We are consciousness, not “machines”

I find it particularly sad and ironic, that there are people in the world who actually have so little self-regard and believe themselves to have no will, while at the same time claiming that they are awakened or “enlightened”. There are “self-help gurus” and people who claim to “educate” people about their own “spiritual” journeys, as well as about how to supposedly “rise in awareness”… but at the same time are more or less completely stuck in a delusion that they are somehow mindless golems and that humanity is a race of machines, or even worse, that they… urgh… erroneously believe that there is no free will.

I mean, just how retarded is that? In this context, I don’t just mean the word in the “held back” sense that it etimologically implies, but rather as a means to refer to the notion that, in terms of actually developing consciousness, they are so cognitively inept to the point of being borderline morons. This may seem like an ad-hominem, which it would be if I was trying to dismiss the message by dismissing the messenger, but it’s not. I will explain why the idea of “determinists” is utterly fallacious, both in-depth and on the face of it.

First, I’ll go into the typical characteristics of people who have that retarded mentality and then I’ll dismantle the actual mentality itself.

So, as for some of the general traits that virtually all “hurr, durr, man is machine”-ists share:

They have virtually no conception of freedom or liberty, which intrinsically imply the notion of free will choice, which is the very thing that the doctrine in question erroneously dismisses. By their own choice to be ignorant of their own choices.

  • They are irresponsible people

Aside from the inaccuracy and stupidity of the belief that there is somehow no free will, the creed itself is pretty much always used, by the people who cling to it, as a means of erroneously abdicating one’s responsibility for their own actions.

In case of the pathetic and submissive sort, they are order-followers who use the excuse of “well, I’m just a machine” so as to try somehow absolve themselves from their immoral actions, or their inactions.

In case of the likewise pathetic and more so-called “dominant” types, they are order-givers who – again – use the excuse of seeing themselves as machines, so as to excuse their immoral behaviour.

Either way, they cling to that false belief because they are scared shitless of consciously assuming responsibility for their own actions.

  • They are supporters of slavery

Using the excuse of “oh, but I’m just a machine”, they try to mask their utter fear of death (which is actually just fear of the unknown) and total lack of self-knowledge, by claiming that they are just doing as they are programmed, and that they are just programmed to survive.

Thus, when presented with an option between doing what is right and potentially incurring some perceived in-world risk, and remaining in a state of perceived comfort at the cost of further enslaving themselves, they are almost always going to choose the latter, if they are still in that mentality.

Likewise, if they see others suffering as a result of the slavery system that’s currently still functioning (but gradually falling) in our world, they’ll try to tune out their empathy and just say that it’s a glitch or not something to be bothered with.

Since they also ignore or dismiss the notion of morality, which is something existent in nature and independent of anyone’s belief (as is free will and imagination, and everything else for that matter), they are not going to be doing anything to prevent their own immoral behaviour, nor educate anyone about what is or isn’t moral. Most often, this translates to blindly doing whatever someone threatens or coerces them into doing. Like in the case of this scamdemic, for example. In other words, they are cowards. Which would be bad enough, but what’s worse is that they try to come up with excuses for their cowardice, instead of recognizing it as the retarded state of mind that it is and overcoming it.

The main point of experiencing a shitty mindset, like cowardice, is to see it for the shitstain that it is and steel yourself to overcome it. The main point of fear is to be an indicator that you should embolden yourself, face your fear, ponder why it’s there, as well as overcome it. Rising above and moving on, with courage, fearlessness, etc.

  • They do not grasp anything that is beyond their immediate senses or egoic awareness

Present them with information that is artistic or deeply meaningful in some way, and they’ll at best say it’s something they like, but instead of pondering the deeper reasons as to why they might like or resonate with the art and its meaning, they’d just dismiss it as an entirely sensory experience. It’s like listening to a melody and saying that it’s just a bunch of rhythmic noise. That is one level of it, but there’s infinitely more to it than that, as I’ll get to in the next section.

Anyway, they fail to recognize anything that is beyond their sensory input. In other words, they express little to no internal, intrinsic dialogue with themselves, and operate more or less fully on externally received stimuli, without actually consciously processing it.

