the pen and the sword should be used together, among other things…

It is rather tragically amusing, and often infuriating as well, to look at people and see how pathetic and emasculated they’ve let themselves become, pretending that they give a shit about, or indeed even fathom what true goodness and morality look like, but with barely having any spine or courage enough to confront the darkness and the evil that, as of this writing, is pretty much running amok in this particular so-called “society” of ours.

All the stuff you see in movies about the so-called “good guys” finding different ways to avoid killing even the most evil of the villains, on the bullshit pretext that “booh, killing is wrong”… unless, of course, its perpetrated by whatever entity or institution they put on a pedestal, ‘cause then it’s somehow allegedly “okay”, ‘cause it’s for some alleged “greater good” that’s never even defined, except in vague flowery language, that actually tries to obfuscate one’s view of the evil that’s behind it.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’re already aware that “gov” and “auth” are just emasculated terms for slavery, and thus I won’t write again why that’s the case, in this article. If, somehow, you’ve yet to recognize that, then you can browse through the other articles I’ve written, as well as other writings of my own, as well as the works of other people who’s endeavors I find worth sharing (see the “other good people and researchers” tab), even if I don’t agree with some of the stuff they’re saying and espousing.

That aside, it is massively important to recognize that one won’t manage to actually to comprehend or even know what genuine good is and what is entails, without first intimately knowing and comprehending what evil is.

Make no mistake, for light and dark are elements, and much like all other aspects of existence and veyond, can be used for both good and bad. You can use a knife to stab someone, or you can use it to slice up some vegetables for dinner (preferably not meat, both for moral and health reasons, but that’s another conversation).

Even when you kill someone, that is not an act of violence in and of itself. It does involve the use of force and it is an act of aggression, but it is not immoral in itself, because violence has to do with initiating a disproportionate amount of aggression, against someone who’s either done you no wrong, or hasn’t deliberately done any evil knowingly (there are exceptions, though).

In other words, even though force is used in both cases and the act of killing someone may be performed exactly the same in either situation, what constitutes whether it’s moral or immoral, is who initiated the use of force.

In other words, if I kill you without you having first tried to kill me or commit something on that level of aggression (like rape, mutilation, torture, kidnapping, etc), then I do not have any moral right to do that towards you.

If, on the other hand, you have tried or are in the process of doing that, towards me or anyone who’s “innocent”, then I have every moral right to kill you, in self defense and in the defense of others. So do you, and so does everyone.

Sure, there are always greater ways of doing things, and one is to actually have empathy and discernment, to recognize whether or not killing is indeed one of the righter activities to do, in any particular context.

There are, of course, cases where talking to people and trying to get them to “see the light” as it were, and greater things, is the good thing to do.

However, that is specifically in situations where the aggressor in question actually has some inner conflict, with some part of him or her resisting the urge or whatever reason they’d have to try and initiate violence. In other words, they’re committing evil acts not out of malice, but desperation (which are technically the main, if not the only motivations for committing evil; both of which are as weak and pathetic, as evil itself is).

In situation where the aggressor actually is deliberately malicious, shows no signs of regret or redemption, nor any desire to do so, then killing them is the righter way to go about doing it, both in the immediate context and in general.

Aside from that, the more someone tries to push, the more we are to push back and retaliate, no matter fuckin’ what.

Vengeance is the only true justice, and the main ones responsible for enacting vengeance are those who are wronged, contrary to what the bullshit slavery system tries to tell you.

If you find people who resonate with your reasons of vengeance and retribution, and they voluntarily aid you with it, then that’s something else, but if you yourself are the one who’s been wronged, then you, yourself, are the one primarily responsible to see it through.

That is an active and critical decision making aspect of what we’d call the “masculine” aspect of consciousness, which is also called the “self defense principle” in this case. This is what all the bullshit “booh, killing is always wrong” lines in movies and propaganda are trying to get you to avoid, because they want a pathetic and emasculated population, that’s easier to exploit or commit genocide against. So, fuck that shit.

We are to stand up and retaliate against all evil.

