The importance of knowing, comprehension and unbiased research, as well as making independent discernments

Ho-lee-fuckin’ SHIT! I had just finished another article, and during the process of linking it in various discord channels and also browsing through some of the other stuff there, I came across an extremely retarded forbes article, which was basically promoting ignorance and blind belief in “experts” and “the system”, to such a blatant level that it was… either pure evil or pure stupidity; likely both (they’re not really that far apart).

Anyway, the post was all about how “well, gathering information is all fine and good, but you need to stop doing your own research, and just believe the experts”.

I am disgusted beyond words, and even my body is “physically” squirming in disgust and anger at that premise, and I feel almost nauseous and like vomiting… urgh…

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who promotes ignorance, blind belief and censorship are either fully indoctrinated, mindless zombies, or are in-the-know about how the “system” operates and are looking to deceive others towards the outcome of keeping it a secret. Either way, they are BAD people.

Imagine waking up and working a job that does nothing but promote slavery and further degradation of your own species (in the aggregate); or of any other species, for that matter. How pathetic, spineless and self-loathing does someone need to be to even seriously consider working such an immoral job.

Even worse is that a relative majority of people still fall for such bullshit, and then develop nothing other than a zealous, religious belief system, while at the same time being so delusional to vehemently believe themselves to be “scientific” in their approach. Our current society, at large, is more or less a complete inversion of how things naturally are. Nature may have some issues, but compared to the bullshit of our current society… “night and day” doesn’t even begin to describe the difference.

“Doctors” destroys people’s access to proper health, religion promotes utter ignorance of spirituality, the media distorts, hides and obfuscates information (that is, when they’re not completely lying out their asses) and “government” is slavery. Although the latter isn’t really an inversion, since the very foundation of “government” is mind-“control”, violence, theft, coercion, degradation, depravation and deceit, without which it wouldn’t even exist as an institution. In other words, it’s an utter crock of shit that utterly depends on people’s ignorance and blind belief, and that is exactly why they are so desperate to promote those retarded modalities of ego.

In this article… and holy shit, it feels silly (in the negative sense) to even need to say something so blatantly obvious… I’ll be talking about “why knowledge, comprehension and research be a good ting ta have and do, mon.” ALWAYS!!!

  • Guess what growth in consciousness means? CREATIVITY! INGENUITY! KNOWLEDGE! AWARENESS! COMPREHENSION! Among other things…

It’s always better to know than not to know! I mean, imagine that! Revelation of the fucking aeons, right here…

Now, one of the sad and infuriating things about our current society at large, is that such a trivial and basic idea may actually be a “revelation” to some people in our world. Even worse, and just downright pathetic, is that morons would coil, shriek, shiver and raise their pitchforks at such a notion, groveling at the feet of their “experts”, which in terms of the religions (or rather cults) of statism and scientism, are literally the modern-day equivalent of priests and bishops. Just as vehemently as the masses praised and gobbled up every word the priest-class spewed, out of sheer ignorance and stupidity, they are now worshipping the “experts” and system-approved “scientists” and “technocrats” that not only lie to them constantly, but have every vested interest in deceiving, exploiting and murdering them (it’s called genocide, wars, vaccines, “scamdemic measures”, GMOs, chemtrails, ritual pedophilia and human trafficking and virtually everything the system is trying to push for).

Fuck that! Approval or dismissal without unbiased investigation is a hallmark of ignorance.

I would rather die and even endure ALL forms of torture and pain, instead of being a slaver, slave or a moron.

I mean, I know life and “death” are illusions, and so is pain (although my body still feels it).No matter what, I always choose to question, know and comprehend everything, and always grow in consciousness, etcetera.

  • How does expertise form? Through learning, experiencing and doing unbiased, independent research, being inquisitive and always questioning everything.

What is expertise? Most people likes to throw this word around like it means something, but what exactly is expertise?

When it comes to the “system” and its religious, dogmatic cult, it literally means just means memorizing and regurgitating what the slavery plantation wants to hear, and then continue to promote it, like an empty vessel and mindless cog in the machine.

Being a brainwashed priest or a blind believer is not expertise!

In the genuine sense of the word, expertise is one of the results of developing increasingly advancing discernments, awareness, skills or/and abilities, when it comes to particular endeavors. You never develop that by parroting what you’ve been told.

You develop it through creativity, curiosity and a willingness to learn, which (among other things) means throughly questioning everything, including what you think you already know.

Expertise also means doing things more and more efficiently and effectively. The only thing that ignorance does effectively is to promote slavery and to make people more susceptible to being duped and exploited (take a guess why the parasites and dark occultists push for it). That is, in addition to just being one of the most limited modalities of conscience in existence.


