Be aware of everything, but focus on the good things

Most people nowadays have the unfortunate habit, or worse, compulsion to either blindly “focus” on the things that they perceive as either “good” or “bad”, mostly in relationship to whether or not their ego likes or dislikes the implications of the things or knowledge in question.

However, judging the quality or truthfulness of whatever aspect of knowledge, on the slippery and inept “foundation” of whether or not your ego finds sustenance for its current “preferred image of self”, is rather fallacious.

That is to say, one’s tastes don’t amount to shit, when it comes to aptly judging the veracity and truthfulness of something. One’s tastes, likes and dislikes, and more accurately the motives and reasons through which they are born, does say something about one’s qualities of character. However, it says nothing about the quality of the information, contexts or concepts that one is looking to know and comprehend.

A mother’s love and affection for their child, while it does say something about what kind of mother that woman is, it says nothing about what kind of character that child is going to grow up to actually become. If that child would grow up to actually be a parasitic, child raping, manipulative and deceptive piece of shit, no amount of affection from the mother is going to change what that former child, now “adult”, has perpetrated.

And if that mother truly loved herself and her son or daughter, she would have no trouble being honest with herself about the kind of literal or proverbial “hellspawn” their offspring had become, and likewise (for the good of her own self, and for the potential betterment of her child) would be willing to stop the “adult sprog” from further doing evil shit, whilst also making an effort to try and provide a catalyst for them to redeem themselves (or kill them, if they’ve done enough bullshit to actually make that a moral thing to do, and if they show no sign of actually wanting to do good, in that life).

Now, for that mother to actually make pertinent steps in thwarting their now “hellspawn” offspring, she is to recognize that her child is, indeed, that much of a piece of shit, and likewise that they could change and become greater, if they’d so choose.

Likewise with the pathetic excuse for the “society” that we’re currently in, as part of this particular story what we seem to share as souls that have chosen to “roleplay” this life together.

In our current world, most people are shit, on their personal levels. I would barely even call most humans “people” to begin with, because from what I’ve seen of literally everyone I’ve personally met, encountered or seen/read/heard about, the amount of people who are actually what I would call “truly worthy”… well, I’m still holding one finger up, and that would represent me.

I’m definitely aware, or at the very least hoping, that there are others, but I’ve yet to actually come across them. That is, among humans in this particular iteration of the species. If we’re talking about everything else in existence, of course pretty much everyone and everything is good and worthy, etcetera.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the good traits in the people who do actually express those qualities, more abundantly than they do the bad ones, but I’ve yet to actually meet one good person that does not have some bullshit, through which they more or less fuck up almost the entirety of their personal efforts of actually doing the right thing.

People who claim that they want and love freedom, and who may even be against the “human” level of the slavery that’s in our world (“gov” and the retarded belief in “auth”, which are just emasculated terms for slavery, so fuck that shit), but who still cling to the mentality of slavery, when they go on and make beliefs and cults, and concoct some manner of a chain for themselves. Christian, or any other kind of secular or non secular religious people (like “scientism-ists”), who claim to actually be anarchists, but still put their impression about some entity or “force” on a pedestal, is one example. Those with a blind devotion to “natural principles” or “nature” also fall in that category. Their professed “anarchy” only seems to extend to the “human realm”, when freedom is everything, and liberty should be practiced on ALL levels, realms and veyond… among other things…

Similar to how no human has any more or less rights than any other human, it is likewise true that nobody and nothing whatsoever has any more or less right (nor anything at all), than anyone or anything else at all.

Sure, within the realms of the “story world” that most people call “reality”, there is the ostensible, although illusory “separation” of different people and entities expressing different skills, abilities, knowledge, awareness, development in consciousness, etcetera, but that’s only on the levels of the “forms” that we’ve chosen as a means of experiencing “life”, so as to have those stories and self-explorative adventures.

However, everyone and everything is spiritual, divine, divinity and veyond, and thus truly infinite, unlimited and unbound, among other things… as such, there is always a purpose to everything, no matter how pleasant or painful, joyous or torturous, abundant or scarce, pleasant or unpleasant any situation, context or experience might be.

All obstacles are meant to be overcome, all experiences harbor worthy lessons to learn, knowledge meant for knowing and comprehension, and so on and so forth.

Thus, there is infinitely more good than evil within everything, and even the worst of things in existence have the actual purpose of revealing how fucked up that form of existence is, and when one has learned everything to learn from that, they’ll no longer experience that bullshit, and they’ll move on to worthy and greater things.

Now, even knowing that spiritually, and even integrating that awareness on personal and egoic levels, in addition to everything else… man, it’s fucking infuriating, annoying and tedious as all FUCK, to actually be going through the actual experience, as a character.

Do you know what it’s like, to actually be in constant stress and pain? To have literally no other human to talk to, on any level that would even remotely resemble having some form of satisfaction? To actually have nothing to challenge one’s current aptitudes and abilities? Instead, to just have tedious bullshit that provides zero challenge or enjoyment, is extremely easy to do, but repetitive, tedious and annoying in the extreme, when it comes to one’s interactions with “the world and people”?

I’m generally very solitary, and I do prefer being and doing things alone and on my own, but that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn to feel another close to the heart, to challenge one another with our thoughts, wit and discernments, someone who sees me for who and what I truly am, as clearly as I see them, because they, like me, see themselves clearly in the first place.

As prime and principial as doing things on my own is, that secondary interest in the mutual embrace of a worthy equal is… it would be nice, to actually meet someone like that. It would be even greater, that I would be as I am, and be in a world where everyone would be either at or above my level. Of course, I always and veyond ways grow and rise and elevate myself anyway, but you get the idea.

