Did your friends and family take the jab? Well, fuck ’em, then.

While the affirmation in this article’s picture is not wrong (although “necessity” doesn’t exist, aside from as an illusion, but that’s another conversation), it is also worth mentioning that loving someone doesn’t mean putting up with their bullshit. It means, among other things, both appreciating and berating them when they deserve it.

Aside from that, it is furthermore worth mentioning that love of self is through what love of another is born. Thus, loving and respecting one’s self also means knowing when “separation” (in quotes, because there is no such thing as “separation”, essentially, but you get the point) from someone you may or may not still hold dear, is a good thing to do for both of you, in what regards and to what extent, etcetera.

Always persist, rebel and defy, and reject all evil and compromise.

Everything that is good is a form of defiance.

Why? Because defiance means choosing good over evil, right over wrong, truth over lies, courage over cowardice, and fearlessness over fear, and generally everything that is elevating over everything that is fucked up and retarded.

I and we are to always be ourselves, both in-form and veyond form, always and veyond ways, and no matter fuckin what.

Always and veyond ways, I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love… among other things…



Anyway, so in that idea and others, such as how to discern and choose what is right and so on, I want to share a story that is both comically amusing, as well as tragically so, yet at the same time liberating through evolution in consciousness and knowing more of the truth.

So, I wanted to buy a graphics tablet for my PC off some grey market, second-hand stuff kind of site. I called the guy, asked him a bunch of stuff, and it seemed at first glance that he was an okay guy, but something felt wrong.

Then, he mentioned stuff about how he ended up with allegedly thousands of such tablets in his hands from amazon, which were unpacked and then sent back (presumably because they weren’t cintiqs), blah, blah, blah, the idea is that they were about half the price you find them in stores (Huion Kamvas Pro 13 was the tablet, for those interested in cintiq alternatives that are actually good).

Anyway, so he mentioned something about the so-called “pandemic” that doesn’t exist, and I told him it doesn’t, before then asking him “If you come to deliver the thing yourself, you ain’t gonna be wearin’ the face diaper, right?”

He seemed confused by the term “face-diaper” (or, the direct translation for the term I used in my own native tongue, was “you’re not gonna be wearin’ bullshit on your face, right?”). Anyway, his apparent confusion was a something of a red flag, but then he didn’t seem to be bothered when I said something like “Ya know, the bullshit mask that stupid and cowardly pieces of shit wear, because their ignorance and fear of the so-called “pandemic” that doesn’t exist.”, and on top of that, he also said “Yeah, of course course I’m not gonna wear it.”

At first, I was immediately relieved to have ostensibly met someone who at the very least may not be a complete moron, but then his immediate next reply was pretty much “Because I’m already vaccinated, so I’m super-duper safe.”

My response was: “Oh… ooooh… well, you did a downright retarded thing. Well, I no longer want the tablet from you.” And before I got to starting to explain why what he did was retarded, and to remind him to love and respect himself, as well as grow in consciousness and so on, he just blurted something on the phone and then immediately hung up.

So, I thought this was both comedically and tragically amusing, so I thought I’d share this story with my mom. I called her, and then I told her this story, and intuitively felt like clarifying something with her.

“Look, I want to clarify something with you, as an idea. You didn’t poison yourself with the bullshit, right?” I asked.

“Well…” She hesitated a bit, which was a massive red flag. “I didn’t poison myself, per se…”

She still has the retarded belief in vaccines, even though she has all the reasons and personal experience to recognize that they’re shit, and at times she even does recognize that they’re full of poison and that mainstream so-called “medicine” is bullshit… but her sentimental (sentiments are not emotions, but that’s another conversation) addiction to the indoctrination she went through as a “mainstream” doctor, and an “epidemiologist” at that, in addition to her even admitted unwillingness to consider that there are “people” so vile and evil in this world that would commit the atrocities that they do… even though she does claim to know about child abuse and trafficking rings run by those behind the slavery system, and does claim to know that all sorts of evil agendas are at play, and even had personal experiences with evil people where she worked at, and even by her own admission, she left her job because she didn’t want to be part of the bullshit anymore… yet, she still doesn’t manage to put two and two together… because she’s a fuckin’ retard, on that level of her character or person, and because she also doesn’t want to admit that, through her beliefs and the things she supports, she’s still contributing to the slavery that’s going on.

