If you want to consciously express freedom, stop believing in so-called “authority” (also, why “government/slavery” is never a solution to anything).

“Government” is slavery. It’s all it is. Strip away all the fancy, ego-pandering bullshit and propaganda, and you’ll see that – in and of itself, in both concept and practice – that’s the only thing that it’s ever been, is and is ever going to be. Even the term itself spells it out for you, coming from “guvernare” or “gubernare” (“to control, to bind”) and “mente” or “mentes” (“the mind”). Etimologically, “government” literally means “mind-control”.

In that sense, I still see a majority of people groveling at the feet of “government”, begging for so-called “solutions” to the problems that “government” actually helped produce in the first place. I say “helped”, because “government” does nothing without the people actually carrying out its decrees.

It’s called “problem-reaction-solution”. You either:

  1. see a problem occuring and deliberately misconstrue and misinterpret the reasons behind it
  2. produce or help produce a problem
  3. claim there is a problem, when actually there is none

Then, you try to sentimentally or/and mentally manipulate people into going into a state of panic or/and blind outrage, before offering the “solution” that aids towards furthering your agenda, and which is the main reason for the whole charade. It was the same with 9/11, it’s the same with the coronavirus stuff (which, from the looks of it, seems likely to be a specifically crafted biological weapon and not something that originated from the food market, as it is “officially” claimed – see this video for further details on that, and how they’re disgustingly trying to censor views that are different, or even people just asking questions that don’t suit the narrative).

That’s what the “totalitarian tip-toe”, as David Icke calls it, is all about. You want to manipulate and exploit society towards an overt tyranny (right now we’re in a somewhat covert, somewhat overt tyranny, which is not exactly the fully fledged, parasitic empire they desperately want, where what they do behind closed doors is being done and endorsed publicly), but you see that people are likely to smell the bullshit and refuse it.

So, what you do is you go there in baby steps, trying to sentimentally exploit and manipulate people to get them in a state of panic, distraction and ignorance, so as to get them to blindly accept societal changes that gradually slither towards the fully fledged, global slavery system that they want. Changes the people would have otherwise never accepted.

That’s why most, if not every protest that claims to want to change things for (or towards) what they claim is “the better”, if their approach is one where they try to either “pass new laws” or stop “laws” from being put in place… it’s just like – I mean, not just like, but it literally is – being on a slave plantation, with the slaves begging their slavers to ease up on the lashing.

Nothing’s gonna change like that; not for the better, anyway. In some cases, some more time might be “bought”, so to speak, but it’s not gonna do anything long term. Why? Because the “government” and those behind it have no difficulty handling those that still believe that the power lies with the slavers.

Do you think those at the so-called “top” of the pyramid are the ones that keep the structure together? Of course they’re not. It’s those at the base, who are holding it up. What would a slaver do, if all the slaves decided “nope, we ain’t doin’ this shit anymore”? They might growl and scream petty threats, but if those doing the actual planning and the actual work refuse to keep doing it, and do that what is right and conscious, then the whole system collapses.

What do you think the “government” would do, if suddenly just a few thousand people in an area refuse to “comply” with whatever “law” they’ve put in place. Let’s say you’re living in an area that’s polluted and the “law” is that you need to go through this whole contrived process, wait for several months, to get “approval” to buy and drive an electric or hydrogen fueled car.

In the area in question, the people who want to buy electric cars do so and then drive them around, without bothering to go through the bullshit process, and they drive without a “licence” and without a “electric vehicle permit”. Some cops come around, and they want to arrest the person or people with electric cars. Seeing this, everyone in the vicinity comes around and blocks the cops’ way, record the whole thing and do not falter if/when threatened with guns. Maybe some pull out their own guns and tell the cops to leave.

Anyway, the cops (or military, if it gets to that; with everyone working in those two “jobs” basically being the modern day equivalent of house slaves, by the way) won’t manage to do anything without incident, and without it being known on a mass scale, especially if they’re filmed and the footage is uploaded to the internet. The system collapses. No one rules, if no one obeys.

So, stop consenting to your own enslavement and stand up for yourself, on every level. Individually and as a society; on personal, incarnate and soulful levels, and everything else.

