conscious relationships, and why marriage is bullshit; also, among other things…

Another title for this article could’ve been “why marriage is pointless and irrelevant”, but I felt that the current one is more appropriate, because something being pointless just means it has no weight in terms of changing things for better, nor worse. In other words, it’s irrelevant because it doesn’t actually produce any change. It’s stagnant.

Marriage, however, is a practice that is worse than stagnant. It’s degrading and a result of pure ego, and it’s also a demonstration of indoctrination, especially in the form it takes in our current society.

To be clear, by “marriage” I am not referring to the idea of strong familial relationships or wanting to spend however short or long a period (maybe an entire life, or more) with someone towards whom you feel a genuine connection. If the relationship is voluntary and is a result of genuine love and care, and the children are brought up in a creative, loving, honest and moral environment that promotes the evolution, development, knowledge and comprehension of at least everyone involved, then that’s obviously very spiritual, good, defiant and beautiful thing. Both in and of itself, as well as because a family of freedom loving people with principles, who love and respect, know and comprehend and likewise express themselves and each other, always stand up for themselves and are very, very likely to not be susceptible to coercion, deceit and manipulation.

As for the notion of marriage, though? It’s the complete opposite of that. To note, there are many different layers and nuances to people and relationships, and just because someone does some bullshit in some aspects, doesn’t automatically mean that the whole relationship is bullshit. So, people who marry can very easily still be okay and decent people. I mean, marriage is obviously by far not the worst thing in existence, but the notion itself does support the idea of slavery and the belief in “control”, while concurrently being an expression of the bad parts of the ego.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Marriage implies a belief in “government” and “authority”, which are just euphemisms for slavery

Why the fuckin’ shit would anyone want the most vile, violent and deceitful institutions in the publicly known history of our society (“government” and cultural religions) to fuckin’ be involved in anything, especially in people’s personal, private relationships?!

No conscious being would ever want to have anything to do with the slavery system and it’s psychopathic, moronic entourage. The belief and practice of getting married propagates the dogma of slavery and tyranny. It’s another part of the plantation’s religion.

Stop supporting the bullshit, and stand up for yourselves, in freedom.

  • Marriage promotes irresponsible behaviour

Yes, you heard that right. Marriage is an immoral practice and also a sign of mental and emotional immaturity, both for reasons described in the previous bullet point, and also because the couple in question typically displays the tendency to look for a so-called “external” proxy to sort out their relationship in their stead.

Instead of doing the responsible thing and thinking, as well as feeling things clearly and deeply, you have people who want to look towards a “mommy” or “daddy” proxy, or some manner of a bullshit and often unrelated “arbiter” seal the deal, or make important decisions in their stead, like how to care for your child or how to solve disputes, like sharing goods and property in case the relationship doesn’t work out on a personal level.

Be a conscious fucking being, and take care of shit on your own. Discuss things honestly with your partner and do it honestly, work out your issues and, more than that, do your own introspection and shadow work.

  • Marriage implies insecurity and possessiveness

How many people nowadays realize that their relationship is either dysfunctional, or that they don’t really want to actually be spending the rest of their lives with their current partner? Many people, if not a majority. Many relationships nowadays, especially from perspectives of morality and conscience, are pretty much “dead” or “dying”.

Instead of helping individuals fix those relationships or have them run their course, thereafter to do something else in life and likely find someone better with whom they’d naturally “click”, what marriage does is it’s a way for people to propagate their desperation and is often used as an indirect way to shoehorn or manipulate someone into artificially prolonguing a relationship. Either by way of “tying them up” by means of getting married, as if that’ll ever make the connection between people any better, or alternatively by means of preventing the break-up through means of wanting to not go through the completely artificial hassle of divorce.

Or, even more heinous, by means of threatening to take custody of children, by hiding behind a violent cult of slaves and slavers. Which, by the way, is run by child raping and ritual sacrificing pedophiles and satanists, who routinely kidnap kids from the streets and from their homes, most often to send them to pedophile rings or at least orphanages where they’ll still be abused and tortured, either psychologically or “physically”.

  • Marriage is a puerile and immature practice

Aside from everything I previously mentioned, marriage is also an erroneous attempt to abdicate personal responsibility for one’s decisions or actions.

Nobody needs a “third party” to solve their problems for them.

Work things out on your own, expressing your own feelings and thoughts, and performing the actions that you feel, think and know are right, moral and conscious to actually be done. Without violence, coercion and deceit.

So-called “external” things, are never going to solve “internal” issues of the self.

  • A more conscious view and approach to relationships

What relationships you form with people, and what kind of people you form them with, as well as why it is that you do so, are some of the many things that reflect one’s view of one’s self, and are a direct expression and result of how one “internally” views and behaves towards themselves.

Why is that? Because the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”. Both esoterically and philosophically, in terms of how we always create our own reality, as well as psychologically, in terms of how our thoughts, feelings and perceptions, both about ourself and everything else, influence our behaviour and the actions that we perform.

Therefore, an individual who loves and respects themselves will always stand up against violence, coercion and deceit. Therefore, that will also translate to a behaviour of never wanting to initiate any of those immoral things on anyone, along with a desire and tendency to protect others against evil, as well.