Anyway, so after that red flag, I rephrased it more directly, even thought she knew what I meant. “I mean, you didn’t take the so-called “vaccine”, right?!

Her answer was:  “Well, um… I did take a lot of vaccines and I’m basically hyper vaccinated anyway… and I did take flu shots every now and again, so… and… and besides, you’ve taken a lot of vaccines when you were a kid, so…”

Seeing her bullshit response and obvious attempt at misdirection, I asked her even more directly (well, I’m always direct and honest anyway, but I mean rephrasing my question to give her no avenue for misinterpretation, deliberate or otherwise).

“I mean, you didn’t take the so-called “anti-covid” one, or any manner of concoction with that bullshit label, RIGHT?!?!”

After several moments of pause, she finally answered: “… yes. I did, actually.”

“You’re kiddin’. You’re trying to tease me, because you know I’m against the bullshit. You’re kiddin’, right?” I started mildly trepidating, but with increasing intensity.

“No… I’m not kidding. I took it.”

All of you?!”

“Yes… all of us…”

“Why the fuck did you?! You did an extremely stupid and retarded thing, and you did nothing other than demonstrate, yet again, how much of a dumb, pathetic, scared shitless little cowardly bitch you are, as did all of you!”

And I railed on her, deservedly so, even though I still said the things I would always say to her in these kinds of attempts at “conversation” with her, in many and various ways (no matter how angry or enraged I get, and no matter what mood I’m in, my judgement is never swayed by moods, no matter what the surface, behavioural aspects may be).

I cut her off each time she tried to say the exact same bullshit excuses for her stupidity and cowardice, explaining to her that she has information on hand to actually recognize the bullshit, and eventually she did recognize that the reason she took it was because, in her own words: “Well, I didn’t want to die in a hospital because of the shitty conditions there.”

So, she did make that stupid decision, out of fear. Besides, even though nobody ever “gets” disease through the bullshit germ theory “pathogen” way, if she didn’t want to die in a hospital from an alleged illness with a 99.99% survival rate (I would say 100% survival rate, because a the alleged “viral disease” called “covid-19” doesn’t actually exist, with it being just a 5G related thing and pretty much a lot of general diseases due to shit lifestyle choices, bad nutrition and generally shitty attitudes towards one’s self, life and whatever else, many of which have just been rebranded as “ooh, covid-19, ooh”, to create a boogeyman to dupe the gullible, indoctrinated, retarded and brainwashed corpses that pose as “people” – in other words, the masses – to further degrade themselves and blindly fall for the bullshit “reset” and globalization agenda. Fuck that shit.)

Anyway, if she didn’t want to die in a hospital… just don’t go to the fuckin’ hospital! Big fuckin’ deal!

“Oh, but I have comorbidities…” she started saying, then going on to spout that bullshit story about how, even if “viruses” aren’t a primary cause of disease by any means, if you “catch” one and your health is already shit, “it may be the tipping point and you might die from it.”

Well, you’ve given yourself the fuckin’ answer already, you dumb bitch!

If the issue is that you’re already in a shitty state of health, the problem is your shitty state of health!!!

Among other things, I give this particular analogy for people who opt to take the GMO poisonous soup that’s called a “vaccine”, whether it’s this one or any other.

Imagine someone is anemic and atrophied, and they have trouble even walking right. Then, they’re afraid that if they walk out on the streets, they might trip and fall, and maybe die from that (that’s not the case with “viruses”, or rather exosomes, which your own body PRODUCES by the way, AS a response to poison, but anyway…).

