How to communicate effectively

How would you better get your ideas across? How does one express their thoughts and feelings in ways that have both clarity and depth? How does one communicate effectively?

Well, the answer(s) to that question would vary quite significantly, relative to what species or types of entities we’re talkin’ about. With regards to current-day humans though (gregorian calendar 21st century, 2020), communication is often pretty botched and ideas are frequently misinterpreted. Sometimes to amusing effects and other times less so. Part of that misinterpretation has to do with mass media brainwashing and a general obsession with egotistical compulsions, as well as with the notion that most people nowadays are very often dishonest, to varying extents; with both themselves and with each other. Sometimes out of malice, other times out of ignorance or/and apathy.

There’s also the idea that current-day humans do not express full-on direct telepathy with one another, which comes with both pros and cons. On one hand, with direct telepathy there would be little, if any miscommunication; but at the same time, it’s bye-bye privacy, playful banter and a host of other positive things. However, there are types of voluntary, fully informed and fully consensual telepathic interactions, that do away with the cons and express the pros of both types of communication methods. Kinda like a telepathy+ thing.

Among others, indirect or subtle telepathy would work pretty well, to keep and expand upon the positives of both worlds. Oh, wait… humans already have that. Not only do we have it, but we actively express it. It’s called spiritual communion, intuition and intelligence. It’s far better than just the immediate conveniences and mechanical aspects of telepathy, which in a sense is akin to practically what the internet has and how computers communicate. It’s also how hive-mind species operate (like ants, bees, the greys and a number of others), and while it has its organizational benefits, those are far outweighed by the negatives. Lack of expressed individuality being one of them.

Funnily enough, individuality is far, FAR closer to dismantling the illusion of “separation” than any manner of a hive-mind. Why? Because in a hive-mind, you have a central “directive” or a central ego that is more or less very absorbed both with and within itself, addicted to its own impulses and compulsions (which are fundamentally not the same as conscious drives and passions), to such an extent that it seeks to copy itself endlessly into different “platforms” or “vessels” as a means of survival. That obsession with the survival of its own ego-image and ego-identification is one of the main reasons why, in terms of spirituality and growth in consciousness, its evolution is severely stunted. It doesn’t know anything about itself on a deeper level, nor is it interested in knowing anything about other individuals and things that do not concern its immediate incarnate interest.

On the other hand, individuality (by far not the same as simply having an ego) is much more advanced and conductive of spiritual growth and expression of higher consciousness. Individuality, among other things, means we are much more interested in getting to know and comprehend ourselves, and that curiosity for inner knowledge naturally tends to include a curiosity to know the so-called “outer” or projected worlds. In other words, genuinely individuated beings are much more curious to know themselves and each other, as well as everything else; and in that sense, one’s personal image of themselves (the good part of the ego – which is technically an interface through which we, as consciousness, operate in the incarnate realms) is used as a means of expressing the unique spin and distortion that every living being expresses upon manifested reality and beyond.

In summary, hive-minded egos are less advanced than individuated egos. More advanced than both is genuine individuality (which comes in infinities of forms, some familiar and some unfamiliar to current-day humanity), and all of those things are unique expressions that I and we express, as infinite and unlimited spirit and consciousness.

Since every individual aspect is technically (and metaphorically) a lens or telescope through which I/we, as spirit, consciousness and soul, experience what I call the “story-worlds” (or “realities”), the more we – as in-story characters – look inward (or, in other words, back through the lens or telescope) then the more we remember who we are, both within and beyond the illusion of “reality”.

Okay, what does that have to do with communicating effectively? Pretty much everything. Since the so-called “inner world” creates the so-called “outer world”, the more we communicate with ourselves, knowing and comprehending who we are on every levels and beyond the very idea of levels, the more we tend to express that in many and various ways, including when it comes to having a similar approach towards our interactions with other in-story characters (other people and entities).

The more we know ourselves, both in profoundness and clarity, the more passionately and genuinely (thus, effectively) communicate with others. The more patience we have with ourselves, the more patience we’ll have with others. The more appreciative, fair and critical we are with ourselves, acknowledging both our positives and negatives, the more we’ll see that in others as well. That’s part of the meaning behind the saying “treat others, as you would treat yourself”. It’s not really something we “would” or “should” do, though. It’s something we naturally always do, with or without being aware of it on a personal level.

