Self-love, self-respect and how to overcome ignorance and complacency

One of the first things I want to say in this article is that there is never any excuse for slavery and evil. Period. Those who are commiting evil, looking to enslave other living beings and deliberately initiate violence, theft, coercion and deceit on others are immoral. On top of that, they are also fucked up, mentally and emotionally retarded pieces of shit, if in addition to being immoral, they are also doing it out of sheer malice or psychopathy. Oh, some evil motherfuckers can be pretty clever, but it’s still retarded (held back) compared to genuine intuition and intelligence, because psychopaths and evil entities, be they human or non-human, do not tap into the essence of the heart, and therefore do not know themselve. Neither as individual soulful beings, nor as spiritual infinity, which is what I/we always and already are.

That realization is what facilitates genuine intuition, intelligence, higher consciousness and an actually good conscience. That is another, more esoteric conversation for another article though, a number of which I’ve already written on the topic.

In this article, I want to dismantle yet another excuse that some people still achingly cling to, when it comes to desperately trying to keep their blinders on, to the evils that are going on in the world. In my experience in interacting with people, this excuse is typically given by people who are at least somewhat aware that there’s a lot of bullshit in the world, and in some cases even realize that the social condition of humanity nowadays is slavery, but they’re just not all-the-way there, in terms of actually integrating that realization, so they still come up with some excuse to either not to anything about it, or even worse, support either the “system” or the belief in it. Maybe they don’t support the tyranny that’s taking place, but they still support the idea of some kind of “centralised” system, because they’ve yet to overcome their inner traumas and are thus still looking for some proxy “mommy” or “daddy” to take care of things for them, on some level or another. On the levels of their character or personality where they still express that approach, they are puerile at best, if not outright complacent sacks of shit. However, as with everything and everyone, they can choose to evolve beyond that and actually express more of who they genuinely are, and tap into their own conscious being. It’s all a choice.

Until they do so though, they’ll remain within the trap of ego; and what’s one of the excuse they use, the specific one that I’m going to dismantle in this article? “Oh, it’s not so bad. It could be worse.”

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know it could be far worse than what it is today. However, just because something could be worse, it doesn’t mean it’s okay where you are now, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should use that as an excuse to be a complacent bitch.

Often times, people who use this excuse refer to the idea that, in recorded human history, there have been times where public execution and bloody ritual sacrifice was a common thing, and then say “Pfft, what’s a little censorship and deplatforming, compared to that? What’s banning travel and restricting purchases? What’s 24/7 surveillance and microchipping, compared to mass bloody execution?”

I roll my eyes and shake my head, in utter dissapointment at such people’s cowardice and desperate clinging to their mental, emotional and material comfort. Because that’s what it ultimately boils down to, when it comes to people who still try to come up with excuses for evil. They are not philosophically developed enough to see the essence of things, they are not mentally or emotionally advanced enough to consciously assume responsibility for their own lives, and they are too complacent to renounce the addiction to their comfort.

Now, onto my rebuttal of the excuse:

  • The public execution bullshit “argument”

First off, public executions and bloody rituals have never been something universally practiced in the world. It’s been in particular tribes or even larger societies or groups, at particular points in time, during which there were also other tribes, groups and societies that didn’t practice such things.

The situation hasn’t changed much nowadays, just that I and probably most of you reading this article aren’t living in a situation where public execution and bloody ritual is a thing; at least, not out in the open. Look at China, North Korea and most other openly tyrannical regimes, Saudi Arabia, some parts of India, and you’ll see that such practices are still being done openly.

In the situation of more so-called “civilised” parts of the world, there is still ongoing human sacrifice and public harassment, if not execution. What do you think the “police” and the “military” (in effect, the house slaves of the modern era) are there for? They still kidnap, harass, steal from and murder people on a daily basis. Do you even know the level of outright abuse, rape, torture and murder that is going on in some prisons around the world? Prisoners and wardens alike skinning other inmates alive, literally skull fucking some of them, branding them with hot irons and such. Of course, you won’t see any of this on the news or on the “mainstream” media. Look up uncensored footage, on or other similar sites where there is uncensored footage of such events, of children being killed, of public executions and other things that supposedly “no longer happen”, but actually do. Just that you don’t often hear about it, but which – if you support “the system” in any way – you are contributing to, albeit indirectly.

That’s not even covering the human trafficking, both adult and child alike, commited by the very people who are in “top” positiong in “the system”, the pedophile rings and the massive blood rituals that are done by dark occultists all around the world; again, most often behind closed doors.

