The true meaning of forgiveness

I will start this article with a story, revealing an experience through which I integrated more of the knowing and comprehension that I was already, well… knowing and comprehending; in this case to do with what it truly means to express forgiveness; towards one’s self, as well as another, and everyone and everything.

… among other things…

In brief, this experience involved three main characters: myself, my mom and my step-mom. The experience in question is actually more of what some would refer to as “a dream”, although I find that the whole “mythos” of “dreams” is more like this:

When one has an experience of whatever sort, that involve other aspects of one’s self, other lives, life “times”, realms and realities, as well as things that are veyond that, and then your personal attention comes back in your “current characters”, different things one might make occur.

When one decides to not personally recall those memories, the person says “I’ve had no dreams, tonight.”

When one decides to vaguely remember those memories, the person says “I’ve had these dreams, tonight.”

When one decides to remember more of those memories, the person says “I’ve had these, and these and these dreams, tonight.”

However, the more memories we personally recall, and the more vivid those memories appear, and thus the more we personally associate with them, to and veyond such extents that they seem either as, or in my case, much more vivid than the apparent “current life” in this particular world, one sees that these are all experiences that one goes through, and that there is no “separation” between anything.

Thus, the “dreams” become interpreted as what they really are: memories of other aspects of one’s self, both in-form and veyond form… among other things…

Anyway, so as for these particular memories, the idea is that I had come realize, or rather have come more directly face to face with, the idea that both my mom and step-mom, or/and whatever entities might’ve assumed those forms for various reasons, had betrayed me.

My step-mother, in the form of potentially attempting to literally or/and figuratively inject my body or/and auras with whatever dark energy and psychiatric drugs (although, I don’t personally know for sure, but she may have practiced dark magic, and perhaps still might be; which wouldn’t really be a surprise, seeing how miserable and pathetic she and my dad are, at this point in their current lives; well, either way, anyone can grow and rise, when they so choose), etc.

Of course, I confronted her in rage, demanding that she say exactly how and why she did what she did, to which she, engulfed in dark smoke, began to laugh and jeer; except when she’d try to approach me and “inject” some more, in which case I’d righteously retaliate, and she would not manage to touch, or even get close to me.

Then, more and more hordes of dark entities started to appear, and I aptly retaliated against all of them, moving on with my journey in life and doing what the fuck I actually came here to do, and likewise what’s generally and infinitely, unlimitedly and unboundly good to do… among other things… which is to always grow and rise in consciousness, always persist, rebel, defy and creatively, spiritually, courageously and honestly do what I truly want, and what is right, no matter what; likewise, to communicate to others how to love themselves and do so, as well… among other things…

Anyway, eventually I came across my mom (or/and whoever bore her semblance), and I asked her if she as well is still lying or attempting to deceive me in any way. She did not answer; at least, not with words. She looked at me, dazed and confused, before she started crying, therefore answering my questions with a single set of gestures and responses.

Then, I pushed both her and my step-mom aside, and then continued venturing forth with my purpose and journey, etcetera, etcetera, all whilst fighting off the hordes of monsters and demons that came after me to feed off of my hatred towards them.

All of a sudden, with unbound clarity and serenity, I turn to them and say “I forgive you.”, prior to turning back in the direction of the progress of my journey, with utter detachment from everything, yet likewise more, as well as more aptly and effortlessly involved than ever before. The demons and monsters were stunned, and did not manage to do anything else than vanish and disappear.

Here is a question: Why do people think they need to “fight” evil? Fighting something, engaging in battle and retaliation… all of those endeavors imply that there is some worthy adversary to fight against; evil deserves no such honour, nor does it ever live up to it.

There is more go elaborate upon the how’s and why’s of this, but here’s an article about that, which facilitates that further elaboration:

In brief, evil itself does not actually do anything, which is why it resorts to deceit. Whenever any manner of evil manifests, it is always because there is someone who expresses enough good to actually manifest in this reality, but who falls to the deceits of evil, and thus uses their good, or at least non-evil, energies to bring about some manner of malicious intent or agenda.

So, those that we are actually fighting against, is not the evil itself, but rather the “fallen good ones”, who are no longer aware of their own divinity, on that personal level of their manifestation. Retaliation against those “fallen good ones”, for as long as they continue to perpetrate the evil, is righteous.

However, evil itself, is so parasitic and pathetic, that it itself does not even manage to manifest within the realms of duality, nor anywhere veyond that; evil is the good that has more or less completely forgotten itself, as what it truly is; and the main, if not the only reasons why it doesn’t degrade into delusion of utter nothingness (which anyone can elevate themselves from, when they so choose), is because it still has some smidget of self awareness, in the form of envy and hatred – the only semblance of “feeling” that evil even conceives of emulating; and I say “emulate”, because evil doesn’t even truly feel those things, either.