If you’re constantly trying to talk down to people, you look around and have disdain towards others or whatever, you view yourself in the same way, even if you’re not mentally aware of it. So, if you’re like that, fuck off.

If you’re constantly going on about how “rosy” everything is and how everything is so super-duper, without ever acknowledging the negative… you’re letting a fake sense of pleasure or euphoria blind you from facing yourself and the world; and, therefore, whatever it is that you consider to be positive, may very well be a euphemism for bullshit you don’t want to recognize as such. So, if you’re like that, again, fuck off.

However, when we are in harmony with ourselves, we are willing and able to easily acknowledge and appreciate everything that is genuinely positive and recognize everything that is actually negative. Thus, we are much more equipped with the knowledge, comprehension and the courage (or fearlessness) to overcome all hardships, as well as fully revel in the good times, while also being vigilant and appreciating all experiences, along with what we learn from them and so on… among other things…

See, honesty is a key part in both spiritual and conscious growth, as well as in terms of communicating effectively. Communication encompasses much more than just what you say in words, what your body language shows or implies about your mood, your feelings or thought about something, etcetera. It’s about how our energies and auras interact with each other, how we as soul and spirit commune, and how we learn and grow both from ourselves and each other.

Each and every one of us is both a student and a teacher, to everyone we meet. There is something to be learned from everything and everyone. When we realize that, we’re much more interested in both communicating our ideas more easily and “reading” whomever it is that we’re communicating with. What they mean by every gesture, what every swoosh of energy implies, what their tone of their voice says about them and whatever it is that’s going on through their mind, how they feel about it, etcetera, etcetera.

The more we know how to commune with ourselves, on every level and beyond, the more we know how to commune with others, as well.

Hm. Turns out I, ahem… communicated more about the spiritual aspect of things, rather than actual specifics about psychological stuff, particular advice, “tips and tricks” or “communication hacks” and the sort. I initially wanted to write about the spiritual aspects as an intro to the article proper, before talking about the latter things. How’s that for effective communication, huh?

Regardless, I elaborated further as I wrote it about it, since the spiritual is far more advanced and relevant than the psychological; which, by the way, is an expression of the spiritual.

So, in the latter half, I’ll go over some specifics about the more “story-world” and psychology related aspects. Right, let’s get started.

  • Words and language

Probably the most “popular” and widely recognized approach; yet, at the same time, it’s the least relevant. Although they are meant as symbols through which meaning is to be conveyed, the words alone are meaningless. Hence, they are the easiest to fake and misconstrue, and someone who only ever looks at the words that come from someone’s mouth is very easy to manipulate.

Take the words “nigga” or “nigger”, for example. Or, let’s say “whitey” or “pale-ass mofo”. “Chinkey, jap, slant-eye, fire-skin” or whatever other slang words for people of different races. Alone, those are just words. They are completely neutral. You can have a racist person call a black guy “nigga” (and I mean an actual racist, who has something against members of a particular race, just because they’re of that specific ethnicity; not just the empty “racist” label that puerile snowflakes ineptly try to plaster on anything they disagree with). You can also have someone use the word “nigga” to affectionately refer to their black friend. Or, maybe it’s a white, indian or asian dude calling their non-black friend a “nigga” for fun. Or any other combination.

You can also have people who hate a particular race and refuse to use particular words (like, “nigga”) because they are so repulsed by that ethnicity and its original or current culture, that they refuse to use words that originate from it.

Or, you can also have those who don’t give a shit and may or may not use the words, whenever they feel like it, for their own independent reasons.

Likewise with communicating ideas to people, be it in a group of friends or in front of an audience. Words alone may carry some element of the conceptual implications of whatever ideas you’re trying to convey, but they usually say little to nothing about whether or not the person actually means what they’re saying.

Marketing and PR is full of empty words and false promises, to name a couple examples.

“Oh, I’m just trying to help ease up inventory management.” Said the thief, before looking to extort someone or commit a heist against innocent people. See what I mean? Or, think about everything that “government” (a slavery system, in both practice and design) and PR companies tell you, versus what they actually do.

Words are only honest, when we ourseives are honest and actually mean what we say.

  • Body language

We are spiritual beings and souls, manifesting incarnate vehicles (bodies) for ourselves and experiencing the story-world of “reality” through them (as well as through other means, but that’ll be in other articles). The etheric body is more or less an interface between ourselves as individual souls and the so-called “material” bodies we “drive” around the world.