As for practically abolishing “government, this has already been done in several areas, one of the more popular of which is Cheran, Mexico, where the “government” and the “police/military” have been pushed out by armed locals (without bloodshed), who’ve since created a thriving, anarchic community for themselves. Now, they’ve virtually no violence going on, they’ve no “representatives” per se, they have no “police” and they’re basically far more prosperous without the cartel called “government”.

Now, suppose people everywhere have dismantled the belief in so-called “authority”. If that were the case, “government” would literally not exist, except as a notion. In other words, when people stop believing in so-called “authority”, evil does not have any way of manifesting in any wide-spread manner.

We have the power! More than that, we are infinite and unlimited consciousness, so the very idea of “power” is an illusion. There is no powerlessness, and there is no powerfulness. Those are illusions of the story-world.

We are infinite and unlimited spirit, freedom, consciousness, potential, etcetera. We create our own realities, our own stories, lives, choices and everything else.

Most people nowadays don’t exactly comprehend, or even know that, so they let themselves blinded by immediate circumstances and pains (or pleasures), especially if they don’t derive the impression of comfort from a perceived “concrete” plan, or the impression of certainty.

That’s why people who are zealosly addicted to the religion of “government” or “money” (or whatever other ideology), when they’re faced with the premise of something that is outside their bubble of perception, they go ape-shit and enter a state of petty rage or/and panic.

“Oh, but without government, there would be mayhem.”

Bullshit. Government, i.e. slavery, is mayhem. It’s just flowered up and prettied up to seem like it’s not. It’s just organized, large scale mayhem – I mean, ya know, wars, population “control”, exploitation, mass poisoning through the “pharma” cartels, GMOs, fluoride, 4-5-6G, human trafficking, child abuse, abuse in general, literal bloody rituals, etc. – which is far worse than any local, small scale violence or/and vandalism that might occur in a situation of anarchy. So, without “government” mayhem would be a probability and it’d only be small-scale, while with “government”, it is a certainty; and on a large scale.

“Oh, but-but-but… pollution, health concerns – dem ROADZZ!!!”

So, you’re saying you don’t care that slavery is still in practice, so long as you get some immediate, material benefit from it? How’s that for being psychopathic, huh? Aside from the idea that pollution, health concerns and basically all forms of misery are things that the “government” and its affiliates have all the interest in profitting off of, since all forms of slavery propagate through degradation, the “system” constantly attempts to hold back the progress of technology and magick that’d actually help people become more self-sufficient and independent.

Without “government”, we wouldn’t need roads, because anti-gravitational technology, along with many much more advanced things, would be available to the public. Pollution wouldn’t be a thing, because clean and free energy technology would be widely available. These things are already invented and utilized, but not exactly for the benefit of the world. It is also not public knowledge; for obvious reasons.

Health issues would also be much less of a problem, because there wouldn’t be an industry that profits off of people’s constant, chronic sickness, nor a food industry that pretty much poisons the population.

“B-b-but, what if I have a problem with someone? There wouldn’t be a “court” or “justice” system I can complain to.”

Are you really so puerile and irresponsible to as to need to cry to a nanny, if you have a problem? Grow the fuck up and manage your own life. Aside from the notion that the “justice” system is nothing more than a manipulated, monopoly ensurance ponsy scheme of the “system”, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” system that’d solve all issues that might arise in every scenario.

Discernment and individual responsibility is key, if we want to actually live and evolve in any meaningful ways. I’m not saying there isn’t such a thing as helping each other. I’m saying that, in order to actually help each other wisely, we first need to know how to help ourselves, and then share that wisdom with others, so that they can also learn to help themselves.

“B-b-but, if you are bleeding on the side of the road, and someone offers help, would you not accept their help?”

If they’re trying to help heal my wounds, only to then try and put me in a cage or have me get involved in a human trafficking scheme, or whatever other ploy of exploitation, then fuck no.That’s what government always does. They try to manipulate you into thinking they they have a “solution”, which always propagates more slavery and misery, if let to do so.

“B-but, what if the person trying to help you doesn’t want to exploit you?”

Then, it wouldn’t be exploitative, now would it? Which is the exact opposite of what “government” fundamentally relies on, in order to propagate itself: deceit, coercion, manipulation and violence.

