Our lives are our own, and we are responsible for ourselves; also, among other things…

In this article, I’m going to address one of the most profoundly cowardly and idiotic mentalities in existence, which is the “saviour” mentality, and I’ll also remind people that we are infinite and unlimited consciousness.

In other words, nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do. No “god”, no “jesus”, no “satan”, no “allah”, no “enki”, no “enli’, no “yahweh and yashua”, no “government”, nor anything. There is no such thing as “authority”. To believe in “authority” of any kind, is to believe in the so-called “legitimacy” of slavery. To believe in “authority”, one needs to try and forsake their awareness of one of the main things that makes them alive: their conscious expression of free will.

Believing in “salvation” at the hands of some external force or entity, is like a slave waiting around for someone to come and save them, instead of doing something to save themselves. More often than not, the so-called “saviours” are nothing more than parasites who try to get others to believe they are reliant on them, because on their own, they would self destruct way faster than with a “host” to try and “feed” off of.

See, there are several artificial programs in the human psyche (and other entities and races with similar make-ups) that people have let become ingrained. Since people are relatively complex living beings, if they have these or other programs, they’ll typically have a combination of them; sometimes exhibiting particular ones more than others, and to varying extents.

  1. The slave, or “submissive” programs
  2. The “docile” or “pet” slave

People or entities who express this program more prominently, express more or less utter infatuation with something they put on a figurative pedestal, and then have the attitude of subservience for them. One example of this is the stereotypical maid, who in her self loathing, always brings her head down and rarely looks someone in the eye. Like a dog with their tail behind their legs, or ones who “live” to perform tricks and provide entertainment for their perceived slaver, or whatever the object of their infatuation might be.

People who go all “oh, I’ll be sitting at the right hand of god/jesus/satan/allah/whatever”, or who belittle themselves or who bow down at the altar of government and cheerfully vote for one puppet or party over the other, or any cultists in general,fall in this category. Spineless, cowardly, weak fuck-ups who are addicted to the chains of their slavery, blindly doing the bidding of someone or something else, because they’re scared shitless of consciously making their own decisions.

  • The “house slave”, “attack dog” or “mindless assault drone” program

Just like the first category, these exhibit cult-like behaviour when it comes to whatever it is they’ve put on a figurative pedestal. It’s pretty much the same as the previous program on this list, with the difference being that they lash out in petty, pre-programmed “offended” anger, and attempt to initiate violence upon those who they view as not agreeing with their belief system. This lashing out can be either just on the level of them having unexpressed hatred towards things they disagree with, or a tendency to lash out through “physical” violence and coercion.

The “police” and “military”, which are in effect the modern house slaves of our society, are a perfect representation of this particular mental or ego program.

  • The “whimpering mess” program

Pretty much everything that involves more or less complete and utter passivity, letting others trample upon them and all that retarded bullshit.

All of those three programs are the types that exhibit, to varying extents, the attempt to forget or neglect their responsibility for their own life, through means of groveling and slobbering over some “saviour” figures, “messiahs” or “gods”, to whom they desperately try to suck up to. Therefore, instead of using the infinite creativity and ability, that everything has and is, to create something good and self-elevatory, they just use it in a retarded fashion and produce a reality of limitation for themselves. It’s pathetic and disgusting.

  • The “slaver” or so-called “dominant” programs
  • The “aristocrat” or “auto-assured psychopath” program

Those who more prominently express this type of program tend to have beliefs along the lines of: “Ooh, I am so much “better” than everyone else. Because I’m so “great”, I shall attempt to trample upon everyone else, because they’re so beneath me.”

In other words, pure vanity and utter narcissism, which derives from a deep self loathing; but since the person also has the tendency to put their ego up on a pedestal to compensate for that, they try to feel better about themselves by attempting to contribute towards the misery of others, because they – knowingly or unknowingly – have a miserable impression of themselves, that they don’t want to face.

Typically, these are people who also attempt to abdicate their personal responsibility for their actions, by trying to have others do their bidding, because they’re scared shitless of actually doing things on their own.

In effect, those who see their vanity, or sugar-coated, bloated image of themselves, as a premise and excuse for imposing upon others. Said differently: “I haz big dik, so fuck you!”

  • The “reactive psychopath” program

In comparison to the former, this program displays beliefs along the lines of: “I’m currently not so grandiose, so I need to do something to become grandiose. Then, I’ll trample on others to show how grand I am.”, or “I’m am currently so very super grand an’ shit, so I shall impose upon to maintain my grandiosity.”

So, in other words, those who attempt to impose upon others for the purpose of either forming or maintaining their vanity and bloated image of themselves.

Said differently: “Fuck you, so I can haz big dik!”

