Make progress, not excuses

Although there are many kinds of people, and the intricacy of every individual is unique to one’s own, this particular quote or saying appears to aptly illustrate part of my personal disdain towards most people: “There are (with regards to this particular expression of behaviour, etc) two kinds of people: those who make excuses, and those of us who make progress.”

It is disgusting to all hell and back to see how many people are still addicted to their own folly and self-loathing, twiddling their thumbs and sucking on them like the puerile, infantile wretches they currently express themselves as, pretending to ponder “how they could ever change the world?”, whilst failing to realize that, through their complacency, laziness and idiocy, they are contributing to changing the world, albeit for the worse.

And, that’s exactly it: EVERYONE not only CAN, but DOES change the world, with everything that they either do or reject.

Every thought has meaning, every feeling has a purpose, every act and everything everyone does is an act of creation and manifestation, among other things…

If you choose bullshit, i.e. lethargy, laziness, apathy and all that fuckery, that’s what you’re going to bring about in your life, and aid towards bringing about in the world.

When we choose to do what we truly want and what is right, and always persist, rebel, defy and so on and so forth, we change ourselves and manifest the greater aspects of ourselves, and thus create a greater world as a result; for the “shared” world we seem to concurrently be experiencing, on the levels that we do, among other things, is but a reflection of what all of us decide to manifest, in this shared so-called “reality”.

We are ALL to blame for ALL the evils we contribute to, and we ALL have the merit for bringing about ALL the good that we create.

There is no such thing as something that does not have an impact, because we ALL create our own everything. Everything we’ve ever experienced, are experiencing and will experience, in this and all other lives and lifetimes, is something that WE have chosen to create for ourselves, so as to have whatever stories we set out to live through, learn from and elevate ourselves from.

Thus, I find it extremely deplorable when some weak-ass little bitch makes excuses (that’s firstly, and then secondly) about things they’d barely even begun doing, or even worse, hadn’t even started doing at all.

Be strong, plough through the things, endure and overcome the hardships and obstacles, and keep your chest and head up high, no matter what difficulties or “easy-culties” we experience, no matter what anyone says or does.

Just because you’re at a particular level, doesn’t mean you should stay there.

You are at that level now, not because that’s where you should be, but because you are there to learn how to overcome it and grow further on from it.

The first step is meant to encourage the second, and then that, the third, the fourth, the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and so on and so forth.

Our lives are our own, our everything is our own, and nobody and nothing whatsoever has any more or less anything than anyone else. All of those kinds of discrepancies have to do with which aspects of Myself (Creator Consciousness) and Ourselves (Creation Consciousness) we choose to manifest… among other things…

There can be no “chosen” ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. Everything, including everything we create, think, feel, say, do, choose, experience and everything that we are is always our responsibility, with all the good aspects and all the bad.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

There is no “having” and “not having”, other than as illusions of the egoic mind.

There is always I AM and what I AM MANIFESTING, among other things…

That is because, among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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