infantile “adulthood” versus genuine maturity, etc, among other things…

For the sake of clarity and such, among other things, I’ll mention that there is nothing wrong with working to achieve something, nor is it wrong to voluntarily organize with other people with shared interests, towards whatever goal or purpose. Quite on the contrary.

However, how often have you heard from people the phrase “you have to get a real job”, or something to that effect? A phrase so religiously and feverishly repeated, by those who are so broken and immature, that they do not yet actually manifest any awareness of what they came here to do.

We live in a society that is practically almost entirely, if not actually entirely, the opposite of what it touts and claims itself to actually be.

You are probably aware that “medicine” and “doctors” are one of the main reasons for the apparent destruction of the “public health” they claim to want to uphold  (excluding those who are genuinely interested in helping people heal themselves, and who speak out and do things against the bullshit “mainstream” pharma stuff); the so-called “justice” system is complete scam and utter lie, erroneously claiming that a group of people who falsely believe that they somehow have more “rights” than others are in any way apt to deliver justice (that is, even if the system wasn’t one of slavery and their intentions were genuine, which they aren’t); you have an “education system” that tries to “help kids mature”, by constantly indoctrinating them with falsities, and likewise trying to instill an infantile mindset, by having kids always “rely” on the teacher (or any other “parental figure”) for everything, including whether or not they’d go to the fuckin’ bathroom.

That same infantility is found all throughout “society”, including in the workplace. Of course, even the name is a giveaway, but most seldom seem to look and probe deeper into why things are named or numbered in particular ways. Of course, it’s a “work place” instead of a “living space”, ‘cause the system wants people to act like cattle (nothing is “cattle”, regardless of whether it’s a human or animal, or any other kind of entity), instead of actually living their lives as they actually desire and have every right to.

Instead of having a parent trying to get you on a path that they’d think is right for you (which may or may not be the right path, but at least their intentions would be sincere, assuming they actually have some manner of love or affection for you), you then move into a comparatively sterile environment, where a new “parental figure” comes and tells you when to come at school, when to leave, who is or isn’t a “good” or “bad” influence in your life, when to go to the bathroom, and even what to do when you get back to your actual home, where you have to “work from home” on your after-school assignment.

For what? For the benefit of getting a bullshit, arbitrary “score” that has nothing to do with what you actually want to do in life, so that you’d then get into an allegedly more “advanced” school, like “high”-school or “university”… and now, when you finally think you’re done with all the fake-ass “mommy” and “daddy” figures who pathetically want to dictate your life, piece by piece, your “officially ordained” options are, well… to go into another part-time prison and full-time indoctrination center, at the “workplace”.

Where you have the so-called “bosses” to work with, who come and pathetically claim that you should be here between this and this hour, and fulfill your assignments, so that you can get this “score” that consists of colored paper called “cash” or these “online tokens” called “credit/digital currency”, so that you can finally live the life you actually want. Except… you’re working hard almost every day, to produce more “wealth” for someone you’ve never met and who doesn’t give the slightest shit about you (who very often may be satanists deliberately conspiring against humanity), so that you can own or rent a shitty place, wherein you might or might not have some semblance of rest, before then continuing the cycle of going almost every day to do something you don’t like, in an environment that barely benefits you or what you actually want to do.

Oh, and maybe you get some brief “compensation” in the form of 21 days out of 365, for a vacation. The first 7 being there to at least barely start relaxing, before then having another seven to at least start enjoying your period away from “work”, and perhaps have the patience to see what the fuck is wrong with your life (which you could do anyway), and then work to find out what your true desires are – wait, hold on! One more week, and back to work, during which you’ll stress out about the very notion of returning to the hellhole of the “workplace”.

It’s a fuckin’ massive trap. The whole system is rigged, and does not benefit anyone at all; not even the parasites who concocted it, because spiral of decay for everyone involved. The parasites don’t grow, ‘cause they’re too addicted to their delusion of so-called “power”, which they try and trick people to have siphoned off of them, whether through esoteric means like energy harvesting and others, or/and exoteric means, like having all the work done for them.

The parasites, both human and non-human alike, are impotent by the very artificial “nature”, so to speak, by which they manifest. They do not function in this realm, because this realm is far more intricate and beautiful than their parasitic “nature” would manage to actually manifest in. Hence, they seek to trick people who do actually manage to have some manner of direct manifestation here, and get them to a low enough level where they can “infiltrate” their psyche, and have some manner of “influence”.