Oh, and did ya hear about that thing… ya know, that thing where masses of mindless drones kill each other at the behest of people who don’t give a shit about them? What’s it called – ah, yes: WAR! Ever heard about that? Yeah, that’s still an ongoing thing, by the way. That’s probably one of the most mass scale blood letting rituals in the world, which you will realize if you remember previous lives and lifetimes that include those elements or/and if you’ve studied the dark occult and know the psychopathic mindset of the dark occultists and their buddy-buddy parasitic entities. All of them pathetic and retarded, with some semblance of cleverness being the most of that they manage to muster, but express no sliver of genuine intuition and intelligence, for as long as they remain in that parasitic state.

So, you see, bloody rituals and public executions are very much still a thing.

  • Besides, what is “slavery”?

Slavery, at its core, is the attempt to propagate and “enforce” the erroneous belief that a living being or a group of living beings “own” another living being or group of such. Whether that is being done overtly, where that is openly admitted, or covertly, where it’s hidden behind a façade of deceit and euphemism, it’s still the same shit. As an aside, I think “emasculism”, is a more accurate term, because it’s not so much “adding feminity” into the mix, as it is an attempt to just cut off the balls and of anyone who still has a pair, proverbially speaking.

One other way to put it, is that slavery is (of course erroneously) claiming that someone “owns” the fruits of another person’s labour, and by extension, the claim is with regards to the person in question, as well. Since the product of one’s labour is an extension of what they’ve done with their own abilities, body or whatever else that is naturally theirs, no matter who or what may believe or claim otherwise.

So, claiming that you own the fruits of another person’s labour is slavery. If you claim to own 100% of another’s labour, then that’s slavery. But, what if you claim that you own only 75%, 50%, or 25%? It doesn’t matter. It’s still slavery. It’s still parasitic. It’s still evil. No matter the extent. If you opt for just “a little bit” of slavery and evil, you’re still opting for slavery and evil. Not only is that retarded in itself, but all tyrannies and slavery systems in the world started out with “just a little bit” of bullshit, before sooner or later steamrolling to totalitarian garbage, because “bit by bit” the masses let themselves indoctrinated and, in their ignorance and cowardice, put up with the bullshit.

No, 0% is the only number that that would not constitute slavery. In other words, I own my stuff, you own your stuff and nobody and nothing has any higher right or claim over our lives than we do. We are naturally and infinitely free to do as we choose, and we always do so anyway, no matter if the ego is aware of it or not.

If we want to manifest a world that is liberty oriented, there is just one thing that people need to agree on and apply in their lives: “Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.”

Or, in other words: “Do not initiate violence, theft, coercion or deceit on any other living being. In case someone does initiate such things on others, we are to accept our individual responsibility for exposing, retaliating against, thwarting and overcoming that.”

Or, in other other words: “Do what you want, so long as you don’t try to impose it on anyone.”

You look at our current society and what do you see? Aside from all the things listed in the previous bullet point, there is constant, ongoing harassment, extortion and duress (“taxation”, which is both theft and slavery, because – again – an institution erroneously claims that they “own” part of the products of your labour; also, “fines / tickets”, as well as kidnappings and incarcerations just for doing what some political parasite “banned” or doesn’t like).

There is also censorship galore, which is a staple of all tyrannies in existence, which can be done either via direct threats and deplatforming, or semi-directly via algorithms,  demonetization, reducing purchase options through “white market” channels, or indirectly through the indoctrinated public just doing those same things on account of being mindless drones of the system.

Aside from that, there are also blatant cover-ups of not only current events, but also of hidden technologies, history and magick, along with obscuring or “occulting” knowledge about the human psyche, other life-forms and realms, along with just sheer deception and outright manipulation, as well as distortions of information.

Slavery is still ongoing, and it is our responsibility for letting it come this far, and it is also our responsibility, both individually and as a species, to retaliate against it, expose it, thwart it and overcome it.

One of the first steps is looking deep within, and being honest with ourselves, facing ourselves and overcoming our traumas, cognitive dissonance and, of course, overcoming our fears and developing genuine courage and fearlessness, which is actually part of our natural state of being.

  •  “B-but, slavery has been abolished, for the most part.”

Unfortunately, no. On the contrary, it has never been more more widespread. Never before in publicly known human history has there been the technology to monitor, spy on and attempt to “restrict” people’s physical actions, nor the methodology to psychologically and emotionally indoctrinate people on the scale we see today.

However, the people who still make up those kinds of excuses fail to realize this, because they are far too addicted to the façade of mental, emotional or material comfort to which they’re desperately clinging. They do not remember themselves, they do not know what genuine liberty is and they have not grown up beyond their traumatised ego.

To give an analogy, let’s say there’s a prison. In that prison, there is a decrepit cell, with the toilet out of commision, sewage, shit and piss is occasionally bubbling up out of the sewage, there’s a stack of hay for you to “rest” on, and the warden outright tells you how much they despise you and they try to rape you openly.