Likewise, we are to actually express the active and creatively conscious aspect of what we’d call the “feminine” aspect of consciousness as well, which is also called the “non-aggression principles” in this case, although I find the “non-violence principle” to actually be a more apt description or designation for it; ‘cause aggression is more about energy and motivation, than what acts one performs, and the energy itself, like with the knife or gun or spell, can be channeled for both good and bad endeavors.

To give an example of a harmonious blend between the heart and mind, the feminine and the masculine, in the case of enacting vengeance with discernment. Say, for example, that someone tried to kill you or a loved one, and they did it utterly out of malice (even if they did it out of desperation, you still had every right to kill them, if they were weak enough to fall for their desperation and still commit the evil bullshit).

At the point of the act itself, that person was not someone that would manage to consciously choose the actual moral action to perform, and thus it was your responsibility to retaliate against them.

Let’s say that, for whatever reason, neither of you managed to kill the other in that particular instance. Let’s also say that you then rightly tried to track them and enact vengeance on them, both for its own sake as well as to protect yourself and others, from whatever that person might do if they were to run amok.

Now, if you find them, and they’re still the piece of shit they were when they attacked you, then you should finish the job and kill them.

On the other hand, if you find them and you recognize that they’ve genuinely had a change of heart and mind, and not only do they abhor by what they’ve tried to do, but they’re also trying to really make it right by doing more good, towards you or/and in general… well, there’s no vengeance to actually be enacted then, ‘cause the person who did the wrong and evil thing at the point of your last encounter, is technically dead or not there anymore, and in their stead there is this actually good or trying-to-actually-be-good individual. Well, there is no such thing as “death” and life itself is a dream, and of course the person in question is still the same character, but a comparatively different and evolved version of who they were prior, but that’s another conversation.

Thing is, evil begets evil and good begets good.

Showing kindness or doing good things is always a good thing, no matter what hurdles and pains or hardship, even torture you might go through in that endeavor.

If you’re showing kindness to someone, and you’re suffering as a result, the problem is not with showing kindness, but rather that you’re showing it either ineptly or towards those that don’t deserve it.

The pain that comes when you do good is there to teach you not that somehow “doing good is bad or hurtful”, but rather that “doing good is ALWAYS good, but do it better and in greater ways”.

This includes recognizing when patience is indeed a virtue, and when it becomes a hindrance.

Patience is a virtue only when it comes to facing either aspects of yourself or other people, who are genuinely wanting to do good and honestly doing something to actually bring that desire towards manifestation and such.

When confronting things that are stagnating and degrading, evil or malicious, then there is no room for patience, because there is not yet anything or anyone there to actually recognize the wisdom and meaning that’s sought to actually be channeled through that patience.

In which case, the wiser thing to do is to actually be more aggressive and combative, whether in terms of your general approach or in terms of actual combat, should there be the case for that.

For example, if you find that you’re helping someone for the sake of doing what is right, but they continuously spit in your face, or even worse, try to take advantage or exploit you, then you’d be a fool to continue helping them, because in actuality you’d not really be helping anyone in that case. You’d be exhausting your own energy, for someone who isn’t worth your compassion.

Leaving someone alone is not the same as abandonment or not giving a shit, but rather an act of wisdom and discernment, and the recognition that your efforts are better focused elsewhere, or/and towards someone else. This “parting of ways” and the courage to do it is part of the masculine and enlightened personal self-interest of taking care of ourselves, but channeled and directed by the feminine and enlightened spiritual self-interest, which also involves caring for others just as much as you care for yourself; and, indeed, there are situations where leaving someone to plough through some hardship without our personal support, you would actually be “helping” them more than if you were to constantly look after them. Well, there is no such thing as “helping” or “hindering”, seeing as how there is no “separation” and everything is self created, but you get the ideas… among other things…

If you truly want to care for others, you should care for yourself to actually be apt and discerning enough to consciously and effectively facilitate that endeavor. Not for their or anyone’s sake, but for the sake of doing it because you want to.

Things like egotism and altruism are both born of self loathing. One is an attempted mutilation or aggression towards others, because one’s already mutilated and broken inside, and the other is the neglect of one’s self in the alleged attempt to “help others”, on the bullshit premise of some “duty” or at the behest of some entity, whereby they just let themselves trampled by others, because again, they hate themselves.

