Personal shadow work example, and how to stop artificial in-fighting, as well as learn from it

I am a very, very volatile individual. It is part of who I am, and I love myself both for it, and in general. At the same time, it is exactly that – a part of myself. All parts need to be in harmony, to realize and become aware of the holistic or “holy” being of one’s self, as well as the infinite “I/we”; or the “self-beyond-self”, so to speak.

So, take a look at this, which is pertinent in and of itself, as well as a part of what I’m going to be elaborating upon in this article:

Upon seeing this video, I immediately appreciated the guy for what he was doing, as a statement about standing up in freedom and retaliating against the slavery system. At the same time, I got a pang of panic and the immediate impulse or compulsion to do the same (that is, aside from the anger at the retarded and moronic behaviour that the cultists and mind-“controlled” thralls in the video  displayed).

“Why am I not doing this?! Why the fuck am I not doing this?!”

However, something felt off about my response or reaction to the video. It wasn’t like an intuitive knowing that this is something that’s to be done now, because I’ve chosen to do it, on the level of myself as soul and spirit.

Then, my ego was like: “What?! Are you a coward? Why are you not scraping off the bullshit stickers? What? Are you a pussy-ass bitch? Are you afraid that the house slaves (“cops”) would come and try to kidnap and cage you? Fuck you! Do what is right, no matter what! Isn’t that what you always say? Put your words to action!”

Then, different aspects of myself replied: “I am! I am putting my words to action, and I would scrape stickers as well, if I knew that it was a good way for me to promote the cause of freedom!”

Through introspection, I then reminded myself about different things about myself, as well as what I’m currently doing to promote freedom and to demonstrate to myself that I’m not afraid of so-called “consequences” (fear of “consequences” is the beginning of slavery, so fuck that shit).

So, in addition to the spiritual, philosophical, intuitive and intelligent, mental and emotional ponderings that I always do, I also reminded myself of the practical things that I’m doing; stuff like writing this blog, occasionally speaking to people on the street about how “covid” is a fake-ass crock o’ shit that’s used in an attempt to propagate even more overt slavery; spreading out flyers and posters about it every now and again, reminding people both online and on the streets (like when I go to the local farmer’s market and see all the fuck-ups wearing face-diapers) to take that shit off and stop being cowards.

I also reminded myself of the times where I stood up to house slaves, both when they attempted to accost me, as well as intervening when they were harassing someone else, and being blunt and honest each and every single time, telling the person to not show any ID, and not give the house slaves any name or details about who they are, and so on; with the house slaves present and telling them that they’re protectors of pedophiles and propagators of slavery, to their face. (Of course, you don’t know that about me, and it is pertinent to question my words. As it is pertinent to question everything. Plus, from your perspective, this may very well just be big words and me trying to “cash in” on that “radical” fame. It is fundamentally NOT that, as I don’t give a shit about anyone’s attention, but again, you don’t personally know that.)

Likewise, during the lockdowns, I went out into the city quite a bit more frequently than I usually did, as well as removed the “barricade” to one of the parks near me and opened the gate; “barricade” in quotes, because in this particular case it was just a flimsy plastic line over the park’s metal gate. Also, here’s an account of one of my confrontations with about 10-12 house slaves during the lockdown, when I was walking through the park:

Even just recently, and this is a longer story that isn’t really all that spectacular as an event itself, but a little while ago (at the time of this writing) I woke up to the scared cries of a kid on the street, yelling “NO! I don’t wanna go to the hospital!”

I was like ZOOM out of the bed and up to the balcony, tryin’ to see what the fuck’s goin’ on. Turns out, a kid was being accosted by a bunch of ladies who were trying to get him in their car, supposedly to have him come with them to the hospital. The kid was yelling: “No, I’m okay! I just got scared! That’s all! I’m fine!”

I looked around, put two and two together and it looked like the kid had been darting about on his trike, probably having come out from a between some parked cars and collided with the ladies’ vehicle, which was slowly moving up the parking lot. The kid was spritely, not limping even in the slightest and didn’t even seem to be scraped in any way. But, perhaps in a state of panic, the ladies let their reflex cloud their judgement (or maybe they specifically wanted to kidnap that kid and he’d been a target; maybe, maybe not).

Anyway, a bunch of people gathered up, and there were the unfortunate morons who decided to go full retard mode and “call the cops” in a fit of panic, or the ambulance (“full retard mode”, in the sense of having let themselves so indoctrinated and enthralled, that their immediate response to any even remotely uncomfortable situation would be to call an agent of the “state / slavery system”). All of them basically ganging up on the kid, who was just trying to get away. “Oh, the ambulance is coming shortly. Don’t worry kid. You’ll be taken to a hospital in no-time.”