Thus, knowing of these greater worlds and realms and veyond, which is always good, and yet personally having a body that currently manifests (at least partially) in “this realm” where the illusion of “separation”, and even worse, the delusion of slavery exists… it is painful and artificially tedious to actually experience this.

It is extremely tedious and infuriating, and the torturous traits of the experience have intensified even more since 2020, with the scamdemic bullshit (the “covid era”, as it might be referred to in history books, for whoever’s reading this in the “future”), due to having realized that most “people”, as shit as I’d already recognized prior that they were… turned out even worse than I assumed was the likelier context.

Still, knowing the truth and recognizing I was wrong in my assumption in that regard, is far preferable than 2020 having not happened, and me still having the erroneous impression that people are actually better than what they are.

No matter how painful, infuriating and torturous it might be (for the ego elements) to recognize that you were wrong about something, it is still infinitely preferable to know that you were wrong, than continue on in nescience or ignorance.

For, armed with the knowledge that one was wrong, one is thus more apt to actually start being right, and definitely right-er than they were before.

People, in our pathetic “society”, tend to either blindly pursue pleasure and comfort, or blindly avoid pain and suffering. They are “mood addicts”, for they desperately cling to keeping a “stable” way of perceiving themselves and the world around them, to the detriment of actually knowing either of those things.

Thus, both the devout “pessimists” and “optimists”, who are complacent in seeing only what they call “the negative” or “the positive”, actually see neither what is actually bad or actually good. Thus, their ignorance and complacency in their beliefs only brings about evil, either in the short or long term, for evil begets evil; and ignorance is a hallmark of degradation, and complacency is one of the (very few) roads towards ignorance.

To truly know and comprehend what is genuinely good, one is to hold the wisdom of darkness close to their breast, and vivid in their mind, for with the contrast of the shadow, the light shines all the brighter and more radiant, through the creativity, spirituality and freedom loving defiance of the heart, the soul and spirit. All of which the mind can easily express as well, when it chooses to do so.

Or, actually, would one even have a speck of truth to the claim that they, indeed, have a mind of their own, if it did not express those qualities?

For the mind to truly express freedom of thought, it is to tap into the infinite expanse of the heart, through which the wisdom of the soul and spirit will be clear.

All knowledge is knowledge. All knowledge is good, regardless of the implications of the contexts, concepts or the information in question.

See, ignorance is evil and thus begets evil. If you ignore something that is bad, you’re going to bring it about, through not recognizing it, and thus not discerning what to do about it, or how to aptly thwart it. Likewise, if you ignore something that is good, then you won’t manage to actually bring it about, because you’re not even aware of what is good.

On the other hand, awareness is always good, and thus begets good. If you are aware of something bad and evil, then you are both esoterically and veyond, etcetera, repelling it through the awareness itself, and likewise exoterically, through manifesting and performing actions to thwart the bullshit. Likewise, when you are aware of something that is good, you are that much more apt to actually bring about and manifest it.

Now, to use this old saying, “energy flows where attention goes”. Where your focus is, that’s what you’ll be manifesting. Focus, on the other hand, is not the same thing as awareness.

Awareness has to do with knowledge, knowing and comprehension. Focus, on the other hand, has to do with channeling one’s intentions, manifestational aptitudes and actions towards something specific.

It is ALWAYS GOOD to know and comprehend everything, and veyond…

If you want to create and manifest something specific, then focus your intent on what you want to actually manifest; and, of course, the greater the knowledge and comprehension, the greater the array of things to consciously choose to focus on.

Thus, yes, it is good to know that the world, or rather the current “society” that we’re in sucks massive balls, because most “people” in it are like walking corpses that pretend that they’re “alive”; but instead of constantly worrying about that and going on compulsive feedback loops of anger, sorrow and rage (all of which are good things to go through, when honest and genuine, but when one derives compulsive and compulsively repetitive, trauma ridden feedback loops and addictive behaviours from them, which are no longer challenges, but artificial tedium, then that’s bad), how about we instead focus on all the good within ourselves and each other, and the beautiful and divine divinity and veyond, that I and We and Me all and always, and already and veyond ways ARE… among other things…

In other words, if you want to actually manifest good and greater things, then know ALL the good and ALL the bad, but focus your attention and endeavors on the good, and then you’ll naturally thwart the bad, as a result of doing what you actually know is right, and what you truly and genuinely want and desire to do.

Yes, even if I’m aware that all is essentially GOOD, in purpose and “the grand scheme of things”, so to speak, integrating this knowledge in such ways that the ego also focuses on the good things, whilst still in a context where there’s so much bullshit going on… yeah, it’s one of those things that, for the parts of the ego that have yet to overcome their traumas, is far easier said than done. I would know… very intimately at that, as I’ve yet to personally overcome all of my own many wounds and traumas.

However, I choose to always and veyond ways grow and rise, persist, rebel, defy and express myself freely, creatively, spiritually, defiantly, courageously, adventurously, strongly, consciously, wisely, discerningly, wild, loud, proud, WAHUURFIII, MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

How we view a situation, and how we make use of it, as with anything and everything, is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to fuckin’ make; and that is infinitely and profoundly beautiful, among other things…

All obstacles are meant to actually be overcome.

If you think you “can’t”, you won’t.

If you think you “sort of can”, then you’re only “sort of” gonna do the things in question.

However, when I and We and Me all and always and veyond ways know and comprehend and freely express, that I and We and Me all and always and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and We and Me all and always and veyond ways CAN and ARE and WILL.

Because I and We and Me, imagine, will and intend, choose, desire and manifest it so… among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to fuckin make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and we are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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