  • The blind, petty anger program

Basically everything that has to do with ego-driven, petty anger over things that someone doesn’t like to hear or acknowledge, because it clashes with their belief system; or over trivialities and things of a superficial type.

All of those artificial mentalities or ego-programs are essentially the same thing, a parasitic mindset addicted to self-loathing and cowardice, along with a fixation on an impression or delusion of “lack”.

Seeing as how we always create our own stories, “realities” and whatever, those impressions are only going to bring about a reality that reflects them, for the person or entity who has them. You think or believe you’re a piece of shit (no matter how much you might try to sugar coat it), or that you have constant “guilt”, “shame” or other forms of self-hatred, for whatever reason? Guess what? You’re going to create a retarded “reality” for yourself where that actually applies, and which will work in your disfavour. Not because that’s what you are, but because that what you – of your own free will – have chosen to experience.

You see, the “subs” try to abdicate their personal responsibility, by blindly becoming slaves to whatever “external” things they worship, while the so-called “doms” attempt to do the same, by trying to get others to do their bidding, instead of actually doing stuff themselves.

So, you have someone who erroneously believes they depend on someone else, while that someone else tries to manipulate the other, because they also believe they depend on them.

To give an analogy, it’s like you have a bunch of charlatans, who come across a baker. They take a whiff of the delicious smell of pie, and they want a slice of it. Instead of asking for a slice of the pie or learning how to bake it themselves (or coming up with whatever else that’s actually good and self-elevatory), the charlatans try to fool the baker into giving them pie neverending, because they’re either too lazy or they’re unaware that they, themselves, could actually be self-sufficient and self elevating, if they so choose.

So, the charlatans figure out that the baker is very likely to eventually tell them to fuck off, if he or she knew they were trying to parasite off of them. Thus, the charlatans come up with a simple idea: try to somehow manipulate the baker into believing that he or she depends on the charlatans. How do they do that? Well, first they need to convince the baker to erroneously believe that the charlatans hold the key to the notion and practice that is “baking pies”, and that somehow the baker won’t manage to perform the cooking without the charlatan’s aid or existence.

In order to do that, the charlatans would need to gradually, over relatively long periods of time, infiltrate the town or the baker’s family and deceive them, towards the scope of having them eventually forget about what bakery is, what the configuration of pi(e) is, what flour is, how it mixes with water and whatever else to make dough, and so on; along with the notion that they can, indeed (no shit), bake the thing without the charlatans’ involvement. Part of that involves trying to distort the recipe that the bakers are aware of, in some way or another.

The more that deception holds, the more the baker or bakers start making shittier and shittier pies, until they more or less completely forget how to do their thing. So, you see, the charlatans’ approach (since it’s parasitic) is always self destructive.

Now, you might say that they could reach a particular level of shitty bakery that’s not completely inadequate, and just stay there, instead of reaching utter amnesia or ineptitude, but parasites don’t work that way. Parasitic mindsets operate on the idea of being complete and total “control” freaks, because they’re afraid of anything that actually resembles doing something on their own; in other words, because they’re scared shitless of responsibility and challenge.

Therefore, they realize that for as long as the baker(s) are not completely at the parasites’ own expressed level of stupidity and ineptitude, it’s quite likely that (sooner or later) they’ll snap out of their trance, remembering more and more knowledge and trace back to the origins of the “baking process” and beyond, thus uncovering the information (of either the notion that they don’t need the charlatans, or things to do with baking pie; both, or/and whatever else) and overcoming the deception.

That’s why parasites and deceivers pretty much always try to manipulate others into coming to a level of ignorance and stupidity that they, themselves, are at. Thus, they fail to realize that the “success” of their agenda just means their own downfall; for them, and for whoever falls for it.

To put it differently, the so-called “mighty dragon” is actually just a blow-up doll, and the only reason why it seems so “buff” is because there are some fuck-ups who keep blowing air and smoke up its ass. When anyone chooses to reject slavery and any other form of parasitism, the bullshit just goes “pffffrrrrrthh” like a deflating baloon; because that’s all that evil does, on its own.

Only the weak attempt to impose, and it only ever those who are weak enough to fall for it; and I’m not talking physical strength here. The only core reason why evil manifests in practice, is because good people (or/and entities) let themselves deceived by it. No one rules, if no one obeys.

Overcoming our inner traumas and issues, as well as helping others and the world overcome the bullshit may seem like a daunting task, to some. It is not. Nothing is easy or hard. It’s all a choice, which can manifest as experiences both effortless and challenging, in direct relation to what stories we’ve chosen to experience.