This is never, ever an overstatement, so I’ll say it again. ALL KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD TO HAVE!!!

There is no such thing as “bad” knowledge. The implications of the knowledge in question may be negative or displeasing to whoever interprets it as such, or may actually imply something evil and immoral, but having the knowledge means – aside from being a good thing in and of itself, because through it we expand awareness – that you are less susceptible to those negative things, and also far more equipped to actually overcome the obstacle. Knowledge of evil also heightens one’s awareness and recognition of what is actually good and conscious.

If you know there’s a big-ass hole in the road, you’re that much more equipped to hop over it, find a way around it. Or, maybe you have knowledge of other stuff, and you know how to fill it back up. Or maybe you want to see what’s deeper underground, and you further dig into the hole and discover more information.

Ooh, now we’re getting into archaeology, which is basically all about digging holes and digging stuff up to reveal hidden history, technology, magick, artifacts and whatever else that actually helps people piece their past together and learn from it; avoid making the same mistakes and do things in better ways. Or, if it’s a problem with the execution of an idea and not the concept itself, then we come up with better ways to implement it. Or we come up with something different and more advanced altogether.

How do we do that? In part, by making our own discernments and doing our own research.

  • Belief, especially blind belief, is one of the biggest handicaps for the mind. If you want to grow your mind and expand your consciousness and awareness, stop believing and start questioning, knowing and comprehending without bias.

Why is that? To answer that question, we are to first realize what the mind is and how it grows.

Esoterically, and to put it in just a few words for the sake of briefly illustrating a point, the mind is the soul-aspect that’s related more closely to the individual aspect of consciousness, while the heart is the soul-aspect that’s more intimately related to the infinite aspect of consciousness. It is also through what the mind actually grows.

The mind needs to figure stuff out, because it doesn’t know. The genuine heart does know, because it peers beyond the veil of illusion, and through intuition we expand our awareness into remembrance of who I and we always and already are, as infinite and unlimited consciousness.

When there is harmony between the mind and the heart, the mind either directly has access to ever expanding knowledge or/and indirectly creates more synchronistic opportunities in life, through which to access that knowledge and awareness, through life experiences that are condusive towards that endeavor.

The former is almost literally, and quite comically, like flipping a switch and instantaneously knowing something, while the latter implies coming across information, people and creating experiences through which we expand our knowledge. Then, when in harmony with the heart and intuition, genuine intelligence is born.

What is the essential question that is the hallmark of all spirituality, intuition and intelligence? Why?! Why is the question from which all other questions are born. It encompasses all of the most minute of details, to the most infinite of essences.

So, why is belief a handicap? Because it asks noo question, whatsoever. For as long as you do not question something, you’ll never know anything about what, how or why that something actually is.

For as long as you don’t question what the so-called “experts”, priests, “scientists” or anyone else say, then you’ll never actually know anything about them, nor about what they do, nor about the supposed “fields of study” in question, and especially not about how they might be deceiving you.

Aside from being limited and self-degrading in-and-of itself, it’s also a thing through which one leaves themselves wide open to exploitation, dupery and slavery.

That is why belief is always a handicap, and it’s always an ignorant approach that has nothing to do with the information in question, but is rather an ego-driven, socially engineered approach that has everything to do with mind-“control”.

Stop believing.

Start questioning. EVERYTHING!

  • Why creative, imaginative and philosophical pondering and speculation, independent research and unbiased studies are always good, no matter what.

There is an ancient allegory called “Pluto’s Cave”, which very well illustrates the message I’m trying to get across (although I’ll put my own spin on it).

‘Twas once a cave that lay almost completely in the dark. All except for a tiny crack, through which the light was shining, illuminating a section of the cavern’s wall. Sometimes, the light was calm and soothing. Other times, shadows kept darting about from one end of the wall to another. Most cavemen were perplexed by this. Others were fascinated.

Most of them developed religions and cults around the imagery, making altars and effigies in the likeness of the shadows; to which they’d given names, attributes and stations in the “pantheon” they worshipped, staying far from the wall, out of fear of the shadows’ supposed “wrath”.

Others derived a different cult, opting to instead look very, very closely at the details of the wall. They meticulously studied the cracks and grains of dust that gathered in them, seeing the interplay of light and dark and taking their notes.

“Cease this blasphemy at once!” The “prophet” of the shadows spoke. “This is the unknowable divinity, that we have tried to gaze upon, but burned our eyes! Cease your “research” and “questioning”! I am the prophet and high priest! Believe my words, heathen!” The “prophet” told them of the time they barely turned their glance towards the direction of the crack from which light seeped, whenceupon he immediately turned away, as it caused his feeble eyes pain.