Then, there is another prison cell, slightly more furbished than the other one, with padded walls, a working toilet and some mildly better food, as well as a warden who has a fake smile on their face and they don’t try to beat you up quite as badly when they try to rape you.

Saying “oh, it’s not so bad” in that second cell is utterly missing the point that the prisoner is still in a cell and they are still letting themselves enslaved. Now, why would the prison warden decide to have all the cells padded and reconditioned a bit?

You see, when the prisoner is consciously aware that they are a prisoner, they’re far more likely to eventually be fed up with it and fight back, realizing that a life lived in slavery is not worth living, and they will retaliate no matter the risk posed to their life. That is a major risk for the continued functioning of the prison. Not only that, but killing off the prisoners would also mean that the prison would no longer have any work-force, and even if they just sistematically murder some of the prisoners, the others are much more likely to – again – have enough it it and eventually retaliate in some way.

So, reconditioning the cells, making a bit of an investment into making the prisoners more “comfortable”, while of course looking to cut them off from all interaction with the world outside the prison (so they’re not aware of what life is like beyond its walls) and falsely claiming that “hey, slavery has been abolished, because look at ‘dem reconditioned cells.”

Virtually the same thing happened to our society. There was a time when more wide-spread overt slavery was a thing, but the only main differences nowadays, is that it’s become more covert and extremely euphemised. Plus, distractions. Lots and lots of distractions, to try and keep the puerile ego from facing itself and what’s actually going on. Bread and circuses, meaningless entertainment and lots and lots of fluff.

When those of us who remember who we genuinely are, both as infinite and unlimited consciousness, as well as individual conscience, come and try to explain what freedom and liberty are, and why the prisoners are still prisoners, those who are indoctrinated would immediately lash in defence of their padded cells and “reformed” prison, while those who kinda realize what’s going on but still cling to some aspect of the indoctrination, still delude themselves with bullshit like “oh, it’s not so bad”.

Bullshit! You are still in a prison, you are still in a cell, you are still being raped and harassed. In the aggregate, humanity is currently still in chains, albeit mental and emotional ones, which are worse than physical shackles. I say this not a means of trying to put people down, but rather quite on the contrary. Why is that? Because knowledge, awareness and comprehension, along with love, drive and passion are always good. Besides, the first step to overcoming a problem is realizing there’s a problem.

Once we make the choice to free ourselves, there ain’t anyone who’s gonna manage to stop us! Everything is a choice and we always create our own reality, no matter if the ego is or isn’t aware of it.

In that sense, if someone doesn’t want to free themselves, nobody’s gonna manage to help them. Likewise, when we choose to free ourselves and elevate ourselves, nobody and nothing is gonna manage to stop us. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way; and if there isn’t one, we’ll fuckin’ create it! I mean, it’s always good to create and invent new things, no matter is there does or doesn’t seem to be anything available at any time, but you get the point.

When we remember ourselves as consciousness and conscience, when we know what life is like beyond the prison, our own inner selves and the beauty of nature, a child’s or a lover’s smile and looking back in their eyes with a smile and laugh of our own… the rain on our skin,  a swim in the ocean, a trip across the cosmos and beyond the realms of form, time and space. When we know and comprehend what that is like and who we are as freedom and free beings, there’s no way we’re ever gonna accept anything less than that, ever again!

“No problems are going to be solved with the same level of consciousness that created them.”

One of the main reasons why all tyrannies that have been toppled in the past have been eventually replaced by yet another tyranny, is because people had just gotten sick of one form of slavery, but instead just wanted to either instill their own brand, or because even though some “revolutionaries” may have had honest and good intentions, they failed to see that growth in conscience never comes by way of force. A man (or woman) who has yet to face themselves and overcome their trauma, are just going to breed more of the same. Because they remained at the same level of consciousness that spawned the problem in the first place.

If we want to express freedom more consciously, both inwardly and outwardly, it starts with peeling away the layers of our minds and egos, and evolving our consciousness, remembering who we are by tapping into the genuine heart and intuition. In-so-doing, we remember who we are and thus our mind, too, awakens beyond the shackles of the ego and illusion, thus developing genuine intelligence.

Intuition, in the context that I’m using the word here, is in-tuition. Inner learning, knowing and comprehension, as well as self-love and self-respect. Not because of some achievement or some ability or skill we may have come to express. No, a genuine love that is born and expressed for its own sake. It’s not “I appreciate myself, because X, Y, Z reasons”.

No, it’s much, much more… infinitely more than that. It’s I love myself, because. Because what, you ask? Just because. I love myself for no reason. I love myself, because I love myself. I love myself, because I am.

That is one of the first steps towards remembering who we are… who we genuinely are, as both infinite and unlimited consciousness, as well as individual expressions of ourselves as such.

Thus, we remember, know and comprehend… among other things…

Nobody and nothing has any higher claim over our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves and only we are responsible for doing so.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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