It’s like reading a quote, memorizing the words, but failing to grasp the meaning, and instead erroneously drawing the conclusion that it’s just a bunch of sounds or some squiggles on a piece of paper. Even the most intellectual of “materialists” or “machinists”, or as I call them self-amnesiacs, are little more than eloquent morons and cowards (for as long as they have that mentality). Pathetic and self-loathing sacks of shit either way.

  • They erroneously assume that anger, grief, sorrow, etcetera, are somehow “bad”

This is very typical of people who refuse to know and confront themselves. Anger, grief, sorrow and other such emotions are there for a purpose. They are there as a means to help an the individual channel their energies in a way that is condusive to facing one’s “inner demons” and towards overcoming obstacles.

Sometimes, we overcome those obstacles instantaneously, if we so choose. Other times, we choose to have it be a process. Relative to what kind of experience we want to have, as both souls and spirit, as well as “in-story” characters, etcetera. If our incarnate egos are not in congruence and in harmony with ourselves as soul, they might be entirely oblivious as to what our soul choices are. That is partially because the ego, as another aspect of our manifested selves, also makes its own choices (as does everyone and everything). For example, it can choose to either be aware or unaware of who we are, and what it itself is, as another expression of ourselves.

If it chooses unawareness, the ego either stagnates its development or degrades. That is why the undeveloped or calcified ego comes up with heaps upon heaps of excuses, in an attempt to either erroneously explain away how come its tantrums aren’t being satisfied, or to try and avoid actually doing stuff that actually matters.

On the other hand, when the ego chooses to remember both itself and who I/we always and already are, as spirit, soul and consciousness, etcetera, it becomes congruent and the individual experiences what is usually referred to as “ego death”; although I find that term to not be particularly accurate. It’s not necessarily that the ego “dies”, but more like it sheds the tomb that it had built for itself, and actually becomes more alive, as opposed to remaining “dead” or “deadened”. It’s like becoming a living and active part of who we are, similar to a puzzle piece becoming aware of it’s own individuality and uniqueness, as well as of the other puzzle pieces that make up the larger picture that would be called “the individual conscience”. Which, in turn, it a constituent aspect of the “larger picture” of who we are as infinite and unlimited consciousness, among other things…

Well, actually, there is no such thing as “large” or “small”, since things like “size” and “time-space” are ultimately illusions, which is another conversation altogether, but you get the point.

Anyway, emotions and thoughts, as with pretty much everything else, have their reasons and purposes for being there. ALL emotions and ALL thoughts. They are in-character expressions of our non-corporeal and non-linear intuition, intelligence and wisdom. When the emotions and thoughts are properly known, comprehended and untainted, they can be pointers towards whether or not what we’re doing is right or wrong, as well as other things.

Happiness, in its natural state, is there as a natural appreciation of having done something that is right. As with joy, excitement and pleasure. Anger, grief, sorrow and all the other unpleasant emotions are there to alert as to the notion that either we’re doing something wrong, or that something is wrong in general about a particular idea, notion, context or person, etcetera.

In other words, thoughts and emotions are there, among other things, as tools of discernment. They do not, however, arbitrate what is right or wrong, “truth” or “falsehood” and so on. How popular or unpopular, pleasant or unpleasant something is, it doesn’t matter when it comes to discernment.

Unfortunately though, we currently live in a society where a significant enough (but fortunately dwindling) majority of people don’t yet realize that. They have confused the tools with the purpose, have put the sickle and screwdriver on a pedestal, and are no longer using them properly, if at all.

You have people who want to “feel good” at all costs, and turning what should be a moral compass and indicator of “truth” (among other things) into the exact opposite.

People don’t need to suffer. Naturally, if happiness and joy remained untainted, “Does me doing this bring me joy?” would be a relatively pertinent (but still entry level) question to more or less accurately discern if something is right or not, to some extent or other. Entry level, in the sense that it still is superficial, as it still relies on in-game or in-character phenomena to occur, whereas to remember who we are as infinite and unlimited consciousness, we are to look beyond the “senses”; but that’s another topic altogether.

Anyway, since the application of joy and happiness is pretty much tainted and hijacked in probably a majority of people nowadays, the next “line of discernment” is suffering. Pain, anger, fury, sorrow, grief and so on can be used as means of learning. I am NOT talking about the idea of indoctrination through “punishment”. That is retarded and only designed to induce fear of pain, along with a cowardly mentality obsessed with avoiding it.

