Morality and nutrition, among other things…

Although it obviously may not be the same level of outright evil as industrial factory farming, local farming is still an expression of evil intent (although the farmers may not actually be evil, but are exhibiting psychopathic behaviour towards other species), because it still treats animals like “commodities”, rather than actual living beings.

Unless they take whatever milk is left AFTER the calf has been fed, the UNFERTILIZED eggs from the birds, etcetera, and likewise do NOT keep the animals for eventual slaughter, and instead use the stuff they naturally produce and which does not “require” any unnatural means (like initiation of violence) to obtain (like manure for compost, for example; or the meat AFTER the animal has “died” of natural causes, not through slaughter or deliberate neglect), then that’d be something else.

In such cases, that would be a collaborative and voluntary interaction between the humans and non-humans in questions, but otherwise, the farmers in question are still indirectly contributing to the slavery of both humans and non-humans, through means of exploiting other living beings, and in turn unwittingly letting themselves exploited by others.

This is a more esoteric concept, and it has to do with the notion that what you do towards others, you invite towards yourself; and what you’re doing towards yourself, you’re gonna tend to do towards others, regardless of whether or not the ego is developed enough to recognize the different tendencies, compulsions and motivations it harbors and expresses.

Likewise, it is important to note that the more advanced, complex and intricate something is, the more effortlessly it facilitates things. As for the topic of this article, as well as many others, this likewise means that the more advanced in consciousness one is, then the more likely they are to integrate that consciousness into all aspects of their being, including the body.

Of course, everyone is different, and in relation to what stories the individual has decided to roleplay on the stage of life, there may very well be cases of people who are high in consciousness, but have inept bodies, and vice-versa, as well as people who are tragically low in both conscience and body, and of course more abundantly, ones who are apt in every regard… among other things…

As for the body, the ”higher” or “lower” it is, the more ease and effortlessness, or difficulty it’s going to express regarding its performance, and that includes its ability to sustain its form.

On the lower end of the spectrum, you have the parasitically “possessed” (like the human and non-human entities who try to deceive and exploit humanity, for example),  or in other words the vampiric “pain feed” addicts, who are always hungry and thirsty for more sustenance (like adrenochrome and the energy of pain, suffering, etcetera, ‘cause that’s on a low enough level for them to tentatively make the attempt to feed on; everything that’s actually higher than that is out of their reach, for as long as they remain parasites; and if they wouldn’t be parasites, they’d generate the energy themselves, instead of seeking to siphon it off of others). They, like vampires (which is pretty much what they are, on that level of their manifestation), always have a constant hunger, an urge to “feed”, with seemingly no respite (unless they choose to overcome it).

Then, you have those that are above that, who do not manifest the delusion of “requiring” to feed off the suffering of others, because they are on a higher level than the vampires, and thus access greater levels of sustenance; which parasites do not access, hence they “siphon” the “loosh”, because that’s pretty much the only thing they “got available”, at that pathetic level of manifestation. Still, these non-vampires are still low enough to experience the delusion of “requiring” seemingly “external” sources of nutrition, like the corpse chunks (which is what meat is) of carcasses.

In most cases, this refers to carnivores, who are much less apt than herbivores and frugivores at digestion. Oh, and as an aside, there is no such thing as animals that are “predators” or “prey”.

Our current and pathetic excuse for a “society” tends to showcase how “carnivores” are “oh, so strong and tough ‘n shit”, while tending to portray non-carnivores as somehow “weak”.

Study animals and their behaviour in more depth, or even look up videos with taglines like “buffalo kicks tiger’s ass”, “wild goat beats up wolf pack”, “porcupine beats leopard”, “elephant beats panthers”, “gorilla beats jaguar”, “chimps beat pack of tigers”, etcetera, and you’ll find that there are many, many, many cases where herbivorous and frugivorous animals aptly confront and defend against, and occasionally outright attack carnivores in contexts of either revenge or on a whim, with success and effectiveness in killing them or thwarting their efforts of “predation”.

The thing is, herbivores and frugivores generally don’t initiate violence, because they have more apt means of sustaining their forms through eating plants, leaves, fruits and so on, instead of things like meat, bones, sinue, etcetera. However, they are very apt at defending themselves and their families when provoked; and in some cases, like with elephants, dolphins, ravens and other animals with longer memory and more sense of self, they can even resort to acts of outright vengeance, for traumas that have been facilitated relatively long in the “past”.

Besides, think of the effort that it can take a pack of carnivores to take out an elephant, for example, and even then without guarantee, if the elephant is apt enough to shake them off.