The “material” body, since it is driven by ourselves and responds to the energies we send out to it, tends to much more honestly and directly express how we feel and think, compared to words alone; even though body language itself can also be faked, albeit not as easily as words.

For example, an honest smile says much more about how joyous you feel, than “I am happy.” A fake smile says much more about your dishonesty, than “I’m trying to deceive you”. Which you’ll rarely actually hear spelled out like that, from an actual deceiver.

The nature of that smile, along with the context in which it is given, will have many nuances. Was it a smirk in the corner of the mouth? Was it a full smile? Was that smile accompanied by a knowing look, or a shifting of the gaze over yonder?

What was the tone of someone’s voice? Did their body move with them as they spoke? Were they enthusiastic about what they said, or not? Were their bodies aimed at you when you were speaking? Did they seem to actually want to have that conversation, or did they seem frustrated and interested in leaving?

In the exoteric realms, body language generally makes up the bulk of current-day humans’ communication. Typically (albeit, again, not always) your body language speaks louder than words.

However, louder and clearer than that are our…

  • Actions and behaviours

This includes everything we do, both in general and in detail. Our actions and our behaviours towards ourselves and others. Of the three aspects we’ve discussed so far in this latter half of the article, this is the least susceptible to being faked.

Why? Because no matter how much one may try to control their speech and body language, their actions and behaviours will always reveal who they are; not only in the moment, but also who they are at the core of their manifest being, individual character or incarnate persona, at that point in their lives.

That is, among other things, because actions and behaviours are a much more naked and direct expression of who we are and the choices we make for ourselves, while speech and body language are more about conveying ideas to others.

Of course, when we are internally congruent and in harmony with ourselves, meaning that – among other things – our emotions, our thoughts and our actions are consistent with each other, then the “external” expressions of that (our body language, speech and behaviour) will also be in sync.

Nowadays, however, most people are in disharmony and incongruence within themselves, so most of the time, they say things they don’t mean, mean things they don’t say, and that leads to fake-ass behaviours. Fuck that shit. We are to always be ourselves, conscious and honest no matter fuckin’ what!

The point is to love ourselves, know ourselves and comprehend ourselves. When we are honest with ourselves, we naturally tend to be honest with each other as well. Likewise, we are much more equipped to spot the bullshit and dishonesty of others, while also acknowledging our own fuck-ups, overcoming them, while also appreciating and acknowledging the good in us (and everyone else), thus being much more ready and willing to become better and better in every moment, than we were the moment prior.

  • Esoteric aspects of communication

This is much more complex than words alone would manage to convey, and it’s something I both have and will be continuing to express and explain in other articles, but I wanted to mention some of it here, as well.

One such thing is reading auras and seeing the energies of the people and entities you meet and come across, although most people nowadays don’t really tap into that type extra-sensory perception or beyond-sensory awareness. Plus, I’m not exactly discerning (at this time) whether or not the things I see in that regard are auras, or something else entirely. Also, we all see these things differently, and so on and so forth. Still, it’s worth mentioning and reminding people that there are things beyond the senses.

Anyway, there are lots of ways to go about communicating information, but I wanted to point out some of the the deeper and clearer aspects of it, rather than specific methodologies like how to speak more clearly or strategies to keep people’s attention, the latter of which kinda seem a bit “off”, if your goal is to actually communicate honestly. Why would you need to speak “strategically” if you’re honestly speaking your mind? I mean, it’s good to know those tactics, both for the sake of the knowledge itself and as a means of spotting potential deceivers or examples of dishonesty.

Although, to be fair, there are cases where someone is honestly trying to communicate their ideas in ways that are clearer to whoever they’re talking to, and they want to find better ways to elaborate upon what they mean; so, that’s also a thing.

Oh, and if you ever come across someone who seems to constantly and continuously misconstrue your words, or who just doesn’t want to talk to you for whatever reason, it is usually better to not waste your time with them. Since communication is a mutual, “it takes two to tango” sort of thing, if you don’t jive or “resonate” with someone, it’s usually better to just leave the conversation at that point, and talk to someone else; while, at the same time, always being in communion with ourselves, on individual, soulful, spiritual and on every other level, as well as beyond the very idea of “levels”.

Anyway, remember…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves and only we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are always self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice and the choice is always ours to make.

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