No, I mean that pain can be an indicator that something is wrong. The natural lessons of pain, anger and suffering is NEVER that those emotions or their catalyst are to be avoided, but ALWAYS that they should be CONFRONTED AND OVERCOME! RISING ABOVE AND MOVING ON!

Which is the exact opposite of what people who avoid those emotions do. That is why I consider anyone who avoids facing themselves to not be a genuinely living being. Well, not fully, anyway.

Believing that you’re just a “machine” is just another way of trying to avoid the responsibility for your own choices. In other words, being a cowardly bitch.

Being genuinely alive naturally involves consciously assuming responsibility, and to do that, one is to actually recognize, among other things, that there is such a thing as free will; which is not just something we “have”, but rather something we ARE, among infinities of other things.

  • They have an imbalanced psyche

They’ll either tend towards being overly effeminate, in the sense that they develop slave-think where they falsely believe that there is no free will, so they’ll just let themselves be trampled by others; or they’ll tend towards being overly masculine, in that they develop slaver-think, in which case they’ll say “well, since there’s no morality and I just do as I’m programmed, and I have the urge to violate and impose upon others, why not do it?”

In other words, “people” who have attempted to abdicate their personal responsibility for either their decisions (slaves to the egos of others) or their actions (slaves to their own egos); basically, utterly pathetic sacks of shit that have made the attempt to abdicate or forget one of the main aspects of what constitutes a living being: the exercise of conscience.

Often times, they’ll use phrases like “oh, wisdom is knowing how little we know”, but in a grotesquely misinterpreted fashion whereby they just confuse wisdom with ignorance, and they just refuse to acknowledge anything that is beyond their current comprehension.

No, you fuckin’ shitheads! Wisdom, in itself and what I assume is the original meaning of that phrase, means knowing that there is always more to know than we might assume we already know. In other words, genuine wisdom is about always questioning everything and always being curious, inquisitive and investigative about everything, etcetera.

Anyway, other times they claim that they “realize so very much” about themselves and that they are so anti-religion, but at the same time they show the exact same behavioural and mental characteristics of fundamental religionists, which include:

  1. A dogmatic belief without any investigation; or at least without unbiased investigation.
  2. Blind faith in what someone or something they put on a pedestal tells them to believe (“experts” in the case of “determinists” or “materialists”).
  3. Ignorant dismissal of alternatives.
  4. Hippochrisy (“Oh, you’re doing something I don’t like? You need to realize that you’re acting compulsively and you need to become more aware. Oh, I’m doing something bad or immoral? Oh, um, b-b-but… there is no morality and we’re all machines! Aaah!” // Alternatively, if they perceive themselves to have a particular limitation, they try to deceive and delude themselves into erroneously believing that somehow everyone in existence has that problem, or that it’s “part of nature”. Like, if they’re unconscious enough to not manage to see beyond their sensory input, or that they recognize themselves as acting out compulsively, instead of looking to improve themselves, they basically just blame it on nature or say that “well, we’re all machines”; so, they never make the change within themselves to be better, while still in that mentality).

A few questions, both in general, as well as to help people overcome that retarded mindset, and actually start loving, appreciating and improving themselves, etcetera:

  • How are you pondering as to the nature of your being, if you’re such a machine?

A machine, by definition, does something purely out of compulsion or programming. By definition, a machine does not think on its own. It just sends out or follows a directive, without any reflection, thought or feeling. In other words, a machine DOES NOT ponder as to the nature of its existence.

If you question anything and express curiosity, to any extent whatsoever, YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE!

  • What determines that which is supposedly determined, if not a FREE WILL that does the determining?

See, the ideas of free will and determinism are not mutually exclusive. They are fundamentally and intrinsically intertwined and mutually implicative. They go hand in hand.

Everything, every single thing in existence and beyond, is infinite and unlimited consciousness and potential. To use these kinds of words, “chaos” is the sea of infinite potential. No shape and all shapes. No form, all forms and beyond form. Likewise, “focus” is the individual traversing that sea of potential and having a unique experience, as per which aspects of itself as infinity it chooses to manifest as part of its experience.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Nothing and nothingness. Something and somethingness. Everything and everythingness.