Here’s another differentiation: carnivores generally sleep for over 20 hours per day (varies by species and other aspects), which is because that’s how much energy and effort it takes for them to digest their food and distribute the energy, while the rest of the day is meant for the search of food. The cats or dogs you might have in your company, who are probably snoozing somewhere for most of the day, aren’t lazy; that’s how long it takes them to digest their food and recover their energy.

On the other hand, herbivores and frugivores are active anywhere between 12 – 20 hours per day (again, varying by species and other aspects). They digest things much more effectively, and harness a lot more energy, and a lot higher quality of such, which is then channeled more effectively.

Regarding human bodies, they are (in this iteration of the human species, in its current form) a blend of herbivorous and frugivorous (naturally eating plants, leaves and fruits, seeds, nuts, etcetera). Eating corpse chunks, animal fat or the secretions of other species (like milk, for example), their menstruation (what did you think unfertilized eggs are?) or even their vomit (as in the case of “honey”, which is literally bee vomit) is highly unnatural behaviour, which is mostly brought about through incessant propaganda, dogma and erroneous beliefs.

To actually be fair, as I was saying earlier with regard to different levels of advancement, in this case of the “body” (in addition to everything else, among other things…), there are people who express a lower level of “bodily effectiveness”, because they express either a psychological  or/and chemical addiction to the consumption of corpse chunks and animal secretions.

On that level, “meat” still holds some level of benefit, because like vampires, they are on a level of existence that is low enough to experience the delusion of “requiring” that form of fuel.

This might be true even for good people, who know that murdering other living beings is wrong, but whose bodies are, at whatever moment in their lives, such that they still have either those cravings, or even the erroneously perceived, so-called “necessity” to eat meat, because either they still have some issues to plough through in whatever regard, or their bodies are not yet apt enough to effectively digest plants and derive proper nutrition from that; thus “requiring” the plant-based­ nutrition to actually be pre-digested by other species, and stored in the muscle tissue of the herbivores whose corpse chunks they eat.

On another note, have you ever noticed that carnivores generally don’t eat other carnivores, except in dire or “easy opportunity” situations, like finding a carcass laying around? That’s because, with or without realizing it, it’s the plant-based nutrition that their body is mostly craving, but which body does not process it effectively, and so thus is looking for the “animal protein”, which is pretty much the pre-digested plant-derived nutrition, stored in their body for later use.

Anyway, I could go on and list many other health related reasons for both why eating plant based or/and meat is either good and bad for you, in whatever context, but you can research that on your own (and watch the videos posted in the article, among other things…), but regardless of the “health” implications as “modern studies” would portray them, either towards the agenda-related interests of the funders or the honest interpretations of the true seekers of knowledge, it is profoundly clear that treating other living beings, especially sentient ones, like “commodities” is evil and immoral.

When people will apply the notions of non-aggression and self-defense, and apply them both towards each other and towards all other living beings, then we’ll see a changes starting to occur more overtly, in the aggregate.

That is all that people are to agree upon and apply, if we’re to live in conscious coexistence with one another, regardless of species: Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Everything else we can either agree or disagree on, but this principial thing of morality is what everyone is to agree on, if they desire to live in harmony with themselves and each other. This is by no means a “feat” or “advanced accomplishment”, but rather an extremely entry-level criteria for actually being in harmony with, and doing good towards one’s self and each other, among other things…

The only 7 evils in existence are: murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Everything else is a good and right thing to do.

Of course, there are greater and greater things to know, comprehend and express, etcetera, than just general morality, but it does start with the courage to stand up for ourselves and for each other, among other things…

And, in the interest of fairness, similar to how herbivores and frugivores are more advanced than carnivores with regards to energy and sustenance (and other things), there are also levels where the body has advanced in such ways that it no longer expresses the delusion of “requiring ‘external’ sustenance” like nutrition from food, and now sustains itself through the “natural energy that is ever abundant all around us”, without any perceived “need” or urge to “consume” anything.

Then, there are levels where the body, in addition to every other aspects of one’s manifested being, veingness and veyond, no longer expresses any “conditional” type of experience, and things flow so freely and effortlessly, due to the soulful and spiritual aspects of one’s self being in harmony with the “manifested” aspects of the self… among other things…

Well, everything is soulful and spiritual, but you get the ideas… among other things…

So, live and let live, do no harm, but take no shit, is the advice to apply here, as well as in general.

Likewise, we are to always question everything, and likewise love and respect, know and comprehend, as well as express ourselves freely, creatively, spiritually, pridefully, defiantly, courageously, adventurously, strongly, wisely, consciously, discerningly express ourselves wildly, loudly, proudly, and so on and so forth, no matter fuckin’ what.

(obviously not THE most important speech you’ll ever hear, for there are always greater things to do and express, manifest, etcetera, but it is pertinent enough to share… among other things…)

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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