Now, aside from them just generally seeming oblivious to the idea that the kid wasn’t injured, but especially because I know what goes on in hospitals nowadays, what with the bullshit fake-ass-demic, fake diagnostics and falsely putting healthy people on respirators and giving them poisonous vaccines… but aside from all that, they wanted to take a healthy kid to the hospital, without his expressed consent and without the consent of his parents, who weren’t even on the scene!

I’m like “FUCK THIS SHIT!”. I immediately threw some clothes on me, took a quick shit in the off-chance that I’d be visiting a jail cell that day or if I’d have gotten into a fight, took my camera with me and zoomed out of the house.

On the way to the “scene”, I was like: “Three scenarios are most likely, in this context. Either (a) the women, the house slaves and the ambulance leave without the kid, or (b) I DIE PROTECTING HIM FROM BEING KIDNAPPED!!! Alternatively (c) the mother, father, sibling or some manner of “guardian” or family friend, whom the kid will RECOGNIZE as such, will come to the scene and then it’s in their hands, ‘cause it’s their family. Unless they refuse to go to the hospital, and the house slaves and ambulance “people” still try to take them through violence or coercion. In which, again, I’ll either look to diffuse the situation or defend them to the death, if it comes to that.”

How I worded it here doesn’t accurately reflect the utter CONFIDENCE, VITRIOL and CONVICTION with which I actually said that in my mind, because it came from a genuine knowing and comprehension that this was a soul-choice.

Now, when I got there, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I was initially expecting it to be. In the few minutes that it took me to get there, some of the kid’s family’s friends were already there, the mom had been called and soon enough also arrived on the scene. I advised the mom to not to go to the hospital, for reasons related to both the covid scam and that the kid was actually unharmed. Likewise, I also spoke to the brutish and frantically panicking ambulance staff, who were like “get that camera out of my face” even though they’re working in a public capacity (they even put words in the mom’s mouth, like “she doesn’t want you recording this”, even though she literally didn’t say anything on the matter and did see that I was recording). I told them that I’m going to film them all I like, blah, blah, the point is I was being as upfront and vitriolic as I naturally am, not giving a shit about what would supposedly “happen”, because I knew I was in the RIGHT!

Anyway, the mom then unfortunately chose to take the kid to the hospital; even though, the supposed “health professionals” didn’t even do a proper inspection, and just decided to tell them “look, we’re going to take you to the hospital now”, instead of just asking. The mom, in her state of panic, just sort of went along with it, but since it was their family matter and the ambulance staff didn’t really push them (because, unfortunately, she just accepted straight up), I was like “eh… whatever”. Seemed like, in this context, there wasn’t really any need to intervene in the manner that I was prepared to do so.

Anyway, then a house slave came up and some of the indoctrinated thralls of the slavery plantation just started clamoring and oozing all over them (a second one arrived a little while later), either in that sycophantic way or in a sniveling, groveling fashion. Which was utterly disgusting to see.

Regardless, I was like “Hey, there’s a bunch of people here. Why not inform them about “covid” being a scam and an excuse for more totalitarian bullshit?” So, that’s what I did. Funnily enough, out of all the people that I spoke to in this particular context, the only ones who actually seemed genuinely interested in the information and who approached me (thus showing initiative in their own right), was a couple of kids; probably no older than 10.

I told them a bit about why it’s a scam, and why they should always question everything (including what I, or anyone else says), gave them a few copies of the posters that I’m occasionally handing out or spreading across the area (which I’d gone come and picked up, after telling them about it and asking them to wait for me to grab them). I mean, these kids were intelligent and honestly curious. You could see the spark in their eyes. One of them was like “What? Covid isn’t real?” in that curious I-wanna-know-more kind of way, while the other one was like “Hm. I see.” as it if it wasn’t even a surprise to him, while earnestly reading the thing with just as much curiosity.

Then, upon bidding the kids farewell, in full view of the house slave present and whatever people of the dispersing crowd were left, I screamed “FREEDOM!!! ALWAYS!!! Muaaah, ha ha ha ha ha!!!” and laughed hysterically. Which I often do, no matter the context. Public or private, doesn’t matter.

So, coming back to the conundrum of this particular article, I then asked myself why I’m having this panic attack at the thought of not having scraped the bullshit “Panic, people! Paniiic! Aaaah!” stickers in shops myself, so far. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I was there or if I’d see someone standing up for freedom in whatever capacity, including scraping stickers or posting flyers in shops (and whatever else), I’d stand in their defence, no matter fucking what.