When I/we manifest reality and any other things that one can point to and say “this is this particular thing”, I/we as infinite consciousness cherry pick different aspects of ourselves as such and create a reality that manifests that, which is always a specific, particular and unique reflection and expression of ourselves, as well as ourselves as infinity, unlimitedness and veyond, manifesting in those forms. All through IMAGINATION AND FREE WILL CHOICE.

This happens both esoterically, in terms of how I/we create, shape and mold our realities both lucidly and synchronistically, etcetera, as well as exoterically in terms of how our thoughts and emotions (and any other aspects of the so-called “inner world”) translate into our behaviours and actions (and the so-called “outer” world).

Yes, there are in-game ostensibly “influencing” factors, such as urges, compulsions, instincts, indoctrination, repetition, pattern-based or pavlovian conditioning, etcetera. Likewise, there are astrological, energetical, etheric and other aspects as well. In that sense, yes, there is some ostensibly “machinistic” or “deterministic” element to manifested reality, and humans are (or, more specifically the human body is) machine-like in some regards.

However, that’s exactly it: it’s just a tiny facet of who we are. It’s a facet that you can choose to either let yourself enthralled by, or choose to consciously make use of it, but be independent of it.

You can concentrate on a particular pixel on your monitor and erroneously assume that “This is all we are: a pixel.” Or you can choose to zoom the fuck out, and see the bigger picture. More so, you can unglue your eyes from the computer screen and witness everything that is beyond that narrow band of awareness, and beyond any manner of “sense”.

When we do and we expand our awareness, we see that there are monumental and massive differences between conscious, living beings and mindless golems, drones and machines; which seems rather silly to even experience the apparent “need” to point out in such a fashion, but apparently this is somehow not obvious to some people.

CONSCIOUS, LIVING BEINGSMachines, golems, drones
Express consciousness and conscience, thus some manner or other of spirituality, heartfulness and mindfulnessDo not express any conscience
Have their own independent thoughts, emotions, desires, ponderings, preferences, dreams, aspirations, etc.Do not think or feel anything
Express curiosity, question everything and ponder upon the nature of their own being, as well as about everything; or, at the very least, everything they are curious about. In other words, philosophy.Do not ponder anything. They only operate based on what parameters they have been programmed with. Otherwise, they are inanimate.
Are able to see themselves, the world and different concepts from perspectives other than that of their own ego (if they have one) or personal senses.Aside from not managing to do that, machines typically don’t even have their own independent perspective, to begin with.
Can feel, think, know, comprehend, perceive and conceive, as well as access information beyond the limitations of their bodies’ senses or other “input/output” criteria.Are wholly dependent on mechanical input/output parameters or algorithms.
Express creative imagination, creating and envisioning something from nothing (as part of being a conglomerate of a unique, conscious soul and a body/vehicle/platform – or more – through which we, as souls and consciousness, might choose to experience “story world” or illusions of so-called “reality”). In other words, it’s like being a player-character in a video-game.Do not fathom anything beyond their programming, if anything at all. In other words, they are bodies without the conscious expression of an individual soul. They are akin to NPCs (non-player characters) in a video-game, or a character with a player that’s AFK (away-from-keyboard).
Create, produce, appreciate and resonate with art, as well as anything that speaks to who they are as souls and spirit. They can also vividly and spiritually communicate that. Every musician, for example, is going to have a totally different “vibe” to them and their song, even if they are playing the exact same melody, in addition to actually creating their own.Do not produce art. At best, it mimicks the technical aspects of, say, a drawing or melody. However, it does not convey any message on its own, nor does it “feel”, comprehend or think about that which it mimicks, nor about anything. In other words, it can display, but doesn’t convey.
Are both within and beyond the notion of self and selfhood. Harmony between individual and infinity, as well as between the Character Self, the Soul and Individual Self, as well as the Unbound Spirit Self (Self veyond Self, so to speak). Does not conceive of notions such as self. Barely conceives of anything, for that matter.
Can differentiate between the different aspects and layers of one’s being, as well as beingness. Can self-reflect, introspect and express both inner conflict and inner harmony.No introspection whatsoever, since it does not fathom such notions in the first place.
Can differentiate between right and wrong, “truth” and “lies”, moral and immoral (which are notions completely and utterly independent of belief, opinion or popularity).Have no conception of morality; or, in the case of AI driven bodies, they dismiss the notion, on the basis of “bzzt, bzzt, does not compute”.
Have empathy towards other living beings, and generally adopt, or at least tend to prefer, a “do no harm, but take no shit” attitude. Non-aggression and self-defence, as well as defence of others.Complete lack of empathy.
Express and have the conscious, courageous and spiritual, creative and defiant, honest and soulfully wild drive to always evolve, elevate and improve one’s self, and thus also help others as well; for the sake of doing so and without being motivated by material or “in-world” gains or profit.They do not have motivation. To a machine, it’s a matter of blindly fulfilling its programming.