In terms of relationships with other people, including those of a romantic sort, that also means being a responsible individual who’s interested in people who are also conscious and have strong desires to grow, evolve and elevate themselves.

And do you know what that means? Among other things, it means to honestly communicate with your partner, without any sugarcoating and without bullshit.

It means being willing to both compliment and berate, when honest, accurate and pertinent. It also means being willing to learn from one’s self and each other, as well as a willingness to admit both when one is right and when one is wrong. If you both want to actually be together, then be together; for however short or long a period. If not, then don’t be together. If you have things that you’re both unhappy about in your relationships, be honest about it. Communicate and work it out, while obviously standing strong by your principles. If your principles in life don’t match, then don’t be in a relationship together. If they do and you’re both interested, be together.

If you want to have a kid, have a kid. If you didn’t want to have one, but you still managed to conceive one, then assume the responsibility and care for that kid. Both because, on a soul level and veyond, all three (or more) of you have chosen to give birth (otherwise, that would not be your story or “reality”), as well as because there is now another living being brought into the world, that has every natural, infinite and unalienable right to live and thrive.

If you plopped a kid while your relationship was good and healthy, but it kinda fizzled out or just became shit afterwards, then either work it out and find out if the flame you have towards one another is still there, and if it is, then rekindle it and find out why it is that you forgot about it; or, if you find that either one or both of you don’t really want to actually be together in a romantic relationship anymore, then don’t artificially bloat or prolongue it.

I mean, the genuine flame never actually “fizzles”, but rather is always alive and ablaze, and we actually redirect it towards things and experiences that are more condusive for doing whatever it is we came here to do, but that’s a different topic alltogether.

Anyway, the subtle tension and negative energy building up between people who barely stand each other’s guts, or who are unhappily staying together, along with the neglect and abuse that it often implies for the kid(s) and each other, can be a catalyst for the kid towards becoming traumatised and irresponsible later in life. Almost all psychopathy, apathy and puerile behaviours in our current society result from children having immoral, immature, irresponsible or outright abusive shit stains for parents.

However, that is an “in-story” result of what we, as soul and consciousness, have chosen to experience. Of course, we can easily overcome everything if we so choose, because everything is choice and we always create our own stories, “realities” and everything, etcetera.

Anyway, you get the point, part of which is that good parenting is obviously preferable to bad parenting. Part of what good parenting implies is realizing if it’s no longer good for the parents to actually be together, and then breaking up and going on different ways about their lives, if that’s the case.

However, don’t treat the kid like some sort of accessory. The child is not the parent’s, nor anyone else’s property! They should freely interact with both parents equally, if both of them actually still care for the child. If one of them doesn’t want to have anything to do with their former spouse and child, then obviously the caring parent should be the one to, ya know… care for the kid. If the other one honestly has a change of heart and mind, and wants to actually be a part of the kid’s life, then they should honestly make it known, but it’s evidently up to the other parent and the child themselves, if they want to actually welcome the person back in their lives or not.

Anyway, there are many more nuances and advice I could give, but part of the ideas I’m looking to get across is that people should do things reponsibly, defiantly, honestly and voluntarily and so on and so forth. Which means, among other things, there should be no artificial or coerced involvement of any third party! Especially if that third party not only literally involves slavery, but also completely relies on constant violence, theft, coercion, duress and deceit to even exist!

Fuck that shit!

We are to always be ourselves and do what is right, conscious and moral, no matter what! If someone tries to infringe upon the expression of natural rights, then it is always good and moral to stand up against it in every way, including retaliation in self defence, up to and including lethal force. Whether the violence, theft, coercion, duress or deceit is coming from a street thug, a badge-wearing psychopath and retard, some fucked up and moronic “official” piece of shit, or any other human or non-human entity, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Morality doesn’t change with opinion or belief.

As a side note, I personally don’t often like to use the words “truth” and “lies”, because they are often misinterpreted to just refer to things that people want to believe or disbelieve, but if by “truth” we’re talking about things that are as they are, by virtue of themselves, independently of what anyone may believe about them, then…

Truth is still truth, even if nobody believes it. Likewise, lies are still lies, even if everyone believes ‘em.

In that sense, right is still right and wrong is still wrong, no matter who or how many are or aren’t doing it.

And you know what?

Freedom and principles come first, then life, family and friends. If your relationships aren’t built on liberty, care, honesty and everything that has to do with the good and elevatory aspects of consciousness, then they are by definition based in slavery, apathy and dishonesty. Those latter types of relationships are to be thwarted and are not worth having.

Genuine rebellion means standing up in defiance against evil, tyranny and slavery.

Spirituality, freedom, defiance, love, creativity, discernment, intuition, intelligence, care, passion, morality, compassion and all of these beautiful and elevatory things are to actually be the very reasons and motivations as to why we do everything.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. Everything, including everything we create, think, feel, say, do, choose, experience and everything that we are is always our responsibility, with all the good aspects and all the bad.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to genuinely, honestly, defiantly make.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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