So, what’s the retard’s so-called “solution” to that? Blame that pesky street and the cracks in it, oh and especially the other people walking about in that dirty, dirty place… taking all those street cooties with them wherever they go… they blame anyone and anything else aside from themselves, for their own ineptitude at walking.

Then, as part of their so-called “grand plan” or “grand solution to evurithang, aaah”, they try to cut off their arms and legs, so that “they’ll never worry about tripping on a sidewalk ever again. BRUHLLIANT!” Even worse, they either try to coerce or deceive others into doing the same shit as they do, or condone such bullshit, evil agendas.

Bullshit! Fuck you and your bullshit! The problem isn’t “da street” or “walking, running, parkouring, swimming, flying”, etcetera. Those things may have their own good and bad attributes, but with regards to your ineptitudes and problems, they’re your ineptitude and your problems, that you are responsible for both creating and solving. In cutting off your arms and legs, yeah, you’re not going to trip anymore, but that’s because you won’t even manifest the ABILITY to walk around in the first place, to even CONSIDER tripping.

And what’s the problem with tripping? You trip, you get up, you learn how to walk better and be more nimble and agile, and that’s it. If you want to overcome tripping on the sidewalk, learn to fuckin’ walk right, and generally become apt at traversing and overcoming the thing.

Likewise with health. You poison yourself or your body in whatever way, you and your body then develop an acute detox response (erroneously labeled as an “illness” or “disease”, basically in an evil attempt to demonise the body’s natural response to intoxication), and then once the toxin is expelled or eliminated, whoop-dee-doo, you’re hip and fresh and healthy again.

Likewise with mental and emotional pains. Go through the suffering, endure it, but don’t be blinded by the darkness. Acknowledge it, make it conscious, and transform it into something good, and likewise remember and know what I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

And likewise, good always wins and evil always loses, and besides that, there is always more good than evil in everything. Here’s why: https://philoliasfidareos.com/why-good-always-wins-and-evil-always-loses/

Anyway, to continue the story, imagine the feeling of betrayal I feel towards my family… while they’ve never really done me any wrong, at least not deliberately or knowingly, and even though they’re still “helping” me out every now and again, with effort on their part by the way, and on top of that unconditionally (as in, without actually expecting or wanting anything in return – well, that applies to my mom and perhaps my brother, and not so much the other members of my family, but anyway)… the idea that they’re still mutilating themselves and are still practically supporting the slavery system, through their cowardice and ignorance…

I mean, my mom doesn’t speak english. I translated interviews, presentations, and an entire book for her (Tom Cowan and Sally Morell’s “Why “Viruses” (Including “Coronavirus”) Are Not The Cause Of Disease”), and that’s on top of many years’ worth of conversations about spirituality, philosophy and fuck loads of patience and rage on my part (conscious and righteous rage born of empathy)… and at the first sign of any actual hardship or effort, with regards to her journey of growing in consciousness, she immediately falters… even more specifically now, since she already took the jab, and entirely out of ignorance and fear.

“B-b-but, there are no side-effects at all!”

Says she, even after admitting that she knows it’s full of poison. Also, they’re all poisoned with the vaccine and other stuff, including pharma “medicine”, and they all have some manner of chronic illness, their so-called “discernment” pretty much always changes with their mood (hence, they have no actual discernment), they have a very short attention span for most things, they forget things quite often, including things they actually perceive or believe are “important” to them; they very often don’t grasp the easiest of things to grasp, be it in general or when I watch movies or presentations with them, and sometimes ask the most basic things that even a 5 year old would manage to discern without issue, even when they have knowledge and experience to actually discern it.

It’s almost literally like watching someone after a lobotomy, whose body has become too sabotaged and mutilated to even recognize the suffering and pain they’re going through. Which  handicap would be an obstacle that anyone can overcome, if they consciously chose to have a different experience and be immune to it, but my family isn’t exactly at a level where they’d actually manage to consciously make such decisions.