The list goes on and on, but part of the point is that every single thing that we do is an UTTER DEMONSTRATION that we are CONSCIOUS, LIVING BEINGS AND VEYOND… among other things…

Yes, there are different layers and levels that people tend to oscillate between. Some people tend to be more robot-like and mindless, but for as long as there is a soul “driving” that body, they are not a “machine”. It’s just that the connection between the individual soul in question and their vehicle is kinda gunked, fucked up or incongruent in some fashion or another. Because that’s what the soul in question chose to have as a temporary experience, at that time, as a character who is amnesic of who and what is actually is.

Likewise, and infinitely more than that, when I/we as souls and spirit, consciousness and conscience, etcetera, choose to improve and be aware of who we are as both “in-game” or “in-story” characters, and ourselves as unique, irreplaceable and individual souls, as well as ourselves as infinite and unlimited consciousness… well, that’s what we experience. We are both “in” the world and beyond it. We may be “in” the world, on character related experience levels of the self, but we are not “of” the world.

To give a bit of an allegory or analogy, I liken “materialists, machinists and determinists” (really, just different names for the same dogmatic belief system) to someone who tries to figure out what electricity is, by means of only ever looking at a circuit board.

They press the power switch on, they see electricity flow. They press the power switch off, they no longer see the flow of electricity running through the board. Then, they hastily and erroneously assume that the power button or the motherboard itself is somehow “the source of all electricity”; or even worse, that “electricity is a circuit board.”

That’s like trying to take apart a TV or radio and then erroneously assuming that the electrical components were the “source” of the voice speaking through it, while dismissing the idea that there might be an actual individual beyond the device in question. Or, like a blind man dismissing the concept of light, just because they don’t see it at any particular point in their life. Or, like those who falsely believe that everything is a machine, just because there SEEMS that there may be an ostensibly machinistic element to “reality” and to “physical” bodies (which element is among the tiniest and simplistic aspects of reality, beyond which there are infinities of more complex and intricate, beautiful aspects to existence and beyond).

Anyway, it’s kinda like watching someone make the logical fallacy of “Well, a pickaxe has an iron component… humans have iron in their blood… A-ha! I got it! Humans are pickaxes! I dun figuredz it ouwt!”

No, ya fuckin’ retards! Electricity exists independently of the circuit. The individual speaking exists independently of the TV and radio. And, guess what… humans AIN’T fuckin’ pickaxes, ya dolt! Nor any other kind of tool or “machine”! Those tools or mechanistic devices are not the “be all, end all” state of existence. The circuit isn’t the cause of electricity. It’s a conduit for it. The radio isn’t the cause of the speaker’s existence or their message. It’s a conduit for it. Our bodies are not the cause of our conscience. They are a type of conduit for ourselves as consciousness.

Likewise, light and other higher levels of “reality” exist regardless of whether or not you personally see them or acknowledge their existence. Your body’s senses are a conduit for interpreting that information, in however restricted or vast and expansive ways you choose.

We are not just the circuit board. We are the literal and metaphorical electricity that courses through it and beyond it. We are not just the TV or radio. We are the individuals speaking through it. We are not just our senses. We arethe light, the dark, as well as every other “physical”, energetic, etheric, ethereal and every other aspects of everything and everythingness, simultaneously. We are not just our bodies. We are the consciousness that drives them. Among infinities, and infinities and infinities of other things…

When you pull the plug on a circuit board, electricity doesn’t cease to exist. It just doesn’t channel itself through that circuit system in the same fashion that it would, if the latter was turned on. The radio guy or gal doesn’t vanish if you turn off the radio. Light and dark don’t dissapear disappear if you close your eyes.

