterns of the brain work (on a surface level) and how to manipulate different receptors and responses, how to induce reflexes and so on (of course, this can be easily overcome through imagination, will and intent, choice, desire, manifestation, etc).

Long-story short, they eventually decided to give the exploited the impression that they (the oppressors), have had a change of attitude and discovered how they’ve been so very wrong, and they regret everything they did, and all that jazz. Then, they pretended to offer a solution.

One of them was “money” and the other was “politics” (emasculated term for slavery).

The former, if adopted, meant that the slavers wouldn’t trouble themselves with the endeavor of trying to directly manage the exploited people’s lifestyle, while the latter meant that they still maintained the products of the people’s labour, and likewise keep people distracted by having them pit themselves against each other, for petty squabbles and irrelevant things, instead of focusing on the actual enemy. Even more so than before, because with the exploited group now distracting themselves with how to make money, what job to find, how to be an “entrepreneur” and organize others of their fellow people into making money, and of course, how to keep the belief in the illusion of money going… all it meant is that the exploited would now work more, for less quantitative and qualitative “gains”, while also actually defending the plantation’s interests. Thus, the war between the poor and the wealthy started, and from there all divide & dupe schemes ever concocted. I mean, there have been other such ploys before, but they were accentuated by the two beliefs in question.

Oh, someone invents or in any other way comes up with and creates a new thing, that would actually help open the eyes of people, improve the quality of life or make a breakthrough in whatever area of genuine knowledge? If or when that good thing comes about, it would erroneously and pathetically be mocked and ridiculed by the ignorant, and made to appear as “non-profitable”, so that the gullible would fall for it and funding would be pulled.

Doesn’t matter, though. Doing what is right is to always be done for the sake of doing so, no matter what. No matter the death, pain and torture. No matter the pleasure, joy and happiness.

Freedom and principles comes first, before life, before family and friends, before all manner of relationships, and just as obviously, before all manner of “wealth”, and before all manner of anything and everything.

When we choose to rise above and move on, we rise above and move on, no matter what.

  • But, what about “real” money? Like silver, gold and other such stuff.

I could go on about how “federal money” is a complete and total scam, how money is created out of thin air without any backup whatsoever, and all that, but that’s only a surface issue; the next step in the wrong direction would be a cashless society with plantation-“controlled” crypto currencies.

However, I do think that a step in the right direction for our current society would be either going to a completely decentralized network of cryptos, as an OPTION and not a de-facto “system”; besides, if the internet goes out or some manner of digital “id” bullshit gets in place, then there goes all your crypto; also, there’s also such a thing as the potential issues that would arise due to AI and all that shite.

Anyway, besides that, there would be the additional option of using silver, gold and all this stuff, but instead of the metals coins or ingots being labeled as “currencies”, they should be measured by weight and not some arbitrary “currency value”. An ounce of silver or gold should be an ounce of silver or gold. If people would want to sculpt the gold and silver into different sculptures and create art through that, and thus add more esoteric and artistic value to the thing (which is also intrinsic, but more intricate and non-linear in nature, and so therefore is veyond the concept of “measurement”… in which case, we can aptly say that it’s veyond the concept of “value”), that’s also a thing. However, the piece then becomes a work of art and is not a tool of trade anymore.

Anyway, what I want to point out is that those options are stepping stones, not end goals. There is no end goal. Part of the purpose is to always evolve and grow and elevate, doing greater and greater things in every moment, than all moments prior.

The purpose of coming up with alternative, people-“controlled” and produced means of exchange, is to gradually help our species develop veyond the cult of, and belief in “money”, “gov” and “auth”, and realize that those three things are worthless and evil, and thus do and offer nothing, in and of themselves. People do everything. Each and every one of us, both as individuals and as infinite consciousness, etcetera.

Drop all the money in the world in a pile. What does it do, besides sit there? Okay, maybe you can burn some of the stuff and probably poison yourself with the gasses from the ink and other chemicals in the paper. Oh, and actually, what’d be useful then would be the actual paper, not it being viewed as “money”.

Also, drop all the house slaves (“cops” and “soldiers” and “agents”), as well as the psychopaths and dark occultists behind them on an island, to fend for themselves. What would they do, aside from killing each other or dying of starvation? That is, unless they’d somehow express a genuine conscience, and thus and not fuckin’ be retards anymore.

In which case, the credit is related to the conscience, not to the psychopathy and bullshit they generally do.

Anyway, gather some conscious, spiritual, intuitive and intelligent people in an area, who thus won’t bicker over bullshit or ego-driven exploits, and see the abundance that that will create.

(I don’t agree with a number of things that Michael Tellinger is saying, but while contributionism – not to be confused with communism – has some things that could be exploited or perverted, it’s a far better “system”, or rather set of guidelines, than pretty much any other money-and-coercion-centric one in our world today.)

  • Why build systems at all, though?

If people honestly and genuinely knew and loved themselves, both individually and infinitely, then nobody would ever “need” any manner of “systems”, whatsoever.

There is only one thing that people “need” to agree on and actually practice, if we want to have any manner of an actually good, liberty-oriented civilization as a species.

Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

If people grasped the knowledge, comprehension and wisdom of this spiritually and philosophically intricate, complex and beautiful, and thus practically effortless-to-apply concept, which can likewise be called morality, and actually applied it, we would literally have none of the socially-related problems we have nowadays, as a so-called “society”.Zero. Zilch. Nada. None of ‘em.

People occasionally like to concoct “systems”, because they’re afraid that something might go wrong, and they wouldn’t know how to handle it in case not everyone would agree with their impressions about how they should solve the issue; and they’re also afraid to actually trust one another on a profound level. No, I’m not talking about the gullible kind, or blind trust. I’m also not talking about trusting people.

I’m talking about knowing and comprehending that I and we always create our own stories, realms and realities, and that everything is a matter of spiritual consent. If we, on a soul level do not consent to having a particular experience, we ain’t gonna experience that. No matter what happens in the “story-world” or so-called “circumstances”, which are always a result of what we’ve chosen to experience.

Likewise, if we do consent to creating any kind of experience, that’s what we manifest. Again, no matter the “in-story” elements, which are actually something that we’ve already chosen to go through, as part of our roleplay in this life, or any other lives.

If people knew this… I mean actually know it with all their being, and not just use the same words in a bullshit way to excuse their own lethargy and ignorance (like the “new age” cult does)… if people genuinely knew this, they would have no fear.

Personally, I know this with every fiber of my being, but I’ve apparently yet to integrate it on all levels of my incarnate person, at this perceived “moment” in my life. No matter, though. I always rise above and move on, always being myself no matter fuckin’ what.


Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevations are always self-facilitated. By us, from us, with ourselves, individually, infinitely and unlimitedly… in every way, as well as veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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