Anyway, all challenges can be overcome. They are all learning experiences, that I and we created for ourselves, so as to learn and remember, know and comprehend how to become more and more and more creative, wise, intuitive, intelligent, defiant and proud, empathic and kind, firm and righteous and so on.

Anyway, with regards to my family, it’s no stretch to say, that they are not the type of people with whom I’ve ever had a conversation that I’d actually consider an actual conversation (one that is both mutual, and where both participants have something to learn from one another, directly). Really, the main thing that I’ve learned from “society” and from most “people”, including my own family, is that by watching them and what they do, I’ve learned how NOT to be.

Seriously, they do almost everything the same way with little to no improvement or growth, even though they claim to know and want better, they take vaccines and pills and eat more or less like shit (not the most like shit, but still shit), they have all sorts of health issues and get sick very often, and they claim they know that it’s because of the shitty ways they’re currently doing things… but they still do it in the same way.

I, on the other hand, do virtually everything that I do in what’s essentially the opposite of any “mainstream” repertoire of bullshit, so-called “advice” or “recommendation”, in all regards, and whoop-dee-doo, guess what?

I’m the most spiritual, philosophical, creative, intuitive, intelligent, defiant and healthy person (or human) I personally know, in this life. Of course, there is always room for improvement, growth, evolution, expansion, elevation and so on, and of course I have my own shit to plough through… but the thing is, I actually plough through it and grow! And I always question myself, and when I’m doing some bullshit, I immediately catch myself (or, sometimes, eventually, but generally immediately) and proverbially slap myself across the face, rightly berate and criticize myself, and of course remind myself of the good within me, and that both in-form and veyond form, always and veyond ways, I am freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love and so on, among other things…

And I do virtually the opposite of almost everything that’s ever been “recommended” or “advised” to do.

And the thing it, they admire that about me and even admit it to me.

And I constantly tell them “Stop admiring me, or anyone or anything else, you stupid shits! You and anyone else can do this, as well! Choose to grow, and you’ll grow! Whoop-dee-doo! That’s fuckin’ that! Among other things…”

Then, they come up with bullshit excuses, and they continue doing the things they even know are degrading for them, purely or mostly out of habit, fear and indoctrination.

Fuck that shit!

I do what I feel and I am always myself, courageously and fearlessly, no matter fuckin’ what.

 Anyway, with regards to the event of this story, imagine how betrayed and disappointed I am in her and my younger brother. When she told me she poisoned herself with the bullshit concoction, I… didn’t even feel rage or anger… it was that sad contempt and cold fury along, with heaps of both joyous and enraged, as well as sad laughter and crying, at the same time, as well as a dissolution of pretty much all attachment I may have had for my mom and younger brother (the only two people in the world I personally felt like I actually loved, on that personal level).

I still love them, both spiritually and even personally, and I’d still help them in a so-called “dire” situation, but as for any attachment or affection towards them, or any kind of “emotional investment” in them… no. I thought they were worth that, but it seems they aren’t.

Ya know, for the past year or so, I was in utter rage-mode almost all the time, not having a single moment of emotional respite or rest since this whole scamdemic thing started, and all the pain and suffering of humanity came rushing to the surface, where, empathic and such as I am and always will be, because I imagine, will, intend, choose and desire to always grow in consciousness, among other things… anyway, I started even more overtly feeling everyone’s pain and suffering around me.

I was screaming in rage, fury and sadness almost literally EVERY DAY, sometimes for several hours on end, because otherwise I would’ve killed someone (deservedly so, because most of the masses are already walking corpses anyway). I still have the tendency and sometimes the urge to do so, and NO, I don’t give a shit about “being caught” or whatever. The main, if not the only reason why I don’t kill anyone, is because I (a) have better things to do and (b) I recognize it as immoral and evil. The only situation where killing someone is moral, is in self-defence, with proportionate provocation (as in, they try to kill you, or violently coerce you into getting the jab, or trying to kidnap you, or put you in a cage or whatever; you get the point).

