Always truthfully be wild and courageous, proud and strong, defiant and unrelenting, among other things…

There is a beast within each genuine man and woman, within every living being that has the pride and determination to see things through, and overcome all obstacle. This beast is called persistence, rebellion and defiance, and it is the good and conscious aspect of Myself and Ourselves, as I and we, infinite and unlimited freedom, spirit, liberty, defiance, consciousness, creativity, intuition, intelligence, love, reason and wisdom, questioning, knowing and comprehending, expression and veingness… free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

This aspect of ourselves, rightly wild and ferocious, is not “bestial” by any means; for, you see, being wild is the opposite of being savage.

A savage, or fake “beast”, is someone who does things blindly and without discernment, at the impulse of their instincts and compulsion of their fears and worries. Whether aggressive or “tame”, a savage is a savage. Whether reluctantly or begrudgingly doing as “trained” and indoctrinated, or fully enthralled by the mind-“control” and social engineering, a coward is still a coward, for they act in ignorance and out of fear

A genuine, wild beast, is someone who consciously delves deep into themselves, bringing forth the unconscious into the light of consciousness, and decisively weeding out the inconsistencies and dissecting their own demons, with the clarity of spirit and defiance. A wild and dangerous man or woman, or any other living being, is one that abhors all forms of slavery, and always chooses to improve, evolve, create and elevate themselves consciously, always being one’s self and doing what is right, no matter what, etc.

I am a wild, genuine man, and I’m fuckin’ proud of it!

No leash, nor chain shall ever bind me,

No prison and no cage shall ever confine me.

For, you see, I always break the shackles and undo the bondage

And I always love myself, and never leave myself behind me.

Whether I scream, and shout and cry

Whether I laugh, and smile and sigh

I take a deep, deep breath, and keep my chest and head and gaze up high

And no matter how things might seem to go awry

I know that everything and everywhere I’ve chosen, I am here, I have arrived

In all courage and what’s right, in all the darkness and the light

In both rage and sorrow, and in joy and all my might

I love, respect, I know and comprehend, and express freely and defiantly myself

I love and thrive, I love and thrive, I love and thrive.

I’m sick of the treason

Abhorring deceit and the lies

Once aware of the truth

I come to realize

That we’re all here for a reason

And each life is but a season

In our unbound, conscious rise

Sometimes I shout, I scream and I cry

In desperation and in fear, one only goes awry

Sometimes I moan, I weep and I drench

Myself in tears, ‘cause I’m sick of the stench

The pungent smell of utter confusion

When I don’t know where to go

In this labyrinth where people falter,

 In their fears and delusions.

Yet, despite it all

I utterly refuse to crawl

For, I courageously choose to overcome my fear,

Wrap my arms around the confusion

Confront all the demons, overcoming all the illusions

And then I shout, I scream, I cry

In joy and pride, and everythin’ is allright,

And other times I moan, I weep and smile

Drinkin’ in the tears, embracing my own light and might

For I know that all evil and fear, only ever last a little while

Wildness and Courage are eternal

I face my fears and plough through all the pain

Care is eternal

Question, know and comprehend everything

Feel the love

And I rise, again, and again and again

Wisdom far veyond the paper walls of form

The beast within

Whether the howlin’ wolf or the radiant lion

Or the gloating, proud and ancient goat

Or the eagle and the owl, all are joyously flyin’

Be not afraid to shout aloud

Be not afraid of rage and sorrow

Be not afraid to laugh, all loud and proud

Likewise, don’t be afraid to smile and sigh

Take in a deep breath, raise your chest and head up high

And rightly laugh again and cry

In joy and pride

For we are to always persist, rebel and defy

And always ask ourselves the question WHY

Because I always love and know and am myself

Who am I?

In form and veyond form

I am wild, I am wise

I rebel and I rise

I am Free and Freedom, Imagination, Will, Intent, Choice and Desire

I am Courage, Honour and Compassion

I am Spirit, Wild Defiance, Love

I am infinity, unlimitedness and veyond…

Always and veyond ways

I am freedom

I am spirit

I am liberty

I am defiance

I am courage

I am sfidaring and adventurous

I am my true and genuine, unbound Self

And so on and so forth, etc, etc, etc…

Among other things…





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