WE do not “perish” when our bodies “die”.


We are spirit, soul and consciousness, occasionally choosing to have brief experiences in bumper cars we call “bodies”, at the carnival we call “reality” during the visit we call “life”.

Therefore, you see, we do not “have” souls. We ARE souls and spirit!

Likewise, we do not “have” imagination or free will. We ARE imagination and free will!

This is not something that the ego grasps, for as long as it remains calcified. This is not something that can be explained through in-reality “science” (which I am not against, but I’m saying it has its limitations; both in concept and especially in terms of what passes off as “science” in the “modern” era of our current society). This is not something measurable and it’s not something within the realm of description. I’m not talking about stuff that is just beyond someone’s currently expressed level of comprehension or aptitude to describe, at any point in “time”, but in-itself still within the realm of description, but rather about things beyond the very notion of form, shape and description.

In other words, this is not stuff that anyone can be taught or shown. It is not something that is learned. It is not a realization that one arrives at through means of emotional or mental processes, although expressing higher aptitudes in that regard does help with integrating the knowledge and gnosis, once you actually remember it; or, more accurately said, once we actually remember who we are, as both individual conscience and infinite consciousness.

This is something that you either do or don’t know. The difference between knowing it and not knowing it is, as with everything else, a CHOICE. A FREE WILL CHOICE!!!

A choice to either forget or remember. A choice between ignorance and fear, and knowledge, comprehension, courage and fearlessness.

I know I always choose freedom, doing what is right and always looking to grow, evolve and elevate myself. As such, I naturally, spiritually and mystically, and veyond, not only tend to, but actually seek out and want to provide catalysts for others others do so, as well (anyone can do it on their own anyway, with or without “catalysts”, but you get the idea… among other things…).

And, ya know what? Here’s a very good pointer as to whether or not something is a good idea, on essential and conceptual levels.

Does it promote limitation, slavery and degradation? It’s a bad idea.

Does it promote unlimitation, freedom and evolution? It’s a good idea.

If your ideas are bad, then no matter how well your execution is, it’s still gonna be fucked up. Actually, if it’s a bad idea, the “better” you get at implementing it, the shittier it’s gonna be.

In contrast, when we have good ideas, then even if the execution or implementation might be a bit wonky at times, it’s still gonna be a good thing to do. We learn from our mistakes, improve both the ideas and the application of them, thus growing and evolving, etcetera. There is always room to improve, grow, evolve and elevate, wildly, loudly and proudly, no matter what levels one might be at, at any moment.

And, here’s a good idea: know thyself genuinely and be who you are, no matter what.

Here’s a few other good ideas: Do what you want, so long as you don’t try to impose it on anyone. Live and let live. Do no harm, but take no shit.

When we love and respect, know and comprehend ourselves, as well as freely, spiritually, creatively, defiantly, courageously and honestly express ourselves, we realize that, among other things…

Nobody and nothing has a higher claim to our lives than we do. Nobody and nothing whatsoever, has any more or less anything at all, than anyone or anything else at all.

Everything and everyone is infinite, unlimited and unbound. How much of our genuine selves is, as with anything and everything, a FREE WILL CHOICE.

There can be no chosen ones. Only we can save ourselves, and only we are responsible for doing so. All suffering is self-inflicted, and all evolution and elevation are self-facilitated.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I/we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent… infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…

Why, how and what we choose to manifest is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to fuckin’ beautifully make.

Anyway, among other things…

“Creator” and “Creation” consciousness are not “separate”. They are both I and We and Me, infinite and unlimited consciousness, manifesting in different ways, and veyond the concept of “ways”.

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.

Always and veyond ways, I persist, rebel, defy.

Always and veyond ways, I and we are all and always and veyond ways, infinite and unlimited freedom, liberty, defiance, soul and spirit, care and love, imagination, will and intent, infinity, unlimitedness and veyond… among other things…



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