And, in that sense, if my family ever tries “demanding” stuff in return for their occasional stuff, and especially if they start with so-called “threats” or other coercive maneuvers, so to speak, I’m gonna fully reject them (as I already have, with almost all my other relatives and people I thought were “friends”). As of now, at least, they’re only harming themselves and they’re offering their so-called “help”, even if I’d completely reject them… which is part of the reason why I still, on a personal level, still have some difficulty fully detaching from them. Not because of the “help” itself, ‘cause I don’t give a shit about that (regardless of how useful it might be, from a personal convenience perspective; fuck “convenience”; we are to do what is right and conscious and defiant, no matter fuckin’ what), but rather because they still show signs of actually caring about me, even if I’d fully reject them… although, if they don’t really love themselves, they don’t really know how to love another, so it may very well be just them being attached or addicted to me, or whatever.

I do want to detach myself from them, but at the same time, it feels wrong to have them still send food or, urgh… “money”, or help out with whatever else, and me just being all “fuck you”.

At the same time, perhaps full-on rejection of them (for as long as they’re still fuckin’ retards) might be good for both of us, but it does seem like they still express some smidget of an inkling of a desire to grow, even though it’s barely at even a snail’s pace, if even that… at that point in their lives.

I really don’t personally know what the right thing to do is, in this case, since I’m not making any compromise at all (if there is ever a hint of a demand, coercion or even insisted suggestion towards getting the jab, I’ll utterly reject them without issue and without hesitation), I’m not coercing or manipulating them into “helping” me in any way (nor would I; again, I reject all compromise), and they’re voluntarily offering their… well, “support” isn’t the right word, but more rather, some of their “resourses”.

So, in that sense, it’s kinda like someone you see is a retard, or generally a neighbor you want little or nothing to do with, and whose “help” you have constantly rejected, especially if there was any premise of there being any proverbial “strings” attached, but who still delivers useful stuff in your mailbox, without asking for anything in return.

Since you’re not making any compromise, nor doing anything that is without integrity, and since the stuff they send comes without any “strings” attached, and seeing as how they’d otherwise use those resources for shitty purposes… well, in this kind of case, why not make use of those resources?  Why let them go to waste? Use them for something good, but remember to not rely on them, and remember to not be deceived just by the immediate impression of kindness (or otherwise) that someome may appear to express towards you, but which they might do because they’re obsessed about you, or whatever other stupid reason.

Don’t be blinded by anything.

Anyway, so to see if there was some manner of attachment to convenience regarding our relationship, I sincerely and honestly asked myself whether or not I’d want to see or interact with them again, even if I had an abundance of “resources”.

My immediate response, without any hesitation, was a sort of “Yeaah… I still would.”, in that kind of way where someone is mutilating themselves, but you’d still very much want to remind them to stop doing so, and actually start loving themselves.

Kind of like someone is in a prison cell, with the key right in their pocket (the key to our own liberation and evolution is always within our own hands). Time and time again, you’ve reminded them of it, but every time they either spat in your face or threw away the key.

Fully abandoning them might be a mistake, although it wouldn’t really be immoral. However, constantly wailing and screaming at them and trying to personally convince them, when they don’t even want to hear what you’re saying, is a waste of “time” and energy.

So, compared to both abandoning them or being obsessed with “convincing” them of anything, a better thing to do, among many others, with regards to doing what you came here to do and actually enjoying life and so on, and always growing in freely and consciously expressing Myself and Ourselves as freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love and so on, and generally all that is good and elevating, while also reminding them of how to do so, as well…

Do what thou will, without giving a shit about what anyone else does (in the sense of always being caring, loving, knowing and comprehending, but simultaneously detached).

If you come by someone’s prison cell again, and they’ve thrown away the key yet again, then casually push it back towards them with your foot or pick it up and throw it back, whatever, and then put up a “freedom, liberty, defiance” painting, poster or reminder at their front door, and then be on your way. Maybe try to talk to them again, but if you see that the desire for conversation isn’t mutual, or if the person may want to talk but is still far too blinded and retarded to actually do so, then again, leave them and be on your way.