“Fools! It’s all about the particles of dust and how they interplay to produce this phenomena of light and shadow. Cease your prattle about “divinity” and stop questioning our methods and claims. We’re the “experts” and “scientists” here!”

Throughout the ages, the two cults fought among themselves. At various points throughout the cave society’s history, the “temple of shadows” became the more widespread doctrine, while at other times the “church of dust motes” was the more popular paradigm. Both of them enthralled by their belief and miopic interpretation of the light and shadow canvas, ignorant of what’s actually going on and utterly refusing to question their beliefs or ponder any alternative.

At the same time, there were those who had started to become aware of the thought patterns of their fellow cave-men, and saw this as an opportunity to exploit their brethren for malicious ends. Over time, they infiltrated the cults and twisted even the initial distortion of the two religions, deceiving the cave-folk towards fighting amongst themselves, while slobbering over their own little sect, all of which were basically the same in concept, and all made to suit the deceiver’s agendas. Eventually, whatever speck or grain of accuracy that the original paradigms may have held, was now buried under mountains of deceit and obfuscation.

However, no matter the age and no matter how mild or severe the cults had gotten, there had always been a few individuals who were naturaly inclined to question everything. What is reality? What is beyond reality? Why am I here? What do I want?

Who am I? WHY am I and how?

Throughout their life, these genuine souls looked at all sides of everything, looking at the history of the cults and pondering whether or not any of their claims were true. They found inconsistencies. Evidence of foul-play and deceit. They also started realizing the thought patterns of the other cave-folk, and how easy it was to deceive them, for as long as the latter remained in ignorance.

Eventually, they discovered that others had also realized the fallacies of the cave-folk’s religions, and also that those others had become parasite, exploiting their brethren and fooling the the gullible masses towards propagating artificial strife and suffering.

Sometimes, they were offered to join the parasite’s “club”. Some did, either becoming a parasite themselves and remaining such for all their life, or eventually breaking free of it and speaking out against it.

Others did not fall to begin with, and along with those who had “redeemed” themselves, continued their genuine questioning and research, as well as philosophical ponderings and musings, while speaking out against the evil. Both the evil of the current parasites, and the evil of the original religions’ ignorance.

No matter what, these genuine ones  were always interested in doing what is right, no matter what.

Of these genuine souls and spirits, were those that chose to actually look at both the darkness and the light, themselves. Not just at the projected imagery on the wall, nor only at the bickering of the other cave-folk.

No, these ones were interested in the genuine knowledge and comprehension, questioning EVERYTHING, both within and beyond the cave. Thus, they looked upon the light head on. Some were unscathed to begin with, while others felt the burn, but pushed forward regardless, eventually overcoming the obstacle.

Leaving other cave-folk behind, these ones climbed up towards the crack, occasionally stumbling and falling, but persisting either way. Nothing would stop them from knowing.

Sooner or later, they reached the crack and climed outside the cave, seeing the land and sky for the first time, and basking in the profound beauty of it all. The songs of birds soaring across the skies, leaves rustling in the wind and water coursing through the forest.

At once, they fully opened their eyes. The first thing they saw? Their own reflection in the water. Thus, they reminded themselves that it was through their own imagination, curiosity and will, they overcame all obstacles and rose beyond the cave.

Still, this was just the start. With unyielding vigor and unrelenting curiosity, they pushed through, climbing through the heat and cold up to the top of the mountain, from where the tree-tops looked like distant blades of grass.

Standing atop the mountain, they raised a hand up to their chest and the other up towards the sky, feeling both their heart beating strong within their chest, and the energy of everything.

Then, even that illusion came undone, as they remembered who they are beyond all veils of all illusion.

In that infinity, I and we realized that I and we are all and everything.

I/we are nothing and nothingness, something and somethingness, everything and everythingness.

All of the stupidity, ignorance, evil and parasitic bullshit… that is us.

All of the mediocrity and stagnation… that is us.

Infinitely more so, though… I/we are everything that is freedom, spirit, intuition, intelligence, knowledge, comprehension, creativity, free will, curiosity, kindness, passion, love, reason, compassion… I and we are all of it and so much more.

At times, we come back to the cave, to sort of “get an update” of where the cave-dwellers and maybe help them know themselves, as well. Sometimes, we may get angry and frustrated with their ignorance and vanity, but we look at them not with hate, but love… and it is because of that love, for both ourselves and for each other, that we’ll persist in doing what is right, no matter what.