When one loves one’s self genuinely, both as a character, as well as an individual soul and likewise as infinite, unlimited and unbound spirit, consciousness and so on and so forth, one recognizes that there is no “separation” between anything, and thus ALL endeavors and ALL acts and ALL motivations are ALWAYS born of spiritual self interest.

If I want something good for myself, I also want something good for you, and if I want something good for you, I also want something good for myself, ‘cause there is no separation between us, outside the veil of illusion that the ego fools itself into actually believing.

Likewise, if I want something bad towards you, it means that I already am doing something bad towards myself, and if I want something bad towards myself, I would want something bad towards you, as well.

Everything is done in self interest, whether that self interest be born of shitty reasons, like ego, vanity, “altruism” and other sorts of bullshit, or if it’s done through conscious and spiritually active motivations.

And, in actuality, seeing as how one’s attitude toward everyone else is a direct reflection of one’s attitude towards one’s self, it is always the case that if you are indifferent or hateful towards others, you are actually indifferent or hateful towards yourself (actually hateful, not the “booh, hateful” tagline spat out in hatred, by those who use terms like “hatred” or “hate speech” or “racist” to refer to everyone that doesn’t agree with their bullshit beliefs).

Likewise, if you genuinely love others (which is not the same as attachment), it’s because you already love yourself, at least enough to have enough love to share with others.

And, like I said, love is not the same as attachment. Attachment is born of an impression of lack, and you seek to fill that illusion of  a “void” inside you with some so-called “external” thing, whether it be another person or relationship, some goal or activity, etc. However, seeing as how there is no “separation” and how you came here to actually be yourself, nothing “external” is going to fulfill you, except for a momentary impression of “relief”, so long as you think you have your “fix”. Thus, since you motivation is born of perceived “lack”, you’re going to create a “reality” for yourself that’s going to reflect “lack” back at you, because that’s what you put out; no matter how much you might have, you’re never going to have enough “fulfillment” or “satisfaction” in doing anything, because you’re still looking “out there”, when the solution and cause is “in here”.

In contrast, when we genuinely love ourselves and each other, for the sake itself of doing so, then we come with abundance and grace, and thus that is what we create for ourselves. Thus, there is no impression of “lack”, and thus there is no attachment, so thus we can express our love by parting ways and ending relationships with others, just as easily as welcoming them in our lives with cheers and tears of joy.

Desperation and attachment have an urge to cling viciously to things, for fear of losing them. They are born of the entrenchment in the belief and delusion of “separation”. Any involvement you might have in your endeavors, while in that state of  ego, is going to actually be stunted and far more artificially difficult, both esoterically and in terms of practice. If your motivation is “well, fuck, I don’t wanna lose”, you’re far more prone to failure and mistakes.

If your motivation is “I’m going to win”, you’re far more prone to winning and succeeding.

Furthermore, when we overcome the illusion of “winning and losing”, and we recognize that every experience has its purpose, and that there is something to learn from all the pleasures and displeasures, all the happiness and joy, and all the rage and sorrow in our lives, and everything in both general and in depth, with clarity and in detail… well, we’re above the realm of “winners and losers”, and we ascend to the realms of genuine wisdom, which is always the true victory that’s actually important.

How we treat each other, is exactly how we treat ourselves, with or without realizing it.

Have the wisdom, love and empathy to not seek to initiate violence towards yourself or others, and also the discernment, resolution and firmness to retaliate against those who do.

Use the pen to draw and brush to paint, for it is not the sword that carries your meaning and message forward, but the artistry and honesty of it. However, it is the sword that will defend you, should you wield it wisely, rightfully and vengefully in the face of those who’d seek to do you and others wrong.

The artist and the sagely magus, and the warrior and the wrathful sorcerer are one.

Wield the tools of art in one hand, and the tools of fighting in the other, to turn art into great and greater, truthfully inspiring ways to fight, and turn fighting into a truthful, valiant and righteous art.

Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Love thyselves and love each other, both in-form and veyond form, for the sake itself of doing so.

We are to all and always and veyond ways persist, rebel, defy and do what we genuinely want, what is truthful and right, creative and spiritually conscious, elevating, expressive, truly wild, loud and proud, etc, no matter fuckin’ what, etc.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I wildly, loudly, proudly persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, courage, honesty, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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