Seeing as how we always create our own everything, and how the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”, the solutions are effortless in their essence. One of the main things that give off the impression of “it’s gonna be difficult”, is our attachment or addiction to the impression or the belief that it’s going to be that way.

Difficulty is an illusion, albeit one that we’ve chosen to experience in this life. Do not shun work or hardship, vut don’t be addicted to them either. Instead, we are find the courage, fearlessness and strength to overcome it, learn from it and move on, becoming greater and greater in every moment than we were the moment prior.

Do you want a world of kindness? Be kind. Want a world of love? Be loving. Want a world of both creative, artistic endeavors, as well as critical, unbiased thinking? Express these things then.

Change doesn’t “happen”. Change is created through free will choice. However we express our imagination, our passion and our love and reason, that’s how we determine the quality of the change and what we bring forth into manifestation.

In order to create change, we need to become the change we want to see manifested.

When we choose freedom, love, joy, defiance, creativity and spirituality, courage and honesty and all this good stuff, we change our stories and “realities” to reflect that.

You want to live a life of abundance and strength, and help others do it as well? Then, love and respect yourself. This does not mean pampering yourself. Quite on the contrary. It means having the strength to face everything you do and don’t like about yourself. Face your fears and overcome them! It means both lovingly appreciating yourself and firmly criticizing yourself, and likewise, among other things, having similar attitudes towards others, as well.

Loving and respecting ourselves (and, naturally, that tends to manifest outwardly in a similar behaviour towards others) is about acknowledging who we are, both as characters in this roleplay we call life, and as Myself and Ourselves, the infinite and divine, unlimited and unbound consciousness that is all the things and veyond all the things, among other things…

 That means, among other things, recognizing that we are responsible for everything we think, feel, say, do, are, choose and experience.

In other words, we do some bad or fucked up shit? It’s our fault. When we realize that, coming from a place of inner abundance and love, we see it as something to be learned from, and through learning from that mistake, we elevate ourselves.

Likewise, we do something good, through which we help ourselves and others grow and become greater than we were before? It’s our accomplishment. When we, again, approach it from a place of inner love, abundance and respect, we’ll use that not as a way of trying to gloat or boast, but as a means of helping to bring about more healing, joy and evolution of whatever kind.

That’s what genuine responsibility is all about. Recognizing that we are the ones who choose and create our own destinies, all and always and veyond ways (regardless of whether or not our characters or  “personas” are aware of it, at any moment of their lives).

You may have heard the quote: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” I call bullshit on that!

It’s exactly the other way around: “With great responsibility, comes great power.”

Or rather, more accurately said: “When we acknowledge our own splendor and infinity (veyond the very concept of power), we manifest more of the unlimitedness and beauty of who and what we all and always and already and veyond ways are.”

Therefore, fuck “god, satan, allah” or whatever other parasitic, attention seeking whores, so-called “deities”, races, entities or whatever the fuck else that deliberately engages in conducting evil! Also, of course, fuck “government”! Fuck all forms of so-called “authority”! In other words, fuck slavery!

That said, I forgive myself. I forgive you. I forgive the parasites. I won’t tolerate parasitic bullshit, though. Hatred plays right into their game and is pointless.

On the other hand, the energy of anger, if coming from self-love, self-respect and empathy, thus transmuting into true and righteous, conscious rage and fury, can and should be used for good. So therefore be angry, but don’t be blinded by it. Also, accompany it with inner peace and joy.

Life is as fucked up or as good as we decide to actually make it.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do. There can be no “chosen ones”. Only we can save ourselves; and only we have the responsibility for making that choice and doing so.

Never obey, never rule. Never surrender, never impose. Never follow, never command.

Never serve, never be served. Never pray, never be prayed to. Never worship, never be worshipped.

Never submit, never dominate. Never a slave, never a master.

In other words, it all boils down to…

Never give up, never give in.

Never fear, and never be feared.


All and always and veyond ways PERSIST, REBEL, DEFY!!!

All and always and veyond ways proud, strong and defiant, playful, teasing and mysterious, conscious, confident, courageous, curious, adventurous, wild, loud and proud fearless.

Anyway, among other things…

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

That is because freedom is not something we “have”. Freedom is something WE ALWAYS ARE.

We don’t “have” freedom. WE ARE FREEDOM!!!

We don’t “have” anything. WE ARE EVERYTHING AND VEYOND!!!

Anyway, among other things…

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest, is always a choice; and the choice is always ours to make.

As an extra addition to this article, here’s a post that – to an extent – illustrates my point in a cinematic way. The in-game context or all of the characters’ motivations (some of which I do and don’t agree with), aren’t what’s relevant here. What’s relevant is the message of self-love, self-respect and self-responsibility.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and we are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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