Because of love, we’ll never seek to impose upon another, and we’ll definitely not let anyone impose.

Because of love, we rise above all obstacles and help both ourselves and each other grow.

Because of love, we ponder and question everything.

Whether you feel sad or happy, angry or calm, resentful or compassionate… remind yourself that you are alive and there is always a reason for everything you experience.

The question is, will you choose to ignore that reason and go back to your daily addictions and “drama”? Or likewise to your puerile attempt to make everything seem rosey, when you should be facing the bullshit?

Or are you going to rise up, face, surpass and overcome all obstacles?

When we fall, we can choose to either stay down or get the fuck back up!

I know I always choose to rise up and move on, standing taller than I’ve ever stood before and flying higher than I’ve ever flown before.

And I also know that the more we question everything, the more we know and comprehend… and the more we know and comprehend, the deeper, clearer and more intricate our questions become, and so we question everything all the more… thus, we know and comprehend more, and thus the more we question, and thus the more we know and comprehend… on and on it goes, towards and beyond infinity.

The more we know, the more we know, how much more there is always to know.

Always question everything. Both spiritually, creatively, intuitively, intelligently and philosophically, seeing beyond the veil of illusion, while also doing our own independent, unbiased research.

Thus, I/we remember know and comprehend ourselves, as both individual and infinite and unlimited consciousness

  • Through genuine questioning, knowledge and comprehension, we grow, learn and evolve.

This is pretty much stating the obvious again, what with the more genuine knowledge we accrue and the more we genuinely comprehend that knowledge, the more apt we become in terms of overcoming obstacles and improving ourselves.

If it’s self-knowledge, philosophy, spirituality, creativity and so on, we are more aware of synchronicities in our lives and also improve our own morality, strength of character and self-awareness. Thus, our motivation for doing what is right also grows, because we’re no longer blinded by “in-story” distractions, and we do things for philosophical reasons, rather than “worldly” ones. That also means that we’re never going to “sell out”, nor compromise our principles.

It also means we consciously assume our individual responsibility and realize that it is always up to us to actually do the things that we say we want to do, become the change we say we want to see in the world, and so on.

People who want someone else to solve their problems, some “expert” or “priest” to tell them what to think and what to believe, some “entity” to dictate their lives or hand them answers on a silver platter, are always cowardly and ignorant; fear and ignorance are always two of the very few reasons why evil exists in manifestation.

Do away with fear and ignorance, and bam! No more evil. It’s literally that easy.

Besides, think about it. Every single philosopher, inventor and generally creator of anything that actually contributed to the betterment of themselves and humanity, was someone who said “fuck you” to the “experts” and dogmas of their time!

“Ooh, humans can’t control fire. The “experts” say so!” (The equivalent of “chiefs” in cave-man tribes).

“Fuck you, yes we can!” Poof! We invented campfire, by looking at how fire works and creatively developing ways to use it.

“Uh, humans can’t fly the skies. That’s crazy! So say the “experts”!”

“Fuck you, yes we can!” Poof! We invented the airplane, by actually looking at aerodynamics, and other things, and then came up with something that can fly.

“Oh, there is no such thing as magick. So say the “experts”!”

“Fuck you, yeah there is!” Poof! We discover and invent more advanced ways of using our energies and bringing about synchronicities in out life.

And, for more recent stuff and bullshit “trendy” stuff, nowadays.

“Nah, man, the “pandemic” is suuuper-real. The “experts” say so! I saw it on the news! I read it on forbes!”

“Fuck you, go and do your own, unbiased research on the matter, punk!” Poof! We see that it (the scamdemic) is yet another way to fool the masses into blindly putting up with even more overtly attempted tyranny, genocide and degradation of health and the human genome, in general.

Anyway, aside from that, think about the idea that, even in terms of what mainstream “science” says, of the entirety that they’ve managed to perceive (so far) of the “universe”, only about 0.003-0.005% encompasses the electromagnetic spectrum. Of the latter, only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction is what people refer to as visible light.

If you base your assumptions about “reality”, or anything else, solely on your 5 senses, then you’re basically blind to virtually everything! Even worse, if you develop a religion or bias around that blindness and delude yourself with the impression that “you know it all”; or even worse still, that someone else “figured it out” and that you should just take their word for it. If you “think” like that, you are literally a mind-slave, either to the ego of another or to your own.

If you want to free yourself, then one of the first things to do is know thyself. On every level and beyond the very concept of levels. Question everything, always, including everything you think you know.

Freedom of spirit, freedom of heart, freedom of mind. Freedom of everything.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted and all elevation and growth are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

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