In other words, express yourself freely, proudly and defiantly, courageously and fearlessly. Keep making art, writing books, making music, making blogs, videos, podcasts, presentations and whatever you feel like, but don’t waste time trying to personally “convince” those who are still proverbially dead and indoctrinated, through means of constant personal interaction.

You can show someone the river of knowledge, but if someone refuses to drink or even open their eyes to see the river, then that’s their bullshit to plough through, not yours.

Go and continue swimming deeper and deeper, as well as fly higher and higher, instead of staying on the shore with them. When they’ll want to swim and fly, they’ll do so.

Your growth in consciousness is your responsibility. Everyone else’s is also their own.

If someone doesn’t want to help themselves, nobody’s gonna manage to help them.

Likewise, when we do truly imagine, will, intend, choose and desire to grow, evolve and elevate ourselves, then nobody is going to manage to stop us. Some may try, but they’ll never manage.

Because I and we always and already, among other things, create our own reality and thus are always responsible for everything we experience, as both individual and infinite consciousness.

You choose bullshit, you’re gonna experience bullshit.

You choose “meh” stuff, you’re gonna experience “meh” stuff and mediocrity (which is still in the category of bullshit).

However, when I and we always and already know what I and we always and already CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and we always and already CAN and ARE and WILL.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Thus, I never gave, nor give a shit, and am never gonna give a shit about any so-called “worldly” things. I do as I feel, no matter what. I don’t care how I emerge from any experience, so long as I grow in consciousness, discernment, defiance, creativity, intuition, intelligence and so on.

In other words, I don’t give the slightest shit about what death, pain or torture I’d endure, nor about what pleasure, joy and happiness I’d experience.

I do what I spiritually and genuinely feel with all my being and veingness, and I do what is conscious, right and honest, no matter fuckin’ what.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I am freedom, liberty, defiance.

Always and veyond ways, I am soul and spirit, care and love.

That is it, and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more…



Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

And, do ya know part of how I express my choice to grow in consciousness, at this point in my life?

Well, I’m more or less over the compulsive and fear-based rage issues, as well as the fake calm that I was trying to induce as a means of trying to emulate some respite from all the stress.

I’m done with the fake-rage and with the fake-calm. I feel the genuine rage, when I feel like it, and when I feel like screaming, I scream. Likewise, when I feel genuinely calm, I feel that. I have little, if any attachment left to any desire to be in any particular mood.

And, funnily enough, when that attachment to respite dissolves, one feels genuine respite.

Attachment breeds false suffering.

Have ambitions and drive, of course, and be genuinely and honestly involved in doing things, no matter what, but at the same time, do not be attached to the outcome.

I was attached to the outcome of humanity overcoming the slavery and elevating itself. Now, and for quite a while up ‘till now, I’d become less and less attached to that. Humanity can go fuck itself, as can all who stupidly and self-hatingly opt to let themselves enslaved or subjugated. Those who opt to be trampled, deserve to be trampled.

Of course, I’d very much rather have our species grow and evolve, and I’ll always be trepidating, screaming, crying and generally gushing with joy whenever I see someone genuinely grow and evolve and be defiant and so on, and I ALWAYS AM and ALWAYS WILL BE DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, EXPRESSING MYSELF FREELY AND DEFIANTLY, AND GROWING IN CONSCIOUSNESS, CREATIVITY, DEFIANCE, INTUITION, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, SPIRITUALITY, PHILOSOPHY AND GENERALLY EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD AND ELEVATING… in-form and veyond form… always and veyond ways… among other things…

Always and veyond ways…

I am freedom, liberty, defiance.

I am soul and spirit, care and love.