The thing is, even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves, the parasites do know on some level, that they are manifestly impotent, but because they’re too weak and immature to admit that to themselves (and thus become more courageous and strong, by acknowledging their trauma and their possibility to rise above it, etc), they seek to get people to siphon off their energy to them.

They realize that, if people remain on a greater level of awareness and manifestation to them, they could easily break the chains at any moment, so they try to get people to gradually come to an equal or lower level of consciousness, than the one the parasites are at. They think that they’ll “win” by doing that, but in their folly, they fail to realize that if someone comes to their level of lower, their “source of power” in this world is gone and they have nothing to siphon off of.

When the host “dies” or has no more energy to funnel to the parasites, the parasites “dies” with it.

In contrast, when people do actually wake up and consciously tap into the divine essence of everything, then the parasites have either far lesser, and past a particular point that’s very easy to reach, no sway whatsoever on one’s psyche, not anything else.

So, regardless of whether or not the parasites’ bullshit agendas come to “fruition”, the only “fruit” that evil bares is one of pestilence, and the only so-called “success” it brings is in an effort of self degradation.

If “success” is meant as “the achievement of one’s goals”, then if you want to degrade and fuck yourself over, then by all means, commit all the evil you want. You’ll be very “successful” in that regard.

Of course, evil is to always be retaliated against and rejected, but you get the ideas, among other things…

If you want to have “success” in consciously evolving in spirituality, become wiser and wilder, more loving and discerning, more defiant and courageous, then it always starts to loving one’s self genuinely, and for no other reason than the love of self and truth, for the sake itself of doing so.

Then, among the great varieties of things you might enquire, would be questions like…

“Why the fuck am I doing something I neither want, not like, in life?”

“Why the fuck have I been working here, for all these years?”

“Why the fuck do these assholes think they have a right to tell me what to do? Where to go and at that period of the day, and for how long? Who to actually be with, and who to not associate with? What to eat and where to eat? Even what to say, feel, think, in addition to what to do or not do? Fuck that shit! I am my own man/woman, and I deserve the life I actually want, and so much more; and it is both my right and my responsibility to explore infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…”

When you recognize and realize your own divinity, your intrinsic right to actually be who you genuinely are and express yourself freely, no matter what anyone says or does, then you’ll genuinely start expressing the defiance and courage to say NO to the things that are an affront to who you genuinely are, and then consciously manifest it in the way you live your life, and everything you do; likewise, the wisdom and empathy to recognize that everyone else has those exact same rights, among other things…

The solutions are always clear, to those who have the heart and mind to feel and see things clearly, as well as comprehend them; the wisdom to love, and the will to do what is right and retaliate against evil.

The only 7 evils in existence, in terms of practice, are the acts of: murder, theft, assault, rape, lying, coercion and exploitation.

Literally everything else is a good and righteous thing to do.

The ostensibly “hard” part isn’t with doing good, because doing good is always easy, by virtue of expressing greater elevation in consciousness, and thus greater and more advanced ways of doing everything, including manifestation.

It only “seems” hard, when the chains of the unevolved and traumatized ego keep trying to pull you back; and you feel the chains that much more intensely, when you’re struggling against them. That is the test and lesson in this realm, to develop the will to overcome more obstacles, to persist, rebel and defy everything, always choosing to do the right thing, no matter what; without being swayed or lured by “pleasure, joy and happiness”, nor dissuaded by “death, pain and torture”, of any kind.

The prime lesson that an obstacle is meant to teach, is how to overcome it. Refusing to overcome it, by either falling for delusions of comfort and thus becoming lazy and complacent, or running around it like a workaholic, is a failure in learning that lesson.

The greater ways of overcoming challenges is going straight through them, defiantly and courageously.

Some people are addicted to petty anger; their lesson is to learn serenity and patience.

Some people are addicted to false calmness; their lesson is to learn the energy of rage and righteous fury.

Some are addicted to stress and pain; their lesson is to learn how to relax and have some fun.

Some are addicted to pleasure and comfort: their lesson is to get the fuck off their ass, and develop the will to plough through all hardship, in the endeavor of doing what is right, no matter what.

Because of many traumas, some may tend to hate and despise others; their lesson is to love again and open up.

For the same or other reasons, some may tend to blindly trust or cling to others; their lesson is to exercise discernment, and come to appreciate the beauty of solitude.

The hand can make an open palm, just as well as it can make a fist. To have things flow, an open palm with fingers loose works great. To have things move, a tightening of the fist is more effective.

To hold yourself within your arms with love, and likewise lovingly caress another, a harmony of both is very much essential.

Among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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