If you think a momentary benefit or impression of “safety” compensates for living in a state of slavery, and you would opt for that choice, then for as long as you have that belief, you deserve no liberty, nor safety. Besides, you’re not even going to have either because in a situation of slavery, not only do you not have consciously expressed freedom, but you also have no safety. Why? Because you let yourself be at the whims of whoever your current slaver happens to be.

If a slave-minded person has some degree of material comfort because they go “woof, woof” and barks out whatever their slaver demands, they may sleep in a comfortable bed tonight, but if the slaver says otherwise, that person would be either dead or sleeping on the streets, or worse. Their “safety” is an illusion.

Even if they go “woof woof” all the time, and live in constant material luxury, that’s one of the saddest and most pathetic existences ever. Because they’re literally dead, mindless drones and robots, who never grow in conscience and never do anything of actual worth in their lives, for as long as they have that retarded mentality.

Likewise with the slavers who constantly look to try and shirk their personal responsibility, by trying to manipulate others into doing their bidding. It’s nothing more than a cycle of misery, despair, degradation and depravation.

To all of you who look towards “government”, “god/s”, “aliens” or any other figures of so-called “authority”, or if you believe yourselves to be a figure of that sort, I pity you. I sincerely pity you. There is probably not one emotion that I feel more prominently towards you than pity. Nothing in all of existence is more pathetic and degrading than being a slave or a slaver.

This is not a matter of opinion or belief. It is a matter of knowledge, comprehension and living. When we grasp and comprehend the taste of freedom, both emotionally, mentally and – more than that – heartfully, mindfully and spiritually, we remember who we are as consciousness, beyond the flesh, beyond the etheric and astral bodies, beyond all “form” and illusion.

It is better to live even a single moment as a fearless, freedom loving lion, than a lifetime as a cowardly sheep, addicted to its cage.

Seriously, the essential solution to rising above all obstacles is extremely easy: to remember who we are, and renounce all fear. That’s it. It can take many forms and it’ll be unique for each individual, but that is the essence of it.

When we all overcome our fears and choose good over evil, right over wrong, courage over cowardice… I guarantee you, there will be no way for slavery to exist in our world.

Methodology, practical applications, utility and all the rest of that stuff, they don’t amount to much, if anything (at least, not anything good) if they aren’t applied with heartfelt passion, a mindful comprehension and a soulful choice to be who we are, proud and fearless, loving and respecting of ourselves and everyone else.

The problem with a majority of people nowadays, is that they often look only for quick band-aids (which are often laced with poison, as in the case of “government”) that do nothing but suppress symptoms, while letting the disease run amock and the wound to deepen.

When we look deep within ourselves, facing and overcoming our demons, and making the shadow conscious, in remembrance of the light of our own being, and consciously assume responsibility for all our choices, our accomplishments and our mistakes, this is when we actually grow in conscience and consciousness.

I tell you from spiritual remembrance and individual experiences in this life (and others), that when we are no longer obsessed with the in-life accomplishments, nor hardships we might’ve chosen to experience, we create and live our lives much more beautifully, synchronistically and lucidly; and we accomplish that much more because of it. Passionate, but not obsessed. Ambitious, but not zealous or addicted. Thoughtful and insightful, but not worried. Empathic and emotional, but not sympathetic or sentimental.

Instead of wallowing in despair over some mistakes we’ve made, or some sickness we might be experiencing (or looking for a “quick, quick, quick” escape  route, just to avoid the pain), we appreciate the experience, no matter how painful it might be, and recognize it as what it is: an opportunity that we have created for ourselves, to grow and to learn.

Likewise, instead of puffing up our ego and spiraling in vanity, over whatever achievement or feat we might have accomplished (or find ways of desperately clinging onto that pleasure), we once again appreciate and, of course, enjoy the experience for what it is, but likewise know that there is always room for improvement, and we always grow and learn.

Either way, always becoming better and better than we’ve been the moment before. I guarantee you that life is then much more beautiful and intricate; things flow much more synchronistically and we create everything much more lucidly.

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do.

We are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness sand veyond… among other things…

What we choose to manifest is always a choice; and the choice is always ours.

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