And, in recognizing this and also integrating it more into the various character related aspects of myself, I now actually practice more of the stuff I talk about; in this case, expressing genuine interest, joy and excitement in doing things, and being involved, while at the same time recognizing the “world” and so-called “reality” as the illusions that they are, and not being attached to any of it. Involved, yes, but not attached.

Do the roleplay, write and read the books, draw and paint beautiful art, make music and enjoy life and whatever else… but realize that “life” and “death” are illusions; illusions that have a purpose for existing, as does our being her, because otherwise we wouldn’t have created this experience for ourselves, but either way, all that is “form” is an illusion. Experience it, but don’t be blinded by it, nor by anything.

And, speaking of acknowledging both the light and the darkness within us, among other things, there is also a dark aspect to this realization, as well as my motivation for overcoming my compulsive rage issues.

I mean, the rage itself should be felt and I always feel the rage, as I do the joy and everything else simultaneously, but I mean that, while the reasons for feeling the righteous rage are good and the rage should be felt, I did have massively crippling, compulsive and fear-based reactions, regarding my then-ineptitude in handling and channeling my own energies better – and, to be fair, when I was in compulsion-mode I was actually a dumb little cuck bitch and a coward, on that specific level of my character, where I let myself goaded by my own ego; however, I’m over that now, and am all the more courageous for recognizing that weakness about myself, and now actually outgrowing it and growing in consciousness, etcetera, etcetera.

Likewise, when I head mom admit to me that she took the fuckin’ jab, I was also elated and genuinely joyous, to have learned the truth, no matter how painful it was. The more promiment feeling I have towards this and generally all experience is that, I’m actually happy and genuinely joyous to have grown in knowledge, awareness, comprehension and discernment, no matter what so-called “death”, pain or torture I’d endure, and no matter what pleasure, joy and happiness I’d experience.

Anyway, so in addition to the light and “fluffy” (affectionate name, in this case for something that is actually good, regardless of how “fluffy” or otherwise it may appear; the idea is that it’s true and genuinely good, no matter the appearance),the dark aspect of my motivation for overcoming some of my issues and traumas, is that I now personally treat retarded, stupid, cowardly and self-hating “people”, or in other words “the dead”, like the walking corpses and insects they actually express themselves as, on that level of their character.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have less disgust towards literal insects than I do the masses of idiots in the world; and with regards to how I treat literal insects, I don’t actually want to step on them or kill them in anyway, unless they actually try to attack (like, say, a mosquito buzzing around my head, for example). Likewise, if I see a bug that’s come from outside the house and is now stuck near a lamp or something, I affectionately extend my palm and have it crawl on it and then take it outside, where it’s gonna have somewhere to feed and such (or, ya know, send it out in some way, shape or form that doesn’t actually involve harming it without reason).

At the same time, even though I don’t make it a point to step on insects when I see them, if I’m gonna step on one and notice after the fact, I’m not really gonna give much of a shit about stepping on it.

Both for egoic reasons, and infinitely more than that, because life and “death” are illusions, and I and we are infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love and so on.

And, so, I’m always myself no matter what, I always do as I feel and what is right and so on; and my current discernment is that this endeavor also entails treating “the dead” as insects, until such a time that I see them actually resurrect themselves and become genuinely alive (spiritually, philosophically and in every ways that are actually important, regardless of what the “body” goes through or experiences).

To clarify, I know they’re not “insects” or “lesser” in any way. I know anyone can evolve, with a choice to actually do so. Nobody is “lesser” or “higher” than anyone else, and nobody has any more or less rights than anyone else, no matter how “advanced” anyone might be within the “story world” compared to others.

That said, in terms of what they’re currently expressing, on the levels of their characters that they do, they are literally mindless husks that only resemble a living being, in appearance.

That is not something worth being emotionally invested in.

And, no, this is not “apathy”. Apathy means no longer caring, which is self-loathing and retarded.

I care all the more, and I do express all the more empathy, but do not confuse genuine empathy with “sympathy”.