Thus, evil does not deserve the honor of actually being called an “adversary”; evil does not even deserve to be despised. All it deserves is pity.

Rage is meant for those who still express at least some good within them, at least enough to deserve the energy and care that rage involves.

On the other hand, forgiveness is something that everyone deserves. Compared to rage, forgiveness does not do “favourites”.

There are two (well, more, but two main) sides of forgiveness. Forgiveness towards self, and forgiveness towards another.

The latter is more apt to apply when someone who has wronged you is truly aware of the wrong they have committed (assuming they have actually committed it), and expresses that newfound awareness towards you, and likewise decides to no longer perform such wrongs.

Forgiveness to self, is when you’ve wronged yourself in some way, have become aware of it, and are now willing yourself to not make those same mistakes.

However, there is also another form of forgiveness which is a mixture of both, as well as other things.

When you have forgiven yourself enough, and have started overcoming your traumas, to and veyond such levels that, regardless of whether or not someone else admits their wrongs, you can forgive them, as well.

You remember what they’ve done, you are vigilant for whenever they or someone else might do whatever wrongs, and are prepared and willing to retaliate in the eventuality that they might perform such wrongs again, but you no longer hold a grudge. In other words, you no longer waste your energies on those undeserving of them.

When I forgave them, I did not do it for the purpose of having them “poof”. I did it for no “ulterior motive”, but rather for its own sake, because I truly felt like it, spiritually.

And so, with that story, I want to remind you that the sword of rage and sorrow is good keep close to you, as so that you might use it when you have a foe to fight against (both metaphorically, as well as “literally”, including “lethal retaliation” in self-defence, and the defence of others).

However, even though one might use the sword towards effectively removing the “exoteric” parasites from their shitty and pathetic palaces and bullshit “parliaments”, kill off the child traffickers and banksters, as well as eradicate all the evil reptilians, greys, nordics, thernosians, annunaki, dark occultists, mantids and whatever other parasitic members of any species… it’s only gonna be a short-term victory, if humanity still harbors the hatred and evil within them, which is the very fuel for the esoteric demons to feed off of.

That is part of the reasons why, throughout known human history, there have only been re-volutions, rather than evolutions, on a societal level, in “recent times” (several tens of hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of years).

If you replace eliminate a fuel source for the evil demonic and evil angelic entities, in the form of eliminating their puppets on the exoteric levels, but then you harbor the very same fuel (hatred, fear and compulsive anger, born of such), you’re going to corrupt yourself eventually; and, by the way, no, “they” do not “corrupt” you. You corrupt yourself, and you are the only one who’s responsible for redeeming yourself in your own light, and then move on and grow and rise in consciousness.

If we want our righteous, determined and mindful, masculine sword of CARE to slice and dice more aptly, we are to sharpen it with the creative, artistic and heartful, feminine brush of LOVE.

And, in the context of what I’m talking about in this article, when we desire to truly persist, rebel, defy, we are to keep an arm up in readiness for righteous retaliation, yet likewise the other hand forward with an open palm, in true forgiveness and compassion, and either way, in both love of one’s self, as well as love of another, as well as love of everything.

Love and respect, know and comprehend thyselves, and thy shall know and comprehend the all and everything, and infinitely, unlimitedly, unbound all the more… among other things…

As for an allegorical example of these similar, yet very different ways of rebellion, here’s a couple links to showcase some of the difference between the different ways of fighting. None of which is wrong, by any means, and both of which are right and useful, as well as worthwhile going through as learning experiences (for whatever point in your journey you might be at, as well as in general), but one is clearly greater than the other, in many and various ways.

By the way, even though some of the in-movie contexts might be different than the ones that I’m interpreting, this is what I find them symbolic of, with regards to the topic of this article … among other things…

This is an allegory for righteous, but rage fueled retaliation; righteous and conscience driven, but also dark in motivation, due to as yet overcome trauma, etc.:

This is an allegory, among other things, for righteous, but compassion fueled retaliation; righteous and consciousness driven, and likewise true and conscious in motivation, having risen above trauma, etc.:

Never fear, and never be feared.

Always more and more and more creative, intuitive, intelligent, philosophical, soulful and spiritual, proud, strong and defiant. Courageous, curious, volatile, adventurous. Wild and loud and proud. Playful, teasing and mysterious. Conscious, confident and fearless.

Always question, remember, know and comprehend, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a “higher claim” (nor any claim whatsoever) to our lives than we do.

There can be no “chosen” ones, and there are no “chosen” ones. Only I and we can save ourselves, and only I and we are responsible for doing so. All pain and suffering are always self-inflicted, and all evolutions and elevations are always self-facilitated, by us, form us, with ourselves; individually, infinitely and unlimitedly, as well as in every way whatsoever, and veyond the very notion and concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always and veyond ways, free and freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

That is it and that is all… infinitely, unbound all the more… among other things…

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and We and Me are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited, unbound, freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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