Knowing that, why was I panicking? Even more so at the thought that maybe I’d not exactly be interested in facilitating that particular activity or method of spreading the message (sticker scraping).

So, I resolved to find out if it’s out of fear, or for a different reason; fear was not the answer. I already know that I’m not afraid of either death, nor pain. I also know that, rather than be a slave, slaver or moron, I would rather die and even endure ALL forms of pain and torture in existence. Because nothing is worse than being a pathetic, self-loathing, cowardly bitch. In other words, there is nothing worse than forgetfulness of who we are.

When we remember who we genuinely are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness, we realize that fear and ignorance are just forms of forgetfulness. When there is remembrance (knowledge and comprehensio), there is no fear.

Anyway, so I asked myself as heart and soul: “Would I be open to scraping stickers or doing more radical stuff, to spread the message of freedom?”

“Pfft, yeah! Besides, I’m already doing similar things, as well as more radical stuff than that.”

“Okay, so why am I not scraping stickers?” (Notice the egoic part of me, momentarily being stuck on that one little detail and particularity.)

“Because there are better ways to go about standing up in defiance! Some of which I’m actually already doing, and shall continue to be doing. Aside from that, if I’ll ever feel like scraping stickers or doing whatever else, I’ll do that. So, what’s the fucking problem?”

Then, in addition to all of the things I listed in this article (as well as others), I once more reminded myself that if it’d have been a genuine soul-choice and synchronistic event that I go scrape stickers in shops, I’d have known that. Just like I knew I was ready to die that day to protect that kid and just like I know I’m ready to die standing up in freedom, no matter what.

When the genuine heart and intuition are exploding with such intensity that nothing else seems to matter in those moments, that is a definite turning point or cross-road in one’s life. No matter how large or small the exoteric event might seem, esoterically, it is always going to be a turning point, both synchronistically and lucidly.

That is one of the many reasons why, if there is ever a conflict between your mind and your heart, go with the heart! The heart knows. The mind needs to figure stuff out, because it doesn’t know. The mind is not the knower. The mind is the comprehender. In order to comprehend, you first need to know. The heart is the knower. Through the heart, the individual self is in harmony with infinite beingness, which I/we always and already are.

When the heart is like “eh, either way is fine”, then it usually means that whichever option of those in question you choose, it’ll still be a good thing in the endeavor of growing and rightly doing whatever it is we came here to do and experience in life, as well as beyond.

So, when the heart’s like “it’s fine either way”, then it is pertinent to come with the mind and be like “Hm, okay. Since either way is fine, let’s see which among them is better for more effectively doing whatever our endeavor might be.”

In that sense, while I can obviously appreciate the man’s courage and honestly respect him for doing what is right and expressing his anger in a meaningful way, I also see that from a practical standpoint, it’s not exactly the most efficient way of spreading the message of freedom. Compared to having a blog, making a podcast series, making documentaries, doing unbiased research, harmonizing ourselves with ourselves, etcetera.

However, at the same time, there is also such a thing as synchronicity and inspiration, so even though the stickers are going to be replaced and some morons are going to see the guy as a “bonkers” (which just shows their own stupidity, cowardice and ignorance) or “just another conspiracy theorist”, that doesn’t fuckin’ matter.

What matters is that everything happens for a reason, and that event and his endeavor will very well ripple across the world. As does each and every genuine expression of passion and endeavor to do what is right, and promote freedom no matter what.

Likewise, I want to remind myself and everyone else that each and every one of us is unique. Every one of us express freedom in our own unique way. That person expressed their courage through scraping stickers, filming the house slaves and doing what looks to be “cop watching”. Which is obviously good and more people should do it.

Likewise, does it mean you’re somehow not aiding the cause of freedom, just because you’re not doing that particular activity? No, it doesn’t. So long as you’re doing something, and refusing to consent to evil, and generally being yourself no matter what, as well as growing as an individual, you ARE aiding the cause of freedom and you ARE ending slavery.

Whether it’s creating meaningful art, composing conscious music, making podcasts, writing books, talking to people, “life-coaching” that is aimed towards consciously assuming personal responsibility, speaking out against “government” and so-called “authority” of any kind, or whatever else, the point is every person is going to express it differently.What matters is that we all DO something, ourselves.

Different people are naturally more suited for different ways of expression. Some people are naturally more patient when it comes to the endeavor of communicating with cult-believers and indoctrinated mind-slaves, in an effort to help them de-program themselves; for example Larken Rose, with his “Candles in the Dark” course and methodology:

I, on the other hand, currently have very, very little patience when it comes to personally interacting with dumb, ignorant sacks of shit. I get angry. A LOT. While I don’t let that anger cloud my judgement or the quality of what I’m saying, in terms of the face-to-face conversation, I tend to hammer away at the person, telling it to their face that they currently express themselves as mindless retards for as long as they have a cult belief system, and that they’re helping to propagate slavery, as well as that their attitude and cowardly ways are one of the main reasons why the world’s as fucked up as it is.