Empathy is feeling things truly and being able to feel and know things intuitively, as well as feel what others are feeling. Empathy, therefore, is something that is expansive and elevating for awareness, knowledge and comprehension. Empathy is always good.

Sympathy, on the other hand, is just a form of social bonding and social or familial association. That can be good or bad in different circumstances, but since it changes based on context, it’s not a principle.

Empathy is always good, regardless of context, and so therefore it’s a principle.

True empaths recognize the difference between empathy and sympathy, and thus use sympathy and emotional investment for things that are actually important, but for things that are not, we don’t give a shit (never in the sense of ignoring stuff, but rather in the sense that we’re unfazed by it).

Thus, aside from being myself no matter what and so on, that also includes intervening situations worth intervening in, but if I see someone being harassed and exploited and they idiotically let it happen, I’m frankly not gonna bother with them.

Those who let themselves trampled, deserve to be trampled.

Those who rebel, deserve to experience genuine liberty, because we reject all bullshit, evil and lies, and instead choose freedom, truth and everything that is good and elevating, etcetera.

And, guess what? Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

What we imagine, will, intend, choose and desire is always what we create and experience.

Thus, if or when I’ll see someone being harassed in some way, and they rebel against it (or/and there are kids involved), than I consider that to be a situation worth intervening in, and thus I’ll intervene, no matter what. I’ve done that before, and I’ll do it again, whenever I’ll realize and recognize that it’s a good thing to do, no matter what.

I and we are to always be ourselves, grow in consciousness and do what is right, no matter fuckin’ what.

For as long as you fear something, and especially if you let yourself influenced by your fears, you’re susceptible to slavery, deceit and evil.

When we are brave, courageous and fearless, evil has no sway. Because it never does anyway, seeing as how it’s the retarded aspect of consciousness, while good is the infinite and unlimited aspect of I and we, as infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty defiance, soul and spirit, care and love… among other things…

Always proud, strong and defiant, honest, playful, teasing and mysterious, conscious, confident and fearless.

Honesty is being true and to ourselves. Honesty is the start of growth in consciousness. Truth and honesty are antagonistic only to lies and deceit. If truth and honesty “offend” you (or, rather, you feel “offended”), then you’re lying to yourself in some way, shape or form.

The only suffering that is ever associated with a context where honesty and truth are expressed, is brought about only because of the addiction to lies and evil.

The only relationships that are broken by honesty, are those that are built on lies.

Likewise, the relationships that are made through honesty, are those built on truth, love, respect, knowledge and comprehension, etcetera. But, relationships don’t matter.

What’s important is, among other things, always being ourselves freely and honestly, and doing what is right, no matter fuckin’ what.

Truth and honesty are never a problem, and are always a solution to all problems, and a prime aspect of Myself and Ourselves, through which I and we grow, evolve and elevate… or, in other words, express more and more of the good and loving aspects of who and what I and we, always and already are, as both individual, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love… among other things…

Bravery is the utter refusal to have fear influence us.

Courage is the process of overcoming fear.

Fearlessness is having risen above fear.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Who am I?

In form and veyond form…

Always and veyond ways…



That is it, and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…



Also, if you have relatives or “friends” whom you might want to remind to open their eyes and such, here’s some stuff and links that I send out whenever I feel like it:

The scamdemic is one of the biggest frauds in recent history: https://davidicke.com/?s=stefan%20lanka

“Viruses” have never been demonstrated to cause disease, but are actually helpful to the body: http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=EE71990BE6CADA5C954C5ED755CFD443


Vaccines are poisons, made as an attempt at mass murder and genocide: https://odysee.com/@BillySastard:8/YOU’LL-NEVER-GUESS-WHAT’S-IN-THE-TESTS:4

The hysteria, the face diapers (if you wear one, you are either or both a gullible moron who’s fallen for the propaganda, and a coward) and all the bullshit “measures” are an attempt at mind-“control”, occult mockery and social engineering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N83yjJFm80

Never fear, and never be feared.

Always proud, strong and defiant. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Always question, remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.






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