Which, while a good way to help motivate someone who has already gone through some positive transformative change or who is already willing to honestly assess themselves, it is, however, admittedly, not the most effective way of trying to help someone snap out of mind-“control”, if they’re already fast asleep, in that sense. I mean, aside from it being something that they can remember and reflect upon, through the honest and perhaps shock-treatment sort of way in which the information was presented.

Now, like I mentioned in that article about my confrontation with the house slaves in the park during lockdown, I do tend to generally be extremely calm in situations of perceived “physical” risk, or when talking to completely indoctrinated mind-slaves, like house slaves. Because then, I don’t give a shit. I am either prepared to die or go through whatever pain I might, or I recognize that I’m talking to someone who’s just completely dead, so they’re not really worth my anger and energy.

However, in a context of trying to talk to people in general, most of whom still express at least some manner of spark in their eyes (in other words, whom I still see as worth my anger, at the very least), like in a situation that’d be involved in the context of scraping the bullshit stickers, I’d most likely snap and hammer on the fuck-ups, in all likelihood having the relatively intense tendency to just punch or attack them, when they display their stupidity to a particular point.

So, for me, I find that I’m much more apt and willing to do things like art, writing, music, voice-overs, “life-coaching” with people who have already decided that they’re going to improve themselves and aren’t looking for excuses anymore, or other things that don’t involve personally speaking to the herd of sheeple. I mean, I have done that and will still be doing it if I feel it’s something worth doing in whatever context, but it’s not my preferred means of spreading the message of freedom, is what I’m saying.

Other people may prefer doing that or may have more patience than I currently do in that regard, and may talk shit about me for not doing it that way as often as they do. Maybe there are also some boots-on-the-ground activists out there, who would say stuff like “Oh, you just want to write stuff and post it online. Why don’t you do cop-watching? Why don’t you go out with a megaphone around town? Why don’t you do [insert activist endeavor here] that I’m doing?”

Well, what if I’d say “Well, why don’t you do what I’m doing? Why don’t you write blogs? Why don’t you write books? Why don’t you draw or paint stuff about freedom? Why don’t you write conscious music?”

If I’d say that, we’d just get all caught up in pointless in-fighting, which doesn’t really do anything to strengthen our mutual endeavor of ending slavery. That’s the whole shtick of the parasites, by the way. To get their adversaries to fight amongst themselves. To get us to fight among ourselves and waste time and energy doing so. Because otherwise, without that distraction, the parasites would just go poof. The parasites’ game is a house of cards, and wouldn’t manage to even exist without misdirection and manipulation. Which is basically just the way they try to get the population to keep it from falling over, which it always does sooner or later, by the very nature of evil being self-destructive, and good being self-elevating.

Anyway, like I said before, everyone is a unique expression of who I/we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness, as well as ourselves as such, manifesting in those forms and engaging in a metaphorical roleplay with ourselves.

So, instead of fighting amongst ourselves, as to “hurr, durr, who’s doing the bestest thing evaarr” when it comes to spreading the message of freedom and ending slavery, let’s actually help each other out and appreciate what each and every one of us is doing; as well as, of course, always growing and always evolving, etcetera.

You write books, make presentations or documentaries? Keep doing that.

You creat art, music and whatever other artistic thing? Again, keep doing that.

You write blogs, make podcasts or whatever? Keep doing that.

You’re doing conscious activism, in a more boots-on-the-ground sort of way? Keep doing that.

At the same time, to those of us who are more familiar or accustomed to doing stuff from behind the screen, realize that taking “physical” action should never be shunned. Be willing to defend yourself and others, including “physically” and lethally, if appropriate. Likewise, maybe occasionally spread some flyers, see what some non-politically oriented protest is like, learn how to grow your own food and be self-sustaining, etcetera.

To those who are more familiar with the “physically” taking action shtick, maybe try your hand and see how you fare in terms of spreading information through means that are more introspective in nature.

Of course, the idea is to harmonize the two approaches and preferably do both. Of course, varying from individual to individual in terms of preferred methodology, but the a main part of the point that I’m trying to make in this article, is let’s stop the artificial in-fighing. Both within ourselves and between ourselves.

We are here to grow and evolve. So, let’s help ourselves and each other do so.

We are to be ourselves, no matter what.

Never fear, never be feared.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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